Rapala Pro Bass Fishing 2010

Rapala Pro Bass Fishing 2010 Achievement Guide

Guide By: StopNaggin
There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
- Offline: 50 (1000 )
- Online: 0 (0 )
- Approximate amount of time to 1000 : 20-25 Hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Glitched achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats

To start off you’ll want to become familiar with the controls. The first will be driving the boat. The button will toggle you into and out of driving mode. will accelerate and will stop and reverse the boat. When driving you can toggle your depth finder to a GPS by pressing , this will be important later. steers and looks around. You can also change your view by pressing .

To enter casting mode you will have to press this will put you on the deck. You will notice a yellow casting circle with distance above it. This circle will change to green when over a known fishing spot. Move the to your desired spot and hold , pull back on the . When ready to cast push the forward and release the at the same time. With a little time and patience you’ll get the hang of it. To enter into your tackle box press the . From here you can select what lures work for what fish and so on. You can also change your line strength, rods and reels from here. You can also access the fish-o-pedia by pressing the .

There are several items on screen to look at here. In the bottom left corner you will notice your depth, drag and casting action. In the middle you will see your distance. Bottom right will be your casting coach you will see pictures of the and . When reeling in this will teach you how to use each lures action. Pay attention to this as it will help you get the best action from your lures. Simply watch what it is doing and copy it. Say it shows you to pull down on the left stick and reel or it may move side to side. Again, you’ll learn after a few tries.

To change a lures action press the . In the upper right will be your tip screen that will explain what buttons do what, it’s a little annoying, but you can turn it off when you get the hang of everything. In the center of the screen you will see your lure. Pay attention to what it’s doing, if you are using the action correctly you will see it start to sparkle first blue then white and finally gold. When a fish gets close to your lure and bites you will see the icon either to the left, right, up or down, simply follow the on screen instructions for a perfect hook. Now when you hook a fish the bottom left will tell you the weight and species. A small box will come up in the center. The idea is to keep the fish in the center or it may break you line. If you keep it in the center long enough it will give you a boost. When this comes up click the then wait a second and it will tell you to either push the to the left or right. One small thing to note here: At 20 ft away you will go to a top view of the fish, if it is under 7 pounds, you can flip it into the boat. When the icon shows up, click it and you'll flip the fish into the boat, saving you some time.

x360a would like to thank StopNaggin for this Road Map

Rookie Angler5
Enter a Tournament mode event.   

Just enter your first tournament and it will unlock.

First Catch5
Catch 1 fish of any species.   (1) 

This will unlock after catching your first fish.

Something's Fishy10
Find and cast into a fishing spot on any lake.   

When driving the boat, change from the depth finder to the map by pressing , look for the yellow spots and pull into one. Most of the fish you need to catch are in these and you have to fish in 60% of these across all lakes for Seeing Spots anyway.

Lightning Catch10
Be the first competitor to catch a fish in a Tournament mode event.   

Just go to the first fishing spot you see and catch any fish. This is not difficult and it will come very early.

First Steps5
Finish a Tournament mode event.   

Just finish a tournament event, you don't need to actually win for this to unlock.

Perfect Form5
Perform a perfect cast.   

This takes a bit of practice. Hold the in and pull back then forward on the , release when going forward and you’ll get the hang of it.

Perfect Hook5
Get a fish on your line with a perfect hook.   

When the fish bites, you’ll see the icon, press it in the direction it shows and you'll get a perfect hook.

Flying Fish10
Catch a fish of any species by flipping it into your boat.   

On smaller fish you will have the option to flip the fish into the boat. When prompted just click and it’s yours. A note here, when your boost comes up, don't click it as this will take away most chances to build it back up before you get the fish to the boat. Save it until it goes into the top view.

Weigh in early during a Tournament mode event.   

Before the end of a tournament go back to the dock and weigh in. At the end of each event you will have 10 minutes to get back to the dock - just get there before the countdown starts.

Complete any Challenge in Free Fishing mode.   

In challenge mode you will see red rings spread across the lakes. Just complete any one of them.

The One That Got Away5
Lose a fish.   

When you have a fish hooked just let it run and don't reel it in. You can push the stick in the opposite direction to help.

Isn't She Cute!10
Raise a lure's attractiveness to its maximum level during a retrieve.   

While reeling in just follow the casting coach and reel in slowly. The lure will sparkle blue then white and finally gold.

Original Feeling10
Catch a fish with the Rapala® Original Floater® lure.   

This will come over the course of the game. Many of the species will bite at this lure.

So Close, Yet So Far10
Finish a Tournament mode event in 2nd or 3rd place.   

Just watch your standings. They will pop up when a competitor catches a fish. You can also check in the pause menu. You just need to finish in second or third place.

Is That Who I Think It is?10
In Tournament Mode, begin fishing alongside each competitor on the lake while they are fishing.   (1) 

While driving around, look for other competitors fishing. Get close to them and start fishing. If they start waving you away, you're close enough. Be careful not to get to close as you will get a penalty. Do this to all of the other fisherman and you'll get it. You do not have to do this in one tournament event - you can spread it out over several events.

Finish a Secondary Objective in a Tournament mode event.   

Hit the and select objectives. Just do the secondary objective and this will pop. Some of the secondary objectives are easier than others, so just keep trying.

The Big One25
Catch a record fish of any species.   

This will come fairly early as there are tons of record fish in each lake. You'll get one without trying.

The 10th Grade10
Catch a total of 10 fish.   

As stated, just catch ten fish. This will unlock early on.

Finish in 1st place in any event in Tournament mode.   

You will outscore everyone else by a lot in most cases. Just keep an eye on the standings during the event.

Drive your boat for more than 5 minutes during a Tournament mode event and finish in the top 5.   

This is not as difficult as it sounds. Drive around for the first five minutes and then start fishing. Most of the time you'll still have more weight the everyone else by weigh-in time.

Intermediate Angler25
Complete a tier in the Rookie Season of Tournament mode.   

This will come through normal progression of tournament mode. It should be one of the earlier achievements in the game.

Complete all events in the first tier of any season in Tournament mode.   

Just complete all three events in the first tier in any tournament.

Advanced Angler30
Complete the Rookie Season in Tournament mode.   

This will come through normal progression on tournament mode.

Friendly Angler10
Finish the Rookie Season in Tournament mode with less than 3 penalty points.   

Just don't get too close to any other fisherman and make sure you make it back to the dock before your ten minute grace period ends.

Fish Lover25
Catch 5 fish of different species during any Tournament mode event or in Free Fishing mode.   

This is easier done in free fishing. Just hit and see what fish are available. You can check the fish-o-pedia to see what lures work best on what species.

I Do Attract!30
Keep a lure's attractiveness level at 90% or higher for more than 30 seconds during a retrieve.   (1) 

Make sure to follow the casting coach and reel in very slowly. If you are having trouble keeping it going, try changing the motion with the or try a different lure.

Flap Jack30
Perform the Boat Flipping maneuver 20 times.   

This will also come through normal game progression. When prompted, just click .

It's a Monster!30
Catch a Monster Fish of any species.   (5) 

in order to unlock a monster fish, you will have to catch a fish of the same species. After unlocking one, you can check to see if it's available on whatever lake you are fishing by pressing . If available, it will have the fishes name instead of species. See True Legend for fish.

False Hope30
Catch 5 fish during any tournament event Weigh In interval of time.   

Wait until the end of the tournament and, before going to weigh-in, stay and catch five more fish. You should have plenty of time to get them and still make the weigh-in.

Quick Catch30
Catch a fish of any species in under 1 minute from the start of any event in Tournament mode.   

See Lightning Catch. Just pull into any spot and catch any fish quickly. This is more easily done with smaller species.

Cast Master30
Cast 500 times.   

This will come over time. I wouldn't worry about trying to get it early because some of the challenges will have you casting into rings. You will definitely get this before the end of the game.

Location Scout10
Find and cast into 5 different fishing spots in any event in Tournament mode.   

While driving in tournament mode, hit to toggle from depth finder to GPS find the yellow spots and cast into five of them. You don't need to catch any fish. As soon you cast into one and the screen changes, hit to cut the line and move to the next one.

Top Challenger30
Complete all the Challenges on any lake in Free Fishing mode.   

When in free fishing mode, scroll to any of the lakes and you will see how many challenges are on each lake. You may have to quit and reload the lake with different time of day or season to get past some of the challenges.

Need a Bigger Boat?30
Catch 30 fish during any event in Tournament mode or during a single session in Free Fishing mode.   

This is another one done best in free fishing mode. You can also wait as one of the challenges on Lake Mead will be to catch thirty fish.

The Captain25
Accumulate 1 hour of boat driving in any game mode.   

This will come over time with normal progression.

Too Perfect!30
Accumulate 30 perfect casts in any game mode.   

This is another one that will come over time and does not have to be done all at once.

Hooking Perfection30
Accumulate 30 perfect hooks in any game mode.   

See Too Perfect

Veteran Angler20
Complete the Pro Season in Tournament mode.   

Complete the Pro Season. You don't have to win, just finish.

Good Sportsmanship30
Complete all seasons in Tournament mode with 0 penalty points.   

If you get a penalty, just restart the event you are on. You have to complete all three seasons with no penalties.

Show Off30
Win any event in Tournament without casting into a fishing spot.   

Just get very close to a fishing spot and make sure your casting ring isn't green when you cast. This is not that hard, as you can catch fish anywhere.

Enter into all categories in the Fish-O-Pedia.   

You will have to enter all categories and sub-categories and scroll through all entries. It takes about three minutes.

Elite Angler30
Complete the Legendary Season in Tournament mode.   

Again, just complete the Legendary Season as with the others.

True Legend30
Catch all 30 Monster Fish.    

This one will take some time. I suggest you make a list to remember which ones you have caught. You have to unlock all the species before the monster fish will show up. You will have to go into free fishing and check your tackle-box to see what species are available. You may also have to change the variables, time of day, season, and weather, to make some of them available.

Monster Fish:

  1. Mekong the channel cat 94lbs 8oz
  2. Eyesup the flathead catfish 215lbs 4oz
  3. Ludwig the white bass 11lbs 8oz
  4. Lou the lake sturgeon 285lbs 10oz
  5. Lost the burbot 32lbs 11oz
  6. Umbra the black crappie 9lbs 9oz
  7. Cryer the smallmouth bass 19lbs 3oz
  8. Murphy the Muskellunge
  9. Icey the arctic grayling 6lbs 13oz
  10. Annure the redear sunfish
  11. Headless the cutthroat trout 66lbs 1oz
  12. Ralph the king salmon 164lbs 10oz
  13. Uboat the walleye
  14. Arrow the rainbow trout 65lbs
  15. Dottie the large mouth bass 32lbs 10oz
  16. Ferdinand the bullhead catfish 9lbs 9oz
  17. Blaze the stripped bass
  18. Amp the white perch 6lbs
  19. Champ the american eel 14lbs 1oz
  20. Piton the northern snakehead 39lbs 6oz
  21. Annublu the bluegill 7lbs 15oz
  22. Jewel the silver carp 114lbs 13oz
  23. Lighter the white crappie 9lbs 7oz
  24. Starlad the yellow perch 7lbs 11oz
  25. Golden the chain pickerel 20lbs 6oz
  26. Freezner the arctic char 54lbs 7oz
  27. Deepner the lake trout 119lbs 12oz
  28. Pickwick the sauger 13lbs 9oz
  29. Charlie the brown trout 67lbs 2oz
  30. Jack the northern pike 93lbs 14oz
Seeing Spots20
Cast into at least 60% of all discovered fishing spots across all the lakes in any game mode.   (2) 

One of the few hard achievements in the game. Load up a lake in free fishing cast into all the yellow spots you can find, drive everywhere. You will have to reload the lakes and find more spots. When you reload you will get different spots. I only had to reload each lake twice.

Pro Bass Angler20
Catch at least 50 fish of any of the Bass species in any game mode.   

This will come over the natural progression of the game.

Unlock every single clothing item for your male or female angler.   

This will come after completing certain challenges. You can check by going to the main menu and checking the unlockables section.

Catch a fish in every one of these conditions: morning, noon, evening and sunny, overcast, rainy.   

You should get this before completing tournament mode. If you don't, you can set these options in free fishing.

Lure Master30
Catch at least one fish, any fish, with every lure.    

You will have to unlock most of these by catching certain fish. You can check by looking under the unlockables in the main menu.

Deep Diving:
Rapala Shad Rap
Rapala Tail Dancer
Rapala Jointed Shad Rap
Rapala Glass Fat Rap
Rapala Fat Rap
Rapala DT (Dives-to) Sureset Series
Rapala DT (Dives-to) Flat Series
Rapala Down Deep Husky Jerk
Rapala DT Thug
Rapala Super Shad Rap
Rapala Shad Rap RS
Rapala Glass Shad Rap
Storm Original Wiggle Wart
Rapala Crankin' Rap

Shallow Running:
Rapala Original Floater
Rapala X-Rap
Rapala X-Rap Jointed Shad
Rapala Twitchin' Rap
Rapala X-Rap 14
Rapala Husky Jerk
Rapala CountDown
Rapala Glidin' Rap
Rapala X-Rap Shad
Rapala MaxRap
Rapala Flad Rap
Rapala Rattlin' Rapala
Rapala X-Rap Subwalk
Storm Kickin' Stick
Storm Live Kickin' Shad
Rapala Clackin' Minnow
Rapala Clackin' Crank

Top Water:
Rapala Skitter Walk
Rapala Skitter Prop
Rapala Skitter Pop

Variable Running Depth:
Rapala Clackin' Rap
Storm ThunderBeast
Blue Fox Classic Vibrax
Blue Fox Rattlin' Pixee Spoons
Blue Fox Vibrax Musky Buzz
Luhr-Jensen Kwikfish Xtreme SureSet
Luhr-Jensen Krocodile SureSet
Luhr-Jensen Crippled Herring Smash Flash
Terminator T-1 Series Titanium Spinnerbait
VMC Jig Series With Trigger X Frog
Trigger X Flappin' Bug
Trigger X Lizard
Trigger X Swimming Grub
Trigger X Swimming Worm
Trigger X Minnow

Like a Sturgeon20
Finish the Sturgeon Legends event in top 5 using only the 10 lbs. (4.5 Kg) fishing line.   (4) 

This one is a little tricky. When you hook a big sturgeon and set the hook, he will pull side to side. You have to pull in the direction indicated and you will notice your hook turning red on the screen. When you get the boost, click the and pull as directed to reset the hook. Takes a bit of patience, but is not overly difficult.

Master Challenger50
Complete all Challenges on all lakes in single player Free Fishing mode.   

This is the one you will spend the most time on. The majority of them are fairly simple, but some are pretty time consuming and a bit hard. There are a total of 67 challenges across 7 lakes.

Lake Minnetonka 8 challenges easy difficulty
Lake Lanier 11 challenges medium difficulty
Lake Casitas 9 challenges medium difficulty
Lake Champlain 9 challenges hard difficulty
Lake Fork 10 challenges hard difficulty
Lake Erie 9 challenges hard difficulty
Lake Mead 11 challenges expert difficulty

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