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Guide By: Teh Paralyzer
There are 12 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10 [using infinite herb glitch]
- Offline: 12/12 [1,000/1,000]
- Online: 0/12 [0/1,000]
- Approximate amount of time to 10006-12 Hours [Depending on number of playthroughs.]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 playthrough [2 recommended].
- Missable achievements: 3: "Duty and Humanity," "Weapon Crazy," "From the Young Lady."
- Does difficulty affect achievements: Yes [EASY mode only in JAPAN version though].
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: No
- Extra equipment needed?: No

Welcome to the roadmap for Resident Evil: Code Veronica X HD. Code Veronica (minus the "X") was released back in 2000 on the Dreamcast; and released as Code Veronica X on PS2 and Dreamcast in 2001 featuring an extra 9 minutes of cutscenes. The HD version was released for the Xbox 360 in 2011. In Japan it was released as full retail, everywhere else as digital download only. The Japanese version is slightly different, as in it has different ranks and an easy mode, but following this roadmap (and guide) will still get you the full 1000.

There was a glitch in this game when it was first released back in 2000 to get an infinite item, and thankfully that glitch is still in this game. This enables you to have an infinite herb right from the start, which if you manage it correctly can get you through the whole game without dying pretty easily. The method can be found HERE (credit to all involved for bringing that to attention!).

You can possibly just do this game in one run, and try to get "Weapon Crazy" on your first time. This is for completing the game without dying, saving or retrying, although the game has pretty clunky controls which can be hard to get used to and it is quite easy to get lost. If you are trying for one run through, skip straight to Step 2, if not then lets begin.

Step 1 - First Playthrough:
Okay, follow the steps above to get yourself an infinite herb to make this playthrough a lot less stressful. Take your time going through the game, and learn the controls so they become comfortable. There are two missable achievements to be aware of. When you first get control of Steve, make sure you run back into the room you came from and talk to Claire again to unlock "From The Young Lady." Make sure you take the meds back to Rodrigo for "Duty and Humanity." If you miss this one, don't worry as you will need to give him the meds when going for "Weapon Crazy." Remember to pick up the replica luger with Chris so you can unlock Steve's Battle Game. Once you finish the story you will have unlocked the other 8 story related achievements for 600.
For some great full walkthroughs, a text guide can be found HERE, or if you prefer a video guide, one can be found HERE. Full credit to the original posters.

Step 2 - No Death/No Retry/No Save/No First Aid Spray Speed run:
Okay, now you are familiar with the game, it is time to go for "Weapon Crazy." You need to finish the game with an "A" rank for this. If you have skipped step one, then make sure you are aware of the missable achievements and the location of the replica luger with Chris. You will have time to get all of these and still finish in plenty of time. Your time goal is to complete the game in under 4 hours 30 minutes. If you take advantage of the infinite herb trick, you don't really need to worry about collecting too much stuff, just ensure you have some extra herbs to leave for Claire for the "The Green Giant" achievement section. Be careful not to use any first aid sprays, as this will void the achievement (will stop you getting an "A" rank). The only time you can save your game is after you arrive in Antarctica with Claire. This is the point in the original version where you needed to swap discs, so this is a "free" save and won't affect your ranking.

The only times you stand good chances of dying will be during the fight with Nosferatu as he can push you off the edge, when fighting Alexia with Chris, and when running from the "Green Giant." For the Nosferatu fight, just make sure you don't stand near the edge, and keep on using your infinite herb to stay alive; for the Alexia fight, make sure you have plenty of Magnum ammo and she will go down quickly; and for the Green Giant part, make sure you have enough health items so Claire doesn't die in the chase. These all happen after the free save point, so it won't take long to get back to them if something bad does happen.

The other two things that you will need to do to get the "A" rank, is to deliver the meds to Rodrigo and to rescue Steve from the Luger room "quickly". Just dash back to the room and solve the puzzle as fast as you can and you should be okay.

All being well, you will complete the game without saving, dying, retrying using first aid sprays within 4.5 hours to unlock "Weapon Crazy." Use the guides in Step 1 to help you, the text guide has an "A" guide in it (separate to the regular one), and the video guide is done well within the time frame.

Step 3 - Battle Game:
For your final achievement, "Battle Master," you will need to complete every character's Battle Game mode with an "A" rank. If you picked up the replica Lugers with Chris in the story, you will start with Claire, Chris and Steve. You will unlock Claire's alternative outfit by finishing Claire's battle game with any rank, and unlock Wesker's by finishing Chris' with an "A" rank. The only thing that effects your rank is the speed at which you finish. Each character has different (unlimited ammo) weapons to use, and has different final bosses and time limits. More info and help for these can be found HERE. It may take a few runs to get your rank with each character, but once you learn the rooms and locations of the enemies, they are not too hard.

Resident Evil fans will appreciate this game exactly how it is, but for others it definitely takes some time to get used to it; especially the controls. Using the infinite herb glitch makes what would be quite a tough completion a fairly easy one. Whether you do two playthroughs or are brave and try to do it in one, it is still a pretty quick and painless 1000.

[XBA would like to thank Corrupt. for this Roadmap]

The Terror Begins50
Escape from the graveyard of terror.    (27) 

This achievement is story-related and not missable.

This is after the beginning of the game when you exit your cell you are in a graveyard. Just leave the graveyard from the opposite door.

A Changed Father50
Liberate the changed man.    

This achievement is story-related and not missable.

You get this when the catwalk collapses with Steve and Claire and a cutscene triggers where Steve finds his father. This is the only time you play as Steve.

Beyond the Shades50
Encounter a former S.T.A.R.S. captain.    (3) 

This achievement is story-related and not missable.

Walking back to the Courtyard around the time you give the medicine to Rodrigo a cutscene will trigger (where Wesker backhands Claire). This is the first time you encounter Wesker and when you get this achievement.

The Fallen Tyrant100
Flatten an unstoppable enemy.    (6) 

This achievement is story-related and not missable.

During the fight with T- 078 TYRANT weaken him a bit until you fell you hurt him enough, then jettison the luggage by pushing the control panel. If he was weak enough he should fly out with it.  The Bow Gun is the ideal weapon. Use Explosives if you have them and use all the Bow Gun Ammo you have. If you have the Grenade Launcher, the Gas Rounds will help a decent amount also. If you push the switch too early you will have to damage him all over again, so don't jump the gun. Once he's dead, you'll have this achievement.

The Prisoner Who Lost Everything100
Defeat the nameless man and end his suffering.    (5) 

This achievement is story-related and not missable.

On the Antarctic Helipad when Claire and Steve try to walk down you will see Nosferatu is coming up the walkway. He takes about 4 sniper shots to the chest. Distance yourself away as he will throw poison which you will need a blue herb mixed to heal. If you get to far away you won't be able to see him even with the sniper scope He can knock you off the edge and cause instant death. If you become poisoned, a Blue Herb will not fix this thus adding an extra objective when you play as Chris.

To The Frozen Land50
Begin the search for your sister.    (2) 

This achievement is story-related and not missable.

This will pop after leaving Rockfort Island to the Antartic Base with Chris.

The Arrogant Queen150
Put an end to the Queen's reign.    (3) 

This achievement is story-related and not missable.

The boss fight with Alexia is in Alexia's Chamber. She takes one hit, but if you're too slow she will kill Claire. She has 3 forms. The first is in the Mansion Foyer, the next two are later at her chamber. The second form is the toughest because she can poison you. On the Final Form Grab the Linear Launcher to kill her.  The Magnum and Grenade launcher are the best weapons for this.

Duty and Humanity50
Deliver some medicine to a man in need.    (10) 

Refer to Weapon Crazy.

Weapon Crazy150
Get the Rocket Launcher.    (95) 

To get the Rocket Launcher, you must get an "A" ranking for the entire game. The following below is what is required for that ranking:

Do not:

  • Do not save
  • Do not retry
  • Do not use First Aid Spray
  • Pause the game (it adds time still)


  • Give Rodrigo the medicine and Save Steve from the Luger room quickly
  • Complete game in under 4 hours and 30 minutes
  • Save during Part 1 to Part 2 transition
  • Use herbs
  • Skip every cutscene

A video walkthrough can be found here.

Battle Master150
Get the Linear Launcher from Battle Game.    (28) 

Get an A ranking with both Claires, Steve, Chris and Wesker in the Battle Game to unlock the Linear Launcher.

To unlock Alt. Claire, beat Battle Mode once as Claire.

To unlock Steve, obtain the Gold Luger Replica as Chris.

To unlock Wesker, beat Battle Mode as Chris.

From The Young Lady50
Receive encouragement from a young lady.    (14) 

After you gain control of Steve Burnside, backtrack to Claire for this achievement. It unlocks when Steve goes back through the door. This one is missable.

The Green Giant50
Say farewell to your fallen comrade.    (3) 

This achievement is story-related and not missable.

When you enter Isolation Confinement at the end of the hallway your comrade will be sitting on a chair with a Battle Axe. Once the T-Veronica Virus takes effect your comrade will mutate into a Green Giant. Run the second you have control and make it to the closing gate. A cutscene will trigger. Explosive Bow Gun and Grenade Launcher shots can push the monster back giving you extra time to escape his axe.

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US September 27, 2011
Japan September 08, 2011

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