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There are 48 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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+ Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
+ Offline: ALL
+ Approximate time: 80-100 hours
+ Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2
+ Missable achievements: The Legendary Hunter
+ Difficulty affect Achievements? No
+ Glitched achievements: 0

Resonance of Fate is a new RPG by tri-Ace (Infinite Undiscovery, Star Ocean) that uses an extremely unique and deep battle system, coupled with a steampunk/gunhappy setting that I've never seen before. A fantastically fun game, though it is a bit more difficulty than most RPGs on Normal settings. Customization of the guns and ammo/grenade usage, as well as a mastery of the battle system is required to be successful!

The only thing missable permanently in the game are the side-quests. However, seeing as you control when the chapters advance, there is really no excuse for screwing up that achievement. It will unlock after beating the final boss. As for everything else, if you choose to do it during Step 2 below, that works best just so it is all out of the way during your first playthrough. But seeing as with the New Game+ feature, as long as you are beginning your second playthrough on the same difficulty (Normal), everything will carry over and you can continue to work on the cumulative achievements such as kills, body parts destoyed, hexes unlocked and the Arena matches. Just don't skip any quests and you'll be good to go for all the achievements with little hassle.

Step 1, Playthrough 1: All Quests
While you play the game, make sure you have completed every single mission (see the Side-Quest Guide) before moving to a new chapter. Once you move on, all quests not finished will be abandoned and failed. You can work on getting Bonus Hits and Smackdowns as well, though you can easily grind all of those in the Arena if you don't use them during your normal battle strategy.

Your next order of business will be to pretty much earn every achievement in the game, but doing so before beating the final boss and ending the game. You can go into the final dungeon, kill everything including the two sub-bosses (which is required actually) and then exit out and work on everything you have left in Step 2.

Step 2, Playthrough 1: Hexes, Neverland and the Arena
As you've been playing the game, you will have been unlocking areas with hex pieces. Your final two hex pieces will most likely be the two black ones from the game's final two sub-bosses (the only black pieces in the game). These pieces unlock Neverland, which will be your next step. If you don't have the achievement for uncovering all the hexes after unlocking Neverland, continue working toward this, or take a break and work on Neverland and the Arena. The order of these final three steps does not really matter all that much; they just need to be done before killing the final boss. Clear Neverland, unlock every hex and star-clear all 50 ranks in the Arena before taking on the final boss. If by this time you only have the following achievements to do, you can beat the game and move on to the next step: The Legendary Hunter, Game Complete, Lap Two Rush, Lap Two Complete.

Step 3: Playthrough 2
If you want to make this super easy on yourself, begin a true New Game + by continuing a second playthrough on Normal difficulty. Otherwise you can give yourself a challenge by essentially starting over and doing it on a harder difficulty. See "Lap Two Complete" for more info on what carries over for each difficulty you choose.

And that's all she wrote! For a tri-Ace game this is extremely simple, though it will still take some time and grinding as all RPGs should.

[x360a would like to thank The Pants Party for this road map]

First Contact10
This is just the beginning.    
Complete your first quest. See "The Legendary Hunter" for more info.Kill your first enemy. See "Professional Hunter" for more info.
Maiden Mission10
This is what pays the bills.    
Complete your first quest. See "The Legendary Hunter" for more info.
Bonus Hitter15
You can land one more hit.   
Perform one Bonus Hit. See "Spite Monger" for more info.
You'll need to cooperate as a team of three.   (4) 
To perform a Tri-Attack you'll need to accrue at least one Resonance Point, then press Y to initiate a Tri-Attack line with your next character (press Y to change the order of attack if you want) and finalize it with a Hero Action. The achievement requires that all three characters land a hit on an enemy during the sequence. Use LB/RB to switch characters and land normal attacks. This will require a fairly large triangle (meaning your three characters will need to be spread out) so that you have enough time to get all three attacks in before their Hero Actions run out of space.

To gain a Resonance Point, you'll need to plot a Hero Action so that the line is blue, then perform no actions when running the Hero Action. If the Hero Action line is red, no Resonance Point will be earned; likewise, if you attack or perform any other act during your Hero Action movement, nothing will be earned.
Hundred Plus Club15
This is the natural product of having weathered countless battles.   (1) 
Unlike most RPGs, you do not simply beat enemies to gain experience and level up in Resonance of Fate. Your overall level instead is a sum of all your weapon proficiencies, which increase with every point of damage you cause with whatever weapon you are using at the time. So your Handgun Level plus your Machinegun Level plus your Thrown Weapons Level equals your total level (i.e. 19+17+5=41). It is important that you mix up what weapons everyone uses so that you continue to level properly throughout the game.

Thrown is the toughest to level, but if you can find an enemy with no body parts and fairly high HP, use a machine gunner to fill him with Scratch damage and then blow him up. This strategy works well to level all three types, actually.

This achievement requires only one character to reach level 100. You will need to be well over level 100 to even stand a chance in the Neverland bonus dungeon, so don't worry too much about this until you're nearly done with your first playthrough. The item "EXP Trainer" can be redeemed in the Arena Kiosk which will speed up your advancement, though it lowers item drop rates at the same time.
Bullet Barrage15
It's all about positioning.   (3) 
This achievement requires a 500-hit combo. Once you have access to two machine guns, this becomes extremely simple. Get the gun from the end of the Dakota Vein dungeon (first accessible in Chapter 5), then use the first battle in the Arena. Kill off the two gun enemies and leave the Gremlin alive. Stand directly next to him with both machine gunners and move the handgunner away. Use quick Level 1 charges with both MG users and press B to skip the HG user's turn. So long as the Gremlin does not hit you while you're charging the MG burst, the combo will continue. He can hit you in-between your turns without breaking it.
Resonance Miser15
It'll take all three of you to tackle this challenge.   (3) 
Refer to "Tri-Attacker" for how to earn a Resonance Point. For this one, simply do not attack your enemies at all with anything but basic Hero Actions, using every turn to gain Resonance Points until you have 20 Resonance Points stored.

If you defeat all bosses (but the final boss that ends the game), unlock all hexes and defeat all Special Challenge enemies, you can earn up to 14 total Bezels on the Hero Gauge. This means when attempting to hoard your 20 Resonance Points, you'll only have to regain 7 used Bezels. So, try to find a battle with weak enemies that have 1-2 body parts (shields) each. I used a rank in the Arena with a few of the Dweller enemies who hide in trash cans.

Use your middle character and plot a course up and to the left, then your left-most character up and to the right and your right-most character into the middle. Repeat that same pattern on each round of turns, occasionally blasting off a body part or killing an enemy to regain a Bezel. If you have less than 14 to start you'll need to regain more obviously. If you do anything other than plot a Hero Action during a turn, even simply walking forward, you'll lose Resonance, so be careful. If you get knocked into Conditional Critical, you lose all of them, so make sure the enemies are quite weak and you're leveled enough to sustain a bit of damage.

It is also worth noting that you can continue to grow your Hero Gauge on your second playthrough, eventually earning enough Bezels that you could have 21 and never need to restore any, just running around with Hero Actions, not even attacking.
Hero Actor15
Spend enough time in combat, and you'll cross this threshold.   (1) 
Hero Actions are used in battle by pressing X and moving the line around the battlefield to plot a course for running. Once your end anchor is set you will move toward it and be able to continually attack without being interrupted. For this, you need to attack 1,000 times during Hero Actions. It should unlock naturally around halfway through the game or before.
Spite Monger15
Perfect the timing for landing a bonus hit.   (3) 
A Bonus Hit occurs randomly when you attack an aerial enemy. Knocking someone into the air is somewhat random in itself, increased only with consecutive attacks on the same enemy. Once you do happen to get someone airborne during a Hero Action, continue to fire on them and you'll have to become lucky a second time and earn the Bonus Hit opportunity. A Bonus Shot Ring may appear while they are airborne, and once it does the action will freeze momentarily while the on-screen cursor flails about it. You need to try and stop the cursor inside the yellow section of the ring ring to successfully get the chance to complete the Bonus Hit. Your character will begin to line up a shot and charge for a stronger attack. Just make sure to finalize the attack before the enemy lands to complete the Bonus Hit. If the enemy hits the ground it will not count. You need 100 total for this achievement.
Extreme Spiker15
There are more ways to deal extra damage than just a bonus hit.   (1) 
A Smackdown Attack is what is required here, 100 to be exact. These are begun similar to Bonus Hits, but they are much easier to pull off. Once an enemy is airborne, you simply need to jump into the air, higher than the enemy, and continue to attack downward at them. They will be slammed into the ground for extra damage. You can often get 5-6 of them in one Hero Action.
Professional Hunter15
Their lives have not been given up in vain.   (1) 
You need to kill 3,000 total enemies for this achievement. I got this toward the end of the long grind toward the "Stardust Hunters" achievement.
Material Collector15
They sometimes yield useful parts and materials.   
For this you need to destroy 3,000 total enemy Body Parts, which are essentially an enemy's shields. They may have one, none or a bunch of them. Some can only be hit from various angles (front, back, etc) and will have various amounts of health, often also having bonus attributes for the enemy (Scratch Damage regen, status buffs, etc). Knocking these off is key to not only being able to directly damage the enemy, but removing some of its advantages for an easier fight.
This unlocked for me shortly before the "Professional Hunter" achievement, toward the end of the grind for the "Stardust Hunters" achievement.
Thousand Pitcher15
Throw as hard as your little arms can stand.   
For this you need to use Throw Weapons (aka grenades/molotovs) 1,000 times. This really shouldn't be an issue, especially since you need to work on this to properly level. If you plan on doing Neverland or even just hitting Level 100, this will come along the way. However, if you're not a huge fan of using grenades, simply buy a few hundred Rookie Grenades and then spam them on the first fight in the Arena.
The Iron Fist15
A true warrior doesn't fear getting up close and personal.   (2) 
You will need to remove all weapons for this, then kill 30 enemies barehanded. You should first fill the enemy fully with Scratch damage so that a single blow from a melee attack will kill them. I did the first fight in the Arena 10 times (3 enemies present in each fight) to unlock it.
Big Shot15
You'll have to put mind, spirit, and body into it to hit this hard.   
For this you need to land an attack that does over 2,000 points of damage. This becomes easier as you learn how to pile on Scratch damage and then break it off in one fell swoop. I personally got this against the Yeti boss in Chapter 5. Use a molotov and/or Incendiary ammo with your machine gunner to give him the "burn" effect (he will be on fire and have a red box by his health gauge) and then wait a few turns while his entire health bar turns blue. Then switch to your handgun user, do a Hero Action and jump over top of him to put some lead into his skull for big damage and an insta-kill (if the bar is completely full).

This strategy works on any powerful enemy. Most enemies can regen Scratch damage, but either blowing off a certain body part or inflicting a certain type of status effect will stop it. Find that weakness, load them up on Scratch damage and then finish them off with Direct damage.
Material Creator15
Become a regular down at the local shop.   (1) 
Tinkerers will create new items out of parts, while Scrappers will destroy items and give you raw components. You need to use their services 200 times to earn this achievement. When you visit one, only do a single transaction at a time to work toward this 200. Creating 10 items at once still only counts as one visit.
It's your money. Spend it how you like!   
You need to spend over 500,000 Rubies at Boutique Lily for this achievement, the clothing shop found on Razzle Street in Ebel City. A nice way to get this achievement is to wait until Chapter 16 to pilfer Vashyron's Stash found in the liquor shelf of Leeann's room. At this point it will have built up to 300,000. If you take it during any chapter previous to this, it will be significantly lower. There is also an easy to perform exploit that will give you essentially unlimited money in a short amount of time.
Laying out parts can become quite a puzzle.   
For this you need to equip 10 or more attachments to a single weapon. This becomes superbly easy once you have access to Cranktown. The Tinker there can make you an MG Multi-Barrel and a Prototype Mount which will add a total of three slots, plus you should have a Top Sight by now which adds yet one more slot. My attachments went when I first got over 10 are described below, though by the end of the game I had over two dozen attachments total.
  • On the gun itself: Top Sight, Compact Scope b, MG Multi-Barrel, Prototype Mount, MG Magazine +5, Foregrip.
  • On the MG Multi-Barrel: Compact Scope a, L-Barrel Adapter
  • On the Top Sight: Rookie Sight
  • On the Prototype Mount: Dot Sight
To successfully attach something, the icons on the gun and attachment need to match. Plus to plus, line to line, square to square, x to x, etc etc. You can also move the gun's placement in the grid using the right thumbstick while you have a part selected and ready to place on the board. This is not the gun I described above, (that is just the earliest instance I could get 10) but here is what a truly tricked-out gun would look like.
Basel's Repairman15
There's a lot of world left out there.    
For this you need to activate half the world map. See "Basel's Liberator" for more info.
Four-Terminal Chain15
Connect terminal effects to make them even more effective.   
To create a Terminal Effect you need to lay a colored hex on top of the Terminal itself, then create a field of the same color for as many hexes as is required, shown over the Terminal. Once you have enough, it will activate a stat increasing effect for any tile connected, including any dungeons that are in its field of effect.

For this you need to overlap four Terminal Effects at once. This can be done in many places, and you will more than likely need to continue an effect through an elevator to an adjacent floor of Basel to get it. While on the world map you can access the pause menu to see any effects active on your current hex. Once you have four total overlapping and active at a hex you will earn this achievement.
Secret Achievements
Prologue Complete10
You've completed the prologue.    
See "Game Complete" for more info.
Chapter 1 Complete10
You've completed the first chapter.    
See "Game Complete" for more info.
Chapter 2 Complete15
You've completed the second chapter.    
See "Game Complete" for more info.
Chapter 3 Complete15
You've completed the third chapter.    
See "Game Complete" for more info.
Chapter 4 Complete15
You've completed the fourth chapter.    
See "Game Complete" for more info.
Chapter 5 Complete15
You've completed the fifth chapter.    
See "Game Complete" for more info.
Chapter 6 Complete15
You've completed the sixth chapter.    
See "Game Complete" for more info.
Chapter 7 Complete15
You've completed the seventh chapter.    
See "Game Complete" for more info.
Chapter 8 Complete15
You've completed the eighth chapter.    
See "Game Complete" for more info.
Chapter 9 Complete15
You've completed the ninth chapter.    
See "Game Complete" for more info.
Chapter 10 Complete15
You've completed the tenth chapter.    
See "Game Complete" for more info.
Chapter 11 Complete15
You've completed the eleventh chapter.    
See "Game Complete" for more info.
Chapter 12 Complete15
You've completed the twelfth chapter.    
See "Game Complete" for more info.
Chapter 13 Complete15
You've completed the thirteenth chapter.    
See "Game Complete" for more info.
Chapter 14 Complete15
You've completed the fourteenth chapter.    (2) 
See "Game Complete" for more info.
Chapter 15 Complete15
You've completed the fifteenth chapter.    
See "Game Complete" for more info.
Game Complete15
You've beat the game! Congratulations!    
All of these are obviously story-related and can not be missed. Make sure before moving to a new chapter you have done all Guild Missions possible so you do not miss the "Legendary Hunter" achievement. Also be sure to level up and work on the Neverland bonus dungeon before you complete the game. You can not free-roam after the final boss is killed. Reloading a clear save file will start a brand new game, so everything must be done before officially beating the game.
An Unfortunate Accident15
A party member has been caught in an explosion and died.   
Strewn around some battlefields will be red barrels that when shot will cause an explosion. Have one of your allies move next to one when low on health in "Condition Critical" mode, then shoot it on your following turn. Try to be quick about it, since the enemies will aim for these as well and may use it to kill you before you can do it to yourself.
Union Assault15
You've defeated two or more enemies in a single attack.   
This should easily be accomplished by shooting an explosive barrel that multiple enemies are standing next to. You can also get it with a grenade, but there are plenty of opportunities for this using barrels even in the first dungeon.
A New Beginning15
You've begun your second playthrough!    
Once you have every achievement except for this and Lap Two Complete, use your existing save file and begin a New Game + on any difficulty to unlock this achievement for beginning your second playthrough. See "Lap Two Complete" for more info.
You've loaded over a terabit of data from the disc.   (5) 
This obviously does not reference actual data on your 360's Hard Drive, but rather in-game data as the game refers to your progress. This should come toward the end of your first playthrough.
Disrespect Your Elders30
You've defeated the Elderly Man. He's with the stars now!   (1) 
This battle takes place in Chapter 16, during the quest "Rebel Termination Order." See the Side-Quest Guide for more information on this quest.
Basel's Liberator30
You've made all of Basel's hexes accessible again. Are you even human?!    
To "clear a hex" you will need to obtain various shaped pieces that are dropped by enemies or earned from quests. These can be placed while on the world map by hitting the X button and using RB/LB to rotate the piece so it fits. To successfully place a hex piece, it must be fully on the grid and at least one section of it will need to be over an inaccessible hex. Most will use basic white hexes, while some Special Energy Hexes will require colored pieces.

Once you have made every hex on all levels of Basel usable the achievement will unlock. It does not matter in the end what colors the hexes end up being, as you will no doubt be changing them often to link terminals together for bonuses.
Challenge Conqueror30
You've defeated the top-ranked team, the Last Line! Amazing!   (1) 
To clear a rank in the Arena, you need to pay an entry fee and clear three battles at that level before moving on to the next. There are 50 total ranks, the last five of which can only be accessed after defeating the final boss in Neverland (See "Kings of Neverland" achievement). Once you complete all 150 battles you will earn this achievement
Kings Of Neverland30
You've cleared Neverland!   (1) 
Neverland is a special bonus dungeon that can be accessed once you defeat the two sub-bosses in Chapter 16. Do not kill the final boss yet! Use an Escape Hex and return to Level 4, using the straighter black hex to unlock the Abandoned Elevator. Ride to Level 12 and use the star-shaped black hex to unlock Neverland itself.

Neverland is much more challenging than the main story missions. The starting area is even too difficult at first, so do your best to attack enemies and escape before being killed to earn some quick experience. Once you get over level 100 you can begin to finish full fights and move on in the dungeon. You will need to be somewhere around level 150 before fully completing the dungeon.

The dungeon is split into three sections, each section with three smaller areas. Once you clear an area of all enemies you can move on to the next. You will be able to leave and return without the enemies respawning. Once you make it through all three sections you can enter the final part of Neverland, the Gate to Heaven. Once you enter this section it is a one-way stop to the final battle so be sure to bring enough items with you before entering.

If you're having a hard time, my best advice is to grind someone very high in their MG skill. At level 92 you can gain 100% scratch chance with enough charges. Equip this character with an extremely fast charging gun (add as many scopes and barrels as possible) as well as Armor-Piercing Rounds. These can be bought in the Arena. You'll also need a high HG user to get as large of a Penetration % as possible. If you can strafe an enemy and fill it completely with scratch damage, then immediately follow that up and kill the enemy, the dungeon becomes much more bearable. Good luck and save often!
The Legendary Hunter90
You've completed every mission in the game! The legend will never die!    
There are numerous Guild Missions to be done, all of which can be found via the bulletin board in the Guild. All missions for a specific chapter must be completed before moving on to the next chapter of the story or they will be considered abandoned and failed. You have full control over when you move to a new chapter, so missing them is up to you.

Note that the final story mission (for beating the final boss and completing the game) is part of this achievement, and it will not unlock until after beating the game.

See the Side-Quest Guide for more information.
Stardust Hunters90
You've got a ☆ in every rank!   
To obtain a star at any rank it is as simple as completing that rank's fight 10 times. You'll already have 3 of each done for the "Challenge Conqueror" achievement, so grind out 7 more wins on each rank for a total of 500 to unlock this achievement.
Lap Two Complete90
You've finished your second playthrough! Congratulations, and thank you!    
After defeating the final boss and watching the end credits you will be prompted to save your game. This will create a "clear data file" which can be loaded to begin a new playthrough. If you choose to stay on Normal difficulty (the only difficulty available for your first playthrough), you will keep literally everything: levels, weapons, Hunter Points, money, tools, hexes, accessories, parts, items, valuables, the bestiary, etc. This is a true "New Game +" and will help you blow through the game. Assuming you've earned every other achievement, you should have no issue just focusing on story missions, skipping cutscenes and completing the game again in a mere few hours.

However, if you want a challenge you can begin a game on a newly available, higher difficulty which will only give you access to: black hexes, apparel, valuables and the bestiary.

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US March 16, 2010
Europe March 26, 2010
Japan January 28, 2010

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