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【CAMPAIGN】Scan all enemy types.   

In order to scan anything in the environment you need to hold  and hold  when the target is inside the large circle on the scanner. There are a few specifics on how to effectively scan each enemy in the game (some before, some after death). One thing to note is that enemy corpses will frequently despawn if you move through a door into a new area, or you move too far away from the corpse, so be sure you scan every corpse you come across. Also note that some of these enemies are unique, or rare, so each time you come across a new foe, be sure to try and scan it.

  • Globster (Beach blob)- Scan before or after death
  • Ooze- Scan before or after death
  • Pincer (Spikey Ooze)- Scan before or after death
  • Tricorne (Projectile Ooze)- Scan before or after death
  • Fenrir (Dog)- Scannable while dissolving, or while alive
  • Fenrir Alpha (Large, Black Dog)- Scannable while dissolving, or while alive
  • Hunter- Scannable while dissolving
  • Farfarello (Super/Invisible Hunter)- Scannable while dissolving
  • Wall Blister - Scan before death
  • Ghiozzo (Infected Fish)- Scannable underwater
  • Sea Creeper (Infected Stingray)- Scannable underwater
  • Scagdead- Scan before or after death
  • Chunk (Exploding Ooze)- Scan before death
  • Scarmiglione- Scan before death
  • Scarmiglione (bottom half only)- Scan after top explodes
  • Infected Comms Officer (Boss)- Scan during fight
  • Infected Rachael (Boss)- Can scan in later levels or after "death"
  • Draghignazzo (Boss)- Scan before death and after death
  • Malacoda/Abyss Monster Phase 1 (Boss)- Scan one of the tentacles in the first part of the fight
  • Infected Norman/Ultimate Abyss (Boss)- Scan before death
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User Comments
Comment #1 by Popnfresh2005
Friday, May 24, 2013 @ 07:48:12 AM

Can they be dead or do they have to be alive anybody know??

Comment #2 by menten
Saturday, May 25, 2013 @ 05:17:18 PM

doesnt matter if alive or not

Comment #3 by ImaginaryRuins
Saturday, June 01, 2013 @ 12:53:20 PM

Some enemies must be scanned during battle because they completely dissolve upon defeat, leaving no remainings for scanning.

Comment #4 by Naughts
Sunday, June 02, 2013 @ 02:36:30 PM

Just scan everything! On my second play through the cheevo unlocked on the big tentacle boss where you get the rocket launchers, scan the tentacles and not the body!

Comment #5 by HESKEY is BEAST
Thursday, June 06, 2013 @ 06:34:52 PM

Cant believe i was so careful to get this and never scanned the boss on the zenobia..............

Comment #6 by Naughts
Sunday, June 09, 2013 @ 10:49:16 AM


Comment #7 by aardvarkgod
Tuesday, June 11, 2013 @ 04:42:48 PM

I did the same thing...scanned everything until the huge beast on the deck. I was too concerned with killing it quickly without using the rocket launcher that I forgot a simple scan. Luckily, scans carry over into New Game+.

Comment #8 by Cayusez
Thursday, June 13, 2013 @ 07:13:59 AM

i can scan them for a bit on the boss then it says target unknow or something :

Comment #9 by TheTekkenTurkey
Thursday, July 04, 2013 @ 03:19:25 AM

Lists everything you need to scan for the achievement and where you'll first find them:

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