Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour

Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour Achievement Guide

Guide By: gomillerd
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

You did it30
Complete 100% of the game content   (4) 

For this you have to get gold on all of the Training, Tour Stops, Race Tour, Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour and World Record and all the achievements for this to unlock. So just play through each mode getting gold and you should get it. NOTE you must have all the other achievements for this to unlock!

All the goods15
Unlock all bikes, outfits and events!    

This comes whilst getting the "You Did It" achievement. You basically need to gain fans to unlock all the bikes, outfits and events.

The crowd's darling15
Perform 100 tricks!   

Very easy, just play through doing tricks and this will come through natural progression in the game.

Emergency ward10
Crash 70 times   

This just comes from playing the game unless you are a god and never crash.

Tricks master20
Chain 5 tricks together   (2) 

On the training mode you can go up a ramp and get very high, just chain 5 simple tricks such as no footer ().

Drive through any track with no jumps   

The easiest track to do this on is Italy because there are no high jumps, take it slowly.

Red Bull X-Fighters - Acrophobia Xbox 360 - YouTube

All time winner25
Establish a record in all events    

Just get a score on every track on every mode and this will pop

Fan's favorite10
Perform a sextuple flip   (1) 

This can be done on the training level or on the 'Highest Jump' world record. Just get up high by performing a wheelie on the run up and hold the left stick to perform 6 flips.

Red Bull X-Fighters - Fan's Favorite Xbox 360 - YouTube

Chain enough tricks to acquire 50.000 points during single jump   (1) 

Use the training level to do this achievement. On the run up try to hold a wheelie to build up speed and chain together these four tricks: Superman (), Death Walker (), Cliffhanger ) and Hell Surfer ().
Thanks to MartyrDon for the method.

Red Bull X-Fighters - Insane 50.000 combo Xbox 360 - YouTube

Score smasher25
Beat your own highscore in any point-based event 50 times   

This should come naturally on the way to getting 100%, but to get it quicker or if you find you are getting gold on your first try, you should set a bronze, silver, then a gold score.

Gain 10 000 fans   

You get fans by getting scores on tracks so this achievement will come through natural progression in the game and getting all gold.

Perform 50 meter wheelie   

When running up to a jump you should always try and do wheelie (Hold the  backwards) to get a higher jump so you should get this from just playing. 

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