Plants vs. Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies Achievement Guide

Guide By: YIP YOO
There are 18 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 7/10.
- Offline: 18/18 (200)
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 200 : 20-30 Hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs required: 2 (2nd playthrough for Popcorn Party)
- Missable achievements: 0 (Most are made easier on lowers levels)
- Glitched achievements: None
- Cheats disable achievements: No cheats known
- Difficulty affect achievements: No difficulty settings

Welcome to the Achievement Guide & Road Map to achieving 200 on PvZ.
The game is currently priced at £3.99 / $4.99.
Please enjoy the guide and I hope this helps you complete the game.
There is no copyright on this guide but if you do re-post elsewhere please credit me. =D

Special Thanks to - Pop-Cap games for creating this amazing game, Xbox360Achievements for hosting this guide and eastx for his direction.

Step 1: Adventure Mode
Work your way through the levels and as soon as the following are unlocked you should complete, you don’t have to complete right away but they will be more difficult as you progress. Once you complete Adventure Mode you will unlock Home Land Security.

Peashooter - Soil Your Plants
Chomper - Nom Nom Nom
Cherry Bomb - Explodonator
Five Lanes - Close Shave
Night-time level - No Fungus Among Us
Night-time level - Disco is Undead
Pool Level - Don’t Pea in the Pool
Roof Level - Grounded
Roof Level - Crash of the Titan

Note you may unlock Roll Some Heads during adventure mode but if not you can get in Mini-Games.

Step 2: Mini-Games
Complete all 19 mini-games to unlock Roll Some Heads and Beyond the Grave.

Step 3: Endless Modes
Complete the first nine levels of I, Zombie and Vasebreaker to unlock the endless modes.
Finish required amount of waves for each to unlock Better Off Dead and China Shop.

Step 4: Finishing up
Buy remaining plants to complete Popcorn Party, Master of Morticulture and Shopaholic.
Good Morning can now be completed as you have the Coffee Bean plant.

Non-achievement related, Easter Eggs and Zen Garden.
There is still a lot to do and find once finishing each mode, replay adventure mode and on zone 4 level 10 you will encounter the Zombie Yeti which if you manage to kill he will drop 5 diamonds!

In the achievements list you can keep scrolling down to the other side of the world (China) seeing other Popcap game easter eggs on your way.

In the leaderboads you can scroll all the way up past the moon and have Crazy Dave wave at you in a spacesuit, even higher you will see a star constellation the plough!
(Depending on how many zombies you have killed - The more you kill the higher you can scroll)

Visit your zen garden everytime you start the game, you can buy your first few plants from Crazy Dave to get you started and you get plant drops while playing game modes. Tend to your plants to grow them for money rewards and sell them off when fully grown, this helps a lot with buying some of the expensive stuff from Crazy Dave's shop.

Alternative way to unlock Close Shave, Om-Nom-Nom and No Fungus Among Us achievements.
Playing Beghouled mini-game and finishing it by only making matches unlocks Close Shave, Om-Nom-Nom and No Fungus Among Us achievements without having to do the hard work. Credit to Fat Grover & Mikzor

The umbrella glitch has been patched.

[x360a would like to thank YIP YOO for this Roadmap]

Nom Nom Nom10
Stop the horde using only the Sunflower, Wall-Nut, and Chomper on any level.   (3) 

You unlock the Chomper during adventure mode after beating zone 1 - level 7.

Fill the first two rows with sunflowers then when the zombies start to come plant a Chomper in its path, if another zombie comes down that lane and the Chomper hasn’t finished eating a zombie plant a Wall-Nut in front of the Chomper so it can finished eating.

Soil Your Plants5
Plant your first 10 peashooters.    (2) 

You should unlock this on the 1st level or 2nd level of adventure mode, simply place ten Peashooters.

Home Lawn Security15
Complete Adventure mode.    (3) 

Complete adventure mode, there are five zones each with 10 parts which are...

Zone 1 - Garden during the day
Zone 2 - Garden during the night
Zone 3 - Pool area during the day
Zone 4 - Pool area during the night with fog
Zone 5 - Roof (Level 10 against the boss)

Master of Morticulture20
Collect all 49 plants (including plants from Crazy Dave's shop).   

Most plants are unlocked during play on adventure mode and the remaining are bought from Crazy Dave’s shop. (Note The Imitater counts as a plant.)

Crash of the Titan10
Defeat your first Gargantuar.    

1st Gargantuar is on the roof level (zone 5 - level 8) See 'Popcorn Party.'

Blast 10 zombies at once with a Cherry Bomb!   (1) 

You unlock the Cherry Bomb during adventure mode after beating zone 1 - level 2.

Playing adventure mode you should unlock this up without having to think too hard about it, once you are being overwhelmed by 10 or more zombies use the Cherry Bomb to blow them up. Alternatively the mini-game Big Trouble Little Zombie is a good place to get this.

Close Shave5
Win any level after all lawnmowers have been used.   (3) 

You can unlock this once you have all 5 lanes which appear after a couple of levels on zone 1.

Pick one lane to plant Sunflowers and leave the other lanes to let the zombies get all the way to house which actives the lawnmower clearing that lane of zombies, as soon as the lawnmower is activated defend that lane.

Once the four lanes without lawnmower protection are safe let the zombies destroy your Sunflower lane taking out the remaining lawnmower.

Go trunk diving and spend at least $25,000 on Crazy Dave's Twiddydinkies.   

This will unlock after spending $25,000 in the shop, just keep speeding money in the shop once it unlocks during adventure mode.

No Fungus Among Us10
Complete a nighttime level without planting any Mushrooms.   (2) 

Best place to unlock is the first night-time level (Zone 2) during adventure mode, complete without using any Mushrooms.

Pick one lane to plant Sunflowers (To build up some sun points) and leave the other lanes to let the zombies get all the way to house which actives the lawnmower clearing that lane of zombies.

As soon as a lane without a lawnmower needs protecting plant a Peashooter and if you need to a Wall-nut to buy you time.

Keep planting Sunflowers when you can and adding more Peashooters or Torchwoods to your defence.

Don't Pea in the Pool10
Complete a daytime pool level without using peashooters of any kind.   (2) 

Best place to unlock is the first pool level (zone 3) during adventure mode, complete without using any kind of Peashooters.

Plant Sunflowers on your back rows and sleeping Puff-shrooms in your front rows until the zombies start to come then place Chompers and Wall-nuts just like you did during the Nom Nom Nom acheivement.

Kep planting Sunflowers as this is day level and your sun money goes up fast leaving you able to place a good defence of Chompers and Wall-nuts.

Make good use of the Puff-shrooms which are free to slow the zombies down.

Defeat a normal roof level without using any catapult plants.   

Best place to unlock is the first roof level (zone 5 level 1) during adventure mode, complete without using any catapult plants.

Plant 4 Sunflowers on the back row and the save your sun money until the first zombie appears then plant a Starfruit in his lane at the very front Flower Pot, plant more Sunflowers and repeat.

As soon as you have enough sun money place Flower Pots in the empty row in front of your other Flower Pots and plant a Starfruits.

Dont worry about losing Starfruits as your can replace them quickly, use Pumpkins to protect your front line.

Good Morning10
Complete a daytime level by planting only Mushrooms and Coffee Beans.   (1) 

Pick a daytime level and only use Mushrooms and Coffee Beans. Replay adventure mode and you can get this on the first level.

Pick the Puff-shroom twice using the Imitater and place sleeping Puff-shrooms up front while slowly building up sun money from Sun-shroom which you will need to wake up.

You can lose a few lanes by using the lawnmower like you did for the Close Shave achievement but once the lawnmower is used defend that lane with a Fume-shroom which you will need to wake up with sleeping Puff-shroom in front.

Once you have every lane defended by Fume-shrooms you should be okay just keep adding more when you can and remember to adding sleeping Puff-shrooms up front to slow the zombies down.

Popcorn Party15
Defeat 2 Gargantuars with Corn Cob missiles in a single level.     

Best place to unlock is the roof level (zone 5 level 8) during adventure mode.

Note you cannot get this on your 1st playthrough you must beat adventure mode to unlock Cob Cannon and then replay back to zone 5 level 8.

Buy the Corn Cob and the rake from the shop.

The Corn Cob is placed on top of two Corn-pults planted next to each other. (Horizontally)

Plant Sunflowers until the second zombie starts to come then plant a Kernel-pult in that lane, keep planting Sunflowers and Kernel-pults until you have all lanes defended.

Now add a second line of Kernel-pults to kill the cone-head zombies and upgrade your Sunflowers to the Twin Sunflowers. Place a Flower Pot with a Pumpkin on top to slow down the zombies if you need to.

Now you basic defence is set-up your sun points should be building up to buy your 1st Cob Cannon, as soon as you place make sure you add more Kernel-pults to defend that lane. Build your sun points up again and place your 2nd Cob Cannon adding a couple more Kernel-pults to defend that lane. As soon as the 1st Gargantuar arrives fire both Cob Cannon missiles at him to kill him quick, add more Kernel-pults until the 2nd Gargantuar arrives and fire both Cob Cannon missiles to kill him.

Roll Some Heads10
Bowl over 5 zombies with a single Wall-Nut.   

Unlocked during the mini-game Wall-nut Bowling or Wall-nut Bowling 2. This should unlock during the final wave when a huge amount of zombies are unleashed, bowl a Wall-nut into a group of zombies.

Disco is Undead5
Hypnotize the lead dancer zombie.   (1) 

Dancing Zombie first appears on zone 2 level 8

During a level with Dancing Zombie – Use the Hypno-shroom on the lead dancer to unlock this achievement. Make sure you place the Hypno-shroom to the left of lead dancer and not on top of him.

Better Off Dead15
Get to a streak of 10 in I, Zombie Endless.   

You must complete the 1st 9 levels of I, Zombie levels 1st which unlocks I, Zombie Endless level, once you clear 10 waves in a row you will unlock Better Off Dead.

This time you are in control of the zombies instead of the plants, these levels are more of a puzzle mode so take your time and plan out your attacks.

Advanced Techniques.

Double Cone-head - Use instead of Bucket-head Zombie for double eating power.

Magnet Killer - Take out the Magnet-Shroom quick as he steals your metal powers.

Sneaky - Use you Digger zombie a lot, they can take a out a whole lane if there is no danger.

Disco! - Use Dancing zombie to take out three lanes, just make sure your lead dancer is well protected.

Madden - Use Football zombie to take down a lane with a heavy defence.

China Shop15
Get to a streak of 15 in Vasebreaker Endless.   

You must complete the 1st 9 levels of Vasebreaker which unlocks the Vasebreaker Endless level, once you clear 15 waves in a row you will unlock China Shop.

Advanced Techniques.

One Pea Pause - When you have a normal zombie only use 1 Peashooter to take him down, backed up with another Snow Pea if he is close to your house. Do not open another vase in that lane until he is killed.

Holding an item - If you have a plant you don't want to use yet you can pick it up and still break vases without placing it, this is very handy with a Squash for walking your Zombies. This gives you time to open vases and pick the correct lane to plant rather that losing it or planting it on a lane that doesnt require it.

Walking zombies in a pack - Hold a Squash and when you break open a vase with a Bucket-head zombie let him walk to the next vase. When he is right in the middle of the next vase break it, if another zombie is in they will walk at the same speed. Keep opening vases as long as you feel comfortable then plant your Squash on top of the zombies to kill them all.

Wall-nut line-up - When you get a Wall-nut place it near your house then when you get a Squash break all the vases in that lane and wait until they get to the Wall-nut then plant your Squash to kill them all. This can be risky but saves you a lot of plants for the other lanes.

Cherry Bomb - Wave 10 onwards there are 2 Gargantuars! Try to save until then.

Plantern - Try to place this in the centre of the map or close to as many vases as possible. The Plantern is excellent for seeing inside the surrounding vases for you to plan your plant placement.

Rake - This only works for the first wave.

Green vases - You probably figured this out but the green vases always contain a plant.

Beyond the Grave15
Beat all 19 mini-games.   

Found in more ways to play on the mini-games gravestone, complete all mini games to unlock.

Buy the rake from the shop to help with each level.

Tips for completing each level.

ZomBotany – Wall-nuts & Tall-nuts are your best friend as they stop Peashooter zombies from destroying your plants.

Wall-nut Bowling – Try and save your exploding Wall-nuts until you cannot hold out any longer.

Slot Machine – Use the slot machine and and defend with the plants you win.

It’s Raining Seeds – Simple, defend with plants that drops.

Beghouled – Bejewelled zombie style, match three or more plants in a line. If you run out of matches then use the recycle for 100 sun points which give you a fresh screen of plants to match.

Invisi-ghoul – Tricky as the zombies are invisible, Fill back three rows with Peashooters and Kernel-pults and protect them with Wall-nuts and Squashs. Use Ice-Shrooms if you get into trouble.

Seeing Stars – You only really need Sunflowers, Starfruits and Wall-nuts. Fill the back with as many Sunflowers as you can before the zombies start to come then use Starfruits. If you get in trouble use Wall-nuts to buy some time.

Beghouled Twist – A twisted version of Beghoulded. I found it easier to just swipe the screen for random matches than try to look for correct matches. If you run out of matches then use the recycle for 100 sun points which gives you a fresh screen of plants to match.

Big Trouble Little Zombie - Fill the back three rows with Peashooters and protect them with Wall-nuts. Use Cherry Bombs if you get into trouble.

Portal Combat – Protect your back line and cover portal entrances, beware they move!

Column Like You See ‘Em – Very hard roof level! Use your Tall-nuts up front three plant pots back. Use your Magnet-shrooms directly behind the Tall-nuts and wake them up with the Coffee Beans. Use Melon-pults on the back rows and save your Jalapenos for when the Gargantuar show up and they will! When the Ladder Zombie show up quickly replace your plant pots in front of the Tall-nuts and use you Squash if timed right it will take them all out which is key to completing this level. Use Pumpkins to protect the Tall-nuts.

Bobsled Bonanza – Hard pool level. Make sure you have bought the Spikerock from the shop to put over your Spikeweed and the Imitater to choose an extra Spikeweed which will make this a whole lot easier. Plant Sunflowers on the back row before the Zombonis and Bobsled Teams show up if the first zombie is a Zomboni use a Spikeweed and if you can afford it upgrade to Spikerock, if it’s a Bobsled team use a Jalapenos. In front of your row of Sunflower plant Peashooters to take out the Bobsled teams and in front of the Peashooters place more Spikeweed and upgrade to spikerock as soon as possible. Jalapenos clear the ice from the lane!

Zombie Nimble Zombie Quick – Be quick as the level is speeded up. Tall-nuts are your best defence, place as many as possible.

Whack A Zombie – Just take them out quickly and use the Grave Buster to eat graves nearest your house as quickly as possible.

Last Stand – Use all your money to set-up your best defence before your start the onslaught. Personally I used a > shape Gloom-shroom configuration, protected by Pumpkins with Cattails inside the > shape and Magnet-shrooms to get rid of the zombies helmets.

ZomBotany 2 – See ZomBotany.

Wall-nut Bowling 2– Try and save your exploding Wall-nuts and big Wall-nuts (They have huge eyes and take out a whole line) until you cannot hold out any longer.

Pogo Party – Fill your back row with Sunflowers until the Pogo Zombies start to come then block them with Wall-nuts so they cannot jump over. In the middle of the Sunflowers and Wall-nuts use Peashooters until you can upgrade them with something more powerful, once your basic defence is set-up add more Flower Pots and better defences.

Dr. Zomboss’s Revenge – Basically the same as the end level of adventure mode.

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