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Red Faction: Battlegrounds Achievement Guide

Guide By: jamie1000013
There are 16 achievements with a total of 250 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10 without "Take that, winters!" 2/10
-Offline: 8(150)
-Online: 4(50)
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 4-5 hours (With boosting)
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 
-Number of missable achievements: None
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements?: No 
-Glitchy achievements: None
-Unobtainable achievements: None
-Extra equipment needed? : Preferably 3 controllers at least 2

This game is 3rd person vehicle based shooter. It may have Red Faction on the cover but it has very few similarities to it. To gain all of the achievements you need to complete 16 training missions with a gold medal and boost the online achievements. The difficulty of this game depends on how hard you find the last few challenges. From challenge 10-16 I started to struggle and it says something when the top ten on the leaderboard have only just gotten gold on these.

Step 1: Training Missions
There are 16 missions in total and while playing through you should at least reach rank 10. Although gaining levels gives you hardly any advantages other than multiplayer vehicles which cannot be used on these training missions. Your best bet to completing these missions is to just perceiver and hope you get lucky on some of the harder one's.

Step 2: Online/Rank achievements
First thing's first find a boosting partner in this Thread. Make sure you and your partner have 3 controllers each if you don't you will need to find a 3rd and 4th person to boost with. Simply look at the achievement guide below on how to boost each specific achievement. This step should take you around 1-2 hours to get all of the online achievements.

Step 3: Win a Local game
Set up a local game with two controllers and set the game length to short and then win on your profile's controller.

This game is short and can be really frustrating at times but it does offer some easy gamerscore if you ignore the 'Take that, Winters!' achievement. Also when you reach rank 2, 10 and 20 you'll unlock rewards to use on Red Faction: Armageddon, see the achievements below for the rewards you get.

[x360a would like to thank jamie1000013 for this roadmap]

Take That, Winters!40
Gain a Gold Star in All Training Missions 

There are a total of 16 training missions and the final six are really tough. Here is a basic outline of all the training missions:

Type: Speed Trial
Gold: 00:55:00
Difficulty: Normal

Type: Shooting Range
Gold: 01:00:00
Difficulty: Easy

Type: Survival
Gold: 03:30:00
Difficulty: Normal
Method: Stay at the same place you start on. There are 2 ways for the enemy to enter, you must guard them with your life. The enemy only sends Miner ATVs and Rover Flatbed that can be easily destroyed by a Medium Tank.

Type: Annihilate
Gold: 02:20:00
Difficulty: Hard
Method: This mission all depends on your mines. Use mines as often as you can as they can 1-hit destroy the enemy. Fire from afar instead of being close to increase your accuracy. That's all I can say about this mission. 

Type: Survival
Gold: 03:40:00
Difficulty: Normal
Method: As soon as the mission starts go to the right side of the map (below the Item spawn-er). In this position enemies can only approach you from above and below (mostly from below). When the Air Mines spawn above you take it and put one right on the Item spawn-er then return to your previous position. Sometimes an enemy will appear where you put your Air Mine and when he appears press to detonate the Air Mine and kill him before he hurts you. Re-Do the steps until it's over. 

Type: Speed Trial
Gold: 01:20:00
Difficulty: Easy

Type: Shooting Range
Gold: 01:00:00
Difficulty: Easy

Type: Annihilate
Gold: 02:40:00
Difficulty: Very Easy

Type: Survival
Gold: 04:00:00
Difficulty: Hard
Method: I found it easier if you run away instead of defending. It will take a few tries but you'll make it, just stay away from the enemy firing zone. More enemies will spawn over time (Max 5) most of them are Combat Walkers which are slow and easily avoidable. You could get The Running Man using this method but if you're having trouble at the end feel free to start firing for your life. 

Type: Speed Trial
Gold: 01:30:00
Difficulty: Easy

Type: Annihilate
Gold: 01:45:00
Difficulty: Normal

Type: Shooting Range
Gold: 01:10:00
Difficulty: Normal

Type: Survival
Gold: 03:10:00
Difficulty: Easy

Type: Annihilate
Gold: 02:50:00
Difficulty: Normal

Type: Survival
Gold: 04:20:00
Difficulty: Hard
Method: This one is tricky but can be easy if you follow these steps: A few seconds after the mission starts Mines will spawn on the left side of the map; take them. After that go to the top right corner of the map and stay there; it'll be your defending place for this mission, enemies will only approach you from below. If your health gets low grab the Shield below you and drive to the left side and you'll find Health (It won’t appear if you don’t get the Mines at the beginning). Then go to the upper area and grab the Singularity Bomb just in case you need it. Return to the defending position and stay alive. If you do these steps you shouldn't have any problem.

Type: Annihilate
Gold: 02:15:00
Difficulty: Very Hard
Method: This mission depends on your accuracy, use of items and your bonus kills. There is no easy way to do this, just memorize the enemy locations and try to get as many bonus kills as you can. Use as many items as you can to get fast kills.

(Credit to duck360 on for this)


  • Press  to change between Stick Fire mode and Trigger Fire mode. Use the one that suits you best.
  • Your accuracy depends on how far you are from your enemy; Close=bad. Medium=Very Good. Far=Good
  • Bonus kills (Double kills, Triple kills...etc) helps increase the time on survival and lower it on annihilation which can help a lot.
Helping hands5
Complete Your First Local Multiplayer Game 

From the main menu you can play a local game. You can play this with just two controllers and don't need to win in order to unlock this achievement. Set the game length to short to make this achievement faster to obtain.

Taste of Victory5
Win an Xbox LIVE Game 

The easiest way to get this is by boosting it. To find boosting partners please use this Thread. You will get this when you are boosting the various online achievements such as boosting your level or getting gold medals.

Welcome to the Faction5
Gain Your First Rank 

XP can be earned both in Training Missions and Online. Earn XP to get a higher Rank.

Each mission contains 1,500 XP; out of it you get 500 XP if you earn Bronze, 1,000 if you earn Silver and 1,500 if you earn Gold. You can not repeat a mission to earn more than 1,500.

You need 2,100 XP to reach Rank 1.

*Note, after unlocking this achievement you will gain 1000 Salvage for use on Red Faction: Armageddon"

The Skills to Pay the Bills15
Unlock All of the Training Missions 

*Story Related and cannot be missed*

All you have to do for this achievement is complete the missions with any star rating to unlock the next mission. After you have unlocked all 16 training missions this will unlock.

Gain a Gold Badge in 5 Player Awards 

Player Awards are online awards that you achieve while you are playing online. You first unlock Bronze, then Silver, and last Gold. There are a total of 12 awards and you must get Gold in 5 of them. Some take a lot of time to get and some can take very little. For the vehicle kills achievements you have to kill the vehicles while in any vehicle. The one's I have bolded are the one's which take the shortest amount of time to get.

Here is the requirements for each Gold Player Award:

  • Deathmatch Master: 5h play time
  • Team Deathmatch Master: 5h play time
  • King of the Hill Master: 5h play time
  • Flag Frenzy: 5h play time
  • Capture the Flag Master: 5h play time
  • Tank Killer: 250 kills
  • Walker Killer: 250 kills
  • Light Vehicle Killer: 250 kills
  • Destroyer: 1000 kills
  • Plan B: 200 kills
  • Team Player: 250 assist
  • Flag Capture: 100 (Credit to Carmona 25)
  • King of the Hill: 33m as the Hill King
  • King Killer: 200 hill king killed
  • Flag Carrier Killer: 200 flag carrier killed
  • Game Player: 100 games played.

Vehicle Kills boosting method:
Game Mode: Capture the flag
Map: Chem Zone
Game length: Doesn't really matter preferably short
Vehicle: Light Walker/Heavy Tank most damaging vehicle for you
Helper's Vehicles: Whatever vehicle the person getting the achievement needs
Damage: Very High
Fire Rate: Increased
Vehicle Speed: Increased
Extras: Boosting partner should have preferably more than 1 controller in the game.

How to boost using this method:
You should take it in turns of whose getting the medals/achievements as in when player A has got all of the medals/achievements it should be Player B's turn to boost. This saves swapping controllers around after every game. So first thing's first player B (Not getting the medals) should start an online game with 3 (or 2) controllers playing as guests then invite player A and start the game with the game settings above. Player A (Getting the medals) should then drive to player B's flag zone and keep killing his vehicle's. The great thing about this method is that the vehicle's should always spawn around you and there is no time limit. You can rack up the kills very fast this way.

Using this boosting method you can get the Tank Killer medal, Walker Killer medal and Light Vehicle Killer medal. After player A has got these he can then boost flag captures and wins using this game mode. It only takes 2 flags to win so each game should take you around a minute to win. After about 2-3 hours you should have all of the medals and maybe even all of the online achievements as well. 

(Credit to Carmona25 for helping me find out this boosting method)

The Running Man10
Earn a Gold Star in a Survival Training Mission Without Using Any Weapons 

Go on Standoff (the 3rd training mission, the first Survival one). All you have to do is to run in circles around the rocks for 3 minutes and a half. Items are allowed (so you can run over the mines and the repair power-ups, the trophy will still unlock). But you must not fire your weapon. An enemy will spawn after 30 seconds, another one at 1:30, and the last one at 2:30. This is very easy in my opinion and I got it on my first try. Only when you are low on health pick up the repair tool because it doesn't disappear.

Going Up in the World15
Get To Rank 10 

Please refer to the 'Faction Leader' Achievement. 

*Note, after getting this achievement you unlock 1,000 salvage to use on Red Faction: Armageddon*

Faction Leader50
Get To Rank 20 

You will need 55,600 exp to reach rank 20. Each training mission contains 1,500 XP; out of it you get 500 XP if you earn Bronze, 1,000 if you earn Silver and 1,500 if you earn Gold. You can not repeat a mission to earn more than 1,500. So that's 24,000 XP out of the way. You could try and unlock this achievement while boosting gold medals but you may need a bit more XP and a lot more if you don't plan on boosting the Gold medals. 

To find boosting partners use this Thread.

Level boosting method:
Game Mode: Deathmatch
Map: Area 49
Game length: Long
Vehicle: Light Walker/Heavy Tank most damaging vehicle for you
Helper's Vehicles: Miner ATV
Damage: Very High
Fire Rate: Increased
Vehicle Speed: Increased
Offensive Pickups: Many
Defensive Pickups: None
Extras: Boosting partner should have preferably more than 1 controller in the game.

Player B (Not level boosting) starts up a game with 3 (or 2) controllers and invites Player A and then Player B sets up the game settings as above and starts the match. Player than continually keeps killing Player B as fast as he can. Player A should keep picking up items until a Singularity bomb spawns (looks like a purple ball) and then ask Player B to group up 3 of his vehicles and use it on them. Player A must make sure his own vehicle is well away after detonating it or else he will get killed and 'The Black Hole' achievement won't unlock for some reason. It should take you about 1 hour to get too level 20 this way with about 3-6K XP a match.

*Note, after getting this achievement you unlock the EDF gun to use on Red Faction: Armageddon* 

(Credit to Carmona25 for helping me find out this boosting method)

The Black Hole15
Kill All Other Players With The Singularity Bomb in a 4 Player Xbox LIVE Game 

You will need either 3 other players to boost with for this or 1 person with 3 controllers. If You have 3 controllers you can let them play as guests and they do not need a gold account. Please see the 'Faction Leader' achievement on how to get this achievement easily. To deploy a Singularity bomb press  and then press  to detonate it.

Total Carnage10
Kill 5 Opponents in a Row Without Dying in an Xbox LIVE Multiplayer Game 

Easily boosted by using this Thread. Please see the 'Faction Leader' achievement for a great boosting method on this. Try not to get too close to vehicles when you are blowing them up because they may take you with them.

Scrap Metal10
Get a Quad Kill in the Training Missions 

Quad Kill = 4 kills at the same time. Best way to do this is by using the Singularity Bomb, press  to deploy it and when you see 4 enemies next to it press  to detonate. The easiest mission type to do this on is an Anihilate mission or a Survival mission. This is very easy to get and shouldn't give you much trouble. Remember though this must be done in Training Missions.

DLC: Armageddon Pack
Price: $2.99 USD Achievements: 2 Points: 25
A Taste of Armageddon10
Earn at least a Bronze Star in all the Armageddon Pack Training Missions 
Destroy 35 Enemies in the Frostbite Training Mission 
DLC: Origins Pack
Price: $2.99 USD Achievements: 2 Points: 25
A Taste of Origins10
Earn at least a Bronze Star in all the Origins Pack Training Missions 
In Race Mode, Kill a Player 3 Times When They're on Their Last Lap 

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US April 06, 2011

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