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Guide By: Stufin135
There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
- Offline: 17/20 (175)
- Online: 3/20(25)
- Approximate amount of time to 200: 100-200+ hours (hard to gauge at the moment)
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: N/A
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: None

Pool Pro Online 3 is a Pool and Snooker game for the Windows Phone and can be played Pass & Play, Online or against AI. The game has relatively easy achievements to get with the exception of "Fat Cat" & "Jet Setter" which aren't as hard as they are time consuming.

By playing solo against the AI will net you your main bulk of achievements. There is no real particular order to play this game to net these for you, as long as you play one of each game mode (8 & 9 Ball Pool, Snooker) you will be able to gain all single player achievements. There is a few achievements that require you to perform certain tasks in game E.g sink 3 balls at once. These are based heavily on luck and should come if you plan on netting "Fat Cat" & "Jet Setter" but to try and help with this ISAAC1982 and IEvil IMonkey have posted some tips on how to complete these tasks that are link the achievement guides description.

Once again nothing to insanely difficult here with the exception of "King of the Hill" which requires you to have a win ratio of 80% of all online games, this will take time but is easily boostable. The amount of players actually playing this game online isn't that large so your best bet might be to find a partner to boost these with.

Once you have gained most of the Single and Multiplayer achievements the chances are you are left with "Fat Cat" & "Jet Setter". There is no real advice that can be given for these, you just have to keep on playing and eventually these will come.

In conclusion Pool Pro Online 3 shouldn't give you too many troubles to gain the full 200GS, you just have to keep at it and eventually they will come to you.

[x360a would like to thank Stufin135 for this Roadmap]

Well Rounded5
Complete a game of 8 Ball, 9 Ball, and Snooker.   

Probably the simplest achievement and one of the first you will get. You just have to play each of the 3 game modes available (8 Ball, 9 Ball & Snooker). Win or lose it does not matter just as long as you finish the game.

Defeat Pro opponent in any Single Player game.   

There is no real advice here for this one except try not to let the CPU not have many turns, none if possible. You change your difficulty by sliding the star difficult bar at the bottom all the way to the right.

This achievement will come whilst going for "Running Man", "Midnight Run", & "Eagle Eye". So there is no need to try to hard if you set the game to pro whilst going for these.

Sink or Swim5
Sink 100 legal balls.   

See "Time Sink."

Time Sink20
Sink 1000 legal balls.   

Sinking a ball is to pot it, the ball must be legal (i.e. your colour/number ball). This achievement is cumulative. This will come naturally with playing the game. But to give you an idea of how long it will take roughly:

8 Ball: 125 games sinking all 8 Balls (7 Colours/Stripes & 8 Ball)
9 Ball: 112 games sinking all 9 Balls
Snooker: 46 games sinking all 22 Balls or 28 games if you pot all 22 balls and a colour after each Red.

Balls still count once Returning to the main menu whilst in game.

Running Man10
Run the table (8 Ball).   

To run the table you must pot every single ball without the opponent getting a turn (this means you have to break). There is not much advice that can be given here except take your time, line up your shots as best as possible (thinking ahead for the next shot if you can). Also don't forget to change camera angles with the eye in the bottom left corner. Having a look from on top can be a great help.

Midnight Run15
Run the table (9 Ball).   

To run the table you must pot every single ball without the opponent getting a turn (this means you have to break). Unlike "Running Man" this can be achieved in one shot by potting the 9 on the break. So this should unlock whilst going for "Eagle Eye".

Remember to take your time, line up your shots as best as possible (thinking ahead for the next shot if you can). Also don't forget to change camera angles with the eye in the bottom left corner. Having a look from on top can be a great help.

Sure Shot5
Sink 2 legal balls in one stroke.   

See "Master Blaster."

Master Blaster15
Sink 3 legal balls in one stroke.   

This is one of the more difficult achievements to get and once again seems heavily based on luck. Whilst going for "Jet Setter" & "Fat Cat" you hopefully should get this in one of your games. If not IEvil IMonkey has try providing some tips on how to get it here:

Sink the 8 ball on the break (8 Ball).   

See "Eagle Eye."

Eagle Eye5
Sink the 9 ball on the break (9 Ball).   

ISAAC1982 has made a very helpfull guide complete with pictures as to how to tackle these achievements. Check it out here:

Combo #55
Sink the 9 ball on a combo (9 Ball).   

To get this achievement you have to pot the 9 and at least one other ball whilst playing 9 Ball. This one is heavily based on luck, but obviously the more balls on the table the higher the odds. Try to aim the legal ball into the 9 so that will go in. If you put a lot of power and have a lot of luck another ball could go in. This will come eventually for you and could come whilst going for the "Sure Shot" & "Master Blaster" achievements.

Fat Cat10
Accumulate 1,000,000 Scratch.   

This achievement will probably one of the last you get. It will take a very long time to get so a lot of grinding will be involved. On average you will net 500-800 Scratch for winning a game and gaing bonus Scratch for combo shots, winning under five minutes, etc. If you loose a game you are looking around 200 Scratch. So you are looking arond 2000 games (if you win everyone netting 500 Scratch) or 5000 games (if you loose every match netting 200 Scratch). Realistically you are looking around a good 200+ hours playing single player.

If you can find a partner to do this with you could both earn 500,000 each and gamble it all on online matches trading the win each to both gain 1,000,000 Scratch. Remember to trade it back to each other afterwards though so you can both use that money towards the "Jet Setter" achievement.

Brave New World5
Win an online match.   

See "Lobby Lizard."

Lobby Lizard10
Win 20 online matches.   

To get this achievement just keep playing online games and eventually you will win 20 games. It does not have to be in a row and can be on any of the three game modes.

If you are having troubles getting this use the achievement trading thread to get a partner to trade wins with:

Snooker King5
Win 5 Snooker games.   

This one shouldn't cause to much bother, just aim to win all your Snooker games, choosing to play easy opponents to make it much easier. If you are having troubles beating the AI then choose to play Multiplayer > Pass and Play. This way you can just keep playing fouls for Player 2 to get some easy points whilst obviously potting the balls with Player 1 to win.

NOTE: Only Player 1 will unlock the achievement

Shark Bait5
Lose 50 games.   

Not a difficult achievement to get at all. The chances are this will come naturally with playing games online and playing lots of games to get the "Jet Setter" & "Fat Cat" achievements. If not you can choose to grind it by just simply loosing 50 games.

Jet Setter15
Purchase all Pool Halls from the Pro Shop.   

To unlock Jet Setter you need to buy all of the Pool Halls from the Pro Shop on the Main Menu. The Pool Halls you have to buy are as follows:

Game Room: Unlock from the Beginning
Log Cabin: Cost 50,000 Scratch
South Pacific Cabana: Cost 75,000 Scratch
Spanish Cabana: 80,000 Scratch
Venetian Hall: Cost 90,000 Scratch
New England Brewery: 100,000 Scratch
Beach: Cost 110,000 Scratch

Total Cost: 505000

You should be able to unlock this after about 1000-2500 games. Just over 100 hours of single player.

King of the Hill10
Have an Overall Win Ratio of 80% or more with at least 5 online games played.   

The first part to go for in the achievement is your 5 online played games, win or loose it does not matter you just have to play 5. Once you have that done you just need to build up the wins to get you back up to the 80%. The lowest amount of wins and loses you can have is 4 wins and 1 loss.

Win at least 700 Scratch in one Single Player game.   

This one might come whilst going for the "Fat Cat" & "Jet Setter" achievements. If not you will just have to make sure you win game, aim for as many bonus Scratch as possible (Win under 3/5 minutes, Combo Pots, Etc.). Also playing on higher difficulties gives more Scratch for wins, so try to play on Pro Difficulty.

Limit Breaker20
Achieve a score of at least 147 in Snooker.   

This one will be a pain trying to go for against the AI since it will require you to get a max break (potting every red followed up with a black, then potting all the colours) as well as getting your opponent to perform a few foul shots. Luckily you can get this achievement in Mulitplayer > Pass and Play. Simply make sure player 1 is potting all the balls and that Player 2 keeps committing foul shots to give Player 1 4 points each time. Once Player 1 has reached 147 points finish the game to get the achievement.

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