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Guide By: Epilogue of Euphoria
There are 15 achievements with a total of 250 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 7/10 
- Offline: 12/12 (200/200)
- Online: 0/12 (0/200)
- Approximate amount of time to 20010-12 hours (Depending on skill).
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 (Multiple level replay for ranking and leveling).
- Number of missable achievements: Yes, but you have the ability to replay levels, so none of them should be a problem.
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes: "Tough Stuff," "Mega kill Combo," and "Lord master of Great Skill."
- Glitchy achievements: Maybe: Some people are having problems with "The Daily Grind."
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: None
Avatar Awards: Yes


Renegade Ops follows an awol group of battle hardened ass kickers trying to stop the end of the world. Your typically case of madman trying to blow up everything we know, and man is he relentless. As you may have guessed the game's story is about as cheesy as they come and is painfully predictable. The game itself is a blast to play but it can be quite irritating at times, namely the physics system. You will roll, flip, get stuck, and bounce around and off of nearly everything. Doesn't sound too bad but it will get you killed and when you have less lives (when playing on Hardcore) and/or are near the end of the level it can get really annoying.

The Meat and Potatoes: 
I highly suggest that you play on normal first and build your character up before attempting to play the game on hardcore, but you can choose it from the start if you want. Since you can carry over any character you've already leveled up to any difficulty you want it make live a little bit easier for you. With that being said a lot people are having trouble with their levels and abilities being reset, I got the achievement for maxing out a character, so it can be done.

These achievements are missable: "Inferno's Brief's," "Supply Problems," "From Cold Dead Hands," "Jonesingfor Relics," "A Mess of Stiff Staff Sergeants," and "Goody Two Shoes." All these achievements are secondary objectives on certain missions (will be listed below) and are indicated by a black arrow pointing you in the direction to obtain or destroy them. They can be hard to see since some levels you play at night on and the red arrow (primay objectives are indicated by this) will sometimes overlap making it harder to see. 

They are all easy to get and all but two of them are on your way to taking primary objectives, so you wouldn't have to go too much out of your way to get them. Keep in mind though that you are timed on everything you do, the timer isn't and won't be displayed until you have 3 mintues left to finish your current primary objective and if you fail a primary you fail the level. Goody Two Shoes will most likely get you a mission failed since you really have to go out of your way to get this one. A Mess of Stiff Staff Sergeants is the other one you'll have to go out of your way to get, but you should have more than enough time to get it.

Oh, one more thing, finishing the primary objectives will disable some of this secondary objectives and will require you to replay the level to get them. I suggest you got for these as soon as you can and on the normal run, since you need to take your time on hardcore.

Since I brought up hardcore, I think the devs really wanted to torment anyone looking to play this game on said difficulty. As I said above you need to take it slow but here's the catch, this difficulty it the key to getting the Alien ranking and the 50x damage achievement.

So in a nutshell, the game can/is a pain to get some achievements but is a lot of fun to play either way you cut it. The largest part of how easy the game can be depends on how good you are, you really have to get used to the controls and what you can and can't get away with. I gave it a 7 out of 10 and am just playing it safe with that, some people may find it harder than that and some may find it easier than that, I'm open for discussion as far as that goes. 

Any feedback, tips, or info on the guide or for getting the "Mega Kill Combo" and "Lord Master of Great Skill" achievements will be much appreciated. As always, happy hunting.

[x360a would like to thank Epilogue of Euphoria for this Roadmap]

Pilot a helicopter in single player   (4) 

You'll get this on the first level.

Goody Two Shoes15
Bring 20 Prisoners to the Church in single player   (2) 

This is the secondary objective for the first level and will either result in you being Johnny on the Spot to prevent failing the mission or fail it in order to get the achievement (which ever comes first). They are indicated by the black arrow and are all over the place, and since you are timed you really have to move your ass to avoid failing the level. You have to do this in one go also.

*Has to completed before destroying the mortars.

Video Link!

Jonesing for Relics15
Return all the Relics to the Museum in single player    

This is the secondary objective to the third level. There are what seems like a ton of these things but all are on your way to primary objective(s). Just pay attention to the black arrow and you shouldn't miss any.

*Has to completed before destroying Inferno's Warbird the second time.

Video Link!

From Cold Dead Hands15
Steal all Inferno's Weapon Crates in single player    

This is the secondary objective to the fourth level. Like on the first mission you'll be runninjg out to get these and bring them back to the village, but to different places each time. There aren't as many to get this time though. Several are located at different points and a few are grouped together, but they are all in close proximity to one another. Just follow the black arrow while being as quick as you can and you shouldn't have a troubles.

*Has to completed before destroying the APC’s that attack the village.

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Tough Stuff20
Complete all missions on Hardcore Difficulty     (6) 

Hardcore isn't all that bad really but then again it depends on have good you are. You really have to be on your toes to make this easier. This sounds funny but you are almost impossible to hit if you just drive around in circles, your enemies have a real hard time hitting you. Whether its circles or in a figure eight the point is to keep moving, when you constantly change your direction they can't lock onto you. The upgrades for the machine guns help out a lot and secondary weapons, just make sure you don't die as they reset when you do. You can also hit enemies when they are off screen, just look at your score bar to see if you are hitting anything (since as long as you're hitting an enemy it will count). And remember to take your time or you will die quick, very quick. Two hits from a heavy tank or three from anything that fires a rocket and you're dead. Use caution instead of charging into an area. And stay well away from anything that spits fire.

I'm not going to say which character is best for the job since that depends on how you like to play the game, I'll just say I went with Armand. I find his shield ability to be almost invaluable, it's handy when you need to get away and the Rebound tactic makes tanks and rockets work for you. I've been using him with the Second Chance, Harden Hull, Rebound, and Efficiency-Elite abilities.

Each character comes with their own set of special abilities. So whether you use Diz's EMP, Armand's Shield, Roxy's Air Strike, or Gunnar's Heavy Gun depends entirely on how you like to crush your foes. You'll just have mix and match their offensive and defensive abilities to what works best for you.

Here's a glitch that will prove useful thanks to Insaniac85:

*This may have been patched with the update, so try at your own risk*

Originally Posted by Insaniac85  
info for the hardcore-cheevo: there's a glitch in which you only have to play level 1-8 on hardcore. level 9 can be played on normal (maybe even casual).

Supply Problems15
Destroy all Mining Carts in the Kaabe Mountains in single player    

This is the secondary objective to the sixth level. All of these are on your way to the primary objective and you will actually have to do the primary to continue on to get these. Just be mindful of the black arrow and you shouldn't miss any.

*Has to completed before you destroy the wall to get to Natasha in the refinery.

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The Daily Grind20
Get a character to max level in single player   (4) 

In order to get this you'll have to get at least one of the four characters to level 45. It sounds like a lot but its quite easy to rank up and you should be around 38 to 40 by the time you finish the game. So, you shouldn't have to grind on it too much. You get experience from destroying enemies and doing primary and secondary objectives. Remember, you can only gain levels by playing on normal or hardcore.

Note that some people are having problems with this, as their characters are resetting themselves once they get around level 35 to 40. I've got it and know of other people getting it so it's not impossible but it is more than likely glitched. You may want to wait for a patch/update or can attempt it at your own risk.

Inferno's Briefs15
Steal all the Document Briefs in single player    

This is the secondary objective to the eighth level. Like on the third level you just have to get these and there are bunch of them, but they are all on your way to the primary objective. Again, as long as you pay attentionh to the black arrow you won't miss any.

Video Link!

These are all easier to get on normal by the way. Here's a written guide to all these secondary achievements and a walkthrough by mwinter over on GameFront (all credit goes to him/her), check it!

To Hell and Back10
Complete Mission 9 on any Difficulty in single player    

Just finish the game (since this is the last level) and it's yours.

Mega Kill Combo20
Get a 50x Damage Streak in single player   (2) 

In order to get this one you are going to have to play on hardcore. You'll have to score 50 kills in roll while not letting the damage streak bar fall (bottom right of the screen) and be as quick about it as you can. Sounds hard but as long as you are putting shots on a target it won't decrease as quick or run out. Its best to try this on levels where enemies and/or groups are in a closer proximity to one another.

Okay, finally got this. I think the best level for it and the one I got it on is level 3. When taking out the SAM sites (shortly after the secondary objective becomes active). I got a 60x streak, so you more than easily can get it there. Diz really seems to be the key to getting this with her EMP and easier controls. Went with the Hardened Hull, Stasis Shock-Elite, Efficiency-Elite, and the Turbo Boost (a must if you want this achievement). 

Here's some great advice by heatDrive88 on how to get this achievement:

*Check below for the full post, don't have enough room for the entire thing*

The easiest place to get a 50x damage streak is on Mission 2, when you have to take on the quest of taking down the mortars.

1) Before you enter the first area of enemies at the left-most mortar, make sure you take a look at the map and mentally note the quickest and most efficient path to reach one sub-area to the next. As you progress halfway through while clearing to the right, there's a jump you can take off a cliff which will help get you to the next sub-area faster.

2) Most obviously, go in with your machine gun at the max level of 3, and bring either rockets or the railgun for your secondary weapon. Homing rockets could help so you don't have to try so hard at aiming, but it's not necessary. Don't use a flamer as it will take too long to kill enemies, and the shorter distance is not helpful.

3) Take the Nitro-Boost ability with you at the beginning before the mission starts. These short boosts will help you get from sub-area to sub-area much faster. Just be careful with it and try to only use it on a straightaway, as one wrong boost at a turn or a twisting jump will send you flying, most likely not in the direction you want to go or into the trees which will possibly end up with you being flipped over. If this happens, you're going to get screwed over and the damage streak timer will run out, and you'll likely need to start the mission all over again.

4) Every entrance/exit from each sub-area to another where will have 1 or 2 bunker towers at them, which will only fire weak gunfire bursts at you. As you exit from one sub-area to another, try to shoot and destroy the bunker tower as you are driving away and leaving from the sub-area to the next. This will keep your damage streak timer as high as possible to give you more time to travel from one sub-area to the next. Be sure to also prepare for the inevitable bunker tower as you approach each new sub-area, and begin firing on it immediately when it enters your view to keep the damage streak going.

5) Don't waste time picking up health unless you absolutely need it. The last thing you need to do is let your damage streak timer run off while you attempt to pick up items or shoot at things that won't keep your damage streak going. If you're in the red on health, then of course, try to pick it up as quickly as possible, but just don't take too long as time is definitely a factor.

6) Lastly, don't be afraid to use your railgun or rockets on the enemy, or your special ability. Some people get gun-shy with them, but if you chose the loadout that I recommended, they will regenerate fast enough that you can use your rockets or railgun on every missile truck enemy you run into, and possibly more. Getting hit by an enemy rocket can devastate you health, so you need to dispose of those missile truck enemies quickly and efficiently. If you die partway through your damage streak attempt, you will most definitely have to start the mission over again for another attempt.

Lord Master of Great Skill30
Get "Skill Level - Alien" in single player   (2) 

After getting this I can confirm that you only have to score two to three times more amount of damage than you receive. Your score, damage streaks, and time don’t matter what so ever. I got this on level six with a score of about 3.3 million, died once, and no streak above 13 while going as slow as possible. Six is a prefect level to get this on, there are a number of heavy tanks that can easily be hit on the edge of or off screen. Just take your time a try to do the same to as many enemies (killing them off screen) as you can or get them to chase you and kill them while fleeing. It’s amazingly easy to get once you know the trick. This has to be done on the hardcore setting as well.

I found some tips for getting this over on the site and the credit goes to them not me.

Originally Posted by Yoszek (a few posts combined and edited)  
I thought it will be ultra hard but it was suprisingly easy.

I played Mission 6 (The Cauldron) on Hardcore Difficulty with the Diz character. Upgrades were: Defense:Hardened Hull, Tactics: Static Shock-Elite & Efficiency-Elite & Super Charged.

Just kept pushing forward and using EMP every time there was some tanks or rocket vehicles. Got a 54 kill streak in there too. I lost my streak after 54, but still got a few more streaks over 20.

I did it without loosing a single life. If you watch out for rockets you will be able to survive it easly.

Also got Alien rank on Missions 8 and 9, so I'm sure that with some practice it can be achieved in all missions without a problem.

Also funny thing happened to me at the last boss fight. We doubled KO each other and the game completed for me. I got the trophy Tough Stuff and Alien rank but on scoreboard it was GAME OVER and 0 score.

Originally Posted by jonfelkin (edited)  
I agree it was shockingly easy. I did it with Diz in Hardcore on Mission 3, as I was progressing in the story, and I also collected all the relics. I was just trying to get maximum damage while taking minimal damage (like the in-game hint suggests). I don't think the kill streak affects it, just how much damage you do and take, so score is probally not a deciding factor.

Lost one life, almost two, and no kill streak over 25 ~ but still got Alien rank on it!

Also did Mission 2 with Superhuman rank trying the same tactic (go for damage whilst taking the minimum possible). Didnt loose a life there but don't think I killed enough for Alien.

A Mess of Stiff Staff Sergeants15
Kill Inferno's Sergeants in single player   

This is the secondary objective for the second level. All but I think 2 of these guys are on your way to destroying your primary targets. They are indicated by the black arrow and are in lightly armored vehicles, making them easy to kill.

*Has to completed before destroying the commander that tries to escape in the helo.

Video Link!

DLC: Coldstrike Campaign Pack
Price: $4.99 USD Achievements: 3 Points: 50
Mission 1 - Rescue all the civilians in single player (Coldstrike DLC required)    
Mission 2 - Acquire all intel on Coldstrike’s plans in single player (Coldstrike DLC Required)    
Pansy Worm30
Mission 3 - Defeat the Panzer Wyrm (Coldstrike DLC required)    

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US September 14, 2011
Europe September 14, 2011

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