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Puzzle Quest 2 Achievement Guide

Guide By: Sakura4600
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10 
- Offline: 12/12 (200/200)
- Online: 0/12 (0/200)
- Approximate amount of time to 20025-30 hours (Depending on luck).
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 
- Number of missable achievements: 1 ("Gate Hacker").
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: Windows 7 Phone.


Step 1: Hello and welcome to my attempt at a achievement guide for this game. So far i would give this game a 10/10 because it is fun and i am loving every minute of it.

Step 2: When you create a new game you have the choose of 4 characters/classes, these are Assassin, Barbarian, Sorcerer and Templar. Once you choose your character you will come to a menu screen with 4 options. These are
- Quest (this is where the main story is)
- Inventory (this is where you can change you characters armour and weapons)
- Spell book ( this is where you can arange the spells you have learned you can only have 5 spells when in battle so make sure they work to your advantage)
- Quick battle ( this is a good place to level up and practice out your spells. This is also a very good to earn the achievements "Epic Win" and "Epic Fail"

Step 3: Playing through the story, this is very easy and don't worry you will not get lost. If you Press RB it will bring up a map and show you were you nest quest is. This is also a gold trail on the ground to point you in the right direction so therefore like i said you wont get lost. The main Quests are shown with a Golden question mark and the other side quests are marked with a Silver question. You can accept more than one quest at a time so don't worry. You can also change what quest you want to do by pressing LB and going to the quest log and changing it from there.

Step 4: The achievements are easy enough but they require more luck than skill. Most of the achievements such as "OMGHAX" can be obtained in Quick battle.


[x360a would like to thank Sakura4600 for this Roadmap]

Cheating AI5
Be defeated by an opponent on their first turn during any single player game mode   

This is probably the hardest achievement with in the whole game, for this achievement the AI has to beat you within their first turn. This really all just depends on how the board is set up and how smart the AI plays. 
1. Thanks to Anatoliy K for coming up with a solution In the sidequest against the Ogre, Skullbrekker, it's pretty easy. Unequip all items, and keep restarting the map until the bottom row has a possible match of 4 skulls. Waste your first turn, let him use it. The rest is a little bit of luck, but he'll usually do +60 damage in that first turn.
2. Thanks to Seraphias for coming up with a very easy solution which means you don't even have to start the story mode, create a sorcerer these has the lowest HP. Change the difficulty to hard and goto quick battle chose the rat pack they do more damage. The enemy will always go first so just keep quitting out if they fail to kill you in one turn. There are a selection boards you will randomly play on, a few of these will be massive open boards and others will have 5 damage skull gems at the bottom, these are your best bet for unlocking the achievement. Personally I came closest (2,3 and 6 health left) on the board with the three tightly packed 5 damage gems in the bottom right corner and also got my achievement from this board this around the 10th or so time I came across it.

Epic Fail10
Lose to an opponent while on 1 Life Point during any single player game mode   

This is requires skill and a lot of luck just like the achievement before, you have you get your OPPONENT on 1 HP and lose. This achievement will take a bit of time and is harded than Epic win but dont worry I would recommend finding and opponent that has a high defence and will defend out "block" most of your attacks. Therefore you may only take 1 - 2 HP points at a time and this is good so you get closer and closer for the AI only having 1 HP left. But be careful not to get to carried away with the attacks. Once you oppenent STAY AWAY from the skulls let them use them. Go for the coloured circles of the things that look like fists. Hopefully the AI will kill you then this achievement will unlock. Don't worry if you dont get it during the story like i said above goto Quick battle and select a monster there. This achievement takes time so just be patient. You may even get this achievement playing through the story normally.

Epic Win10
Defeat an opponent while on 1 Life Point during any single player game mode   

This achievement requires skill and a lot of luck, YOU have to be on 1 life point and beat the opponent. I would recommend getting this achievment early on in the game as the enimes wont be powerful and you wont have a lot of HP to deal with. You may naturaly get this achievement progressing throughout the game. 

What i did was i made sure i have some piece of armour on me because at the start the enimes were taking about 3 HP of my, with the armour you may be able to shed 2 points of that attack and leave you with 1 HP. MAKE SURE YOU ARE ATTACKING TO SO YOU DONT HAVE THAT MUCH HP TO TAKE OFF THEM AND RISK LOSING THE MATCH. Aftar all the hard work. If the monsters in the story mode arent working out goto Quick battle and chose there, i think i chose a goblin there very easy to defeat and when you do it near the begining of the game they take off about 3HP for 3 Skulls lined up and there special attacks with there weapons.

Gate Hacker20
Use the Bash mini-game to destroy every locked gate, door or chest possible!    

I suppose this can be a missable achievement because when you goto a locked door it gives you a few options such as: 

  • -BASH
  • -Spell (cant remember)
  • -Picklock

ALWAYS chose "Bash" or you will not be able to obtain this achievement. Also throughout the game there are chests, some chests are gaurded by monster so you have to defeat them first to be able to play the mini game for the chest very few chests only give you the option to "Bash" them i think theres only around 5-6. But if you loot them the mini-game requires you to match the symbols. While doing this you obtain money and you can also obtain rare/items. You can also use you map by pressing RB this lets you see what areas you have been in (these areas are coloured) before you leave the area you are in the go on to your next quest go through all the areas so you dont miss anything. Some chest are behind some monster so keep eye out for those ones.
The achievement unlocks after you complete the game incase you are wondering why it didnt unlock after you bashed the last door.

Happily Ever After30
Complete the game    

This achievement speaks for itself, simply just complete the game and this achievement is yours. All main story quests are indicated with a Golden Question mark. You do not have to do the side quests to get this achievement.

Make a match of 8 gems in a row in any battle game mode   

There are 2 ways you can get this achievement, the first way is being an Barbarian and use a move called "Enrage" which turns 14 random gems red you will eventually match 8 gems in a row and the achievement will be yours. The second way is to be an assassin you get these moves called "Strike etc" these turn all the gems gems of a certain colour purple eventually you will get 8 in a row. The best kind of monster to go against are the Yeti or maybe sometimes you will go agaisnt a monster that has a bigger board than the normal 8 x 8. Use this to your advantage.

Defeat an opponent on your first turn during any single player game mode   

This achievement requires luck, you have to beat the opponent on your FIRST turn. This is easier to obtain near the begining of the game because the monsters don't have that much health. You can to try and start a chain re-action with the symbols and hope that you get a couple of skulls in there and the ones that take off 5+ are really helpful. Be Patient with this achievement and look at the board and see if you create a match there and see if it will trigger some where else and keep it going. All i can say is good luck.

Save Verloren5
Save the town of Verloren from invading Goblins and Trolls    

This is a story related achievement after you complete your first 3-4 quests this achievement will unlock. This will most likely be the first achievement you will unlock.

Secret Achievements
Defeat the Yeti and complete the challenge quest   

This is Side quest achievement, the quest is called A Greater Challenge - Yeti. You can start this mission by talking to Bram One-eye. The yeti is located in the ice caves (if i can remember) but dont worry if you are already on a quest press LB and goto Quest Log go down to the quest and click on it, then instead of the gold trail a silver one will show when playing simply follow the arrows and you will get there. This battle can be difficult i would recommend having a high defence, powerful weapons and spells that you can use to your advantage. DONT LET THE YETI COLLECT TO MANY RED SYMBOLS becuase he will use a move called "Crushing kill" and this attack will take of 999HP and if you were to block it you would still die.

After you complete the game you CAN go back and do other side quests that you missed.

Defeat the Green Dragon and complete the challenge quest   

This achievement is tied to a side quest you can start it by talking to Bram One-eye, the quest is called A Greater Challenge - Green Dragon. Now this battle is really hard because the Green Dragon has 1000+HP and he can do attacks that do around 50 Damage. He also uses an attack called Breath poison which takes off 3HP every turn this move lasts for a 100 turns so in theory you will die quicker. Don't let him collect to many green gems these increase his moves. All i can say is good luck i haven't beaten him yet but im trying. Hopefully more tips on the other classes coming soon.

Tips on how to beat him with a Barbarian click here.

King Godd10
Defeat King Godd and complete the 'King Godd' quest    

This is a story releated achievement and is a very easy "boss" battle, if i remember correctly he doesn't attack that much. So that is your chance to get all the symbols you need and don't be afraid to use the skulls that are there on the board. After you beat him the achievement will unlock and you will be sent on your next mission.

Defeat the Shadowbringer and complete the 'Shadowbringer' quest    

This is a story mode related achievement. I would suggest that you have a high defence so you can "block" most of his attacks. He isn't that hard to beat but he may use 1 or 2 attacks that take off 30HP, well thats what happened to me.

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