Record of Agarest War Zero

Record of Agarest War Zero Achievement Guide

Guide By: iNf3Rn0 Lan
There are 43 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 8/10 
- Offline: 43/43 (1000/1000)
- Online: 0/43 (0/1000)
- Approximate amount of time to 1000150-300 hours 
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 
- Number of missable achievements: 8 (Detailed in Roadmap).
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: Turbo Controller Recommended.


Helpful links for you all:

Setsuna's actually COMPLETE Trophy Guide
Agarest Wikia
Agarest Wikia's True End Path

The quick and dirty until organized roadmap:

One Playthrough:
To do one playthrough you must have a completed save data from the original Record of Agarest War. In this playthrough, follow the True End guide exactly to assure that you'll obtain the True End so that you may obtain all titles and other achievements.

Two Playthroughs (Normal > Extra):
This assumes you did not play through the original game. Do not grind for items and simply play to enjoy the game. On vacation days, go out of your way to visit the item shops and blacksmiths, as this will add items to your shop that normally will not register, allowing the weapons and items titles to become much easier to unlock.

Two Playthroughs (Extra > Extra) *Recommended* :
This assumes you have saved data from the original Record of Agarest War. On your first playthrough, play however you'd like but make sure to visit the item shops and blacksmiths, as this will add items to your shop that normally will not register, allowing the weapons and items titles to become much easier to unlock. Before continuing to the second playthrough, I recommend grinding for ATK+999 and MAG+999 items which WILL carry over when going from Extra to Extra with New Game+.

Recommended DLC Packs:


Point Addition Pack 4, 480 MSP ($6)
50,000,000 Gold
50,000,000 EP

Fallen Angel Pack, 80 MSP ($1)
Black Frame [Big Black in-game] [Armor] (DEF 545, RST 1641, INT 18, AP 3) (HP Up+ & 3 slots) (HP Up+ conv.)
Black Bustier [Armor] (DEF 1833, RST 1833, HIT 20, AVD 20, All Stats + 5, AP 6) (4 slots) (RST+550 conv.)
Angel Halo [Accessory] (MAG 88, RST 64, INT 20, LUK 10, AP 5)
Angel Wing [Accessory] (MAG 64, RST 72, AVD 18, AGI 6, INT 18, AP 5)

Healing Hand Pack, 80 MSP ($1)
3 Magic Herb
2 Cure Grass
2 Stone of Life
1 Resurrect
1 Moonlight Flower

1 Lucky Charm [Armor] (RST 347, AVD 36, LUK 15, AP 4) (Item Drop Rate Up & 2 slots) (Item Drop Rate Up conv.)

Impregnable Defenses Pack 1, 80 MSP ($1)
Extra Frame [Armor] (DEF 2041, RST 1096, STR 5, VIT 20, AP 5) (4 slots) (VIT+80 conv.)
Chaos Frame [Armor] (DEF 1176, RST 1962, AGI 5, INT 20, AP 5) (Resist Magic Up+ & 3 slots) (Resist Magic Up+ conv.)
Heaven’s End [Armor] (DEF 1639, RST 1639, VIT 14, INT 14, AP 6) (Resist Ailments+ & 3 slots) (Resist Ailments+ conv.)
E.O.M. [Armor] (DEF 1721, RST 1721, HIT 48, AVD 48, STR 7, AGI 7, LUK 12, AP 6) (4 slots) (LUK+85 conv.)

Impregnable Defenses Pack 2, 80 MSP ($1)
Dragon Frame [Armor] (DEF 2785, RST 1498, HIT 36, STR 16, VIT 16, AP 7) (4 slots)
Demon Frame [Armor] (DEF 1498, RST 2785, AVD 36, AGI 16, INT 16, AP 7) (4 slots)
Mighty Ring [Accessory] (ATK 75, DEF 75, MAG 75, RST 75, HIT 25, AVD 25, All Stats + 8, AP 6) (4 slots)
Dismal Sylph [Accessory] (RST 134, AVD 24, AGI 10, INT 20, LUK 15, AP 7) (Magic Up+ & 3 slots) (Magic Up+ conv.)
Prometheus Bound [Accessory] (DEF 100, MAG 88, RST 88, HIT 24, STR 5, VIT 30, AP 6) (Restore HP 15% & 3 slots) (Restore HP 15% conv.)

Noble Person Pack, 80 MSP ($1)
Princess Bustier (Proof of Valor REQ.) [Armor] (DEF 2219, RST 2664, HIT 24, AVD 36, STR 8, VIT 8, AGI 10, INT 10, LUK 10, AP 8) (4 slots)
Princess’s Tiara (ATK 100, DEF 100, MAG 66, RST 66, HIT 24, AVD 24, STR 8, VIT 8, AGI 8, INT 12, LUK 20, AP 9) (4 slots)
Imperial Guard (Proof of Valor REQ.) [Armor] (DEF 2664, RST 2219, HIT 36, AVD 24, STR 14, VIT 14, AGI 10, AP 8) (4 slots)
Levitation Stone [Accessory] (MAG 144, RST 144, AVD 15, INT 25, LUK 25, AP 8)

Shriveled Chicken Pack, 80 MSP ($1)
Rusty Sword *Rare items needed for titles and conversion; terrible stats
Rusty Bracelet
Rusty Ring

Funky Chicken *Good stats only at lv5* [Armor] (DEF 500, RST 500, HIT 99, AVD 99, LUK 99, AP 12) (0 slots) (LUK+99 conv.)
Chicken Ring *Good stats only at lv5* [Accessory] (???, AP 12)

Strongest Weapon Pack, 320 MSP ($4)
Sac Vie Rouge [Sword] (ATK 2616, MAG 3271, HIT 195, AVD 62, STR 32, VIT 32, AGI 48, INT 48, LUK 24, AP 13) (///)
Langguth Sword [Sword] (ATK 3271, MAG 2487, HIT 155, AVD 30, STR 48, VIT 48, INT 36, LUK 36, AP 10) (///)
Hakken Meteor [Spear] (ATK 3009, MAG 2747, HIT 185, AVD 58, STR 48, VIT 48, AGI 24, INT 48, LUK 24, AP 13) (///)
Rod of Omniscience [Rod] (ATK 1831, MAG 3665, HIT 170, AVD 54, STR 24, VIT 24, INT 66, LUK 66, AP 13) (///)
Gate of Hell [Scythe] (ATK 3009, MAG 2878, HIT 165, AVD 48, STR 62, VIT 62, LUK 36, AP 13) (///)

Tomorrow’s Leading Part Pack, 240 MSP ($3)
Leonhardt’s Sword (Proof of Valor REQ.) [Sword] (ATK 3016, MAG 1884, HIT 130, AVD 64, STR 56, VIT 56, AP 11) (///)
Tenma Sword [Sword] (ATK 2094, MAG 2302, HIT 170, AVD 44, All Stats + 24, AP 11) (///)
Alfa Beld Spear [Spear] (ATK 2430, MAG 1821, HIT 145, AVD 86, All Stats + 24, AP 11) (///)
Destructor [Gun] (ATK 2833, MAG 1213, HIT 135, STR 42, VIT 42, AGI 36, AP 8) (///)
Issei Fubi [Fist] (ATK 2136, MAG 1023, HIT 220, STR 66, LUK 66, AP 16) (///)
Parochial Megasuit [Armor] (DEF 257, RST 1155, HIT 36, AVD 34, INT 24, LUK 24, AP 9) (4 slots)

[x360a would like to thank iNf3Rn0 Lan for this Roadmap]

It's My Specialty10
Successfully executed a Special Art.   (3) 

In order to use a special art, you must execute two consecutive (and specific) EX moves. For example, using Sieghart’s LV1 EX Move (Howling Storm) and then Routier’s LV1 EX Move (Aqua Prism) will simply cause Howling Storm to execute followed by Aqua Prism, and NOT gain you the achievement. The earliest Special Art you can do will likely be Alice’s LV1 (Gleam Flare) followed by Galios’ LV2 (Vortex Howl). When these two moves are placed next together in the move list, they will make the move Grand Stream. Even if the combo move “Grand Stream” does not appear, the move will still activate and the move will be added to your Esoterica book afterwards.

Some basic information on EX Moves:

LV1, require 50 SP, cost 18 AP, learned at the start
LV2, require 100 SP, cost 32 AP, learned at lv25
LV3, require 250 SP, cost 50 AP, learned anytime past lv45 by using a Proof of Valor.

Time and Again20
Successfully executed a distinctive Special Art.    (1) 

In order to use Alice and Ellis’ unique Special Art, you MUST be in Extra Mode. This allows you to enter Digest Mode which will place Ellis in your party. Once Alice and Ellis are in your party, they both will need to reach lv45 and have a Proof of Valor used on them to unlock their LV3 EX Moves. Once Alice has LV3 Eternal Cross and Ellis has LV3 C-Rejuvenation, enter a battle and use support moves on Alice and Ellis to build their SP to 250. Once both have their SP at 250, use both of their LV3 EX Moves consecutively to unleash their ultimate attack: Angelic Corona.

Here's a video showing the special move:

credit to Setsuna

Better Safe Than Sorry30
Overkilled 500 enemies.   

Overkilling enemies may come naturally for those with overpowered DLC weapons. However, for those without them, here are some tips:

  • Get enemies to low health but do not kill them; instead, wait until next turn to unleash a barrage of attacks on them.
  • Learn powerful moves early on. Go out of your way to get titles for killing X amounts of enemies, as those often give Skill books which allow you to make newer and better skills at the Adventurer’s Guild.
  • Good 2nd generation skills to use are Execution (Double Edge + Cross Edge + Square Cross), Gore Crush (Power Attack + Meteor Impact + Deadly Blow), Accel Rave (Rush + Rapid Move + Rush Beat), and for mages, Stardust by itself is very powerful.
It's the Only Way to be Sure10
Defeated an opponent with an Overkill.   

Simply defeat one enemy with an overkill. To overkill an enemy, you must kill an enemy, then continue to do as much damage as it has HP. For example, if an enemy has 1000 max HP, then you do enough damage to bring him down to 200 HP, you will kill him by a mere 200 damage. However, to OVERKILL him, you must do 1200+ damage.

Stay Classy, Kraltarla10
Changed your class.   

In order to change your class (which isn’t actually changing your class—only making you stronger), you must reach lv45 with a character and then use a Proof of Valor on him or her. Proof of Valors may be obtained through titles or overkilling bosses in Digest Mode.

Created a marionette.   

To create a marionette, you must reach Loger Forest, North in Generation 2. Inside that dungeon on one of the many winding paths, you will find an item named Forbidden Tome 1. Once this item is obtained, go to a town and enter the Alchemist’s Guild. Any past character will be able to be revived for a hefty sum, so it is recommended to save money for the revival procedure. Alternatively, completing any generation in Extra Mode’s “Digest Mode” will automatically give you a Forbidden Tome as well to revive the original game’s heroes and heroines.

Combined monsters.   

In order to combine monsters, you must first have two captured monsters. To capture monsters, you will need the Dark spell “Capture” and the Extra spell “Merciful Strike.” Capture will actually capture the enemy, while Merciful Strike will bring an enemy down to 1 HP and not kill it, allowing you to capture it instead. Simply damage an enemy to low health, then do the remaining damage with Merciful Strike to make sure that you won’t kill it. Enemies may be captured with HP anywhere from 1HP to 5% HP, but the lower HP, the higher the chance of capturing it. The LUK stat also influences this, as some enemies may show a message that says, “This enemy cannot be captured,” when in reality, your LUK stat is too low.

Once you have captured two monsters, go to a town and enter the Monster’s Guild. Choose the option to combine monsters, and put two together. Achievement unlocked!

The Combine20
Combine monsters 100 times.   

As tedious as this achievement may seem, anyone aiming for all the achievements in this game will likely obtain this naturally. Late in the game, you will be able to combine monsters for ATK+999 and MAG+999 active items, which require monster combinations to make. To save some time:

Mandrake Root + Medusa = Dryad (Trade for monster weapon which converts to MAG+999)

White Dragon + Ring Dragon = Silver Dragon
White Dragon + Silver Dragon = Yellow Dragon
Ring Dragon + Living Dead = Fafnir
Yellow Dragon + Fafnir = Arc Dragon (Trade for monster weapon which converts to ATK+999)

Mandrake Root and Living Dead can be found at the location "Tyranny of God."
White Dragon can be found in the Hidden Dugeon Fenstermacher Plain at "Noshieru." Ring Dragon can be found in the same dungeon at "Coltorti." Medusa can also be found in the same dungeon at the beginning battles as well as "Coltorti."

*Not recommended for Normal Mode, as items do not transfer.

Converted an item.   

To convert an item, you must first raise its level to 5 by enhancing. To enhance items, go to the Blacksmith’s Guild and click on Enhance. From there, press A to select an item, then push right until you reach your desired level of enhancement. Once an item reaches level 5 enhancement, press A on that item again and you will be asked if you wish to convert it. Convert one item and this achievement is yours!

Fleet of Foot10
Your agility has exceeded 50.   (2) 

This will come naturally throughout the story. However, if you wish to achieve it early, you may save up a large sum of PP (which you can use by pressing Y on “Status” then choosing a character) then spend it all on one character to raise his stats. Alternatively, if you have a completed save file of the original Record of Agarest War, you will begin with 2500 PP which will grant you all five of these achievements easily.

First in our Hearts50
Cleared Generation 1.    

Story related. Cannot be missed.

Second to None100
Cleared Generation 2.    

Story related. Cannot be missed.

Stroke of Luck10
Your luck has exceeded 50.   

Please refer to “Fleet of Foot.”

It's a Trap!10
Captured a monster.   

Please refer to “Monstrous.”

Sound of Mind10
Your intelligence has exceeded 50.   

Please refer to “Fleet of Foot.”

Stout of Heart10
Your vitality has exceeded 50.   

Please refer to “Fleet of Foot.”

Strong of Body10
Your strength has exceeded 50.   

Please refer to “Fleet of Foot.”

Got your first title! Keep it up and earn some more.   

When you first enter the Adventurer’s Guild, you are bound to have least one title in green for you to unlock. Simply press A twice on it to unlock it and gain some items as well as an achievement!

You have more than 100 titles.    

Please refer to "Monarch."

You're En Good Hance20
Enhanced items over 5,000 times.   

Enhancing 5000 times will more than likely not come naturally. Unlike the first game, you may enhance as many levels at once and each level will count as one time. For example, if you enhance an item from lv1 to lv5, you will get 4 enhances. However, converting an item does NOT count as an enhance. Therefore, 1250 items enhanced from lv1 to lv5 would unlock this achievement. To save EP and money, it is recommended to buy Spatas from the shop for 100 gold each, as upgrading them costs little money.

The Quick Method-
If you have a Street Fighter 4 control pad with turbo (or any controller with turbo for that matter), turn on turbo for the A button and begin enhancing items. You can hold A, tap right, let go, and an item will be enhanced to the max in a matter of less than a second. This is easily the quickest way to do this achievement and will save you a ton of time.

Enhance! Enhance!20
Earned 25,000,000 EP.    (1) 

Earning 25,000,000 EP will come naturally for anyone planning to 1k the game; however, as EP is extremely viable early in the game for upgrading equipment, I recommend purchasing the “Point Addition Pack 4” on the marketplace for 480 points ($6). It gives you 50,000,000 gold and 50,000,000 EP which will take a large amount of stress off your shoulders for making and upgrading equipment. Upon loading your save file, you will unlock the achievement.

Point Technician20
Earned 10,000 TP.    

Earning 10,000 TP may sound hectic at first due to the low amounts gained each battle, but by progressing through the game, you will begin to earn more TP each battle. TP earned is calculated by taking your highest hit count in a battle and dividing it by 4. So if your highest hit count in a battle was 100, you would earn 25 TP for that battle. This is one achievement that I would NOT recommend buying a point pack for, as TP is largely worthless throughout the majority of the game save a few purchases, and by the time you have a lot, you won’t need it anymore.

Unlocked all profiles.     

In order to unlock all profiles, you MUST get the True End and MUST be on Extra Mode. Profiles are unlocked automatically through the story in Zero as well as the story in Digest. If you have unlocked almost all of the profiles and cannot figure out what you are missing, it is likely the following:

  • (Zero) Decimal & Poulets—Unlocked by completing the battle with Decimal in the Boundary Plane.
  • (Digest) The profiles for the 6 gods—Unlocked by defeating each god respectively.
David Attenborough40
Completed the monster picture book.     

In order to complete the monster picture book, you MUST achieve the True End. Many of the monsters can only be fought in the Boundary Plane. If you’re missing monsters, you may go to the Agarest Wiki or this thread by hayabusaDGO.

If you’ve completed the majority of the game and are still missing monsters, you likely have not fought the rare monsters. They are:

Miesha, found in Larme Fol Canyon (Ruiju Daffodils)
Mucrane, found in Etrandere Fen, East (Tale Wellspring)
Luijt, found in Scarred Mountains (Purge)
*Recommend killing 2 of each for a title

Clione, found in The Boundary Plane (Obscurity/Expunge) *True End
Vepar, found in Fenstermacher Plane (Place of the Dark Dawn)*Hidden Dungeon
Jatayu, found in The Boundary Plane (Minor Lament) *True End
Sandworm, found in Ohtor Plateau (Wily Retainer Room) *Hidden Dungeon
Belladonna, found in Cape Promontorio (Barca Reef) *Hidden Dungeon

You may also fight Sandworm and Belladonna in a special fight in the Boundary Edge. Make your field bigger if you aren’t getting both types of rare monsters.

You have all the titles. Good work!     

To view all the titles and what you obtain from them, please go to the Agarest Wikia.

Titles are split up into quite a few different categories. There are titles for:

  • Defeat up to 4,000 enemies
  • Win up to 750 battles
  • Deal up to 5 million damage
  • Deal up to 400 hits
  • Possess up to 10,000,000 gold
  • Combine monsters up to 50 times
  • Smith up to 500 times
  • Enhance items up to 2,000 times
  • Complete the Zero Story
  • Obtain the True End
  • Complete the Digest Story
  • View all Zero CG events
  • View all 3 Hot Spring events
  • Possess X amount of specific items
  • Defeat X amount of specific enemies
  • Collect all Zero Esoterica books
  • Collect all Zero Secret Art books
  • Collect every weapon (excluding monster weapons)
  • Collect every type of armor
  • Collect every type of accessory
  • Collect every type of item (Tools)
  • Collect every skill
  • Defeat bosses in the Boundary Plane

As horrific as this sounds, most titles can be obtained fairly easily by doing titles one at a time. The only ones to cause any major difficulty are the two for collecting every weapon and item. If you’re having trouble with these, remember to press  to scroll through an item’s information to see if it can be converted to what you need.

Agarest Weapons
Agarest Items

Spoils of War20
Earned 25,000,000 G.    

This achievement will unlock naturally through the post-game for anyone aiming to get all the achievements. Although money may seem scarce at first, it will become abundant later from receiving high amounts each battle. If you would like to achieve this early, you may buy the Additional Points Pack 4 which includes 50,000,000 Gold and 50,000,000 EP. This achievement will unlock upon loading your save file.

Certified Pre-Owned15
Sold 1,000 items.   

To easily obtain this achievement, simply buy 99 spatas from the shop for 100 gold each, then sell them back. Repeat the process about 10 times, and you will unlock this achievement.

Til You Drop15
Went shopping 500 times.   (1) 

Although this achievement’s description states that you must go shopping 500 times, you merely need to purchase 500 items. If you’re going for “Certified Pre-Owned” as well, you should unlock this while going for that achievement.

Real Soviet Damage25
Dealt 10,000,000 points of damage.   (5) 

Dealing 10,000,000 damage may sound difficult; however, achieving this at any level above 50 is very possible (although 100+ is recommended). To nearly guarantee this achievement, you should use the following characters:

Dyshana (Extra Mode Only)
Ellis (Extra Mode Only)

Use a Proof of Valor on each character to increase their stats and unlock extra skill slots as well as their LV3 EX Moves. After having each character’s class upgraded, you should be ready. As total damage is calculated through each enemy that gets hit, find a large group of enemies (6+) that can all be hit with the range of EXT Stardust. 

To get SP quickly, you may want to put a low level spell on each character such as Heal or Revitalize. Each time a character uses a move on himself, he will gain 10 SP. Each use of a spell on an ally will generate 5 SP for each character. Once your SP is above 250 for each character, move your characters around until the enemies are in range. Start off the combo with each character combining their LV3 EX Moves. The special Area-of-Effect attack “Soul of Blaze” will be unleashed. This is easily the strongest Special Art in the game, and is a great way to start your combo with 5+ million damage. After using S.O.B., you may want to consider adding some of the following AoE moves:

 Rapid Stream
- Blast
- Rapid Move

- Earth Nova
- Ascension
- Ascension Shower
- Ray
 Grand Cross
- Black Mist
- Dark Flame
- Dark Ray

Additional combo moves such as GEN Execution and PWR Gore Crush will add damage, but will only affect one target versus the whole group, so only use these after all other attacks have been used.


(Thanks to MasterLL for the video and finding the method!)

You're Already Dead!25
Try and get a hit count of 650.   

Obtaining 650 hits can be easily obtained with the right strategy. I recommend that you use a Proof of Valor on each of your characters so that they get extra AP and skill slots. The highest hit-giving skills are COM Combo skills, so you’ll want as many of these in your party as possible. Characters with multiple slots of these skills are:

Fyuria (Extra Mode)
Noah (Extra Mode)

The combined attack COM Accel Rave gives 72 hits when the enemy is in Broken status. To break an enemy, use strong attacks or an EX Move. Any low level enemy will be easily broken, and all attacks with get the broken amount of hits. I recommend using the following moves towards the achievement:

 Accel Rave (72 Broken Hits)
- Rush
- Rapid Move
- Rush Beat

 Execution (48 Broken Hits)
- Double Edge
- Cross Edge
- Square Cross

 Mirage Force (52 Broken Hits)
- Trick Hit
- Critical Charge
- Shadow Sting

 -Earth Nova (40 Broken Hits)
- Ascension Shower
- Ray
- Grand Cross (40 Broken Hits)
- Black Mist
- Dark Flame
- Dark Ray
 Joint Break (24 Broken Hits)
- Critical Charge
- Square Cross
-Stardust (12 Hits)

(credit to Setsuna)

Love is a Battlefield25
Engaged in 2,500 battles.   

Please refer to “Fight in the Shade.”

Fight in the Shade20
Defeated 10,000 enemies.   

Unfortunately, this achievement and “Love is a Battlefield” will more than likely not be unlocked naturally. After unlocking all other achievements, go to a battle with weak enemies where you can leave your game on for some time. Put the game on Auto Battle by pressing Select, and press  to advance through the menus when necessary.

Alternatively, if you have a turbo controller, you can make these two achievements much more simple by keeping the  button held down while having the game play itself. Leave the game on overnight or when you’re not around and you’ll likely unlock these achievements much sooner.

Secret Achievements
It Happens to a Lot of Guys5
Nope, he did it again.   (1) 

This achievement will come naturally for anyone who frequently creates items at the blacksmith. To unlock this, you must have the blacksmith fail creating an item. This is entirely luck-based but is bound to happen eventually. If you're intent on unlocking this, save your game and then craft everything possible, then reload after you get your achievement.

He Chose...Poorly10
Changed Ellis's appearance.     

To change Ellis's appearance, you must complete Digest Mode's 5th generation. This will cause the god battles to appear. Trigger the event at the Frontier (Digest 1st Generation) and listen to the conversation between Leonhardt and Ellis. After completing a few battles or a few gods, this event will appear. Simply click on it and change Ellis back to a child.

(credit to Setsuna)

The Important Bits, at Least30
Cleared the digest route.     (3) 

To unlock this achievement, you MUST be on Extra Mode. You unlock this after defeating Chaos after completing the rest of Digest Mode.

For those curious about the heroes of Digest Mode, each one is restricted to swords since you cannot choose the brides; instead, the canon choices are made.

  1. Fyuria
  2. Valeria
  3. Lavinia
  4. Hildegard

Once you finish Generation 5 in Digest Mode, you will have to defeat a god on each continent. After doing so, you unlock the fight with Chaos. Defeat him to unlock this achievement.

(credit to Setsuna)

Truth and Consequences100
Saw the true ending.    (1) 

It is possible to obtain the true end on any playthrough. However, the requirements are a bit shaky. The basics of it are:

  • Niel left the party at Trizon Fortress
  • High level affection from Heroines
    • It is stated by some that you can do first generation with a 6,6,4 between Heroines and still obtain True End, but not with 5,5,4.
    • I personally did a 6,6,5 1st Gen and 6,6,4,4,4,4 2nd Gen playthrough and still got True End. I suspect you may need an average of 5+ (which is exactly what I got) love ratings to unlock True End.
  • You do NOT have to see every event
  • You do NOT have to beat timed-turn boss battles

To ensure the True End, please follow the True End Guide.

Son of a Beach20
You have visited the beach.    (1) 

If you're following the True End Guide, you're bound to unlock this naturally. However, if you're not but would still like to unlock this achievement, follow these steps:

Generation 1

  1. See Routier at Inn during Vacation Day 4
  2. See Eugene at Forest during Vacation Day 4

After Vacation Day 4, the first beach scene will appear.

Generation 2

  1. Meet Eugene during Day at Vacation Day 2

After Vacation Day 2, the second beach scene will appear. After watching the second one, your achievement will unlock.

Dungeon Master20
Cleared all the hidden dungeons.     

To unlock this achievement, you must first unlock the 3 hidden dungeons. You will unlock them while following the True End Guide; however, here are their unlock conditions:

  • Cape Promontorio (During Vacation 4 at Alegria in Generation 1 you must visit Tetora on Night 5 at the Entrance).
  • Ohtor Plateau (During Vacation 1 at Mowales Village in Generation 2 you must visit the Adventurer's Guild on Night 5).
  • Fenstermacher Plain (During Vacation 4 at Will C'est-fini in Generation 2 you must visit The Bar on Night 4).

After clearing every point of each dungeon the achievement will unlock.

We Meet at Last25
Encountered the worst enemy.     (2) 

To unlock this achievement, you MUST be on Extra Mode. This is easily the hardest achievement in the game, as you must complete the entire Boundary's Edge, which is unlocked after defeating the Boundary Plane as well as Chaos. Boundary's Edge itself is an immense difficulty spike compared to the rest of the game, and this is where you skills will be ultimately tested. Here are some tips for surviving both the Boundary Plane as well as Boundary's Edge:

  • Focus on winning the battle, not rank
  • Fully upgrade EVERYTHING
  • Make sure you have sufficient ATK/MAG+999 items, and use other high-tier upgrades such as MOV+3 and Restore AP++
  • Get Revive on everyone possible--this spell will revive a character the turn after they are killed (very helpful if you accidentally put a full team up front and only one character stays alive, as everyone with the spell on them will come back at the beginning of the next turn)
  • Abuse Unleash All/Magic/Anger. Sometimes having a character with low health is barely different from full health, whereas the damage boost is extremely significant

And not to intimidate you, but here are the maps for the Boundary Plane and Boundary's Edge:

Once you defeat Val-Alduke in BOUNDARY'S EDGE, the achievement will unlock.

Don't Get Cocky!25
Defeated the monstrous Decimal. Haven't eaten him yet, though.    (1) 

To fight Decimal, you must first clear Obsidian Death Blade in the Boundary Plane. After clearing that, an event should appear at Dawn of Rebellion. You will find yourself in a battle with both Decimal and a Chickapede. A strange trick I found for this battle involves blocking off Decimal due to the field.

- = not a point
* = square
o = party member spots
O = needed party member spots
D = Decimal
C = Chickapede


First, place your party members on the leftmost side of the field. Make sure to put two members where the capital O's are, as this will cause Decimal to not reroute around the side, and you can block him if he does. Place the other party members in the back area to avoid attacks and provide support as needed. Abuse stardust on the Chickapede or other spells with similar range to damage both the Chickapede and Decimal simultaneously. After surviving long enough and killing the Chickapede, you should have enough SP to defeat Decimal easily.

This does not follow the strategy mentioned above, but it does show the battlefield and adapting strategies:

Hot Springs Eternal20
You have visited the hot springs.    

To unlock this achievement, you MUST unlock True End. You will obtain 2 of 3 Hot Spring events while following the True End Guide, but the 3rd one is found in the Boundary Plane at the start. The following are the requirements for the scenes:

Generation 1

  1. Meet Eugene at Bar during Vacation Day 4
  2. All Female members are relationship 3+

This scene will occur at Ebene Plain near the end of Generation 1.

Generation 2

  1. Meet Eugene at Night during Vacation Day 4

This hot spring scene will occur at Will C'est-fini near the end of Generation 2.

True End (The Boundary Plane)

This will be the very first point in the Boundary Plane. Enter the mountains in the middle of the map to unlock a new path to the Boundary Plane. Once there, view the event and you will unlock the achievement after.

I Know30
You reached the end of a generation with at least one woman completely in love with you.    

Unlocking this is as simple as marrying any woman who has level 6 affection with you. You can check their affection with you by opening your menu and then pressing  while over Status. From there, hit Affection and you can check each heroine's affection for you. The achievement should unlock sometime between selecting the woman and the end of the marriage scene.

They Mostly Come Out at Night20
Defeated the four types of hidden monsters.     

To unlock this achievement, you MUST get the True End. The four monsters needed for this achievement are:

  • 146: Vepar (Fenstermacher Plain: Place of the Dark Dawn)
  • 147: Jatayu (Boundary Plane: Minor Lament)
  • 148: Sandworm (Ohtor Plateau: Rebel General Room)
  • 149: Belladonna (Cape Promontorio: Litesta)

The Sandworm and Belladonna have a very rare appearance rate, so there is a special fight in the Boundary Plane where you can fight two of each. Make sure to select a bigger field for the fight if only two of one rare monster appears. After defeating the last monster, this achievement will unlock.

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US June 14, 2011

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