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Guide By: jackanape
There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
- Offline: 40 (745)
- Online: 10 (255)
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 30 -35 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 3
- Number of missable achievements: None!
- Glitched achievements: No
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No
- Unobtainable achievements: None!?
- Extra equipment needed? Extra controllers for boosting purposes.

This game is deceptively time consuming and will take a lot longer than the estimated time if you cannot find a boosting partner to play online with. You will probably get the bulk of the points on offer in just a few hours, but then having to Unlock all Players through the campaign and accomplish all online challenges will take up the rest of your time.

Pure Football has 50 achievements and though only 10 as specifically for online play you will still need to have only access for a few others (Immediate Chemistry, uploading your captain and gaining 40 achievements). The main game is fairly easy but you will have to slog through the campaign three times with a defender, midfielder and forward. Along the way you should have a checklist of all of the unlockable players (HERE) and make an effort to pick up as many as you can. Also bear in mind that you can only access certain players when your created character is at a certain level OR if you flood your team with players from that team that you have already snagged.

Step #1: Campaign
Play the campaign with each type of player. Start off on Medium difficulty and try to rack up enough points to get to a four star rating, once you have enough you can always go back to the main menu and change the difficulty to Easy again. During the campaign just focus on unlocking players rather than achievements as they will come naturally, also try and specifically unlock four outfield players from the same real life club. At the end of your first campaign be sure to upload your player online too.

Step #2: Online
Find a boosting partner as this will make things a lot easier. First of all create an online club and put four outfield players from the same club on there, invite a friend to a game and you will get RSVP and Immediate Chemistry. Now you can get all of the national team challenges done too – just play Invite a Friend matches and set the matches to Win by 2 goals, then win three games with each national team.

Next up you will have to go into Play Anyone matches, but these are also easily boostable. First have one player win three in a row and then the other. After that just focus on one player unlocking as many crests per match as they can and getting as many points as possible. You will move up the Divisions as you do this and should reach Division 1 after less than twenty games played if you do well. Once you both are in Division 1 then trade wins for Shoulders of Giants and Slump Buster.

Step #3: Mop up
Now you can mop up anything you missed, for any simple achievements or ones requiring multiple players then just set up exhibition matches with other controllers plugged in and grind them out. Winning penalty shoot outs or saving five penalties are easier to do in this mode. If you still haven’t unlocked all available players then start a new career on easy and find the last few, as by this point that should be all you have left.

This is a fairly easy 1k but one that will take a lot longer than expected. If you have the perseverance to keep grinding through campaigns then it should be fairly simple, plus a handy online partner would be a massive plus.

[x360a would like thank jackanape for this Road Map]

Early Doors5
Score with your 1st shot on net in any mode    (1) 
Change the difficulty to Easy via the options menu. Then head to Exhibition and play one of the worst teams (Scotland or Belgium). Get as close to the goal as possible and unleash a power shot, should go straight in. Though a more reliable method is to hit a Pure Cross from the wing (when there is a blue arrow) and follow that with a Pure header or volley. Easy.
Share the Love10
Score 1 goal with each of your outfield players in any mode    (1) 
Again best to do this on easy against a bad team. Sometimes the name of the player that scores does not pop up, so just pay attention and you will have this in no time.
Hat Trick Hero10
Score 3 goals in one game with 1 player in any mode    
Get a Hat Trick using any player, this should be a matter of time if you play a single 5 minute game on Easy.
Last Gasp10
Score in the last 5 seconds of a timed match in any mode    (1) 
Easy difficulty, exhibition game with two players. Have the second player pass the ball back to their keeper (press LB so the keeper drops the ball if they pick it up). When the time gets down to five seconds or less just tackle the keeper and knock the ball into the net.
Toast the Post10
Score off a shot that hits the post in any mode    
Pretty much impossible to guarantee this by any one method, though the most reliable way to get it is via Skill Shots ( + ) or by Pure headers and volleys from either corners or crosses.
Full House10
Score 3 goals and record 2 assists with 1 player in any mode    
Again, best to do this on Easy. Get your hat-trick first of all and then use the same player to send crosses into the box for your other players to score.
Velocity Rapture20
Score 10 pure power shots in any mode    (1) 
Pure power shots occur when you hit the white bar in the timing meter while shooting with just the B button. Headers and volleys also count towards this too. To get an automatic Pure shot just keep on peppering the goal until the white bar fills completely.
Score 15 volleyed goals in any mode    
Headers and volleys occur randomly depending on how a player reacts to a cross when you shoot using . So keep on going for crosses and corners to get this to unlock.
On a Bender30
Score 30 skill shot goals across all modes    
+ is a Skill shot, and you can still use automatic Pure shots with this button combo for easy goals. Be aware that using + with headers and volleys does not seem to count.
Tao of Power40
Score 4 consecutive pure power shot goals in 1 game in any mode    
Slightly glitchy. Set the game to easy as this makes the white Pure spot on the timing bar a lot bigger. Then you need to score four goals (of any kind) in a row by hitting a Pure effort. It might take a few more than four and it sometimes does not seem to count auto Pure shots but keep going in one game and it will pop.
Laundry Day5
Record a clean sheet in any mode    
Exactly as it says. Set up an Easy exhibition match to just two goals and this should be simple.
Win a match in each venue in any mode    (1) 
Win on all of the available venues, though this does not seem to pop in exhibition or multiplayer matches. So I advise you to play through the Career mode and this will unlock along the way.
Serial Thriller10
Win 5 matches via penalty shootout in any mode    
Set up a two player exhibition match, with a 3 minute time limit on penalty shootout turned on. Let time run down and then just let the first player win the shootout. Repeat four more times.
Defeat England with Scotland on Pure difficulty     (1) 
Change the difficulty to Pure and then start a four player exhibition match (or however many pads you have). Put Player One as Scotland and the rest on England then just let Scotland win.
Club Before Country10
Win a game with a team with immediate chemistry    
During Career mode you can unlock players from each national team, but you need to find four players who also play for the same club in real life. So maybe: Henry, Messi, Xavi and Iniesta (Barcelona players). Head online and put all of these players on your team then win one game. You can always boost in a player match too.
Head Case20
Score 50 headed goals across all modes    
Simply cross the ball with and then hit perfectly to get a header on target (though sometimes it will be a volley). This will easily unlock over the course of a career.
Come back from 3 or more goals down in 5 matches    
Set up a two player game and then run the ball into your own net three times. Then win the game (either legit or have the second player throw the match). Repeat four more times.
Firing Blanks20
Win a game without taking a shot on goal    
Set up a two player game (first to two goals) and have the second player score an own goal twice. Easy.
A New Millennium30
Score 1,000 goals across all modes    
Finishing all of the online tasks and three completions of the career will get you close to this, then you can grind out exhibition matches against easy A.I for the rest. You can keep an eye on your progress in the Extras menu.
The Wanderer30
Travel 100 km on the pitch across all modes    
There is no point grinding for this as it will unlock naturally after you complete career mode – assuming you do not stand still. It will unlock mid game.
One Small Step5
Unlock your 1st venue in a campaign   
Complete any two events in the first campaign location to unlock a new venue.
Captain Fantastic5
Have your captain obtain man of the match in a campaign match   
Easy if your created player is a striker, just have him score the most goals on your team and this will unlock at the end of the match.
Rude Guest10
Win a campaign match while completing all 5 recruitment objectives   (4) 
When you play a campaign event you will have a set number of conditions to accomplish in order to unlock opposition players. Best way to get all of them is during a five minute match on Easy difficulty. Make a note of the conditions and do what you can to fulfill them. Against the earlier teams they are usually fairly easy (a set number of goals, possession, tackles etc) so this should not be a problem.
The Guardian10
Complete a campaign with a defender with a 4+ star rating    
Start a campaign and make sure your player is a defender, also have the difficulty set to at least Medium or you may well struggle to get enough points (though be aware that you can exit Campaign at any time if you are struggled and alter the difficulty via the options menu). Then just play through the matches and amass as many points as you can to upgrade your player. I would focus on any choices that allow you to play multiple matches – as you will get all of the points for each match and the reward for winning overall, plus it only uses up one day of progress. You should get to 4 star with plenty of time to spare though the achievement will not unlock until you finish the campaign.
The Emissary10
Complete a campaign with a midfielder with a 4+ star rating    
See ‘The Guardian’ but have your created player as a midfielder.
The Assassin10
Complete a campaign with a forward with a 4+ star rating    
See ‘The Guardian’ but have your created player as a forward.
29 Days Later20
Win the final tournament   
Do well in the campaign and ensure you are in the top eight teams as you enter the final week. You will then go into a last three match tournament. Win this and the achievement will unlock.
Lopsided Loyalty20
Unlock all players from a national team    
Throughout campaign you can unlock players from each team you face by meeting various stipulations. Each national team has about 11-13 players so you cannot snag them all in one match. So try and play games against teams you have already faced, plus you can put players of the nationality you are after into your own squad to ensure they do not appear again. Here is a list of the players.
All World40
Upload your captain at the end of a campaign  
When you finish the campaign, and win the final tournament, you will be asked to upload your player. Select Yes (you will obviously need to be online to do this) and the achievement will pop when you are done. If, for some reason, you select No then you can select Continue Campaign and you will get the option again.
A League of Your Own50
Unlock all available national players    
This is easily the most long winded achievement in the game by far. Here is a list of all of the players and you can only unlock most of them in campaign mode. The only exception are the Brazil players and you will need to get to Division 1 online and then rank up one last time in order to get them. For the rest I would suggest you take you time during the campaign. The most important thing to remember is that the star rating of your created player will effect which players are in the teams you face – so if you are a low rating then you will face low rated players for each country. Also if you are after certain players for a country then fill your entire team (including subs) with players of the same nationality and it will ensure that they do not show up as opponents. You should be able to acquire this through the three campaign completions.
On the Board5
Win a club match in Play Anyone  
Head online and select the Play Anyone option, then win the game. Easy to boost as you can have one player search, then when it pops up with ‘Creating Session’ have the second player search. If you do not find each other just quit out before a game starts and try again.
Raising Your Game10
Win 3 club matches in a row in Play Anyone  
See ‘Play Anyone’ but it has to be three matches in a row. Easy to boost due to the lack of players online.
Play a match against a friend  
Select Play a Friend and send an invite to a friend. Once the match ends you will both unlock this.
Attested Development10
Advance to division 7 through online play  
You start at Division 10 and have to work your way up to Division 1, so this will unlock along the way. As you start you only need a few hundred points to level up but this amount increases at each level. To get to Division 7 will probably only take about 5k worth of points – which you will accrue for every shot, pass, tackle and goal. Be aware that only points earned in Play Anyone will count towards this.
Passion of the Crest10
Unlock all 4 crests from an online challenge  
You can only unlock four crests by using a created club in the online mode. So it may be advisable to unlock some good players in campaign first so you can put them straight into your team. Each crest then has four levels – eg Score 2 Pure shot goals, then score 3, then score 4 and finally score 5. But you can only unlock one level per match so it will take a minimum of four matches to do this. You can easily get this by boosting and you will need to unlock ALL crests for an achievement anyway.
Over Easy20
Score 3 goals in the first minute of a club match in Play Anyone  
Easy way to do this is by boosting. Have the player who kicks off just run the ball into their own net, then repeat two more times. Easy. Then repeat for the other player, though I got it by just scoring two goals so it may well carry over between matches.
Top Flight20
Advance to division 1 through online play  
Division 1 (and maxing it out to unlock the last player) will take about 70k worth of pure points, but you can get thousands per match easily of you are boosting so it will not take long. Even playing legit you should get this fairly quickly as points are given for everything.
Shoulders of Giants30
Beat a division 1 Player or someone who has in Play Anyone  

The description is misleading, as the achievement does not seem to unlock if you beat another player who has this unlocked. Instead you HAVE to beat someone who has gotten to Division 1 online – if you are boosting everything then you can just trade wins once you both get there. Otherwise you can check the leaderboards and find Division 1 players to challenge. Has to be in Play Anyone (you cannot invite a friend).

Note: Apparently SOME people can get this virally, so it is worth a shot if you cannot find a Div 1 player.

Slump Buster40
Following a club loss, win a club match via a clean sheet in Play Anyone  
Exactly as it says. Lose a match and then keep a clean sheet in your next Play Anyone game – I would recommend boosting as it can be hard to keep a clean sheet against even the worst players.
Online Odyssey100
Unlock all online challenge crests  
You will have to unlock all levels of all Club Challenge crests online, which you can view on the online menu. You can only unlock one level of each per match so it will take you quite a while to get them all but most are fairly manageable if you are patient (or boosting).

The other side of this task is a lot easier – as you need to win three games with each national team, but you can do these in Play a Friend. Set the match to Win by 2 and have one side score two own goals.
Pure Participation5
Complete the tutorial   
When you first load the game you will be asked to do the Tutorial. Do so and follow the simple instructions to unlock this.
Pure Premonition10
Save 5 penalty kicks across all modes    
Penalty kicks are pure luck, unless you just use a second pad and have then shoot straight down the middle. Be aware that if a penalty goes over the crossbar or wide of the goal then it does not count as being saved.
Pure Party10
Complete a match with 4 people on one team in Play mode   
You will need four controllers for this, then just start up an exhibition match and put them all on the same team. You do not even have to win and the achievement will pop at the end of the match.
Pure Prowess20
Earn 1,000 pure points in one match in any mode    
Amazingly easy to get in pretty much any mode. If you want to get this out of the way then put the difficulty on medium and play one five minute match – you should get this by the end of the game if you win and score at least four or more goals. The rest of the points will come from the end of match bonuses. Frankly you will be scoring 3k+ a match once you get the hang of things.
Pure Pummeling20
Outscore a human opponent by 1,000+ pure points in Play mode   
Same as above, but play against a friend in exhibition mode. You could get both achievements at the same time if you wanted but make sure not to play on Easy, as that will drop your points to 0.25 of what they were worth at the end of a game.
Pure Punishment20
Earn 10,000 pure points in one session    
Basically you have to earn this amount of points without turning the game off (if you can stand it that long) over any mix of modes and matches. Just rack up 10k in the bottom corner of the screen and this will pop up. In fact it unlocks mid match the second you get it.
Pure Posse30
Score with your goalkeeper in any mode    
I would recommend that you get this online at some point as it is one of the crest challenges anyway. Pass the ball back to your keeper and have the other player move his players out of the way, then run up the pitch and score. It would help if you had a stored Pure shot and if the other team was 1 star rated with a bad keeper.
Pure Pressure30
Successfully perform 300 slide and step-in tackles    
You will get this over time, use the for step in tackles or for sliding tackles. No need to grind for it but I would recommend step in tackles as they are more reliable.
Pure Persistence40
Earn 100,000 pure points outside of campaign    
Amass 100k worth of points by playing a mixture of Exhibition or online matches. This will not take long if you are boosting online or you can just build up points against a second controller in Exhibition. If you are going for everything else then this will be a natural progression.
Secret Achievements
Pure Player50
Complete 40 achievements    
Complete any 40 other achievements and you will unlock this, but be aware that it will not pop up straight away – I had to start another game and then it unlocked as the match began.

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