Power Gig: Rise of the Six String

Power Gig: Rise of the Six String Achievement Guide

Guide By: Neverender and x360a Community
There are 37 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 9/10
- Offline: 37 (1000 )
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000 : 8-10 Hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: 4 (One Band, Unite the Rebels Swift Victory, Liberator of Ohm)
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes (Skilled Technician)
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed? Official Power Gig Guitar & Drum peripherals, any Microphone peripheral

Welcome to the Power Gig: Rise of the Six String road map. Most of the achievements aren't hard to get, but there are a few achievements that require a lot of skill and practice. There are no glitched or unobtainable achievements, but there also isn't online play. So for any of the co-op achievements you can't manage yourself, you'll have to find a local co-op buddy. Before you begin, you will need the official Power Gig guitar and drum peripherals for the full 1000 . Without them, you can only get 860 .

Step 1: Tutorials/Credits (4 for 45 )
First, you'll want to beat all of the tutorials and get the respective achievements for them. This will be somewhat monotonous if you've played Guitar Hero or Rock Band games, but it's also very easy. Note that you will need the official Power Gig guitar peripheral for the guitar tutorial. After you're done, watch the credits from the extras menu for another easy achievement.

Step 2: Unite the Clans/Mojomorphosis Achievements (16 for 425 )
Next, move on to the story mode, Unite the Clans. To minimize the amount of play time required for the full 1000, play through the story by yourself in under 80 songs to earn Liberator of Ohm and Swift Victory. You can play on any difficulty, so this shouldn't be much of an issue. Along the way, also try to earn One Band, Unite the Rebels, One with the Clans, Master Performance, Virtuoso Performance, and Whole Lotta Mojo as well as all of the Mojomorphosis achievements using the guide below. If you've done everything mentioned so far, you should be at 470 for the game.

Step 3: Co-Op (5 for 100 )
You'll either need to have a friend help you locally or follow the methods in the achievement guide for these. The achievements you'll be going for are Power Trio, Mojo Synergy, Synergizers, Combo Mastery, and Three's a Crowd.

Step 4: Streak Achievements/Perfectionist (6 for 245 )
Now move on to the streak achievements. You'll need to get Endurance of the Axe and Endurance of the Skins legitimately, but there are some songs that make this easy listed in the guide below. Once you've gotten those two achievements, get Perfectionist using the achievement guide. If you do it correctly, you should unlock a handful of other achievements as well.

Step 5: Power Chords Mode/One Armed Band (3 for 130 )
These achievements require official Power Gig peripherals! If you don't have the official Six String guitar and/or Air Strike drum set, skip this section. If you do, get One Armed Band by playing any song using only one arm and the Air Strike drum set. Then, move on to trying for Power Chord Master. This is the single hardest achievement in the game, so don't get discouraged if you don't get it right away. Just keep trying and practicing and eventually you'll get it. Also, note that Learn Some Skills will unlock before or at the same time as Power Chord Master, and all three of these achievements can be done on any difficulty.

Step 6: Wrap Up (3 for 55 )
With the hard part out of the way, you should only have three easy achievements left, and you may have already earned some of them. The achievements are Find Your Mojo, Love That Tune, and Opposites Attract. For Find Your Mojo, play as every character and use mojo at least once, for Love That Tune, play any song 11 times, and for Opposites Attract, use a female character to play a setlist of songs sung by male vocalists or vice-versa. Once those three are out of the way, you'll have the full 1000 !

If you've followed the achievement guide and road map to this point, you should now have 1000 in Power Gig: Rise of the Six String. Congratulations!

x360a would like to thank Neverender for this Road Map

One Band10
Play a full setlist in Unite The Clans. 

See Unite the Rebels

One With The Clans25
Earn 300 total seals in Unite The Clans. 

See Swift Victory

Unite The Rebels25
In Unite the Clans, earn 5 seals in all songs of a 3-song gig using Rockers from all three clans. 

From the beginning, you have two characters ("Rockers") from each clan; one male and one female. Play a three song setlist of easy songs using either all male characters or all female characters.

Seals are the Power Gig equivalent of stars in Rock Band or Guitar Hero, but they're awarded slightly differently. Instead of just being based on score, the seals in Power Gig are based on the percentage of notes hit, your score, and your use of mojo. There are still five available per song and it's not difficult to get five per song if you're good at any instrument in music games. Just play easier songs on a difficulty you're confident with and it should be no problem.

Swift Victory50
Complete all of Unite The Clans solo, playing only 80 songs. 

For this, you must complete story mode while playing 80 songs or less throughout its entirety by yourself. Having any other player in Unite the Clans mode will make you start another playthough for this achievement. This gives you a little bit of leeway since only around 60 are required if you do them perfectly, but if you want to make sure you get this, play on a difficulty you know you can get five seals on songs with, because seals are what progress you through the story mode.

When you get this, Liberator of Ohm should unlock as well and One with the Clans should unlock along the way. Liberator of Ohm must also be done solo, but One with the Clans can be done with any number of players.

Liberator Of Ohm40
Defeat the Headliner solo. 

See Swift Victory

Find Your Mojo5
Fire a mojo power as each character. 

Every instrument has two possible characters, and each character has a different mojo power that is activated by hitting when your mojo meter is more than halfway full. Simply activate mojo as each character to unlock this achievement.

Endurance Of The Skins25
Get a streak of 200 on drums. 

There are plenty of easy songs to do this on. Just sort the song list by drum challenge and pick something under "Easy Drums" and play on Master or higher difficulty, because below that the songs usually don't have over 200 notes. If you're struggling to find a good song, "Strange Times", "Tick Tick Boom", and "Crossroads" are all good options.

Endurance Of The Axe25
Get a streak of 200 on guitar. 

There are plenty of easy songs to do this on. Just sort the song list by guitar challenge and pick something under "Easy Guitar" and play on Master or higher difficulty, because below that the songs usually don't have over 200 notes. If you're struggling to find a good song, "Strange Times", "Plush", and "Swim" are all good options.

Endurance Of The Voice25
Get a streak of 100 on vocals. 

See Perfectionist

Complete a song with 75%+ accuracy with any instrument. 

See Perfectionist

Skilled Technician50
Complete a song with 100% accuracy on Virtuoso or Legend Difficulty on Guitar, Drums, or Vocals. 

See Perfectionist

Get 100% of the notes “perfect” in any song. 

The best way to do this is on Virtuoso vocals playing the song "Bombtrack" by Rage Against the Machine. The song consists entirely of "talky" parts, so just putting your microphone in front of a fan, humming during the song, or putting it near something else that makes constant noise will earn you the achievement. If you do this right, it will unlock a handful of other achievements for you as well.

Love That Tune30
Play any song more than 10 times. 

This achievement is pretty self explanatory. Just play any song eleven times and it'll pop.

Learn Some Skills10
Play a song with power chords turned on. 

Note: This requires the official Power Gig guitar peripheral.
To get this, turn on the power chords mode while using the official Power Gig guitar and beat any song. If you don't have the peripheral, then you can't get this achievement, unfortunately.

Power Chord Master100
Hit every power chord in any song. (2) 

Note: This requires the official Power Gig guitar peripheral.
You have to hit 100% of the notes in any song with Power Chords turned on. Since difficulty doesn't affect this achievement, play on Recruit. The easiest songs for this are "You're Gonna Go Far, Kid" by The Offspring, "Again" by Flyleaf, and "Plush" by Stone Temple Pilots, so play one of those.

If you're having trouble with this achievement, try re-calibrating your game. Even if the calibration is only a few milliseconds off, it can really mess you up, especially when using the already somewhat temperamental official guitar peripheral.

This is a hard achievement if you don't have previous experience with a real guitar. If you can't get it right away, practice just hitting chords in general, then, once you're comfortable with that, switching between chords. If you devote a few hours to this general practice, then you should be able to get this achievement with significantly less frustration.

Whole Lotta Mojo30
Fire mojo powers 300 times over the course of Unite The Clans. 

Firing mojo powers is the same as activating star power in Guitar Hero or overdrive in Rock Band, except for the fact that it can only be activated using or by holding down a whammy bar on a guitar peripheral. Or, if you just want to get this as quickly as possible, go to Settings, then Sound Check and set Mojo to Auto-Deploy. Then, after 300 deployments the achievement should pop.

Master Performance15
Get a 5-seal performance on any song. 

See Unite the Rebels

Virtuoso Performance30
Get a 5-seal performance on all 3 songs of a setlist. 

See Unite the Rebels

Tearin' Up The Subway25
Get Maximum Mojomorphosis at Rothchild Station. 

See Crafty Carrier

Merry Go Round And Round25
Get Maximum Mojomorphosis at Tilt. 

See Crafty Carrier

Harvesting The Garden25
Get Maximum Mojomorphosis at The Grove. 

See Crafty Carrier

Igniting The Flame25
Get Maximum Mojomorphosis at Riffslide Alley. 

See Crafty Carrier

Noise Pollution25
Get Maximum Mojomorphosis at Axeworks. 

See Crafty Carrier

Total Enlightenment25
Get Maximum Mojomorphosis at The Sanctuary. 

See Crafty Carrier

Crafty Carrier25
Get Maximum Mojomorphosis at The Heap. 

In any venue, as you play it will slowly change (go through "mojomorphosis"), and will eventually reach a maximum level of mojomorphosis, which is what unlocks the respective achievement for each venue. The amount of mojomorphosis undergone is directly related to your performance on the set list, so as long as you do well (deploy lots of mojo, get lots of perfect hits, etc.), you shouldn't have a problem. Typically, these achievements unlock towards the middle of the third song, but it might be a bit earlier or later depending on how well you do on the set list.

Stickin' It To The Man25
Get Maximum Mojomorphosis at Skyway 61 (Quick Gig). 

This is the same as the other mojomorphosis achievements, but this venue can only be selected from "Quick Gig" at the main menu once you finish the Unite the Clans mode. For more information, see Crafty Carrier

Power Trio20
Get a 5-seal performance with three players. 

There's no good, repeatable way to do this without at least two people, so you'll need a buddy for this achievement. Play the song "Bombtrack" by Rage Against the Machine on whatever difficulty you're both comfortable playing at, and the fan/noise-generating object doing vocals on the same difficulty. If you don't get five seals on your first try, move everyone down a difficulty and try again, then repeat until you get the achievement.

Mojo Synergy10
Have 2 mojo powers active at once in co-op. 

See Synergizers

Get 7 mojo synergies in one song in co-op. 

This achievement is VERY picky. First, you have to get exactly seven synergies for this to work. Get any more or any less, and you're not going to get it. Second, the profile you're trying to get the achievement with has to be involved in all seven of the synergies. If it's not, then no achievement for you!

With that in mind, Mojo Synergies occur when two or more players in co-op activate mojo powers at once. The easiest method for this involves exploiting the song "Bombtrack" by Rage Against the Machine with the fan trick described in "Perfectionist." Put the vocals on Disciple, and play either drums or guitar on the highest difficulty you're comfortable with. Get to the point where you have enough to activate mojo, wait for the vocals to fill up, then activate it for both "players." Rinse and repeat six more times, and this should pop for you.

Combo Mastery20
Get 10 band streak bonuses in a single song in co-op. 

Band streak bonuses are awarded when two or more players in a co-op game get streak bonuses at the same time. You have to get exactly ten in one song for this to unlock. If you have a friend to help you, this should be a breeze; just get the ten bonuses and then stop playing since you can't fail on the game.

If you don't have someone to help you with this, then use the strategy from Perfectionist, but also play either drums or guitar. The vocals will hit everything, so just play along until you get ten streak bonuses, then stop playing. At the end of the song the achievement will unlock.

Three's A Crowd30
Play 10 songs with a full band. 

Play ten songs with a full band (guitar, vocals, drums) and the achievement will unlock. If you want to get this over with quickly, "I Want to Conquer the World" by Bad Religion is the shortest song in the game. You can do this by yourself, too, since you literally cannot fail songs in the game; you can just hook up all three instruments and let the song go on by itself and it'll still count towards the achievement.

Way Of The Axe10
Complete all guitar tutorials. 

Note: This requires the official Power Gig guitar peripheral.
See Way of the Voice

Way Of The Skins10
Complete all drum tutorials. 

See Way of the Voice

Way Of The Voice10
Complete all vocals tutorials. 

The tutorials are under "Mojo Dojo" from the main menu. The tutorials for the instrument you're using will be displayed, so just complete them all with each instrument to unlock the respective achievement. Also, note that you need the official Power Gig guitar peripheral to complete all of the guitar tutorials and get the associated achievement.

Secret Achievements
Now Starring15
View the credits entirely. 

From the main menu, go to "Extras", then "Credits". Let them roll without skipping through, and the achievement will unlock at the end.

Opposites Attract20
Play an entire setlist singing with the opposite gender. 

To get this, choose the female vocalist and play any three songs that are usually sung by a male vocalist (or vice-versa) in a set list. At the end of the set list, this achievement will unlock.

One Armed Band20
Earn at least 3 seals playing an entire song using only one drumstick. 

Note: This requires the official Power Gig drum peripheral.
For this achievement, you need to beat any song with three seals or more using the official Power Gig drum peripheral and only one arm/drumstick. Difficulty makes no difference, so you can just put the game on Recruit for this achievement. If you're having trouble finding a good song for this, "Crossroads" by John Mayer makes this especially easy.

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US October 19, 2010

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