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Resident Evil: Revelations Achievement Guide

Guide By: Shiftie
There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 7/10 
- Offline: 49/50 (995/1000)
- Online: 1/50 (5/1000) "Dynamic Duo," though Co-op is available for all Raid Mode stuff.
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 60-75 hours. (10-15 Campaign, 50+ Raid Mode mostly due to 10,000 kill farming).
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1-2+ (Hardcore players can attempt a no-death, all hand prints, run on Infernal for 1 playthrough).
- Number of missable achievements: There is no chapter select, so all non-story related achievements. Progress toward scan achievements carries over to ng+. 
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes, difficulties stack as well.
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: Xbox LIVE OR System Link.

This game was nice enough to label every achievement with CAMPAIGN or RAID MODE so you know what achievements you should be trying to get in each mode. A couple of things to note for the campaign are that there are 30 hand prints scattered throughout the game that you must scan for the "First Victim," "Traces of Tragedy," and "Last Victim" achievements. There are also a few dodge/kill achievements that you can tackle on any difficulty, and you must also scan every enemy in the game with your Genesis Scanner at least once. You will most likely want to do two campaign runs as well; one on Infernal difficulty, and one without dying, and you can divvy up the other achievements accordingly.

Note that you can do whichever achievements you want during a normal or infernal playthroughs (and most during a casual run through), and any collectible scans you may miss during one playthrough will carry over to your New Game + playthrough, as well as all of your weapons and upgrades.

Raid Mode:
As you complete campaign chapters, they become unlocked for completion in Raid Mode, a form of co-op mode that allows you and a friend to go through the story missions will working to beat the mission in a particular time, kill every enemy, never miss a shot, etc. You will "level up" in the process, allowing you to increase your character's power, while also equipping better weapons in order to tackle higher level missions, and the higher difficulties. This mode will inevitably be very grindy, with an achievement for reaching the max level (50) and grinding out a total of 10,000 kills in Raid Mode. You will also want to keep your eyes peeled for super rare weapons that should help make your grind a bit easier. Also note that you can do this alone or in co-op, making grinding easier and/or faster.

[x360a would like to thank Shiftie for this Roadmap]

We'll Find You, Jill10
【CAMPAIGN】Clear Episodes 1 - 3.    (5) 

Story related. Unmissable.

Get Us Out of Here!10
【CAMPAIGN】Clear Episodes 4 - 6.    

Story related. Unmissable.

The Queen Zenobia10
【CAMPAIGN】Clear Episodes 7 - 9.    

Story related. Unmissable.

The Storm is Gone10
【CAMPAIGN】Clear Episodes 10 - 12.    

Story related. Unmissable.

The Dark Forest20
【CAMPAIGN】Clear Casual difficulty or higher.     

See The Vestibule of Hell."Story related. Unmissable.

The Shores of Purgatory50
【CAMPAIGN】Clear Normal difficulty or higher.     
The Vestibule of Hell50
【CAMPAIGN】Clear Infernal difficulty.     (11) 

Complete the game on the highest difficulty. Enemy spawns are switched up and ammo locations are less frequent and generally smaller than they are in the lower difficulties. To survive this difficulty you will need to effectively utilize the dodge ability ( up or  down +  as the enemy strikes), which will prove immensely useful in the narrow corridors of the ship.

Surviving Deep Darkness50
【CAMPAIGN】Clear the game in Normal difficulty or above without dying once.     (21) 

You should always have some healing items on you as a priority, since you can always run away and heal up if you need to, and it's also important to keep some distance between yourself and every new enemy you encounter to learn how they move. Some enemies are capable of cutting you down in one attack (such as the Scagdead or Farfarello while invisible), while some of the bosses can be frustrating if you don't know what you're doing, so I would recommend watching videos for those if you're uncomfortable with winging it yourself. Most players, especially seasoned RE veterans, should have a good chance of getting this on at least Normal difficulty, while those familiar with the game already shouldn't have much trouble at all. Doing this on Infernal difficulty is recommended only for masochists, however it can actually make you go through the game on the edge of your seat. 

When/if you die, DO NOT hit "yes" to continue, instead hit "no" and you'll be sent back to the main menu. From there, you can hit continue to load up your most recent checkpoint and go about your business until you die again, then rinse and repeat. This process will result in 0 deaths in the Episode summary screens, which is what tells you whether you'll get the achievement or not. Thanks ss4goku2425 for confirming.

First Victim5
【CAMPAIGN】Scan 1 hidden hand print.    (1) 

See "Last Victim."

Traces of Tragedy20
【CAMPAIGN】Scan 15 hidden hand prints.    (1) 

See "Last Victim."

Last Victim50
【CAMPAIGN】Scan 30 hidden hand prints.    (6) 

There are a total of 30 hand prints scattered throughout the environment, which are generally invisible to the eye, but show up when using the scanning device (). You can scan them while holding  along with 

Look HERE for a text guide to finding all of the hand prints.

Thanks to Predni for the Video. Click HERE for the timelinks for the video.
Head HERE for an alternate video by PowerPyx.

【CAMPAIGN】Scan an enemy for the first time.   (2) 

See "Research Complete."

Research Complete50
【CAMPAIGN】Scan all enemy types.    (9) 

In order to scan anything in the environment you need to hold  and hold  when the target is inside the large circle on the scanner. There are a few specifics on how to effectively scan each enemy in the game (some before, some after death). One thing to note is that enemy corpses will frequently despawn if you move through a door into a new area, or you move too far away from the corpse, so be sure you scan every corpse you come across. Also note that some of these enemies are unique, or rare, so each time you come across a new foe, be sure to try and scan it.

  • Globster (Beach blob)- Scan before or after death
  • Ooze- Scan before or after death
  • Pincer (Spikey Ooze)- Scan before or after death
  • Tricorne (Projectile Ooze)- Scan before or after death
  • Fenrir (Dog)- Scannable while dissolving, or while alive
  • Fenrir Alpha (Large, Black Dog)- Scannable while dissolving, or while alive
  • Hunter- Scannable while dissolving
  • Farfarello (Super/Invisible Hunter)- Scannable while dissolving
  • Wall Blister - Scan before death
  • Ghiozzo (Infected Fish)- Scannable underwater
  • Sea Creeper (Infected Stingray)- Scannable underwater
  • Scagdead- Scan before or after death
  • Chunk (Exploding Ooze)- Scan before death
  • Scarmiglione- Scan before death
  • Scarmiglione (bottom half only)- Scan after top explodes
  • Infected Comms Officer (Boss)- Scan during fight
  • Infected Rachael (Boss)- Can scan in later levels or after "death"
  • Draghignazzo (Boss)- Scan before death and after death
  • Malacoda/Abyss Monster Phase 1 (Boss)- Scan one of the tentacles in the first part of the fight
  • Infected Norman/Ultimate Abyss (Boss)- Scan before death
B.O.W. Hunter10
【CAMPAIGN】Defeat 150 enemies.    

Cumulatively defeat 150 enemies throughout the campaign. This is attainable at any difficulty, with the lower difficulties having fewer, but easier enemies, while higher difficulties have far more enemies, that are also more difficult (allowing you to skip by more enemies, while still progressing toward the achievement).

Living on the Edge5
【CAMPAIGN】Stop an enemy bullet with your knife.    (8) 

While it says bullets, this achievement relies on deflecting the Tricorne Ooze's ranged attack with your knife. Their attack sort of resembles a spear gun, and the bone spear..thing.. can be deflected with a well timed  tap. They tend to be more accurate on higher difficulties, but it seems to be a bit easier to deflect if you move so the spear is heading toward your right (knife) hand). Thankfully, the knife animation is relatively fast, so this should only take a couple of attempts.

By the Crosshairs10
【CAMPAIGN】Defeat Rachael before she gets to the cafeteria.    (22) 

When you are searching for the Lift key you will head back to the area you were in at the beginning of the game to look for the girl you saw get attacked by Oozes (Rachael). She will be gone, but you'll now have the chance to chase her down and put lots (and lots) of bullets into her. One important thing to note, especially if you're trying this on your first playthrough, is that when she runs away, you can shoot her in the legs to slow her down. If you don't do this, and you don't have a magnum or at least some +damage heavy guns like a rifle or shotgun, then you most likely won't get her in time. She will officially "make it to the cafeteria" once you make it to the bottom of the two-tier staircase and fight her once more before she enters the vent.

On Infernal she has quite a bit more health, is harder to stun, and obviously hits harder. To counter this, I focused on upgrading my G36 (NG+) with the highest damage I had (80%), Auto-Reload, Crit +30% and most important of all; Edge Runner 2. To maximize your damage using this setup, let her hit you at least once to increase your damage output thanks to Edge Runner (up to +200% max damage if you take damage, but another hit from her can kill you). This method allows you to utilize a relatively common ammo-type as opposed to Magnum or Rifle Rounds.

Note: Always make sure you get her to spawn, and then run back to whatever door you came in so she has that much farther to run to you, and from you back to her next vent, allowing you ample time to deal plenty of damage to her.

Bamboozle the Oozes10
【CAMPAIGN】Defeat 10 Oozes with headshots.    (6) 

Oozes are the standard enemy and they come in a few different forms, but as with the standard zombies of the other Resident Evil titles, you can dispatch them quicker by aiming for their head. 

Note: This seems to either be buggy, OR only unlocks if you kill the enemy with a single shot (headshot, obviously).

A great enemy to farm these out on are the Tricornes (ranged oozes) that appear very frequently around Episode 7. They will stop to aim their spear gun arm at you, allowing you to get an easy headshot with a sniper rifle.

Die Another Day10
【CAMPAIGN】Evade a Scagdead's instant-death attack.    (9) 

The Scagdead is a hulking monstrosity with a sort of chainsaw-like arm that he'll use to finish you off if you're in range of it. Prior to his finishing move, you'll hear the chains revving up, queuing for your  up or  down + dodge. This may take a few attempts, but it's definitely a nifty skill to have when you take these guys on.

You can achieve this in Chapter 3 when you're going to talk to the Comms guy, who - go figure - is no longer a Comms guy, but is instead a massive chainsaw wielding maniac. Once you reach the door you'll see him bashing on it from the other side, and if you shoot the chain on the door from a few feet away you should be able to get this achievement almost immediately after the chain breaks as he will rush straight for you after crashing through the door.

Note that if you go straight to this door from the shutter that you just passed through, it will allow you to restart just before the shutters if you mess up and end up getting a hair cut.

Triple Play5
【CAMPAIGN】Defeat 3 enemies with one shock grenade.    (3) 

The shock grenade is one of the throwable secondary weapons that can be found and used throughout the game. Once you have one in your inventory, use  or  to equip it, and  or  and  to toss it. The shock grenade is far weaker than the standard grenade, however it really shines when you toss it into water, able to take out multiple fish BOWs in one blast. However, you cannot be swimming when you go to throw the grenade (obviously a good idea), but you may need to jump into the water to draw the enemies toward you before jumping out and tossing in a grenade.

(On Normal): I was able to get this in Episode 6 while moving from the now completely flooded engine room, to the bulkhead controls as Jill. You'll wade through some flooded water and eventually get attacked by the piranha-type enemies. Run to the very end of the water flooded area and you'll run into a group of these guys, equip your shock grenades (you should have picked them up last Episode) and toss one into the water. Don't worry about shocking yourself, it doesn't hurt too much.

A Packaged Deal5
【CAMPAIGN】Defeat a Scarmiglione as a whole without killing both parts of its body separately.    (3) 

The Scarmiglione can be described as a large Knight-like BOW with a sort of shield on one arm and a lance/sword on the other. It has the ability to split apart depending on how you damage it; whether you attack it's legs or head/torso. To get the achievement, you will want to use a high damage weapon, such as a rifle or magnum, and go for rapid headshots. In general, weapons that use many bullets (or pellets) to kill the enemy, seem to cause the transformation faster. One thing to be aware of is that they usually move toward you with their shield over the area you're aiming at, so mix them up by aiming at their legs, then quickly shooting their head a couple of times and repeating the process. They are also known to be very vulnerable to shock grenades, which can help buy you some time and keep them in one spot so you can unload on them.

The best method for this is to pick up the rocket launcher from the hold in Episode 7 or 8 (during the race to activating the UAV is the easiest) and keep it handy until you reach the lab with Chris in Episode 8. Once you enter the decontamination area you'll get attacked by the first Scarmiglione. Aim at his feet with the rocket launcher so he moves his shield down there, then quickly aim at his face and pull the trigger for an easy win (I'm actually pretty sure I missed him, but still got him no problem).

Rockets are for Losers20
【CAMPAIGN】Defeat a Malacoda without using a rocket launcher.    (11) 

The Malacoda is the traditional over the top Resident Evil boss that is far more difficult without using a Rocket Launcher on it. The fight consists of two phases: In phase 1 you'll be on the ground dealing with the mutant whale that's trying to eat your ship, all the while a helicopter will be circling above you dropping ammo (well, he'll be dropping rockets, usually). During the fight you'll notice a countdown, so you will have to do as much damage as possible to the tentacles with the weapons you have available.

To prepare for the fight (WITHOUT using the Rocket Launcher), as your exiting the ship during the count down to self destruct, make sure you equip your best weapons (recommended: python +max damage, g36+2nd highest damage, m3 shotgun +3rd highest damage). Hopefully you have sufficient ammo for these. Once you get to the fight itself, use the g36 first, then mix it up with the shotgun and python. The shotgun is primarily to destroy the ranged attack the boss does, which isn't hard to avoid either way, but it also does good damage when the tentacles come in close. Also, don't forget to scan the tentacles and the handprint behind you during the fight.

The achievement will pop before phase 2 of the fight starts.

The Pool Is Open5
【CAMPAIGN】Swim in the Solarium.    (9) 

As Jill progress through her mission until you reach the huge multi-storied gold room (hall). Head all the way to the top floor to find a sign near a door saying "Solarium". As you enter the area, head around the side of the pool (which Jill will NOT jump into, cause she doesn't want to get stinky). You'll find a circuit puzzle on a nearby door that you'll need to complete to access the pool pump room. Turn the pump on to allow you to swim in the pool in a later mission (you can come back in Episode 4 or 5).

Note: This is also required to allow you to access a hand print near the diving board, so if you got this achievement on one run, and are going for the hand prints on another run, you'll want to repeat this process both times.

Dodge Master5
【CAMPAIGN】Dodge 20 times.    (2) 

Dodge is a very useful tactic when you need to avoid getting owned by an enemy. To dodge successfully you need to perfectly time moving the  up or  down + . This will cause you to quickly duck-step away from the enemy and dodge their attack. Repeat 19 more times and you'll get the achievement. 

Angry Fist5
【CAMPAIGN】Land 10 fully charged physical attacks.    (1) 

You will occasionally find that you stunned the enemy you were shooting at, which will be confirmed by a prompt appearing when you're close to the enemy. Hold the  down for a couple of seconds to maximize the melee damage you do with the attack, and give you credit toward this achievement. The charge attack will auto attack once it is fully charged.

First Circle Traveler10
【RAID MODE】Clear all stages in Raid mode on Chasm.   

See "Seventh Circle Traveler."

Midland Traveler10
【RAID MODE】Clear all stages in Raid mode on Trench.   

See "Seventh Circle Traveler."

Seventh Circle Traveler10
【RAID MODE】Clear all stages in Raid mode on Abyss.   

When you first unlock the Raid Mode levels, you'll need to go through them on Chasm Difficulty (excluding the bonus level) to unlock the next difficulty. Complete the Raid Mode stages on Chasm > Trench > Abyss to unlock all three achievements.

First Circle Overseer10
【RAID MODE】Clear all stages in Raid mode on Chasm with an S rank.   

See "Seventh Circle Overseer."

Midland Overseer10
【RAID MODE】Clear all stages in Raid mode on Trench with an S rank.   

See "Seventh Circle Overseer."

Seventh Circle Overseer20
【RAID MODE】Clear all stages in Raid mode on Abyss with an S rank.   (9) 

As with most challenge-based modes in games, you'll be scored on how well you perform in each stage, on each difficulty. You'll be scored in a few categories: Accuracy, Enemies Killed, Damage, and Clear Time. Balance all of those to receive the best score possible on each level. This may take some practice, as well as higher player levels and better weapons, especially on the higher difficulties.

This will also unlock HUNK for you in Raid Mode.

Beyond the Veil50
【RAID MODE】Clear the bonus stage, The Ghost Ship.   (14) 

Ghost ship is a large level where you must travel the length of the ship with very limited ammo pickups, requiring a high level character and weapons to successfully complete. Luckily you can complete this on any difficulty. One big thing to note is that the medal exits appear in numerous places throughout the level, ending the level earlier than it should. Ignore these medals until you reach the farthest end of the ship, where you will be pitted against waves of enemies, including a number of bosses, which will cause the true medal to appear once you win.

On Your Way5
【RAID MODE】Reach player level 5.   

See "Top of My Game."

Moving on Up10
【RAID MODE】Reach player level 10.   

See "Top of My Game."

Reaching Higher10
【RAID MODE】Reach player level 20.   

See "Top of My Game."

Raising the Bar10
【RAID MODE】Reach player level 30.   

See "Top of My Game."

Meteoric Rise10
【RAID MODE】Reach player level 40.   

See "Top of My Game."

Top of My Game50
【RAID MODE】Reach player level 50.   (9) 

As you progress through Raid mode, you'll level up by clearing out stages, and getting good stage completion ratings as well as bonuses such as: No damage recieved, genocide (all enemies killed), low level bonus (beating missions that are a higher lvl than you) and trinity bonus for receiving all three bonus in one stage. As you increase your level, your defense and damage dealt will increase, as well as your ability to use more powerful weapons, allowing you to tackle more difficult missions.

To help you grind out some xp/bp (and kills), check out this video for Level 2 on Trench difficulty.

One for Each Minnesota Lake20
【RAID MODE】Defeat 10,000 enemies.   (5) 

The ridiculous grind: Kill 10,000 enemies cumulatively in Raid Mode. The most general method to do this would be to level up and get some powerful weapons (whichever weapon type you prefer) and then solo low level, low difficulty missions to grind out easy 1-shot kills. Tedious, but efficient.

That'll Leave a Mark20
【RAID MODE】Inflict 100,000 points of damage to an enemy in one hit.   (4) 

After leveling toward the maximum level in raid mode, and getting at least one great gun (especially a magnum or sniper rifle) with some power-increasing mods (especially the charge shot upgrade) you should be able to consistently get 100,000 damage, at the very least by aiming at the enemy's weak spots.

To cheat a bit on this, you can buy the Rocket Launcher from the shop and use that on an enemy, preferably a boss-type enemy that will actually require the whole 100k+ damage it will do. The Rocket Launcher costs 60k BP, which is kind of big when you're first starting out, but you can always use the rocket launcher for the achievement and then retire from the mission to keep it in your inventory.

Dynamic Duo5
【RAID MODE】Land a fully charged physical attack on an enemy at the same time as your partner.   (3) 

This will either require a bit of communication, or a lot of luck. When the  prompt appears near a stunned enemy, coordinate with your partner to charge (hold ) your melee attack to pummel the enemy at the same time.

The person who holds  first will get the achievement, so you'll need to do it twice (thanks Teh Paralyzer).

Legendary Find10
【RAID MODE】Obtain a super rare weapon.   

See "Legends Are Made, Not Born."

Legends Are Made, Not Born20
【RAID MODE】Obtain all super rare weapons.   (13) 

The Super Rare/Legendary weapons can be found very rarely throughout Raid Mode, or in the case of the Pale Rider, rarely at the shop as well. Your best bet to get these is to repeat missions 19 or 20 on Abyss difficulty. If you unlocked these using the Capcom present codes, you will also receive the achievement.

The weapons are as follows:

  • Muramasa Rifle (Looks kind of like a gold and black, mordernized flintlock rifle)
  • Pale Rider (Really big Magnum)
  • Drake (Double Barrel shotgun covered in Dragon scales)
Shop 'til Ya Drop20
【RAID MODE】Spend 1,000,000 BP in the store.   

As you progress through Raid Mode you will spend time visiting the shop to purchase new weapons, attachments/mods, secondary items (grenades, etc.) and other items such as ammo bags for particular weapons and body armor. The weapons available for purchase change every time you visit the store, while new items such as more powerful body armor become available as you level up. You can either save up your BP (awarded to you for completing Raid missions and getting bonuses) for higher level items, or spend your BP willy-nilly. In either case, this should come naturally while you march to level 50 and 10,000 kills if you keep your armor up to date, keep your secondary items stocked and upgrade your weapons relatively frequently. 

The Unbroken Thread10
【RAID MODE】Acquire No Damage Bonus for the first time.   (2) 

The no damage bonus comes when you go through an entire level without receiving damage. You can either do this by destroying your enemies, or using your teammate to run around like a nut and draw the attention of your enemies. In either case, this will probably come naturally, and if not, just redo an easier mission after leveling up a bit.

【RAID MODE】Clear a stage at 5 levels lower than the recommended level.   (5) 

Raid missions have recommended levels, which give you an idea of when you should be able to tackle the level. Depending on what level the gap is at, you may want a good player to group with, but no matter what you can find a 5 level gap by clearing a majority of the campaign prior to starting Raid mode.

Three is the Magic Number20
【RAID MODE】Acquire Trinity Bonus for the first time.   (11) 

A Trinity Bonus is achieved when you attain the No Damage Received Bonus, Genocide Bonus (kill all enemies), and the bonus you get for completing a mission that is a higher level than you. To get this easily, start off Raid Mode by doing mission 2 (Beach) which is a lvl 2 mission, and you should be level 1. Kill all of the enemies, be sure to get the blowfish enemy in the water to the left of the starting area, and make sure you don't get hit. If you don't do it your first try, head to the character screen in the Raid Menus and use  to set your lvl back to 1. You can change your level later, but this will allow you to get the level bonus, while keeping your from using weapons above level 1.

Bonus Enthusiast20
【RAID MODE】Acquire 10 bonuses.   

See "Bonus Demi-god."

Bonus Ace50
【RAID MODE】Acquire 50 bonuses.   

See "Bonus Demi-god."

Bonus Legend50
【RAID MODE】Acquire 100 bonuses.   

See "Bonus Demi-god."

Bonus Demi-god100
【RAID MODE】Acquire 150 bonuses.   (9) 

The bonuses are the ones you will need for the Trinity Bonus: Low Level Bonus (Finishing a mission above your character level), No Damage Received Bonus, Genocide Bonus (all enemies killed), and finally the Trinity Bonus you receive for getting the other three on one level. You will want to try and get as many Trinity Bonuses as possible in the first two difficulties to make your life easier in Abyss mode, as you need to get 150 of the 244 total bonuses over all difficulties (getting the same bonuses on the same mission 150 times won't work).

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US May 21, 2013
Europe May 24, 2013
Japan May 23, 2013

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