Retro City Rampage

Retro City Rampage Achievements

Death Cam, No Death

Beat Death Cam VHS without dying  

This happens during "Rampage Retaliation: Death Cam VHS," and is very straight forward. This has to be done from start to finish without dying, even tho there are checkpoints. Recommend dying and quitting, go back to Doc's house. Save your game here, you will be able to replay the mission from Doc's house.

There is also an invisible wall (#8) at the bottom of the first room. Don't forget to grab it.

A few helpful tips in making it through the mission without dying: Thanks to OzzyMartin.

  • Do nor waste ammo on the green barehanded enemies. Instead, jump on their heads to kill them. This will help you conserve ammo for the later rooms. Same for the green enemies with the bats.
  • Every now and then enemies will drop a shield upgrades that look like green marbles. Collect as many as you can. These shield upgrades will come to help in the later rooms and also the final room.
  • Keep an eye out for wall cannons! Room 3, 5 & the final room have the wall cannons. The wall cannons fire once every time you kill a wave of enemies. Avoid the wall cannons projectiles as they have a high chance to kill you in one hit. Stay in the bottom half of the room, as it is the safest area.
  • There will be two enemies in the final room. They will be equipped with rocker launchers. You will notice them, they are yellow which mean they are the toughest kinds of enemies. Do not engage in a face to face fight, instead run away in a circular motion. They will follow you and run into the fire spread all over the room which will kill them for you. Also using the flamethrower will make these enemies a lot easier to take out. If you catch fire, quickly run to the top left corner, there are fire hydrants that can be use to put out the fire.

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Comment #1 by Earthbound_X
Thursday, April 11, 2013 @ 11:31:47 PM

Woo, got it on my first try!

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