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Chain Monster

Score a 24x chain in Action Mode, Timed Mode or Custom Playlist Mode  
The chain achievements are probably the hardest to pull off in this game, as they require the ability to see moves before they are actually started. Basically, a chain is what occurs when making one hand causes the cards above and around it to fall and make another hand. Now this doesn't mean that you can only make one move and sit back hoping that everything falls into place. You can make more moves, but the cards above the matched cards from the first move must fall causing another hand. Slow motion helps a lot with this, as the cards fall much slower in order to give you more time.

The x3, 5, and 7 chains are obviously the easier of the four, as you only have to get up to 7 hands in a row in order to get them. However, for those who are not very good at predicting reactions, these can be problematic.

The best way to get good at move foresight is to practice. If you watch the top players' videos, you'll see that they all move their cards upward (courtesy of ), as to get a full view of everything and make it easier to spot chains ahead of time. Studying the best is only slightly helpful, and the real way to get better is to keep practicing. Just try getting a x2 or 3 chain at first, and work your way up to the higher numbers.

Remember that using a bomb () to start off a chain counts as a move, so you can easily get an extra move out of it. Just keep practicing and looking for moves and you'll eventually get there. Using to slow down the movement of cards also helps, which gives you some extra time to make another move before the cards hit bottom, ending the chain.

In particular, Chain Monster is an extremely difficult achievement, and will take plenty of time to get down. Don't expect to be pulling off the 50+ chains that the veterans of Poker Smash manage to get, but don't be afraid to watch their videos and see what they do in certain situations.
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Comment #1 by em0rox
Wednesday, August 24, 2011 @ 11:54:39 PM

If it wasn't for the stupid poker hands popping up out of nowhere messing things up I could get this easier... I've played Panel De Pon (tetris attack, pokemon puzzle league, etc etc) since I was a kid and this is the same thing but with poker hands. If it was just colors it would be so much more fun...

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