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Planet 51 Achievement Guide

Guide By: CrustyDirtDemon
There are 37 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
- Offline: 37 [1000]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 100012-15 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Missable achievements: None 
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No difficulty setting 
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed: None

Welcome to Planet 51, an easy completion for the most part, but rather boring and repetitive. There may be some achievements that will give you some trouble, but nothing impossible. 

Play the Story:
There's only one game mode and that's playing through story. I recommend completing all tasks and getting all the collectables for each area before moving on the the next area. Look for getting most of the miscellaneous achievements while playing through the tasks. 

There are several collectables and they are spread out throughout the game. There are 70 comics and10 billboards in the game and 2 cars that you'll have to find that don't unlock naturally. Make sure to keep track of these while following the map as the game doesn't keep track of them for you. 

Miscellaneous Achievements:
There are quite a few miscellaneous achievements you'll have to keep an eye out for. Most of these are easy, but there may be some that give you some trouble. Luckily you can replay anything you miss or anything you want to come back to later. "Careful Fighter" and "Fast Rock Gatherer" are two that seem to be giving people the most trouble. See the corresponding guides for help. 

If you've completed the game and still have achievements left to earn, you can free roam within the three areas and replay any tasks and search for any collectables you may have missed. To replay any story missions you'll have to access them from the main menu.

There really isn't too much to the game, but it does get boring pretty fast. If you can stick through that, getting the completion won't be a problem.

[XBA would like to thank Skorpion XBA for this Road Map]

Welcome to Planet 5110
Complete the tutorials.    

“Story related, and cannot be missed”

The Suburbs50
Complete all the Suburbs missions.    (1) 

“Story related, and cannot be missed”

Complete all the Town missions.    

“Story related, and cannot be missed”

Complete all the Desert missions.    

“Story related, and cannot be missed”

I've Got Antennas!100
Complete all the game missions, including all tasks.   

There are 9 different types of tasks in the game, all of which you need to complete up to and including level 10 of each individual task. The Race tasks have 10 tasks in each section of the game, along with the Car Crusher tasks. Which total 30 races and 30 Car Crusher tasks. All of which should give you no trouble. For the races always choose a one passenger vehicle “at least as soon as one becomes available” since they seem to be more responsive and slightly faster. Other than that tasks are very straightforward and easy…

IMPORTANT: For all tasks, you must complete all 10 levels in one sitting. If you quit out say half way through, your next time returning to the said task, you will have to start from level one again…

Breaking News!15
Complete level 10 in the task "Glipforg News Paperboy".   

One of the simplest tasks in the game, all that is required, is ride your bike through a Blue square, and press the X button once and then once again to throw the paper. Simply complete all 10 levels of this task and the achievement unlocks.

Lawnmower Master15
Complete level 10 in the task "Lawnmower Boy".   

Another simple task, however annoying on the latter levels, it’s still overall simple. You ride a lawnmower around a grass filled yard, while avoiding the sprinkler which if hit will cause the lawnmower to eventually breakdown, there will also be moles that pop out of the ground, and when confronted will become scared and add extra time to completing the task. Complete all 10 levels of this task and the achievement unlocks.

Glipforg Deliveries15
Complete level 10 in the task "Glipforg Deliveries".   (1) 

For this task, you drive around a pick up truck, and approach the “Virtual Garages” and press the X button. A box will spawn and if positioned correctly will fall into the flatbed of the truck. Deliver the required amount of packages to the destination w/in the time limit to complete theses tasks. Complete all 10 levels of this task and the achievement unlocks.

The Dog Catcher15
Complete level 10 in the task "Too Many Dogs in this Town".   (7) 

In this task you will be driving a “Dog Pound Vehicle” and rounding up stray dogs. Follow your map to a dog, and wait until the reticule “aimer” turns green, and then press X. Once the dog is in the net, drive the car over the dog and after a second or two it will be in the back of vehicle. Round up all dogs w/in the time limit for all 10 levels of this task and the achievement will unlock.

Born to Park15
Complete level 10 in the task "Parking Boy".   

Another easy task, in which you have to drive the customer’s car into an empty space. When no spaces are available look for the yellow circle on your compass/Beam of light which indicates a car that can leave the lot. You have to be somewhat quick or your “BOSS” will get “ANGRY” represented by the meter on the right side of the screen. If the “ANGER” meter fills all the way you will fail the task and have to restart from the current level you failed on. Complete all 10 levels of this task and the achievement unlocks.

Glipforg Taxi Driver15
Complete level 10 in the task "Taxi!".   

One of the most straightforward tasks in the game, all that is needed is to follow your compass, stopping at the indicated areas to stop and pick up passengers. Each time you pickup/drop off a passenger time will be added to the clock. In all 10 tasks you only have to make 5 stops, and also in all 10 tasks it’s the exact same route repeated. Very boring but very easy. Complete all 10 levels of this task and the achievement unlocks.

Circus Cleaner15
Complete level 10 in the task "World´s cleanest circus".   

Basically a copy of the “Lawnmower Boy” task, except your inside of a circus tent cleaning up what appears to be “SH*T”. You drive a vehicle similar to the lawnmower and also are cleaning against the clock. There are also moles, in which confronted will add extra time to the clock. Complete all 10 levels of this tasks and the achievement unlocks.

Car Crusher50
Complete level 10 in the tasks "Car Crusher", "Battle in the Stadium" and "Desert Battle".   

The Car Crusher tasks are basically a demolition derby. There are a set amount of vehicles you need to destroy in each level. Basically just use your turbo “A Button” and ram the other vehicles from the back or side, to inflict damage. Complete all 10 levels of this task in each of the three sections of the game “totaling 30” and the achievement unlocks.

The Fastest Driver50
Complete level 10 in all race tasks.   

The races in this game can be rather annoying. The AI is completely ruberbanded, and no matter how far you get ahead they will be on your ass in a matter of seconds. The best tips I can give are, taking all available shortcuts and drive the smaller cars. Basically just because they handle better. There are 10 levels of this task in each section of the game “totaling 30 races”. Complete all 30 of these and the achievement will unlock.

Car Collector100
Unlock all vehicles (excluding vehicles unlocked at the police station).   

You unlock vehicles by completing tasks, and by progressing through story missions. There are also 2 unlockable vehicles that are shown on the collectable map bellow. For those two cars simply enter the vehicle and drive it to the indicated destination, and the vehicle will be yours. If you complete all of the tasks in the game prior to doing the missions in the “Desert” you will unlock your last two in these missions. In fact the very last vehicle unlocks after finishing the final mission in the game. If you have done everything mentioned above, the achievement will unlock right after the “Complete all the Desert missions” achievement unlocks.

Sticker Collector100
Collect all the stickers that you'll earn in the tasks.    (1) 

First and foremost you must complete all tasks up to and including level 10 of each task. If you do this you should have precisely four more stickers to collect. When this is the case and you have only these few that remain simply replay a task of your choice, and you should unlock your remaining stickers about half way to level 10 of whichever task you chose. Personally I chose the final Car Crusher Task in the Desert to replay since I had just finished it and was conveniently right in front of me at the time. The first two levels I unlocked two new stickers, and the 4-6 level I unlocked the last three stickers I needed. As soon as you press “the A button” to go to the next screen after completing the task it will Auto save and the achievement unlocks. You can see how many stickers you have at any time by pausing the game and selecting REWARDS.

Comic Fan100
Find all the comic frames scattered around Planet 51.    (2) 

There are 70 “comic frames” scattered around the three different sections of the game ALL OF WHICH are conveniently displayed BELOW.

Special Thanx to Steve_LWL from for allowing me to use his collectable guide in this Achievement Guide. And yes the collectable locations are the EXACT same on both platforms...

The Numbers are the Comic Frames, the B's are the Billboards, and The "C" is the location of the two unlockable cars.

Locations of comics in the "Suburbs"

1. *** You get this in your first driving tutorial
2. Next to the house on the right side (between bushes)
3. In a yard in front of a house
4. Between the 2 rocks that form a jump
5. In the back between trees and bushes
6. In front of the house near the small cylinder building
7. To the left side of the house in front of the grey fence
8. In a back alley to the left side of the Photo Store
9. In the top level of the parking garage
10. Behind the fence and near the rock formation
11. Between the football and soccer fields
12. Behind the “Suburban Station”
13. Hope between the broken bridge
14. Right before a billboard ramp in front of a house being built
15. Behind the Gas Station
16. At the entrance going up the dirt path (or the bottom of the dirt path)
17. As you enter the dirt path it’s behind the rock wall on the right
18. Again… Jump across the broken bridge for this comic
19. On the front steps of the circular house
20. A path leads down into the valley between the rocks. The comic is down there
21. Inside the Observatory… Go up the stairs and it’s up there
22. Follow the path to the left side of the observatory that leads to the back and you’ll find one
23. Off the side of the road between the fence and some rocks
24. At the side of the road near one of those blue circles that fixes your car
25. In the middle of a tree root bridge (I guess that’s what it is???)
26. When coming down the hill make sure to stay against the left wall and follow the upper path
27. On the steps right in front of the big house
28. Just go inside the Police Station and it’s sitting right in the middle
29. This is really well hidden on the east side of the road between a house, rock, tree and the fence

Locations of comics in the "Town"

30. On the upper ledge at the end of the sewer tunnel
31. In a grassy cove in plain sight
32. On the upper lip of the sewer drain. You need to jump to get it
33. Again… this one is on the upper lip… just turbo up the ramp and jump
34. It’s above the hole on top of the pipe. You need a car to jump high enough to grab it
35. Behind the huge rock pile
36. And again… one on the upper lip… just turbo up the ramp and jump
37. To the right of the house where you do the first dog capture mission
38. To the right of “The Mighty Car” next to some barrels
39. Behind the “arrowed” signs and between two cement pipes
40. In a gas station right on top of a blue circle repairer
41. Behind the ticket booth at the movie theater
42. In a corner behind a tree near a brick wall
43. To the right side of a random house... below a sign for Glar’s Diner
44. In a corner of houses behind a tree
45. In a brick cubby hole to the right side of the bridge that takes you to the suburbs
46. Right in the middle of the little park area
47. Inside the parking lot all the way to the back corner
48. Next to the road… between the fence and a tree
49. Find the alleyway and it’s in the corner in plain sight
50. This one is also down an alley but you’ll have to jump for this one
51. Around the back side of the building that’s on the corner
52. In front of a large brick building in front of the steps
53. Behind the diner near the back door
54. In an alcove behind a tree and right in front of a couple stores
55. Inside the comic book shop
56. Inside the Police Station (Thanks to Primebeaver)
57. Behind a tree right next to Joe’s Café

Locations of comics in the "Desert"

58. On top of the rocks behind the circular building
59. Underneath the awning of the smaller circular building
60. To the side of the road in some plants
61. In the middle of the road… but you need to jump
62. At the very bottom of the circular road
63. Launch off the end of the ramp with a nice jump to get this one
64. Hidden in the bushes right next to the rock arch way
65. This one is right in the middle of the road under another arch way
66. Right in front of the waterfall between the broken bridge ends
67. At the fork in the road, it’s right in the middle in the bushes
68. This one is next to the rock formations on the east side of large area
69. This one is next to the rock formations on the middle of the large area
70. On the side of the road near a broken down car

Curious Boy30
Enter every open house and building in the game.   

If you follow the above collectable guide, you will obtain this achievement in the second section of the game “Town” after entering all the buildings that have collectables in them. So basically if you follow the collectable guide, this achievement cannot be missed…

Pro Cyclist10
Travel 12 miles by bicycle.   (2) 

The Bicycle is the first vehicle you get in the game, and if you make a point of grabbing all of the collectables in the first section of the game “suburbs” on the bike you will quickly unlock this achievement. Otherwise if that’s not your “cup of tea” just drive your bike once or twice around the perimeter of the first section and the achievement will unlock.

Pro Driver10
Travel 300 miles by car.   

Basically between all the races, car crusher, and taxi tasks you should have this unlocked shortly after entering the “Desert” section of the game. If not pick a section of the map a drive the outer perimeter until it unlocks, I believe this is nearly one that can’t be missed as long as you’re completing all your tasks and driving every where vs. walking or riding a bike.

Flying Car15
Perform a jump of 150 ft or more.   

The “B button” is the jump button, and if you don’t achieve this randomly from attempts or just driving around, on the last section of the game “Desert” during the RACE tasks at the very end of the race there will be a VERY large jump. Save your TURBO, and use it the whole way before hitting the peak of the jump, also press and HOLD the “B button” right before reaching the peak of the jump. Here you should have no problem unlocking this achievement.

Careful Driver15
Drive a car for 3 minutes without collisions.   (1) 

Very simply drive a car for 2 minutes WITHOUT BUMPING INTO ANYTHING. Also it seemed that you need to be holding down the accelerator “Right Trigger” for these 3 minutes, you can brake, but I would recommend not releasing the “Right Trigger” until your achievement unlocks. There are quite a few spots in the game without any traffic or objects where you can either drive in a circle or in a straight line then brake sharply to turn around and rinse and repeat for three minutes.

Billboard Breaker50
Jump through all the billboards in the game.   

There are 10 Billboards in the game that can be “Jumped” through. These are ALL located on the above collectable maps. When jumping through the designated billboards, in the corner of the screen it will display a message showing what number out of ten that you had just jumped through. There are 8 Billboards in the “Suburbs” and 2 in the “Town” sections of the game. Do this for all 10 and the achievement will unlock.

Escape 40 times from your enemies by hiding in the trash cans.   (2) 

In the suburbs shortly into the game you will encounter “Chuck” the astronaut who accidently landed on “Lem’s” Planet. The POLICE are “Chucks” so called enemies. In fact as soon as you control “Chuck” for the first time, it will teach you about trash cans and how to hide in them. After finishing that mini tutorial, you will be at street level right near another trash can. Simply sit and wait for a police car to drive by, which is VERY frequent and look for the GREEN arrow above the trash can to start pointing at it. At this point you can enter the trash can by pressing the “Y button” and hide from the police. Rinse and repeat this method here and you will have the achievement in about twenty to thirty minutes.

Reckless Driver5
Destroy 30 pieces of property in 60 seconds.   

Get your self into a car, and while in the “Suburb” section of the game approach a few houses that have the white picket fences in the front yard. Quickly drive into and destroy all fence pieces on about 2-3 houses. This is more than enough for thirty objects, and really only takes about 25-35 seconds to unlock the achievement. If for some reason you mess up, simply drive a bit away and return to the fences respawned.

Elude the law enforcers 3 times in a row in the same vehicle outside of a mission.   (2) 

Very simply get in any vehicle, crash into a police car, and as soon as the chase begins LOOSE him or press the “X button” when prompted three times to destroy the police car. Rinse and Repeat two more times in the SAME vehicle for the achievement to unlock.

Achieve and maintain the maximum level of alert for 3 minutes outside of a mission.   

Easily obtained in the first section of the game “Suburbs” near the football field “lower middle section of the map”. Crash into a police car, and then enter the park area. Begin running over civilians, and shortly more police will come. On your compass the ALERT level is displayed. Once the fourth symbol is present “the ALIEN EYE, just like the achievement pic” appears start driving in a slow wide spread circle. This way you won’t loose your pursuers and lower the ALERT level. Do this for three minutes while the ALIEN symbol is present, and the achievement will unlock.

Perfect Gardener5
Complete "Neera's Garden" without cutting any flowers, touching the mole, or getting hit by water.   (2) 

This can be obtained in the mission mentioned in the achievement description, or during any of the “Lawnmower Boy” tasks. Preferably the first one or two levels of the task, which will make it easier. Start off by mowing the lawn in an organized fashion. Beware of the TWO sprinklers that will spray water, and also do not SCARE the mole, “which adds time to the clock” and don’t run over any flowers. There is a Flowers Destroyed Meter in the corner of the screen. This meter starts at 10, so if you see it drop below 10, you need to restart. Also if you see you have been awarded extra time, which means you have scared the mole and will also need to restart. If you get hit by water which will be indicated by electricity being emitted from your lawnmower you will also need to restart. I know it sounds/looks like a lot, but it’s quite simple as long as you do it in the original mission, or in the first one or two levels of the “Lawnmower Boy” task.

The Coolest Paperboy5
Get "perfect" throws for all newspapers in "The Paperboy" mission.   (1) 

Very simply, presses the “X button” while in a Blue square and then press it once more when the meter is inside of the little BOX section. If done correctly it will say in the corner of your screen “PERFECT” throw. Do this for all 15 throws and the achievement will unlock. Subsequently if you mess up you can replay the mission from the main menu, or attempt it in the “Glipforg Newspaper Boy” task.

Careful Fighter5
Complete any car crusher mission without taking any damage.   (2) 

You can actually get hit slightly in these tasks and still obtain the achievement. It is when you physically see a piece of your vehicle damaged or when the AI hits you and you spin in a circle for a brief moment. If either happens you will have to retry. Also to be on the safe side DO NOT drive over the “Repairers” which are the “Blue Circle” that repair your vehicle, because they may cause the achievement not to register. This is best done in the “Suburbs” Car Crusher tasks. Opposed to the later game sections, where the AI is more vigilant. Once defeating the designated amount of enemies in the task with out taking damage the achievement will unlock.

Experienced Delivery Boy5
Don't lose any boxes in the "A Job of Little Importance" mission.   (1) 

In this mission you will have to deliver a package. To get the package drive under a “Virtual Garage” and press the “X button” Drive very cautiously, but still be aware of the time. If the package/packages fall out of the truck, you must restart. The achievement will unlock as soon as the mission is finished.

Careful Parking Boy5
Complete the "Parking Valet" mission without damaging any cars.   

Similar to the “Careful Fighter” achievement, you can get slightly bumped and still get the achievement. However to be on the safe side DO NOT bump into ANYTHING. In this mission you will be parking cars just like in the later “Task”. Just take your time and drive cautiously. There may be a few tight spots depending on how the game randomly generates the parking lot configuration. Park all SIX cars without damaging any of them, and the achievement will unlock.

Sweet Cleaner5
Complete the "Cleaning The Circus" mission without making King Klong angry.   

King Klong is the Gorilla in the cage in the middle of the circus tent. Klong only gets angry when a Mole pops out of the ground and you take to long to drive near it scaring it away. So when you hear the game say, “Ohh no a MOLE, or Me and Klong hate MOLES” quickly look on your compass and drive towards the indicated circle, which represents the MOLES location. Drive near it to scare it away. Continue on cleaning the Circus tent area, and continue scaring the mole whenever he decides to pop out of the ground. You will know you have failed, if Klong starts shaking his cage and objects start falling from the ceiling. If this happens you will need to restart.

Skilled Driver5
Complete the "King Klong" mission without damaging the pickup.   (2) 

In this mission you will be driving King Klong, in the bed of a pickup truck to the circus. If you don’t drive smooth, Klong will lash out and cause the vehicle to swerve and potentially hit other cars or objects. You can actually make Klong Angry and take minor collisions, and still get this achievement. When Klong does get angry and shkes the cage pay attention to the bottom of your screen and press the “Right Joy Stick” in the prompted direction to ease his movements. If you happen to fail, simply restart, or replay from the mission select section at the games main menu.

Fast Rock Gatherer5
Pick up all the special rocks in the mission "Singing in the Rocks" before any go down the drain.   (1) 

As soon as the mission begins drive down to one of the lower corners, right near the drain. Begin pressing the “X button” which scans the falling rocks. Any that glow blue after being scanned are “Special Rocks” and even when not scanned the “Special Rocks” glow a pinkish orange. When you see a special rock, slightly wait until it’s close to your location and press the “Y button” If you wait a moment to grab them rather than racing up the hill, it will prevent you from missing any “Special Rocks” that fall right near the drain. Some say this is the hardest achievement in the whole game. But using the method I have listed, I was able to achieve this on my 2nd attempt.

Too Good to Compete5
Keep first place in any racing mission for more than 1 minuteā€¦and win!   

This will most likely come naturally since you have to do 30 races throughout the games tasks. However just do your best to quickly get in the lead, and maneuver around in front of the opponent preventing him from passing, keep the lead for one whole minute and then win the race, and the achievement will unlock. This will best done during any of the “Suburb” race tasks, since here you will only be racing against one opponent.

Perfect Timing5
Finish any of Chuck's missions on foot without failing any obstacle nor taking any damage from traps   (2) 

There are only 2 missions where you are using “Chuck” while on foot. For this particular achievement you will have best chances on the first of these missions. Basically “Rover” the little robot will lead the way. You will have to press buttons when prompted, and to be honest you do have to be particularly quick. If you miss a button press, or don’t press it quick enough, you will see “Chuck” go through the obstacle with hesitation and sometimes he will trip and fall. If this happens you will have to retry. Also on this mission there are traps, such as the Gas that is emitted from the grates on the ground. And also there are sections of electricity that will be in your way. For the Gas simply wait until it stops and then run past the grate. And for the electricity it is best that you jump over them “B button” Some you can just run around, but the majority you will have no choice but to jump over. If you get hit by the GAS, or see “Chuck” being electrocuted, you must restart. The achievement unlocks upon completing the mission flawlessly.

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