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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
- Offline: 12 (200 )
- Online: 0 (0 )
- Estimated time for 200 : 10+ hours
- Minimum playthroughs: 2
- Missable achievements: None
- Glitched achievements: None
- Cheats disable achievements: No Cheats available

Welcome to R-Type Dimensions. This installment for the Xbox LIVE Arcade is actually a remake of the original R-Type and R-Type II games. The good news is that the difficulty has been lowered considerably due to the introduction of the new "Infinity mode" - a game mode which gives you unlimited lives and (probably even more important) the ability to respawn instantly. This makes most of the achievements really easy with the exception of one or two challenging ones.

Step 1: Infinity mode
In Infinity mode you basically can not fail, so use this mode to play through R-Type and R-Type II to unlock Earth Savior and Scarred Hero. Once you have beaten a stage it will be unlocked in stage select, so go back to the respective stages to finish up Hidden Treasure, Combo Master and Bydo Headhunter.

Step 2: Classic Mode
Now we switch to classic mode to make things a little bit tougher. In classic mode you are given only a limited number of lives and, if you die, you are reset back to the nearest checkpoint (usually the beginning or middle of the stage). Now, simply replay the first stage of R-Type using only fully charged shots to unlock Brave Pilot and Beam Me Up!. The latter is actually easier than it sounds: Remember that you still can use the capsule to block shots - just don't get any more upgrades than the capsules itself (besides speed).

Now comes the hard part: Dare Devil. For this you need to clear the first two stages of R-Type without power-ups and only using rapid-fire. Unfortunately you MUST NOT tap the -button to increase your rate of fire and have to rely on the slower -button. It helps a little bit to use the original graphics instead of the enhanced ones because you can better measure the size of your ship.

Step 3: Co-op
The Co-op achievements can be obtained locally or via Xbox LIVE. For Reviver just kill yourself and let your teammate collect any power-up to bring you back to life. Repeat 19 times and both players will obtain the achievement (this can even be done alone with just a second controller and a rubberband to make the second ship constantly fly down and crash).

Wall of Fire is a little bit harder as you have to destroy EVERY destructible object on screen during stages 1 and 2 of R-Type. This includes enemies as well as any destroyable enemy projectiles. This is obviously easiest of both players know the stage layout and one player covers the upper half of the screen whilst the other one takes care of the lower half (same hold for the second boss: one deals the damage, the other one destroys the "snakes").

Step 4: Mop Up
The only things that are probably left now are Power Hungry and Bye-bye Bydo!. There is really no good grinding spot for those so just play through the game(s) in Infinity mode until you have accumulated a total of 500 power-ups and 30,000 kills.

x360a would like to thank Helg0r for this Road Map

Brave Pilot10
Complete stage 1 of R-Type in 1P Classic   (1) 

In classic mode you will have a set number of lives (usually you start with 3) in order to complete a stage. If you die, you are taken back to the nearest checkpoint, these are usually quite a distance from each other and classic mode is incredibly difficult. This achievement only requires you to complete the first stage.

Move up/down/left/right using , and fire with . You can also hold down to charge a shot and release it, this will dispatch more powerful foes a lot more easily than regular shots.

This isn't too difficult, but you might want to practice dodging bullets and letting off charged shots to dispatch groups of enemies in 'infinite mode' instead, so I'd advise going for the "Earth Savior" and "Scarred Hero" achievements first if you have never played R-Type before.

Earth Savior30
Complete R-Type    (1) 

Simply complete the original R-Type, you don't have to kill all of the bosses you just need to finish each of the games 8 stages. To make this a lot easier you can play the game on 'infinite mode'. You can select 'infinite mode' when you start a new game, you will have infinite lives and respawn at the spot you died making it a lot quicker and easier.

Scarred Hero30
Complete R-Type II    

Same as the previous but you must complete R-Type II instead, to play R-Type II press from the main menu and you will be able to rotate the arcade cabinets to change the game. Select R-Type II, start a new game on 'infinite mode' and blast your way through to the end. R-Type II has 6 stages to get through.

Bye-bye Bydo!15
Kill 30,000 enemies   

In the 'Statistics' menu, on the main menu, you can view your statistics one of them will be the total amount of enemies you have killed, this can be anything from either of the R-Type games, once this number reaches 30,000 you will get the achievement.

Hidden Treasure15
Find and destroy the 5 hidden spores on stage 4 of R-Type    

On stage 4 of R-Type there are lots (and I mean lots) of small green circles with red dots in the middle. These are spores, and over the course of the stage there are 5 of these hidden away in places that are hard to reach without dying.

I suggest you play the game on 'infinite mode' in order to make getting these much easier, as most of them are next to a wall on the left hand side meaning getting your ship in front of them to destroy them is almost impossible. On infinite mode you can simply die and fly over the scenery while you are invincible after respawning.

I take no credit for the locations, Mr.Brightside021 very posted them on the
forums, his original thread can be found here (LINK).

1. At the very beginning of the level you will spot two vertical rows of spores. The hidden spore is the one right at the bottom on the left hand side.

2. After the first gap in the scenery, you will spot a single sport directly followed by a vertical row of 4 spores, the hidden spore is the very bottom one in the row of 4.

3. You will soon come to a section completely filled with spores, in this section there will be alcoves in the scenery at the top and bottom filled with even more spores. The third hidden spore is in the first alcove at the top, the very top of the screen. It is the top spore on the very left hand side. It can be difficult to get, but if you kill yourself and then charge up a shot while still flashing, the charged shot will be big enough to tag it for you.

4. The fourth hidden spore is just below the third, in the bottom alcove, again on the very bottom, the left hand side of the alcove.

5. Just before the boss, just after spore number 4, there will be two rows of 8 spores, the hidden one is at the very bottom on the left hand side.

If you don't manage to find them all in one run, don't worry, the game will still count them. It's even nice enough to have the ones you've already found flash red from then on, so if one of them is flashing red it means you have already found it.

Combo Master20
Kill at least 10 enemies with a single shot   

In R-type II you can charge a shot just like you can in R-Type, however if you charge it long enough, there will be a small window of time when the power bar flashes between orange and blue, release during this time and you will unleash a more powerful charge shot that covers a much wider area.

On the first stage of R-Type II, you will come to an opening after fighting 3 waves of red enemies and a wave of orange enemies. Through the small opening a wave of exactly 10 orange enemies will come flying at you, it might take a few tries but you want to charge up this powerful shot to coincide with most of the enemies being inside of the opening.

Too early and it will miss the last ones, too late and you will either die, or the shot will miss the first two enemies.

Beam Me Up!20
Using only full beam shots and without dying, complete stage 1 of R-Type or R-Type II in 1P Classic   (1) 

This is an incredibly difficult achievement to obtain, there is little advice I can give except try to memorize the stage, try to get into the habit of catching large groups of enemies with your full beam shots as well.

This might take a few hundred tries but it's not impossible.

A couple of things you can do to make it easier on yourself is to hit enemies with the shot you fire when starting to charge the beam shot, and pickup the orange pod and use it to block bullets and plow through enemies.

The boss should be one of the easier parts of the stage, simple charge up a shot and move in when his tail goes down then move up again to avoid the curving projectile he uses.

Dare Devil20
Using rapid-fire and no power-ups, complete stages 1 & 2 of R-Type in a single game of 1P Classic   

Hold down to use rapid-fire. You have to complete stages 1 & 2 in a single game,
you can die but you only get 3 lives before the game is over. You must not pick up any power-ups, this includes the pod that attaches to the front of your ship. Must be done single player.

As with the "Beam Me Up!" and "Wall of Fire" achievements the best advice I can give for completing this is to memorize the stages and where the enemies will come from and try to blast most of them before they can cause any major problems.

Power Hungry10
Collect 500 power-ups   

Much like the "Bye-bye Bydo!" achievement, the 'Statistics' screen will tally how many powerups you have collected, and when that number hits 500 you will unlock this achievement, this will probably unlock before "Bye-bye Bydo!". Unless you avoid collecting powerups or just miss a lot of them.

Wall of Fire10
Destroy every enemy and object in stages 1 & 2 of R-Type during co-op play   (1) 

To get this you must start a co-op game, preferably with someone who knows the first two stages of the first R-Type inside out. You have to blast absolutely everything in sight, objects, destructible debris, powerup robots and every single enemy in both stages.

I'm not gonna lie this isn't an easy achievement, but if you put the effort into remembering which enemies come from where, you should be able to get through this one on memory alone if you have a good partner.

Bydo Headhunter10
Kill one enemy of every kind in R-Type and R-Type II    

This should come by playing through both R-Type I and II a couple of times. You need to kill one of each enemy in the game, as well as one of each boss.

If you find you need a few more in order to get the achievement, you might have missed one of the bosses, on the 'statistics' page the game will tell you how many more you need, and above that it will list how many bosses you have killed.

If you have all of the bosses and are still stuck on 63/64, then the most likely explanation is that you missed either the large moving block/crate on Stage 6 of R-Type I, or one of the small red things on Stage 5 of R-Type II at the top and bottom of the screen.

(Thanks to Zaarock and muffinmastergw2 for these two)

The large moving crates must be destroyed from behind, the large purple gemstone looking things on the back have to be hit with considerable force. The easiest way to get them is on 'infinite mode', die then simply hover over them while invincible and unleash a charge shot from inside it.

There is also a large red block of junk at the beginning of R-Type I stage 7, it doesn't look like it can be destroyed but keep plugging at it and it blows up. As well as this make sure you destroy one of each debris that the boss drops on you. Not sure if they count but they can't hurt.

If none of these work for you, make absolutely sure you killed the last boss of R-Type II properly, you have to destroy both baby-orb things not just the first one.

Collectively tally 20 revivals in a single game of Classic Co-op   

In Classic Co-Op mode both players share lives. When one player dies, the other is given the opportunity to revive the other player by either finishing the stage or by collecting a powerup. A life is not lost until both players ships are destroyed.

Try to remember where the powerups come along, and have your friend run into a wall or an enemy when you are about to collect a powerup in order to get 20 of these in a single co-op game.

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