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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas Achievement Guide

Guide By: drno
There are 36 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
- Offline: 17 [640]
- Online: 19 [360]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 60-150 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2
- Number of missable achievements: True Identity [Vision Cam Required]
- Glitched achievements: None!
- Do cheat codes disable achievements: No cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No

Welcome to Rainbow Six Vegas! This game has 36 achievements with a total of 1000. The game isn’t too difficult and all of the online achievements can be boosted with a partner(s). NOTE: You can cannot get the full 1000 if you don't have an Xbox live vision camera.

Note about the time requirement:
"Best of the Best" takes roughly 40-45 hours by itself and that's slightly low balling it. If you do the LVU campus Realistic T-hunt method and hardly fail the completion will come in at around 60-70 hours. If you choose to rubberband boost "Best of the Best" total time will come to easily over 100 hours. You may not be playing during that time but its still hours on the game that you can't play something else.

Step #1: Playthrough #1
Start by creating a character and use the vision camera to gain the "True Identity" achievement.

Since there is no achievement for completing the game on easy, normal etc. so start the game on realistic difficulty. This isn’t that hard if you take your time and use the Desert eagle and Shield combo (See achievement guide for exact locations) This will allow you to take enemies down in 1 shot sometimes 2 and the shield will give you maximum protection, also you will have full use of your team. You have to playthrough each mission from start to end as reloading checkpoints sets your difficulty to normal. In this playthrough you will also earn all mission achievements and as you’re using the desert eagle you will get the kill 150 terrorists with pistol achievement.
NOTE: You cannot get the realistic difficulty achievement in co-op you have to play single player.

Step 2: Playthrough #2 [Coop]
This will be a very quick playthrough of the game and will not take very long at all, you can do this playthrough on split screen or Xbox live. Once you have your partner start the game up on normal and unlimited respawns then proceed to playthrough the campaign, this will net you the "Vegas Champion" achievement. After you have gotten the "Vegas Champion" achievement then its time to get the "Tour of Duty" achievement. See the achievement guide for a list of maps you have to play, again use the desert eagle and shield combo set the density to low and difficulty to normal.

Step 3: Online achievements
All of the online achievements can be boosted with a friend/partner barring the "Master of Ceremonies" achievement and "Best of the Best" achievement.
If you need a partner, then check out the forums and you will be sure to find somebody. Set-up the match needed for the achievement and then have your friend search for your name when they have entered your game start it up and the person wanting the achievement will get the kills/win etc. This game isn’t played often anymore and you will have no problem finding each other.

For the "Master of Ceremonies" achievement you have to host a game where you are the dedicated server and have 16 people join then start the game. This is a very hard achievement to unlock and will more than likely require you to boost it, check the forums to join or start a party.

For the "Best of the Best" achievement you have to reach the rank of Elite This is a very time consuming achievement and the best way I have found to reach this rank is to play Co-op T-Hunt on Xbox live set the density to high and difficulty to realistic on the map LVU Campass with a good team you can finish the round in under 2mins and earn yourself 600 experience points a win.

This is not a very hard game to get 1000 in but reaching the rank of Elite will take some time. If you need any further assistance please refer to the achievement guide and forums.

[XBA would like to thank Genesis x360a for this Roadmap]

10 kills using a Sniper rifle in an online ranked match   (10) 

This achievement requires you to get 10 kills in a single ranked match using a sniper. The final kill cannot be the last kill of the game or else said kill does not count and the achievement doesn’t unlock (i.e. 10th kill of a game to 10.) I would recommend using the scout tactical with a 6/12 scope on it and with maximum protection on.

One of the best tactics I’ve found to killing enemies with the sniper is to use a small cheat. will bring up your goggle screen, rather than select a goggle leave this screen open and notice that the circle is located in the dead center of your screen. The best way to use this to your advantage is to get on cover, open the circle and put your enemy inside of it, pop out of cover and fire.

Chances are it will hit and kill them if you are using the scout tactical. Also be aware that enemies without heavy protection on their body can be killed with 1 sniper shot to the torso. So aim for the torso rather than the head.

Clearly the sniper dominates at range especially so choose it while on large open maps. Also you can set up a ranked match and then get one friend into the match and kill him 10 times with the sniper of your choice.

100 total player kills in any adversarial mode   (3) 

Getting 100 kills is more of a time challenge than a skill challenge. One of the best ways to get kills is by using the XM-26 LSS as well as frag grenades. This is a fully automatic shotgun coupled with grenades. Simply camp hallways and throw grenades at enemies hiding behind corners and shoot enemies who get in close.Of course if the weapon is restricted simply pick your favorite weapon to use. 100 kills is a 100 kills regardless of tool of destruction.

Killer's Spree20
5 consecutive player kills without dying   (1) 

See the achievement “Killer’s Rampage".

Killer's Rampage30
10 consecutive player kills without dying   (1) 

This achievement requires you to get 10 kills without dying. Not go 10-0 or anything to that matter. Simply a killing spree of 10. Your final kill for the spree cannot be the kill that finishes the match. The simplest way to do this is to invite a friend and then kill them 10 times while inside a ranked or player match.

If you’re going for this legit then I recommend using a sniper. Thanks to the increased range you can stay back and away from gunfire; this gives you enough time to kill enemies who haven’t spotted you and run from enemies who have.

Demolition Expert20
Kill 50 players using Explosives only   (1) 

You need 50 kills with explosive weapons in ranked or player matches. This is cumulative so every kill will count towards the 50. The weapons that can be used to kill enemies and count towards this are:

  • Breaching Charge
  • Frag Grenade
  • C4

Unfortunately you only spawn with 2 of each. This means you can’t spawn camp indefinitely with your C4.

Of course you can do this with a friend. I recommend setting the time limit to 20 minutes and setting the game to Attack and Defend on Calypso Casino. This gives you unlimited kills and 20 minutes to get as many as possible. Set yourself to attack and your friend to defend. Create a class with frags and C4. Always have your friend spawn in the Kemo room.

When you run out of frags and C4 then allow your friend to kill you and then zip line down through the main window on the roof into the middle of the large casino area. This will bring you right next to him, then return to killing him.

Special Operations50
Play all maps of every Adversarial game mode   (24) 

or this achievement you need to play and complete (not win) one of each game type at least once on each map. There are 10 total maps and 6 total game types.


  • Town
  • Calypso Casino
  • Casino Vault
  • Dam
  • Dantes
  • Kill House
  • Library
  • LVU Campus
  • Research Lab
  • Streets

Game Types

  • Attack & Defend
  • Survival
  • Sharpshooter
  • Team Survival
  • Team Sharpshooter
  • Retrieval

Attack & Defend cannot be played on Casino Vault, Kill House, and Streets. This means there are a total of 57 games you will need to play.

The fastest way to do these is to set the time limit to the minimum of 3 minutes. This will require you play a minimum of 1 hour and 51 minutes. Obviously getting a friend to sit AFK on the opposing team may help make things go a little smoother but simply joining other players games that are about to end works just as well.

Siege Specialist15
Leading contributor of kills for the Defenders in a winning Attack & Defend ranked match   (4) 

For this achievement you need to have the most kills and be on a winning defense team. This doesn’t mean the best K/D spread, just kills. I’d recommend setting up a game with a 3 minute time limit. The less time the enemy has to finish the objectives the better the chance defense has of winning.

The best way to pick up kills is to mercilessly throw yourself at enemies with a shotgun or sub-auto weapon while throwing your frag grenades where you think the enemy may be. Obviously you shouldn’t expect to come out with a positive K/D spread but hopefully you might get off enough kills to be the “best” on your team. That or you could set up a match with a buddy, kill him for the most kills, and then win.

Be the only remaining player in a ranked online match of Survival   (9) 

Survivor is a single elimination free-for-all game type. For this achievement you need to be the last person to die. That means that everyone has died except for you and so you have won the round by being the last person standing.

A simple way of doing this is to set the time limit to maximum and then sit in a corner away from the fighting with a shotgun. You will have to kill at least one person so be aware of how many people are left alive. I’d recommend getting a GPS device so you can find your enemy when there is only 1 left.

That or you could set up a match with a friend and just have them kill themselves at the start of the match.

Lone Wolf15
Most kills in a ranked online Sharpshooter match   (5) 

Lone wolves is your standard free-for-all death match. The person with the most kills at the end of the time limit or the first person to reach the designated amount of kills wins.

I’d recommend taking an LMG (preferably the MG36 if you’ve unlocked it) since they don’t require as much reloading and thus allow you to kill more people at a time. Naturally this can be done with a friend, simply set the time limit to 3 minutes and kill him/her more than they kill you in the allotted time.

Team Survivalist15
Most kills in a winning online ranked match of Team Survival   (2) 

Similar to the achievement “Survivor” except with team survivalist and this time around you need the most kills. The best way to do this is to charge head in with a shotgun (preferably the XM36 LSS) and hope to god you get a few easy kills. The fewer people in the game the better. With a partner simply find and kill him in a 1v1 match for this achievement.

Team Champion15
Most kills in a winning online ranked match of Team Sharpshooter   (3) 

Team Sharpshooter is Sharpshooter, except with teams. You need the most kills out of your team and need to be on the winning team. Take your favorite gun for the level you’re playing and then do your best to get a good K/D spread to ensure a win while at the same time working on getting the most kills. If you have a friend to help you get the 2 of you into a ranked match together in a game set to 3 minutes. Kill him and then wait out the timer.

Hostage Rescue15
Rescue all hostages in an Attack & Defend mission in under 5 minutes   (2) 

The hostage rescue is available on attack & defend on the levels Border Town and Library. You must be on the attacking team. The main goal of hostage rescue is to escort the hostages to the designated space on the map. The hostages are generally located in the center of the map and can be escorted by walking up to them and telling them to follow by pressing A.

The fastest way I have found to get this achievement is to head to the Library and then get both hostages to follow and then head to the drop off point.. Hopefully you won’t run into much opposition since you need to get the hostages on your first try in order to make it in time. You can also get a friend to sit on the other team and do nothing.

Bomb Expert15
Defuse the bomb within 2 minutes in Attack & Defend   (1) 

The bomb defuse is available on attack & defend on the levels Dam and LVU Campus. You must be on the attacking team.The main goal of bomb defuse is to reach the enemies bomb and then defuse it by while nearby it to start defusing it.

The fastest way I’ve found to do this to head to LVU Campus. Head as quickly to the bomb as possible and then start defusing it killing any opposition along the way. You can also just get your friend to sit on the other team and watch.

Infiltration Specialist15
Recover the Intel in Attack & Defend within 2 minutes   (2) 

The infiltration is available on attack & defend on the maps Calypso Casino and Research Labs. You must be on the attacking team. The main goal of infiltration is to go inside the enemies base, grab a briefcase, and then return that briefcase to the designated drop off area.

The fastest way I’ve found to do this is to go to Calypso Casino, zip line through elevator of glass roof and then run to the vault located downstairs. Head back up the same way and make a mad dash for the helicopter. And, as usual, getting your friend to be the only member on the defending team is the easiest way to pick this achievement up.

Hazmat Specialist15
Deposit the canister and kill an enemy canister carrier in the same Retrieval match   (1) 

Retrieval match is available in any level.

The main goal of retrieval is to collect the objective in the center of the map and then bring it to the other side of the map and score it in the designated spot. There are 2 teams and both are going for the objective. The best way to take down this achievement is to start off by camping wherever the objective is located and allow an enemy to pick it up and then kill them.

After killing them grab the objective and try to score it. You don’t need to score it on your first try as long as you get it into the goal zone. You could of course always grab a buddy, allow him to pick up the objective, kill him, and score it.

Master of Ceremonies15
Host a 16-player match   (115) 

For this achievement you need 16 people to be in the game at once. This means that the game needs to be 8 on 8. Generally you won’t just get a game of 8v8 going very quickly so check out this thread for help with arranging the ceremony. You could try joining a game with 15 other players and then ask the leader to promote you to leader as well. Remember to check the box labeled “Dedicated Server” when making a game if you want to get a 16 man game going.

Best of the Best40
Achieve the rank of Elite   (29) 

675,000 is the amount of experience required to reach the rank of elite. Exp is achieved by doing anything online but the quickest way to rank up quickly is to get a 4 player match of T-Hunt on any level with the settings to realistic and high population.

Achieve the rank of Lieutenant 2nd Class   (1) 

See the achievement “Best of the Best”. This takes 172,000 experience to reach.

Basic Training5
Achieve the rank of Private 1st Class   (2) 

See the achievement “Best of the Best”. This takes 3000 experience to reach.

Tour of Duty60
Cooperatively complete all Terrorist Hunt missions   (4) 

You must complete each of the following missions in Terrorist Hunt:

  • Boarder Town
  • Calypso Casino
  • Casino Vault
  • Dam
  • Dantes
  • Kill House
  • Library
  • LVU Campus
  • Research Lab
  • Streets

Veteran Hunter
You must complete each of the terrorist hunt missions as a single player (no split-screen, no co-op) on Normal difficulty or higher. See the achievement "Tour of Duty" for additional tips.

Elite Hunter
You must complete each of the terrorist hunt missions as a single player (no split-screen, no co-op) on Realistic difficulty or higher. See the achievement "Tour of Duty" for additional tips.

Vegas Champion50
Cooperatively complete the Story Mode   (15) 

You must complete the following scenes on a co-op game either online or off:

  • Behind the Curtains
  • Calypso Casino
  • Casino Floor
  • Construction Yard
  • Countdown
  • Dante’s Theatre
  • Dr. Williams
  • Factory
  • Fremont Street
  • Hell’s Gate
  • Mexican Streets
  • Red Lotus
  • Spillways
  • The Bridge
  • The Strip
  • Tower Top
  • Trainyard
  • Tunnels
  • VIP Escort

If you completed the game on realistic by yourself this will be a breeze. Set the difficulty to normal and then give yourselves unlimited respawns. Each player should take a sniper/long range weapon and at least one should have a shield. Alternate shifts between sniping and going in. This way dying with one character will just bring you back to the other one. Both players must be dead for the mission to fail.

Coop Hunt Novice10
Complete a Cooperative T-Hunt mission with at least one other player.   (1) 

See the achievement “Tour of Duty”. Any level will do.

Coop Story Novice10
Complete a Cooperative Story mission with at least one other player   (1) 

See the achievement “Vegas Champion”. Any scene completed will give you the achievement.

Tough Hombre30
Completed Border Town in single player Story Mode    (1) 

For this achievement complete the scenes Mexican Streets, Trainyard, Tunnels, and Factory on any difficulty. See “Rainbow Six Legend” for tips on how to complete this.

Dam Buster30
Completed Nevada Dam in single player Story Mode    (1) 

For this achievement complete the scenes The Bridge, Spillways, Secret Labs, and Countdown on any difficulty. See “Rainbow Six Legend” for tips on how to complete this.

High Roller30
Completed Calypso Casino in single player Story Mode    (1) 

For this achievement complete the scenes The Strip, Calypso Casino, Casino Floor, and VIP Escort on any difficulty. See “Rainbow Six Legend” for tips on how to complete this.

Street Cleaner30
Completed Downtown Vegas in single player Story Mode    (1) 

For this achievement complete the scenes Red Lotus, Fremont Street, and Behind the Curtains on any difficulty. See “Rainbow Six Legend” for tips on how to complete this.

High Climber30
Completed Vertigo Spire in single player Story Mode    (1) 

For this achievement complete the scenes Tower Top and Dr. Williams on any difficulty. See “Rainbow Six Legend” for tips on how to complete this.

Hell Hound30
Completed Dante's Casino in single player Story Mode    (1) 

For this achievement complete the scenes Hell’s Gate, Construction Yard, and Dante’s Theatre on any difficulty. See “Rainbow Six Legend” for tips on how to complete this.

Rainbow Six Legend100
Complete the single player Story Mode at Realistic difficulty     (26) 

For this achievement you need to beat every scene, on every level, on realistic. The main difficulty with this achievement is the scarce amount of checkpoints throughout each scene or level. This must be done on single player, not coop.

Also be aware that you are not allowed to “Load Last Checkpoint” when playing through the game as this will reset your difficulty to normal. So you must complete each scene at a time. Generally scenes end when the screen fades to black.

I would recommend playing through the game at least once for a few reasons.

  1. Allows you to familiarize yourself with levels/game play
  2. Allows you to get locked weapons
  3. Gives you access to every mission on the mission select.

The main tactic players use for story is combining the shield and desert eagle. The shield can be found very early on in the scene “The Strip” and the desert eagle in near the start of the scene security. The shield is found right on the ground near all the police vans near the start of the mission right after rappelling down.

While the desert eagle is found in the scene "Calypso Casino" inside a small room surrounded by glass with a equipment box inside. There will be about 4 enemies holding them.

This combo is fairly successful in protecting you while still allowing you to kill enemies in 1 shot. Don’t forget you have control over your allies, by pressing you can send them to a door to flank multiple enemies or simply send them out into the open. Always send your allies before you go, even when the hallway looks safe there may be one lone enemy hiding at the end waiting for you.

Kill 500 terrorists online or offline    (1) 

Simply get 500 kills. Any enemy counts as long as you are playing the game type “Terrorist Hunt” or “Story.” If you plan to finish the game then getting 500 kills should come naturally but a quick way to get it is to do a terrorist hunt on any level you want to with density set to high.

Kill 150 terrorists using only a Pistol    (3) 

This can be achieved by using a pistol and getting the kills in either terrorist hunt or story mode. If you are going through the game with desert eagle and shield than this will come very quickly. If you have the raging bull or the desert eagle unlocked I would recommend using those. If you have a shield throw that on too.

Equipment Specialist20
Used all Gadgets at least once in single player Story   (3) 

You need to use all 6 types of equipment inside of the story mode.

  • Breaching Charge
  • C4
  • Flashbang
  • Frag Grenade
  • Incendiary Grenade
  • Smoke Grenade

These are used as the last 2 slots in your equipment screen. You can switch them by holding  and then using the left analog to select them. The fastest way to do this is to load up the Trainyard Scene of the level Mexican Border. Right on your left there will be a green container. This will allow you to switch your weapons freely. You need to use the 4 types of grenades, C4 and breaching charge. This short video shows the simple way mentioned above being put into action.

Veteran Hunter50
Complete all maps of splitscreen Terrorist Hunt on Normal difficulty      (5) 

See the achievement “Tour of Duty”.

Elite Hunter75
Complete all maps in splitscreen T-Hunt at Realistic difficulty    (7) 

See the achievement “Tour of Duty” for tips. The levels must be completed on realistic difficulty.

True Identity30
Used the Xbox Live Vision to create a character with your appearance   (19) 

With a vision camera you have the option to use it to create a character with your face on it.
If you already have a character created select player options and then select change appearance. With the vision camera plugged in start customizing your characters face. This will bring you to a new screen where you will use the vision camera to take profile pictures. Once that is finished the achievement will unlock.

Game Info
Ubisoft Montreal


US November 20, 2006
Europe November 20, 2006

ESRB: Mature
HDD Space Required : 6.6 GB
Backward compatible on Xbox One: Yes
No videos available
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