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Prison Break: The Conspiracy Achievement Guide

Guide By: CrustyDirtDemon
There are 45 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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+ Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10.
+ Offline: 45 (1000)
+ Online: 0 (0)
+ Approximate time: 6-10 hours (Depending on gaming level)
+ Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1/2.
+ Missable achievements: 0.
+ Does difficulty affect Achievements? Yes (The Great White)
+ Unobtainable achievements: 0
+ Extra equipment needed?: None
+ Avatar Awards: 0.
+ Cheats: None.


This game a pretty easy, straightforward and you can obtain the full 1000 in 6 hours if you can grasp the games stealth element and controls. You can obtain the full 1000 in 1 playthrough but 2 is recommended. Unfortunately you don't take the role of a character from the Prison Break TV series, instead you take the role of Agent Tom Paxton who is sent into the prison to find out what Micheal Schofield is up to.

Playthrough 1.

Before you read on, if you're going for the full 1000 in single playthrough make sure you quit to the dashboard if you ever get caught whilst doing the Stealth portions of the game. Please see the "Invisible" achievement in the guide for more information.

Most games start out with you playing through the game, then grinding out side achievements at the end. But with Prison Break you can grind out all but 2 of the non story related achievements in the first 2 chapters earning you over 500:gsicon. The rest of achievements barring 2 are all story based. So lets get going with the playthrough. You want to start the game on the hardest difficulty setting (Shark) which honestly isn't hard at all, and shouldn't cause you any problems. So what you want to do is playthrough the first mission and along the way you will earn:
  • Fighter.
  • Stalker.
  • Monkey.
Once you complete the side mission where you retrieve C-Notes drugs, grind out the 10 minutes on the Punch bag and Weights then talk to King, he will allow you to compete in the Underground fights. You will be fighting against "Soda Pop". He is rather easy, and won't slow you down earning the following achievements:
  • The Best Defense.
  • First Blood.
  • Puglist.
  • Insult To Injury.
  • Unbruised.
  • Untouchable.
  • Lightning Reflexes.
  • Ringer.
  • Mogul.
  • Doesn't Play Well With Others.

After earning the above achievements, talk to King again and buy a tattoo for each part of your body earning you "All Inked Up".

Continue to play the game and when you come to the first lock pick you will earn "Burglar". Just after you pick this lock you will come another, after you pick the next, walk in front of the security camera and you will be back at the loc,k which you can pick again, repeat this 5 times for "Locksmith" achievement. (Do not do this if your going for the Invisible achievement) After that achievement has unlocked just playthrough the game at your own pace, when you're finished you should have all the achievements bar two. Please see playthrough 2 on how to obtain these if you didn't go for the full 1000 in one playthrough.

Playthrough 2.
In this playthrough all your going to be doing is completing the game without being seen in the stealth sections of the game. If you do get seen you must quit to the dashboard, then load your checkpoint in order to unlock the "Invisible" achievement achievement.

Just hitting and reloading checkpoint doesn't work. Please see the "Invisible" achievement in the guide. This playthrough should take you no more than 3-4 hours and upon completing this playthrough you will have the full 1000 in this game.

There you have it, not a very hard 1000 and a pretty enjoyable game with very easy achievements. If you need any more help please see the achievement guide or the games forum.

[x360a would like to thank Genesis x360a for this road map]

Complete the stealth tutorial. 
“Story related and cannot be missed”
Complete the lock picking tutorial. (3) 
“Story related and cannot be missed”
First time climbing completed! 
“Story related and cannot be missed”
Complete the fighting tutorial. 
“Story related and cannot be missed”
Complete chapter one without getting spotted. (5) 
This achievement can be obtained by simply reloading your last checkpoint upon being spotted during chapter one. HOWEVER, if you intend on obtaining the “Invisible” achievement you will not be able to use this method. For more detail PLEASE refer the “Invisible” achievement.
Successfully lock pick or unscrew five doors or grates without being spotted. (4) 
“Story related and cannot be missed”

Although you can get caught picking a lock/unscrewing a door the game will force you to do it until you pick/unscrew successfully with out being seen. Thus making it un-missable.
Don't get knocked out in five consecutive fights. 
You will easily get this during your 100 underground fights. You can even get knocked down to the point where you have to rapidly press the “” button to get back up and still get this after five consecutive fights. Truthfully I played the entire game without getting knocked out so I don’t even know if you really can get knocked out. Also do this against “Soda Pop” in the underground fights, since he is the slowest and the weakest fighter to choose from.
First Blood15
Beat your first opponent in underground fights. (1) 
Beat “Soda Pop” or any other fighter in the underground fights for this to unlock. Very Simple.
Win a match flawlessly in underground fights. (3) 
Fight against “Soda Pop” and either mash the “” button to victory and then press “” when the fighter’s health icon is near fully white. Or start the fight of with 6 heavy punches “” button, and once the fighter falls down kick him with two kicks “” button, and once the fighter stands up hit him with two more heavy punches “” button, then finish your opponent “” button.

You need to do a minimum of 50 underground fights, so don’t be frustrated if you don’t get this on your first go, but truthfully you probably will.
Defeat 50 enemies in underground fights. 
The underground fights are accessed as early as chapter one from the character called “King” King is located to the left of the first work out benches you pass. Also you will need to do the “Quid Pro Quo” achievement before “King” will allow you to fight. Always fight against “Soda Pop” since he is the slowest and the weakest of all of the fighters you can choose from.
All Inked Up15
Get tattoos for all six locations on your body. 
You will need $1500 to buy one of each of the six tattoos. King is the character who sells the tattoos. The only way to earn money in the game is from the underground fights. Depending on who you fight gets you more or less money. If you are going for the 1K in this game then this is basically un-missable.
Lift the weights for at least 10 minutes (accumulated). (1) 
The weight benches are located all through out the prison yards. As early as chapter one there is a Weight bench directly to the left of where you fought T-Bag. When on a weight bench all you do is tap the “” button to bench press the weights. If you have a turbo controller like me, simply turbo the “” button and walk away.

The game will tell you to balance the bar with the , but there is no need. The bar will only tip so far and never tip all the way over. If you don’t have a turbo controller enjoy your ten minutes of button mashing. This can either be farmed immediately or bit by but throughout the story.
Bloody Knuckles15
Punch the heavy bag for at least 10 minutes (accumulated). 
The heavy bag “punching bags” are located all over the prison yards. As early as chapter one is your first heavy bag, located to the right of the weight benches. When on the heavy bag all you do is follow your “trainers” commands. He will have you using “”, “” , and the “” Button. You can either farm this right away, or do a little here and there during your playthrough since it is accumulative.
Doesn't Play Well with Others90
Beat up more than 100 people on Shark. (7) 
Shark is the HARDEST difficulty and frankly is not hard at all when it comes to the fighting aspect. You will want to do all 100 or at least 90+ in the underground fights. This is because throughout natural progression of the story you probably don’t even fight less than 15 inmates. I would recommend once again, fighting against “Soda Pop”, he is by far the easiest. Beating “Soda Pop” and nets you $50. So its really easy to keep track of how many fights you have won, as long as you can do simple math.
Win a match flawlessly in underground fights on Shark. 
Refer to the “Unbruised” achievement for more info on this achievement.
Earn $5000. (2) 
While going for your 100 wins as long as you only are fighting “Soda Pop” as recommended you will get your $5000 upon wining your 100th fight.
Indefinite Furlough30
Finish the game at any difficulty. 
Refer to the "Great White" achievement for more info.
The Great White85
Finish the game on Shark. 
Shark is the HARDEST difficulty and truthfully is not hard at all. The only elements that make it harder are that you get spotted/seen by the guards fairly quick if you aren’t carful during the stealthy segments of the game. Most casual gamers will have no problem with the difficulty. If you’re having trouble for some reason with the fights you can occasionally increase your characters strength by working out on either the weight benches or the heavy bag.
Complete every chapter without being seen. (22) 
By far the HARDEST achievement in the game and most annoying. First off, before I explain anything I would recommend that this would be done on your second playthrough and on the “Guppy” difficulty. It’s not that it’s unattainable on your shark playthrough, but it sure would be really annoying. And any way an easy run through of the game only takes about 3.5 hours “depending on skill of course”

Okay, so if you opt to do it based on my recommendations, first play your game on Shark difficulty to get used to the game and learn the chapters. Then upon finishing your first playthrough and mopping up any fights you may still need Go to the dashboard, and PHYSICALLY DELETE your save game data. Then start up the game select “New Game” and play on “Guppy” Now go about playing the game and when you do happened to get spotted and it goes to the screen where it says “” to continue. Immediately go to the DASH BOARD. Load up your game and select CONTINUE. You will not be exactly at where you left off but within 3-5 minutes of where you left off. This is much better than having to start the game all over again. Do this any and every time you get spotted and the achievement will pop right before the credits start to roll.

It has been said that you can just simply load your last checkpoint when spotted, and still gain the achievement instead of going to the dashboard every time your spotted, BUT DON’T BELIEVE IT; YOU WILL NOT GET THE INVISIBLE ACHIEVEMENT IF YOU DO THIS.
Lightning Reflexes30
Successfully perform 50 reversal moves in fights. 
A successful reversal is performed by pressing the “RB” Button right before an opponent would be about to hit you, then you must press the correct button displayed on the screen w/in a small time frame. If you do at least five reversals against “Soda Pop” you will have it only after ten fights. “Soda Pop” is the SLOWEST fighter you can choose to fight, so for your own benefit make sure your fighting him.
The Best Defense...30
Win a fight without blocking. 
As simple as it says, win any fight in the prison or any fight in the underground fighting area without holding down the “” button to block. The achievement will unlock as soon as you press the “” button to finish your opponent.
Insult to Injury30
Win a fight using only reversal moves and finishing moves. (1) 
Once Again fight “Soda Pop” in the underground fighting area and don’t throw any punches, only use reversals and make sure to press the appropriate button in time so you don’t accidentally punch him.
Secret Achievements
Arrive in Fox River. 
“Story related and cannot be missed”
Quid Pro Quo15
Complete the first quest to retrieve C-Note's drugs. 
“Story related and cannot be missed”
Birds of a Feather15
Realize the brothers are breaking out. 
“Story related and cannot be missed”
Get the PUGNAc. 
“Story related and cannot be missed”
In the Crazed Mind's Eye15
Steal Haywire's sketches. 
“Story related and cannot be missed”
Built for the Rough and Tumble15
Survive the riot. 
“Story related and cannot be missed”
Inside Job15
Find out that Turk works for the Company. 
“Story related and cannot be missed”
Man with the Plans15
Get the prison blueprints. 
“Story related and cannot be missed”
Beat Bellick in the underground fight. 
“Story related and cannot be missed”
Company Policy15
Mannix arrives at Fox River. 
“Story related and cannot be missed”
Unfinished Business15
Relentlessly pursue Mannix over the rooftops. 
“Story related and cannot be missed”
Everything and the Sink15
Dispatch Trumpets with the sink. 
“Story related and cannot be missed”
Early Retirement30
Terminate Mannix. 
“Story related and cannot be missed”
Tunnel Rat15
Knock out Bellick in the sewers. 
“Story related and cannot be missed”
Guardian Angel15
Stop Mannix from killing Linc. 
“Story related and cannot be missed”
Hard Boiled15
Escape from the boiler room ambush. 
“Story related and cannot be missed”
Brutally Chained15
Hang Teets with his own chain. 
“Story related and cannot be missed”
Shock and Awe15
Jump away from the water before getting electrocuted. 
“Story related and cannot be missed”
Massive Overdose15
Escape from the asylum after being injected with drugs. 
“Story related and cannot be missed”
Metal Twister15
Make it out of the elevator shaft unscathed. 
“Story related and cannot be missed”
The Rat Hunt is On15
Secure the letter of testimony. 
“Story related and cannot be missed”
Blood Red Tiles15
Defeat the snitch in the shower room. 
“Story related and cannot be missed”
Guacamole with Lard15
Escape Avocado's stranglehold. 
“Story related and cannot be missed”

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Deep Silver


US March 30, 2010

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