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Collect all Landmark collectibles scattered across New York City.
Landmark collectibles are blue orbs scattered across the city. There are 200 of them. You can use this map while collecting them to track your progress.
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User Comments
Comment #1 by Horn 13 fox
Saturday, January 15, 2011 @ 04:25:47 AM

anybody know where to get a map of all of these?

Comment #2 by BorisFR
Saturday, January 29, 2011 @ 02:14:51 PM

Comment #3 by Nihility
Friday, June 10, 2011 @ 04:53:09 PM

I can't seem to find 61 on the map....

Comment #4 by camandez
Monday, July 11, 2011 @ 10:03:26 AM

ok what you do it, use infrared vision and just jump around and you will see yellow glowing objects pretty impossible to miss, unless their is other destrations around you

Comment #5 by The PRJ
Monday, August 29, 2011 @ 10:09:33 PM

This one will take a long time. I have logged an embarrassing amount of hours in an attempt to get this... as well as related achivements

Comment #6 by Ba22crow
Saturday, September 03, 2011 @ 05:39:51 PM

dude, this has a terrible bug. i dont know if it does it for any other situation, but i followed a map getting them one by one from fresh to make it easier, and everytime i got the one beside your sisters house as number 110 it resets the counter back to 10! and it wasnt a fluke, i did it twice! this is ridiculous... i dont know if i want to try it again as twice it has ruined it. reloading doesn't help and the ones i already got stay gone so im left with 10/200 and only 90 on the map

Comment #7 by Ba22crow
Saturday, September 03, 2011 @ 08:55:59 PM

scratch that, i cannot go over 109 period. it resets everytime to 10 and does'nt respawn the collectibles. i made a separate save at 109 so i can show it to anyone who doesn't believe me. this appears broken, but somehow i have 194 in my non dedicated one.

Comment #8 by addicted2soda
Wednesday, October 12, 2011 @ 12:11:04 PM

Ok seriously i hate this achievement does anyone know were i can find a reliable video guide the one i was following on youtube the guy quit after 19 i really dont want to go through one at a time squinting at some map in my file that has 179

Comment #9 by addicted2soda
Wednesday, October 12, 2011 @ 09:14:40 PM

K guys did some digging for the best online guide because i've fricken tried them all and this is the best on because it has full videos good luck

Comment #10 by Dogor
Sunday, February 05, 2012 @ 08:17:21 PM

2 more left, cant find them :(

Comment #11 by PsychoticMunkey
Thursday, February 09, 2012 @ 10:39:55 AM

I am starting a new game to try and get them. I found all but 1. I even went by the map. Geez.....

Comment #12 by Azulius
Wednesday, May 30, 2012 @ 12:36:59 PM

Fuc**ng piece of sh*t,, a was ar 3/4 of map done, and then all data dissapeared.. so i dont know what i did and what i didnt do :/

Comment #13 by Dasenger
Saturday, July 14, 2012 @ 03:13:04 PM

I painstakingly went through that entire map, and was left with 199!

Comment #14 by B00uW4ore692
Sunday, July 15, 2012 @ 05:11:19 PM

199 here as well (after following the map); I think we're being f***ed with. Well, 6.5 hours for this achievement is ENOUGH, dammit. I quit.

Comment #15 by Dasenger
Wednesday, July 18, 2012 @ 08:00:02 PM

went through the map again and found it on the 7th place i checked. Pretty lucky, that was my last achievement so onto prototype 2

Comment #16 by PulsatingShadow
Thursday, September 06, 2012 @ 08:58:53 PM

If only I had known you could get these without having to hop out of your helicopter...

Comment #17 by Arthur Redfield
Thursday, October 04, 2012 @ 08:30:08 AM

Interactive map helped me to find the last 4. Screenshots of the landmarks are very helpful!

Comment #18 by DanteDevilDan
Sunday, November 18, 2012 @ 12:00:32 PM

YAY 1000G done!

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