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Self Restraint

Get to speed level 7 only making 3 of a kinds and no chains
This is frustrating, due to the fact that if you mess up even once and get a chain or above a three of a kind, you'll have to start over.
Follow these and you should get it in no time:

1. Watch every move you make. It's a fairly easy achievement, but if you screw up and get a chain or something more than a three of a kind, you'll have to start over completely.

2. Vertical connections are the best, as there is no chance of you getting a chain when nothing is on top of what is being matched.
No falling pieces = no combos.

3. If you get two sets simultaneously (not chained), you can still get the achievement, I did this to get mine. As long as all you get are three of a kind's in the simultaneous sets, you'll be fine.

4. You can't start the mode at 6 speed and just plan on rising once and getting the achievement.

5. Take it one move at a time. There's no need to rush anything, since even at speed 6, it's still a slow-paced game.

6. Watch the bottom row before it actually 'comes into play', you might accidentally create a wrong type of hand and screw yourself over.
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