Rage Achievement Guide

Guide By: Aruwal, Yunder
There are 60 achievements with a total of 1250 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
-Offline: 54 (1150)
-Online: 6 (100)
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 20+ hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 Playthrough
-Number of missable achievements: 4 Obsessive Compulsion, Gotta Have 'Em All, Master Chef, Dev Graffiti
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? No cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes

-Glitchy achievements? None
-Unobtainable achievements? None
-Extra equipment needed?No

Welcome to this Achievement Guide and Road Map for id Software's new, epic shooter RAGE! In this Guide, I intend to make sure that you do not miss anything in the game, and the road map will help you keep track on when to do things so that you do not miss anything.

WARNING: Areas close up and you cannot visit them again. This can cost you a whole playthrough. Missing 1 item could nullify your whole game's effort to 100%. Research before you get careless. See below for locations that can ruin your experience.

Areas that will close up are:

  • The Well
  • Dead City
  • Outrigger Settlement
  • Authority Prison

The game will end after the "Authority Bridge" mission, so be sure to do everything you need to do before accepting this mission!

Start a new game on Ultra Nightmare difficulty. As the difficulty achievements are stackable, you'll get every one during the first playthrough. Make sure you got the guides for the collectibles at hand to make your mop-up after the story easier. During the course of the game you will unlock all campaign related achievements, just make sure to grab the Dev Graffiti one during your visit to the Distillery to avoid going back later. As you work your way through the story you will most likely unlock all or most of the weapons achievements, check the achievement guide for tips on when and how to unlock them. Keep working on your engineering throughout the game, as there are several achievements related to that.


There are areas of the game that you can't revisit after you've completed certain missions where that area is used, and if you miss a collectible in this area you will not get the full 100% - REMEMBER TO USE A GUIDE FOR THE COLLECTIBLES AS YOU PLAY!

You cannot free roam the game after you complete it (the game will send you to your last save game), so when you're offered the mission "Assault the Authority Bridge" complete every other task you have to complete in order to get the full 100% before starting that mission). The stuff you need to do to get 100% is:

  • All Vehicle Jumps (18 in total)
  • All Collectibles (54 Cards (43 on first disc, 11 on second) / 19 Recipes)
  • Complete all mini-games
  • All races
  • All Side quests
  • All Job Board Missions (9 in total)

Most parts of this should come naturally as you progress through the game. If you're adventurous like me, you might even be so luck to only have a couple of races, jumps and collectibles left. Check out the achievement guide to make sure you get it all done.

Co-op Missions:
In co-op, find a mate, send him an invite, and get on with 9 fantastic co-op missions. Check out the achievement guide on tips on how to unlock the 4 achievements related to this mode.

Unlike most games, this will not take long at all. Personally, I got both achievements in my first race! All you have to do to get the MP achievements is to participate in and win an online Road RAGE.

The Scorchers:
While playing through the game, you'll be requested to complete the mission; "Rumbles in the Dark." Accepting this mission starts you on the DLC. The missions themselves take about 3-4 hours. Unlocking both achievements the new weapon, the Nailgun, will come easily enough. Be sure to check out the two new mini games inside Jackpots in Wellspring to earn those two achievements as well.


Well, there you have it. The game itself isn't too entirely difficult. As long as you watch your health, keep plenty of medkits, you'll make it through the game. Keep a keen eye out to look for all those collectibles, so your mop-up in the end will be much less stressful. Watch for those key areas that you cannot return to, and the game is a cinch.

[x360a would like to thank Aruwal and Yunder for this Roadmap]

Arts and Crafts10
Construct 10 Engineering Items   (7) 

See "Tinkerer" achievement description.

Construct 50 Engineering Items   (6) 

There are different items you can create in the game through Engineering. You must have the schematic/recipe first and most will come as you do quests. The easiest item to make is a Bandage. You will get this early on in the game. You only need 2 items (Antiseptic Forumula and Cloth Rags). They are inexpensive. 

Example: Buy 50 Cloth Rags and 50 Antiseptic Formula. This will cost you a total of $600 with discount, more if not. Go into Engineering in the menu and make the bandages. The achievement unlocks after exiting the screen.

Passive Aggressive30
Get 3 kills with a single Sentry Bot   (16) 

The Distillery Room in the "Gaining Influence" mission is the perfect opportunity to unlock this achievement. Deploy a Sentry Bot or an Advanced Sentry Bot and let it kill 3 enemies on its own. Simple. Another good place to get this is during the Mutant Bash TV show (thanks to fastNcurious for this info).

Three Birds, One Bomb Car30
Kill 3 Enemies with one RC Bomb Car   (39) 

In addition to detonating the bomb caches, RC Bomb Cars can also be used as an offensive weapon. Find a safe place to hide, then deploy an RC Bomb Car, driving it toward your enemies before detonating it. Try to find large clusters of bandits hiding behind cover. If you manage to kill 3 enemies with one RC Bomb Car, this achievement unlocks.

Keep 'Em Coming30
Get 5 kills with one deployed Sentry Turret   (15) 

The mutant attack in the terminal in the "Gaining Influence" mission presents the perfect opportunity to unlock this achievement. Simply deploy a Sentry Turret and let it take out at least 5 enemies on its own. If the Sentry Turret is knocked down or destroyed before killing 5 mutants, you must deploy another one, at which point the count starts over. Stand guard and prevent the Sentry Turret from getting knocked down to reach the goal. Another good place to get this is during the Mutant Bash TV show (thanks to fastNcurious for this info).

Kill 100 Enemies with Sentry Bots, Sentry Turrets, or RC Bomb Cars   (15) 

Like killing things with your devastating creations? Then this achievement is for you, as it requires you to get 100 kills with Sentry Bots, Sentry Turrets and/or RC Bomb Cars. Kills with advanced bots and turrets also count towards this achievement.

Kill an Authority Enforcer during Jetpack descent   (17) 

Easy to unlock during the "Liberate Captain Marshall" mission. While manning the turret, try to kill one of the enforcers as he descends using his jetpacks.The easiest way to do this is to hit them in mid-air with any hitscan weapon. The enforcers hover a few meters over the ground before eventually dropping down. Take this opportunity to blow an enforcer out of the sky. If you missed it in "Liberate Captain Marshall", you can try again during the "Assault the Authority Bridge" mission.

Silent But Deadly15
Stealth kill 10 Enemies with the Striker Crossbow   (6) 

One of the coolest weapons in the game obviously needed its own achievement! The best mission to unlock this one is during the "Hijacked Well" mission (which also nets you an achievement). Not much skills to it, just aim, shoot and kill 10 enemies unaware of your presence to get this achievement. You can get this in co-op mode as well. THIS ACHIEVEMENT IS ACCUMULATIVE!

Hat Trick15
Kill at least 3 Enemies with a single Mind Controlled Enemy   (18) 

This achievement is awarded for killing at least 3 enemies by detonating a single Mind Control Bolt-affected victim. For best result, fire a Mind Control Bolt into a tight cluster of enemies and detonate the victim before his buddies can run away. You can get this in co-op mode as well.

Get 10 Headshot kills with the Wingstick   (12) 

The "Feltrite Sample" mission is the perfect opportinity to unlock this achievement. Using Wingsticks, simply score ten headshot kills. For best result, target enemies at long-to-intermediate range to lop off their heads. You can get this in co-op mode as well. THIS ACHIEVEMENT IS ACCUMULATIVE!

Open Minded15
Get 10 Headshot kills with the Sniper Rifle   (3) 

During the "Destroy the Barricade" mission, take careful aim with Dan's Sniper Rifle to score headshots. If you manage to score 10 headshots this achievement is yours. Don't worry if you don't get it during this mission, there are plenty of opportunities to score some more later in the story. You can get this in co-op mode as well. THIS ACHIEVEMENT IS ACCUMULATIVE!

Perform all 18 Vehicle Jumps    (12) 

To earn this achievement you will have to complete all 18 jumps in the game. Note: If you're in Subway Town, and missed some jumps in Wellspring, use the airship in the Resistance Base to go back and complete them.

Tyger7 has done a great guide for this. Click here!

Gotta Have 'Em All20
Collect all Playing Cards on one play-through    (52) 

This is possible to unlock during the "Assault on Authority Bridge" mission, as you can snap up the final Playing Card of the game on the bridge behind some boxes.

Tyger7 has done a great guide for this. Click here!

Master Chef20
Collect all Recipes and Schematics in one play-through    (24) 

You can unlock this achievement by collecting all Recipes and Schematics in the game. The achievement will unlock during the "Assault the Authority Bridge" mission. If it does not unlock, consider purchasing any remaining Schematics from Halek, Coffer, or Jani. Also, don't forget the recipes earned by completing jobs. You earn recipes from Janus Outrigger, Ramos Outrigger, and Richard (in the Second Chance Bar). This achievement is missable, so be sure to check out Tyger7's guide below to save yourself from much frustration!

Tyger7 has done a great guide for this. Click here!

Hardest Deck25
Beat Teague's hardest Deck    (36) 

This is like a futuristic version of Magic the Gathering, called Rage Frenzy, so if you've ever played MTG you're in for a simple task here. To unlock this achievement you must first create a decent deck for yourself, and then challenge Teague (located in Fez Bar in Subway Town) for a match on the hardest difficulty (not necessarily your in-game difficulty, just this mini-game). You will get all the rules when you play the game for the first time, so I'll not waste space on that here, and rather give you some tips on what to do before you start playing against Teague:

  • Include at least 1 vehicle in your deck to distract the opponent's ranged cards.
  • The Giant Mutant is an expensive card, but he's well worth the cost.
  • Since you can only have 4 cards in play at once it's generally better to have a deck comprised of fewer, more expensive cards.
  • Maximize the value of booster cards by building a deck of cards from the same faction, such as mutants with JK Stiles.
  • Be sure to find all cards in the Well and Authority Prison before you leave because you can't go back.
Roll 4 Targets in the first round of Tombstones   (106) 

This is an achievement based on luck, not skill. Tombstone is a basic dice game payed on a holographic game board. At the center of the board is a sheriff surrounded by four mutants. There are 3 rounds to each game. At the start of each round, four die are rolled. For every die that shows a white crosshair icon, a mutant is shot by the sheriff. Get four white crosshair icons on the first throw to unlock this achievement.

Just a Flesh Wound15
Complete the final round of 5 Finger Filet   (105) 

Unlike Tombstone, 5 Finger Filet is pure skill game, where you have to place your hand on a table, palm down, with your fingers spread out while stabbing the area in between your fingers with a sharp knife. The areas you must hit are highlighted on the table as the knife automatically pans over your hand - press the button shown on screen to stab the table at the right time as the knife hovers over the target area. Quick reflexes and pattern recognition are a must if you hope to succeed at this. Note: Round 1-4 is scripted to be the same every time. Round 5, however, is not, which makes it a much more challenging challenge to complete. Good luck!

For a detailed guide, check out this link. Credit goes to pwningyoursoul.

Complete the final round of Strum   (32) 

Do you know how to do "Through Fire and Flames" on Expert Difficulty in Guitar Hero 3? Then this will be a piece of cake for you. For the rest of us, it might take a couple of tries to unlock this. In Strum you play a banjo, and to advance you have to repeat the notes the banjo plays. There are four strings on the instrument, where each string represents one of the four main Xbox 360 buttons.

Pro tip: Each button represent a unique tone, so if you manage to put a tone to each button, you will have a much easier task at hands.

Win all Minigames   (12) 

To earn this achievement you must play and win all the mini-games in the game. This requires you to win a game of the following:

  • Tombstones
  • 1 round of Five Finger Filet
  • 1 round of Strum
  • Rage Frenzy

Note: You also need to complete the Wingtip Mastery mission in Dan Hagar's settlement (First settlement you arrive in) to get this achievement.


Lead Foot10
Win a Race in the Campaign   (4) 

This can be done during the course of the Campaign while you're earning the racing certificates to purchase the Miniguns for Sherikk Black.

Rage Cup50
Win all Races in the Campaign   (53) 

There are a total of 26 races in the game, spread out among 5 separate circuits in Wellspring and Subway Town. Start by tackling the races in the Beginner's Luck circuit to earn enough racing certificates to upgrade your Dune Buster and unlock the next circuit. When you reach the final circuit you should have enough cash to of upgraded every boost and engine upgrade for the Dune Buster, so focus on the Cuprino from here to help you in your Campaign playthrough.

The races you have to win are:


  • Beginner's Luck: Time Trial, Non-Combat Race, Minigun Race, Rocket Race
  • Speed & Thrills: Time Trial, Rocket Rally, Non-Combat Race, 2x Rocket Race
  • Murder & Mayhem: Time Trial, 2x Rocket Race, 3x Rocket Rally


  • Crash & Burn: Time Trial, Non-Combat Race, 2x Rocket Rally, 2x Rocket Race
  • Road Rage: 3x Rocket Rally, Rocket Race, Pulse Rally
Demolition Man20
Destroy 100 Enemy Cars   (6) 

This should unlock naturally as you progress through the game. Simply destroy enemy cars you encounter until this achievement unlocks.

It's Good!15
Score each of the 3 Field Goals from the ATV    (33) 

There are three well-hidden goal posts in the Wasteland, and to unlock this achievement you have to locate them and score a field goal in all of them. To score, use the ATV and drive towards each goal post at top speed. Crash into the barrier in front of each field goal to launch your body over the vehicle's handlebars and through the uprights.

The field goals are located in the following locations:

  • Ark Site: This goal post is located only a few meters from where you first emerge from the Ark at the start of the Campaign. Of course, you'll need to acquire Dan's Jetter and come back to this location - try completing it after exiting the Wasted Garage. Line your jetty up with the goal post, then slowly back up, careful not to alter alignment. When you're as far back as you can get, accelerate and boost, crashing into the guard rail straight ahead. If you have enough speed you'll have to problem splitting these uprights.
  • Mutant Bash TV: These goal posts are extremely difficult to find, located west of the Mutant Bash TV studio. Look for the metal Authority door embedded in the cliff at the end of the road - you can see the tips of uprights just south of the door. Once you find this goal post, scoring the field goal is relatively straight forward. Line up your Jetter with the goal post, back up, and then boost into the rock wall to launch yourself through the uprights.
  • Northern Watch Tower: Leave from Wellspring and race through Scorcher Territory as fast as you can to evade any bandit vehicle. You're safe once you reach the North Watch Tower. Pass through the gate and turn to the north - the goal post is just beyond the ridge. You need as much speed as possible to make it over this distant goal post, so line your Jetter up as far as you can while maintaining alignment. When you can back up no further, accelerate and boost simultaneously, racing towards the rocky ridge in front of the goal post.
Run over 10 Mutants   (18) 

During "Assault the Authority Bridge" you get an excellent opportunity to earn this achievement. Run over 10 mutants with your vehicle to unlock it. If you missed out on this opportunity here, don't fret, you can still run over mutants in certain races.

Ghost Buster10
Complete Ghost Hideout in the Campaign    (3) 

Story related - Cannot be missed. As the description says, complete the "Ghost Hideout" mission to earn this achievement.

Waste Management10
Complete Wasted Garage in the Campaign    (2) 

Story related - Cannot be missed. As the description says, complete the "Wasted Garage" mission to earn this achievement.

Complete Mutant Bash TV in the Campaign    (5) 

Story related - Cannot be missed. As the description says, complete the "Mutant Bash TV" mission to earn this achievement.

It's Alive!10
Complete Dead City in the Campaign    (2) 

Story related - Cannot be missed. As the description says, complete the "Dead City" mission to earn this achievement.

Wellness Plan10
Complete The Well in the Campaign    (2) 

Story related - Cannot be missed. As the description says, complete the "The Well" mission to earn this achievement. Remember to go for the "Silent But Deadly" achievement during this mission if you haven't unlocked it earlier.

Complete Shrouded Bunker in the Campaign    (1) 

Story related - Cannot be missed. As the description says, complete the "Shrouded Bunker" mission to earn this achievement.

ytiC daeD10
Complete Dead City Reverse in the Campaign    (9) 

Story related - Cannot be missed. As the description says, complete the "ytiC daeD" mission to earn this achievement.

Jail Break10
Complete Authority Prison in the Campaign    (2) 

Story related - Cannot be missed. As the description says, complete the "Authority Prison" mission to earn this achievement.

Vault Assault10
Complete Gearhead Vault in the Campaign    (1) 

Story related - Cannot be missed. As the description says, complete the "Gearhead Vault" mission to earn this achievement.

Power Struggle10
Complete Power Plant in the Campaign    (1) 

Story related - Cannot be missed. As the description says, complete the "Power Struggle" mission to earn this achievement.

Complete Jackal Canyon in the Campaign    (1) 

Story related - Cannot be missed. As the description says, complete the "Jackal Canyon" mission to earn this achievement.

Mutie Blues10
Complete Blue Line Station in the Campaign    (2) 

Story related - Cannot be missed. As the description says, complete the "Blue Line Station" mission to earn this achievement.

Bringin' Home the Bacon20
Earn 750 Dollars in one episode of Bash TV in the Campaign   (32) 

During the "Mutant Bash TV" mission, earn 750 dollars or more to unlock this achievement. To maximize the cash payout, finish off the mutants as quickly as possible with optimal accuracy. If you don't get it the first time, try again. You can play "Mutant Bash TV" as many times as you like, making this a relatively easy achievement to get.

Pro Tip: Shoot the three lights on the wall in Shipwreck Cove (in sequence from right to left) to activate the Dopefish mini-game. Shoot the Dopefish every time he appears for 200 dollars each time. That brings you to a toal of 600 dollars fast!

Mr. Oddjob40
Complete 5 Job Board Quests in one play-through   (14) 

There are 2 Job Boards in the game, 1 in Wellspring and 1 in Subway Town. To unlock this achievement, complete any 5 of the posted jobs from the jobs board. Have to be completed within a single playthrough of the game.

Dev Graffiti15
Find the secret Developer Graffiti Room   (26) 

You must find the secret room in the Distillery to earn the Dev Graffiti achievement. When you reach the room that contains several tall stills, search for a ladder leading down to a recessed area of the floor. Climb down to this low area and follow the path around the base of the stills. At the end of the path is a mattress; interact with the valve just above the mattress - this opens the door to the developer graffiti room. Return to the ladder and climb up to the main floor. At the top of the ladder, turn right to locate a small opening in the wall. Crouch and crawl through the low entrance to the developer graffiti room.

Hey, not too rough50
Finish the Campaign on any difficulty    (5) 

Complete the game on any difficulty to unlock this achievement.

Hurt me plenty25
Finish the Campaign on at least Normal difficulty      (2) 

Complete the game on Normal difficulty (or higher) to unlock this achievement.

Finish the Campaign on at least Hard difficulty      (8) 

Complete the game on Hard difficulty (or higher) to unlock this achievement.

RAGE Nightmare25
Finish the Campaign on Nightmare difficulty      (79) 

Complete the game on Nightmare difficulty to unlock this achievement.

Obsessive Compulsive75
Reach 100% Completion in the Campaign    (97) 

This is, naturally, the most time-consuming achievement in the game. To obtaion 100% completion you have to complete the following (see guide for tips on how to get complete them):

  • All Main and Side Story missions
  • All (9) Job Board missions (6 in Wellspring, 3 in Subway Town)
  • All (26) Races
  • All (18) Jumps (11 in Wasteland, 7 in Eastern Wasteland)
  • All (5) Mini-games
  • All (73) Collectibles (54 Playing Cards, 19 Schematics/Recipes)


The Legend Begins...10
Complete a Legend of the Wasteland   (10) 

See "Anthology"

Complete all Legends of the Wasteland   (94) 

There are 9 Wasteland Legends missions, and as this is co-op they test your teamwork skills to the max.

The missions you have to complete to unlock this are:

  • Life in Prison
  • Season 1: Pilot
  • Water Service
  • Trophy Hunting
  • Rusty's Resupply
  • Unwanted Guests
  • Extermination
  • Grab and Go
  • A New Toy

To survive this co-op mode, I just want to say one thing: TEAMWORK! Don't rush, leaving your partner behind, and do not compete in who can loot a room the fastest. There is no I in Team, but there is in difeat if your spell it wrong.

A True Legend25
Complete a Legend of the Wasteland on Nightmare difficulty    (35) 

See "Anthology"

No Room for Sidekicks15
Complete a Legend of the Wasteland without any player(s) becoming incapacitated   (44) 

Again, make sure you play as a team, carefully progressing through the mission. Make good use of your items, as bandages heal you and sentry turrets and bots make your team stronger. Use cover to flank and surprise your enemies, as this makes it easier to beat them. Also, melee attacks can save your life, use them if you have to. The easiest mission to get this on is probably "Life in Prison".

Fresh Meat10
Complete a public Road RAGE match   (6) 

In Road RAGE you can choose from 6 different events featuring different game modes. Complete 1 race to earn this achievement.

Get first place in a public Road RAGE match   (141) 

As the description says, win a public race to unlock this achievement. Should come easilly if you spend some time online. It's a good idea to complete the single player Races to get a feel with the driving.

DLC: The Scorchers
Price: $4.99 USD Achievements: 10 Points: 250
Night Terrors70
Finish the Campaign on Ultra Nightmare difficulty     (45) 

Ultra Nightmare is the highest difficulty that is available, right after Nightmare. This achievement is for completing the base campaign on Ultra Nightmare, not just the DLC. If you have completed the game's campaign already, you'll have to complete it a second time on Ultra Nightmare. There isn't much a difference in difficulty in comparison to Nightmare mode. The same rules apply;

  • Make sure you're stocked up on Medkits.
  • Watch your defib bar.
  • Don't rush into battle.
  • Make use of cover.
Cavernous Stumble20
Complete Hagar Caves in The Scorchers job path    

This achievement is story related and cannot be missed.

Plans Refined25
Complete Refinery in The Scorchers job path    

This achievement is story related and cannot be missed.

Thrash Canyon25
Complete Bash Canyon in The Scorchers job path    

This achievement is story related and cannot be missed.

Fired Up!25
Complete Scorcher Base in the The Scorchers job path    

This achievement is story related and cannot be missed.

Lucky Charms15
Bet and win on Green in the Roly-Poly minigame   (6) 

The Roly-Poly minigame is found inside Jackpots in Wellspring. This prevously locked door at the end of the alley in Wellspring now offers two new gambling minigames to play. Roly-Poly is at the back and plays exactly like Roulette. Green is counted as the number 0, and the bet is 13:1. This achievement is entirely luck based. You may get this achievement on the first try, or the 1000th. Just keep replaying and betting the minimum until you unlock the achievement.

Win with a Four of a Kind in the Video Poker minigame   (15) 

The Video Poker machine is located inside Jackpots. There are 4 machines to choose from inside, however they are all the same. This plays exactly like poker, and to achieve 4 of a kind is going to take a persistent, lucky hand. You'll need to obtain 4 of the same cards within 3 deals. Attempt to hold higher value cards, (Jack, Queen, King Ace) since they're easier to spot. However, if you manage more than one card on your first deal, hold those. There is no real strategy here, but as long as you keep at it, you'll get lucky.

Wall Hack15
Kill 2 enemies with one Railgun Slug shot through a wall   (3) 

Introduced into this DLC is a new weapon called the Railgun. You come across the railgun after receiving it from Sarah after completing the Hagar Caves quest. The Railgun has three different ammo types;

  • Nails
  • Slugs
  • Rebar

You can select which type you want to use by selecting and using the to navigate. With the Slug rounds, the Railgun offers an x-ray scope to view enemies through walls. It's going to be tough to line up two enemies at once (let alone through a wall), a good spot it right in the beginning of the Refinery level. After progressing a short way through, on the right hand side of the large corridor you're in, head down that way and there will be three enemies all talking with each other. You can take the shot through the wall next to the door.

Credit goes to Harry94 for the video below:

Rebar Pie15
Pin an enemy to a surface with a Rebar ammo shot   

To choose the Rebar ammo type, be sure to choose it from the quick menu by selecting and . The rebar clip of the Railgun only has one shot and takes a little while to reload. Any good opportunity can be taken when an enemy is behind cover. As long as he's close to a wall behind him, aim high and he'll stick.

Rite of Passage25
Complete Wellspring Tunnels in The Scorchers job path    (1) 

This achievement is story related and cannot be missed.

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