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Kilopiece Colossus

Build a Classic mode puzzle with at least 1,000 pieces on Expert.   


From the Main Menu select Single Player, then Picture Puzzles. You're going to want to choose a puzzle that has as close to 1,000 pieces as possible. Stay away from puzzles that have large amounts of the same color (white, sky, water, walls)

Here is a list of Puzzles and their piece count:

Albion Brand Oranges Vintage Label: 1054
Amazing Stories - June 1940: 1120
Art Forms in Nature: 1160
Aurora Borealis, Alaska, US: 1107
Band of Brothers: 1140
Big Train, Tittle Train: 1036
Circuit Board: 1014
Classic Car: 1036
Color Tiles: 1036
Colored Pencils: 1014
Downtown Toronto: 1014
Dream7: 1008
Dynamic Stillness II: 792
Flowers and Bugs: 1044
Fresh Vegetables: 1014
Give a Hoot: 1085
Kids on the Grass: 1014
Lara Croft: 1216
Leadenhall Market - London, England: 1148
Leaf Mosaic: 1014
Lift Off: 1025
Lines and Shapes: 1014
Many of Them: 1102
Mom and Her Foal: 1014
Pixeltown: 616
Playground: 1008
Puppies in a Basket: 1014
Quad Bike Racing: 1054
Regenerating: 1024
Seasons: 784
Sleeping Cat: 1148
Stamp Collection: 1014
Sugerloaf Sunset: 1148
The Battle of Colors: 1092
The Black Sea: 1078
The Colosseum in Rome, Italy: 1107
Toledo, Spain: 1012
Waiting for the Bus: 1014
Watch Gears: 1014
I would recommend Amazing Stories - June 1940 because of all the text and variations in colors, even though it has 120 more pieces than needed.

Once you've decided your puzzle choose these settings:

Construction Mode - Classic
Experience Level - Expert
Number of Pieces - (lowest amount passed 1000)
Piece Shape - (fourth option to the right)

When you start your puzzle on expert you'll notice that half of them are turned upside-down and white, simply choose all the white puzzle pieces and press to flip them over.


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