Puzzle Quest: Galactrix

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix Achievement Guide

Guide By: MEMANIAsama
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

Soul Gatherer10
Capture a Soulless. 
This is part of the main quest and you will unlock it as long as you just keep following the primary questline from the start of the game.
Defeat the Luminary Archive. 
This is part of the main quest and you will unlock it as long as you just keep following the primary questline from the start of the game.
Gamma's Downfall40
Defeat the Gamma Sphere. 
This is the final boss and the achievement for completing the primary questline. For particular strategies against him, you have two options. You can "farm" mines and keep upgrading your ship until you can easily overthrow him OR you can simply plan ahead, learn the enemy's tactics through trial and error and just keep at it.
Ace Pilot20
Reach Level 50. 
You will likely get this before you beat the game. If you don't, then keep doing quests and battles while collecting the white (EXP) gems.
Eighth of the Lost15
Unlock all Psi Powers. 
You have to have access to the Hackerz quest at Ceti IV. This side quest basically consists of following a trail across the galaxy. The achievement will unlock at the end of the final encounter on Typhon Rho.
FTL Travel5
Hack a LeapGate. 
This one is handed to you at the start of the game. Just follow the onscreen instructions and complete your first Leap Gate hacking puzzle.
Master Hacker10
Hack 30 LeapGates. 
Just keep hacking gates and you will easily get this before you beat the game.
Rock Star10
Successfully mine 10 asteroids. (4) 
Fly around to the various asteroids and participate in the mining mini-game. An asteroid only counts towards your total if you complete it without getting a Black Hole ending.
Smooth Talker25
Complete the Haggling minigame with 6 Gems or less on the board. 
Once you get Pezts, you can press in any shop to get the Haggling mini game. To get the achievement, you must have six gems or less left when finishing. Try the game multiple times until you get it. Always group gems by four or five when you can, and try to keep the board centered by carefully choosing the direction when making a group.

The achievement unlocks after you exit the minigame. If you press 'retry', you won't get the achievement, regardless of how few gems are left on the board.
Data Acquisition10
Unlock a rumor. 
This is basically story related, during your quests to figure out what the soulless are, you get sent on a mission to recover some data. You get the member Legara and use her with a minigame to obtain the rumor.
Fighter Pilot10
Win 5 Xbox LIVE ranked matches. 
See "Space-Time Anomaly"
Space-Time Anomaly30
Win 50 Xbox LIVE ranked matches. (4) 
If you're opponent quits, it will count as a victory, so this can be easily boosted with a friend. To find a boosting partner, visit the achievement trading thread HERE.

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