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Love That Puzzle

Complete the same puzzle in Classic and Turbo modes.  


From the Main Menu select Single Player, then select Picture Puzzles (you will be in the Starter Puzzle Pack) and choose Amazing Stories - June 1940 (2 of 39). Set the rules as:

Construction Mode - Classic
Experience Level - Beginner
Number of Pieces - 12
Piece Shape - Square

Complete the puzzle, then return to the same puzzle and settings. Change the Construction Mode to Turbo and complete the puzzle for the second time.


  • If you can't finish a puzzle in one sitting, save it. The saving option works with every puzzle type except Online and Challenge Puzzles. Simply press and select Exit, then (if you have connected at least two pieces) select Save Puzzle and Exit. This will save your puzzle and you will be able to continue from where you left off by going into Single Player and choosing Saved Puzzles.
  • Once you have all your pieces on the table and flipped right-side up, you will want to begin to separate these into two groups, Edge Pieces and Regular Pieces. The game has an option to open up a second table to store other pieces while you work with another set. To do this press while you are on the table and a small box will appear on the bottom right of your screen, while that box is up simply pick up any piece and place it over the box and press to set the piece in.You will want to place all the Regular Pieces in there, then start working on the outer edge of the puzzle first.
  • Once you are finished making your border, bring your edge piece into the other table and you can begin to fill in the puzzle with regular pieces. Divide the Regular pieces into groups of the same color, and build your puzzle from there.
  • Press if you are having trouble remembering what the puzzle is supposed to look like. It gives you three different size pictures to choose from every time you press . This picture can also be hidden by pressing a fourth time, and is only available in Classic Mode.
  • Zoom in and out with the and buttons to get a closer look at each piece.
  • You can see which puzzles you've completed before by pressing on when you go to select that puzzle.


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