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Guide By: xhunterrrr
There are 15 achievements with a total of 400 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10 
- Offline: 13/15(360/400)
- Online: 2/15 (40/400) "Locha Me!" and "Curry, You Can't Be Serious"
- Approximate amount of time to 40015-20 hours 
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: "HOT" Difficulty (hard).
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: None

This game is a move tie-in to the upcoming movie R.I.P.D. based on the comic book Rest In Peace Department. The movie stars Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges and their likenesses have been used in this game. The premise of the game is simple: a basic wave survival game. On each map, you work to survive multiple waves either by yourself or with one partner. During these waves, you will kill multiple enemies and enemy types. As you kill, you fill a meter to use one of five different abilities that assist you (healing aura, chaining down enemies, a turret, creating a decoy, and spikes to impale nearby enemies). During your play, you earn Deado Gold to level up and salary to spend on buying weapons, upgrading weapons, and purchasing consumables. Bets can be made with your partner at the beginning of each map to increase the winner's salary.

First thing you need to do is this to make your life easier in this game:

Press Start > Help & Options > Gameplay > Auto Aim [ON]

Once you have become acquainted with the controls and gameplay, play on "Mild" or "Spicy" difficulty to earn gold pieces and build up your salary. You'll want to use your salary to purchase the revolver and then fully upgrade the revolver and pump action shotgun or automatic shotgun (unless you are more comfortable with other weapons). As you are working on upgrading your two preferred weapons, you will likely unlock quite a few achievements ("Chapati In My Pants," "Naan Lethal," "Lethal Dosa," "Vindaloose Cannon," "Locked and Laddu," "Locha Me!," "Curry, You Can't Be Serious," "Chicken 65," "Puri Good Killer," and "Chapati Training").

After fully upgrading your weapons of choice, you can attempt to complete all maps on "HOT" difficulty ("It's Not a Turmeric!"). It is recommended that you find a partner who is also outfitted with good weapons. Buying consumables will also help make this easier.

Having completed all maps on "HOT," you should be close to filling your Gold Meter, if it isn't already full at this point. Once filled, you will unlock the final map (Commonwealth Tower) where you can fight the boss battle against Hayes. Unlocking and completing this map will unlock two achievements ("Out of Batti Experience" and "I'm Cumin For You!").

After that is complete, you are left with earning enough salary to purchase all weapons and weapon upgrades. This will take the most time. A salary boosting method has been provided in the guide to help speed this up. Once you have done this, two achievements will be unlocked ("Bombay Away" and "Chaat Through The Heart").

[x360a would like to thank xhunterrrr for this Roadmap]

Chapati In My Pants10
Complete Your First Challenge 

See "Chapati Training."

Naan Lethal25
Arrest 10 Deado Criminals 

Specific enemies have health bars. When you drain the enemy's health bar, you can either execute the enemy or arrest it. To arrest the enemy, stand near it while it is down on the ground and an arrest bar will appear at the bottom. Once that bar fills, the enemy will be arrested. Repeat this nine more times for this achievement. As a precaution, don't use the broilers (incendiary ammo) consumable when working on this as the fire can kill the enemy while it is down.

Lethal Dosa25
Execute 10 Deado Criminals 

Specific enemies have health bars. When you drain the enemy's health bar, you can either execute the enemy or arrest it. To execute the enemy, shoot/melee the downed enemy until its health bar is completely empty and it dies. Repeat this nine more times for this achievement.

Vindaloose Cannon10
Beatdown 50 Deados Using Melee 

To use melee, press the . Most enemies take 2-3 hits from melee to kill them. Just kill 50 enemies using melee and you'll unlock this achievement. A good method is to use the shackles on enemies before attempting melee so they are stuck in place. It makes landing the hits easier.

Out of Batti Experience50
Send Hayes to Judgement 

Once you have unlocked the final map (Commonwealth Tower) by filling your Gold Meter, you have to beat the final boss battle against Hayes to unlock this achievement. The difficulty is automatically set to "HOT," but this isn't any harder than other maps.

Locked and Laddu30
Fully Upgrade One Weapon 

See "Chaat Through The Heart."

Bombay Away50
Use Salary to Purchase All Weapons 

See "Chaat Through The Heart."

Chaat Through The Heart50
Fully Upgrade All Weapons 

You can purchase and/or upgrade any and all weapons when setting up a match. Just choose the first or second weapon slot and you will see the prices of each weapon and the next upgrade level.

The pistol is likely to be the cheapest weapon to upgrade fully first. You start with the weapon and the upgrades cost $3,500, $7,000, and $14,000.

The total amount of salary needed to purchase all weapons and upgrades is between $900,000.

Two weapons are locked until you defeat Hayes. See "Out of Batti Experience."

Joseph0714 has provided a method for boosting salary:

Originally Posted by Joseph0714 View Post
All achievements are pretty easy to get, only problem is the one for winning all the bets seems to be glitched, and the buying all weapons and upgrading all weapons is a little time consuming. For this what me and my partner are doing is, beating the first map on Inferno difficulty (unlocked when you finish the "extra/final mission" map that unlocks when filling the Gold bar on the top of the map/weapon/character/etc screen) over and over again and taking turns on winning bets (haven't encountered the type of criminal I mentioned earlier). Also, we always arrest the criminals, we think it gives us more money than killing them but haven't really checked.
With this method we get around $120,000-$168,000 if doing the challenges and winning the bet on the map. The other person (not winning the bet) gets around $60,000-$75,000 per try.
Originally Posted by Joseph0714
For Inferno (money boosting) I am using the revolver and the Hairdryer (got enough money finally to buy it) with the Bulletproof Vest and I have not had a hard time because on the first map the criminal that spawns is not really that hard, atleast all the ones that I have had spawn on me have not been hard to defeat (arrest/kill).


It's Not a Turmeric!30
Complete All Maps on the "HOT" Difficulty 

"HOT" difficulty is the hardest difficulty and you need to complete all seven maps on this difficulty to unlock the achievement. It is highly recommended that you do this with a partner as it will make getting through each map easier. The suggested loadout for "HOT" difficult is the pump action shotgun or automatic shotgun and the revolver. Both should be fully upgraded and you should purchase a consumable before each map (the bulletproof vest will be quite helpful).

Locha Me!15
Win Your First Bet 

See "Curry, You Can't Be Serious."

Curry, You Can't Be Serious25
Win Each Different Bet (4) 

When playing with a partner, you will be able to eliminate four of the five types of bets. The last one will be the bet that is active for the game. The five bets are Abilities Used, Enemies Killed, Headshot Count, Critical State, and Duel. Follow the instructions for the bet and come out ahead of your partner to win a bet.

Abilities Used - Use the abilities. 

  • Enemies Killed - Kill more enemies than your partner.
  • Headshot Count - Get more headshots than your partner.
  • Critical State - Die fewer times than your partner.
  • Duel - Win the duel against your partner (deathmatch).
I'm Cumin For You!20
Unlock the Final Showdown with Hayes (1) 

To unlock the Commonwealth Tower map, you need to earn enough gold pieces from playing matches to fill the Gold Meter that is at the top of the lobby/loadout screen.

Chicken 6510
Kill 65 Deados 

This achievement is as simple as killing enemies. I got this after the first couple encounters playing by myself. 

Puri Good Killer25
Soul Kill 100 Deados 

To unlock this achievement, you must soul kill 100 enemies. To soul kill an enemy, you have to kill the enemy and have them turn into a "ghost." This happens so frequently, that you are likely to unlock this after your first hundred kills in the game.

Chapati Training25
Complete Every Challenge In One Level 

During one map, challenges will come up on every other encounter. Challenges I have seen include using four abilities in one minute, arresting/killing a specific enemy, get eight headshots in a minute, finish an encounter without using a killstreak ability, and more. Complete both the challenges in a map to unlock this achievement.

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US July 17, 2013

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