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Lord Master of Great Skill

Get "Skill Level - Alien" in single player  

After getting this I can confirm that you only have to score two to three times more amount of damage than you receive. Your score, damage streaks, and time don’t matter what so ever. I got this on level six with a score of about 3.3 million, died once, and no streak above 13 while going as slow as possible. Six is a prefect level to get this on, there are a number of heavy tanks that can easily be hit on the edge of or off screen. Just take your time a try to do the same to as many enemies (killing them off screen) as you can or get them to chase you and kill them while fleeing. It’s amazingly easy to get once you know the trick. This has to be done on the hardcore setting as well.

I found some tips for getting this over on the site and the credit goes to them not me.

Originally Posted by Yoszek (a few posts combined and edited)  
I thought it will be ultra hard but it was suprisingly easy.

I played Mission 6 (The Cauldron) on Hardcore Difficulty with the Diz character. Upgrades were: Defense:Hardened Hull, Tactics: Static Shock-Elite & Efficiency-Elite & Super Charged.

Just kept pushing forward and using EMP every time there was some tanks or rocket vehicles. Got a 54 kill streak in there too. I lost my streak after 54, but still got a few more streaks over 20.

I did it without loosing a single life. If you watch out for rockets you will be able to survive it easly.

Also got Alien rank on Missions 8 and 9, so I'm sure that with some practice it can be achieved in all missions without a problem.

Also funny thing happened to me at the last boss fight. We doubled KO each other and the game completed for me. I got the trophy Tough Stuff and Alien rank but on scoreboard it was GAME OVER and 0 score.

Originally Posted by jonfelkin (edited)  
I agree it was shockingly easy. I did it with Diz in Hardcore on Mission 3, as I was progressing in the story, and I also collected all the relics. I was just trying to get maximum damage while taking minimal damage (like the in-game hint suggests). I don't think the kill streak affects it, just how much damage you do and take, so score is probally not a deciding factor.

Lost one life, almost two, and no kill streak over 25 ~ but still got Alien rank on it!

Also did Mission 2 with Superhuman rank trying the same tactic (go for damage whilst taking the minimum possible). Didnt loose a life there but don't think I killed enough for Alien.

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Comment #1 by 69bigplayer69
Friday, December 23, 2011 @ 12:15:25 AM

1st level the ez i found, dont get hit rockets and keep least dmg possbile.

Comment #2 by PoisonJam7
Thursday, January 12, 2012 @ 07:49:12 PM

Does anyone know what all 15 skill levels are?

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