Project Sylpheed

Project Sylpheed Achievements

There are 24 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Space Combat Award20
Awarded for participating in fighter combat in outer space.    (1) 
Schlos Base Defense Award20
Awarded for stopping enemy attacks on Schlos Base.    (1) 
Aegis of the People Medal20
Awarded for escorting the 7 refugee ships to safety.    
TCAF Luna Medal20
Awarded for bravery beyond the call of duty to escort allied vessels to safety.    (2) 
TCAF Mars Medal40
Awarded for bravery beyond the call of duty under fierce enemy attacks.    (2) 
Soldier's Charm Amulet50
Given to you by Raymond as a token of his trust.    
White Griffons Patch20
Awarded to the commander and pilots of the White Griffon Squadron when it is formed.    
TCAF Jupiter Medal30
Awarded for bravery beyond the call of duty during withdrawal of the allied fleet.    
Furious Pursuit Badge40
Awarded for diligently shooting down large numbers of enemy ships.    (2) 
Solo Aerospace Combat Award30
Awarded for descending into the atmosphere and engaging in combat alone.    
Operation Nebula Blaze Award30
Awarded for fulfilling duty and fighting bravely in this difficult operation.    
Guilty Roses Patch40
Awarded for repelling the enemy Guilty Roses Squadron.    
Super Battleship Slayer Patch30
Awarded for shooting down the second S battleship supporting the enemy fleet.    
TCAF Terra Medal40
Awarded for shielding the fleet to allow its safe escape.    
Hellfires Patch40
Awarded for repelling the enemy Hellfire Squadron.    
Night Ravens Patch50
Awarded for challenging and eradicating the enemy Night Raven Squadron.    (2) 
Solar System Defense Award40
Awarded for great achievement during the campaign to defend the Solar System.    
Special Operations Medal40
Awarded for heroism in destroying the enemy's main weapon.    
1,000 Units Destroyed Medal30
Awarded for shooting down 1,000 enemy fighters and attackers in space combat.   (1) 
10,000 Units Destroyed Medal70
Awarded for shooting down 10,000 enemy fighters and attackers in space combat.   
Ship Hunter Award50
Awarded for shooting down 100 warships in space combat.   (1) 
Gigaton Club Patch70
Awarded for downing several enemy vessels with a combined weight of one gigaton.   (2) 
Weapon Lord Patch80
Awarded for collecting all usable equipment for the Delta Saber.   (1) 
TCAF Pilot's Commendation100
Awarded to the greatest pilots in the TCAF.   

Game Info
Game Arts
Square Enix


Japan December 31, 2006

Resolution: 1080i
Sound: Doldy 5.1 Surround
Players: 1
ESRB: Teen
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