Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc HD

Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc HD Achievement Guide

Guide By: Tizoxity
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

Where is my Andy10
Complete all the chapters. 

Story Related, Unmissable. Will pop after defeating the last boss and watching the final cut scene.

Perfection needs no arms100
Complete every chapter with a perfect score. (30) 

This is the hardest achievement in the game. For this, you don't need to get all of the smiley murphy faces (though it is recommended), but you need 100% or five stars at the end of every chapter. To make sure you meet the unknown score requirements, explore every level before grabbing any gems or defeating any enemies and come up with a strategy to make the biggest combo you can get using power-ups (you get 2x points while using one!). While you are making a combo, grab the yellow gems first and keep the best stuff (like green gems) for last - but if you're using a power-up, make sure this doesn't run out before you've grabbed everything! This will allow you to score extra.

See end of guide HERE for a chapter by chapter breakdown of how to get the highest score possible.

Hero of the Teensies10
Save every teensie in the game. 

Teensies are found in cages suspended by ballons and they look the same throughout the game except for on the level "Land Of The Livid Dead". You will get the majority of the cages as part of the story but some of them are missible. You can tell when you are near to a cage as they cry out for help. Just smash the cage with your fist attack to break the teensie free. Every six cages you collect increases the size of your health bar so finding all the cages has an added bonus.

Pest control10
Find and get the bonus score of every Matuvu. (5) 

Matuvus are best described to look like blue lizards. They are usually found clinging to walls or on ceilings. To get the bonus score of a matuvu you must enter look mode by holding  and look at the matuvu until a red circle surrounds it and you get your +250 score. You can tell located a matuvu by the whistling noise they make. There is a total of 40 Matuvus to collect.

Flower power10
Find and get the bonus score of every Tribelle. (4) 

Tribelles resemble red flowers and glow slightly. They make a distict shimmering noise which is easy to recognise. To get the bonus of a tribelle you have to walk up to them slowly, if you approach they will disappear and you will have to restart the level to try again. Only push the  gently in the right direction to walk towards them until you get your +250 points and they fly away. There is a total of 13 tribelles to collect.

Green is so in10
Get all the Green Jewels. 

Green jewels give the highest score of all the jewels - 1500 poins. Some green jewels are given to you by teensies in hidden cages, others are well hidden. These are best collected while in combo, with a superpower or both in order to gain maximum score. These jewels are very helpful for "Perfection needs no arms" and can make all the difference. There is a total of 41 to collect. 

Coin-op gamer10
Unlock and play all the arcade games. 

To unlock all the arcade games you need to have accquired 340,000 points by the end of the game. Then just load up each arcade game start playing and then change to another game. You do not need to beat each game to get the achievement. The minigames are listed below.

2D Madness
Racket Jump
Razoff's Circus
Missle Command
Special Invaders

Hands on the prize5
Retrieve Rayman's hands from Globox. 

Story Related, Unmissable
On the second section of The Fairy Council, you will be tasked with retrieving your hands from Globox. Simply step on the button then chase Globox in the barrel up against the wall. Kick the barrel a couple of times to break it and this will trigger a cutscene, the achievement will pop once the cutscene is over.

Taste All the Superpowers5
Collect every superpower.  

Story Related, Unmissable.

During the course of the game you will be required to use these "laser detergents" in order to gain various powers. The powers are listed below in the order you find them with a description of the abilities they give you and how long they last.

Vortex - 25 Seconds

This ability is found in green cans. It gives you the ability to throw tornadoes to unscrew platforms so you can traverse certain areas. It also allows you to shrink enemies down to make them less of a threat.

Heavy Metal Fist - 12.5 Seconds

This ability is found in red cans. It gives your fist attack increased damage and is useful for comboing pig money banks. It also gives you the ability to smash wooden doors with a charged up attack.

Lockjaw - 49 Seconds

This ability is found in blue cans. It gives you the ability to swing on lockjaw targets. It also allows you to shock your enemies by attacking with and then rapidly pressing it to electrocute them.

Shock Rocket - 6 Seconds

This ability is found in orange cans. It changes your normal fist attack into a rocket that can be fired and controlled in the air. Fire it with  and then control it with  .

Throttle Copter - 3 Seconds

This ability is found in yellow cans. It upgrades your helicopter ability for a short time giving you the ability to gain height and fly.

Patience pays off10
Watch the real ending. 

After defeating the last boss DO NOT SKIP THE LAST CUTSCENE. Just watch it normally and this achievement will pop.

Junior Journalist10
Take your first picture in the game. (3) 

This trophy can be earned as soon as you gain control over Rayman on the ground (after the flying intro). All you need to do is press  to enter the camera mode and then press to  button to take a picture of whatever you are looking at. It will ask for confirmation simply select yes, your picture will be taken and your achievement will pop.

Disco Trip Master10
Complete any disco trip without retrying. (10) 

The easiest disco trip to do this on is the first on the level The Fairy Council. The disco trip is the last part of the level where you appear to be riding a device that resembles a rocket along a pink track. All you need to do for this trophy is do not fall of the track. You will know when you do as you will lose a point and have to be picked up by Globox's helicopter. Simply time your jumps well and do not focus on going for any of the jewels. If you do happen to fail you do not need to replay the whole Chapter, just go to the start menu and select exit game and then yes when it warns you about progress being lost. Then load up your savegame and you will be back at the beginning of the disco trip and you will be eligable for the achievement again.

Game Info
Ubisoft Shanghai


US March 21, 2012
Europe March 21, 2012

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