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From the Main Menu select Single Player, then choose Challenge Puzzles. There are a total of 20 Challenge Puzzles that each have their own unique challenge to them. Each Puzzle is preselected with a twist to it. Below is a list of every challenge and tips for completing each one.

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Title: Quick Flip
Challenge: These pieces just don't want to stay picture-side up. The puzzle pieces only stay picture-side up for 20 seconds after they're flipped.
Puzzle: Many of them
How to: Start with the edge and make the border first. You only get 20 seconds with each pieces so flip as many of the edge pieces up as you can at one time.

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Title: Bad Bots
Challenge: AI players move the pieces around while you try to build a puzzle. Not nice. The two computer players move pieces around and turn them, making it harder to keep certain pieces together.
Puzzle: Lara Croft
How to: This puzzle can become really frustrating if you don't stop the computer from taking your pieces. If you have a pile of pieces you want to stay put, then simply pick one up until the computer player moves to another piece. Doing so doesn't allow the computer player to move that certain piece.

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Title: Puzzle Bomb
Challenge: Connect a piece every 15 seconds or your puzzle will blow up. Kaboom! You have 15 seconds in between connecting each piece or the challenge ends.
Puzzle: Sugarloaf Sunset
How to: You start with 40 seconds on the clock to connect your first piece(s). Use this time wisely and connect as many as you can before the clock reaches 15 seconds. Once the clock hits 15 you have 15 seconds to connect each piece until the end of the puzzle. Getting to know the puzzle is really key to completing this challenge. If you find pieces early that fit, you can run the clock down to 5 or so seconds before connecting them, which gives you time to look for other pieces while you wait.

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Title: Missing Pieces
Challenge: Oops, you'll have to start your puzzle with some pieces missing. You will gain pieces as you connect them.
Puzzle: Flowers and Bugs
How to: You start with 26 pieces out of a total of 42. Every time you connect a few pieces you will gain more pieces to the puzzle, until you eventually have them all.

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Title: Mad Dash
Challenge: 15 pieces in 60 seconds. On your mark, get set, GO! You must complete a 16 piece puzzle in one minute.
Puzzle: Seasons
How to: You will have to get to know this puzzle fairly well. Start with the top of one of the snowboards, work your way down, then start going across. You have to connect a piece about every 4 seconds, so work fast!

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Title: Turbo Speed
Challenge: 48 pieces of puzzle fun in 4 frantic minutes. You must complete a 48 piece Turbo puzzle in 4 minutes.
Puzzle: Dynamic Stillness II
How to: This is a 48 piece Turbo puzzle, in which each puzzle piece is already outlined on the table already (inside the puzzle). Zoom in so the puzzle takes up the whole screen, then just start looking for the same outlined puzzle pieces. You get 4 minutes, so that's around 5 seconds a puzzle piece, which isn't much of a challenge.

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Title: Distortion Field
Challenge: Whoa! Something weird happened here - every time you connect more pieces, the puzzle becomes clearer.
Puzzle: Band of Brothers
How to: Start putting the puzzle together from the edge. As the picture starts to become clear and less distorted, start connecting the regular pieces.

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Title: Classic Art
Challenge: One image. Many styles. You must put together this puzzle as the style of art changes with it.
Puzzle: Puppies in a Basket
How to: You start the puzzle with a normal looking picture, but as you continue through the puzzle the art style begins to change within the picture. Some blurry and some pretty crisp. Put together the dogs first, then worry about the grass and basket later.

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Title: Mirror, Mirror
Challenge: This challenge has got it all backwards. You must put together the puzzle backwards.
Puzzle: Pixeltown
How to: This puzzle will give you the right image of the puzzle, but the puzzle pieces themselves only connect backwards, to make the finished puzzle reversed. Start with the water first, then work your way around the edges.

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Title: Upside Down
Challenge: Up is down and down is up. Don't flip out! You must put together the puzzle upside-down.
Puzzle: Lines and Shapes
How to: This challenge is much like the previous one, except the only difference is the puzzle is flipped horizontally instead of vertically. It's easiest to start with the circle shapes, then work your way out to the edge and continue from there.

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Title: One-on-One
Challenge: Connect more pieces than your AI opponent. You must beat the AI in points while connecting the same Turbo puzzle.
Puzzle: Give a Hoot
How to: You are up against an AI player in this puzzle and the object is to score more than him. It's easiest to search for all the edge pieces first, and once you connect all of those then start connecting various pieces of the Owl. Only connect pieces of the tree when there are only tree pieces left.

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Title: Bot Battle
Challenge: It's you against 3 AI players. Good luck! You must beat the AI in points while connecting the same Classic puzzle.
Puzzle: The Battle of Colors
How to: The strategy is to connect more pieces than both AI players. To do this you will need to use some form of cheating to make it a little easier. AI players pick up pieces and place them when they find the right piece, what's faulty about this is that they hover over the piece they are about to connect for several seconds (allowing you to move that piece). If you move the piece in time the AI player will just simply put the piece back on the table, allowing you to connect the piece afterward.

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Title: In Focus
Challenge: It will all become clear as you build this puzzle. The puzzle will become less pixalated as you finish more pieces of the puzzle.
Puzzle: Dream7
How to: There is no time limit like most of these, but it is increasingly harder to put this puzzle together as you progress through it. So, if you can make connections in the center before starting with the outer edge, it would be ideal.

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Title: Out of Focus
Challenge: Get your reading glasses out for this Dynamic puzzle. The puzzle starts out blurry and comes into focus as you progress through.
Puzzle: Color Tiles
How to: This challenge is pretty identical to the previous one, except it gets increasingly easier to put together as you progress through.

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Title: Temporal Anomaly Turbo
Challenge: The clock is ticking, but each connected piece buys you a few seconds. You must connect pieces fast enough or the challenge ends.
Puzzle: Watch Gears
How to: This is a timed Turbo challenge. It is a puzzle you will have to learn as well. You start the challenge with 30 seconds and for every piece you connect you earn an additional 5 seconds to the clock. Every time you restart the challenge the piece placements never change, so it's easy to remember where to put the puzzle pieces after a while.

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Title: Temporal Anomaly Classic
Challenge: Keep connecting the pieces or it's "Puzzle Over!" You must put together a 35 piece timed Classic puzzle in 6 minutes.
Puzzle: Amazing Stories - June 1940
How to: You have 5 minutes to put together a 35 piece puzzle. It's one of the easiest puzzles in the game, so don't really worry about the time. Pay attention to the lettering and connecting those pieces first, that is the key to finishing this puzzle on time.

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Title: Ultra-Violet
Challenge: Puzzle building under a black light. Freaky! You must complete a Classic puzzle distorted from a black light.
Puzzle: Art Forms in Nature
How to: This challenge isn't any different from any other classic puzzle, other than the color change from the black light. It is easy to put the border together as it is white. Put the shapes together afterward and this will be an easy challenge.

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Title: Shades of Gray
Challenge: This is what puzzles looked like in the old days. You must complete a Turbo puzzle distorted by discoloration.
Puzzle: Classic Car
How to: This challenge is like the one previous to it, except it's black and white instead of ultra-Violet, and it's a Turbo puzzle. 

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Title: 2x2
Challenge: An image multiplied 4 times adds up to one tough challenge. You must put together a puzzle with the same picture 4 times.
Puzzle: Stamp Collection
How to: You will need to make four separate starting places for this puzzle, as there are 4 of the same pictures in this puzzle. Start with the head of the rooster and then build around each picture until you connect them all. Finally, build the border around the puzzle and slowly fill in the rest.

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Title: Checkerboard
Challenge: Black and white squares. Nothing but black and white squares. (put together a checkerboard puzzle).
Puzzle: Checkerboard
How to: This is the hardest, most difficult, longest, dumbest puzzle challenge you will have to complete, and it may take you several hours. There is a trick discovered by apsouthern that you can try, which may make this challenge easier.

1. Start by sorting the pieces into 2 piles - one of edges and corners and one of middle pieces
2. Build your outside frame from your "edges and corners" pile
3. Sort the "middle pieces" pile into 5 or six neat piles of each shape, all orientated the same way
4. You can now pick up the frame and rotate it and drop it down next to each pile. As you know exactly what shapes are in each pile you will know which piles are possible fits. The game "snaps" the pieces in place if you are close enough, so even if the correct piece is at the bottom of the relevant pile, the game will connect it for you.


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