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Retro City Rampage Achievement Guide

Guide By: MeonOner
There are 20 achievements with a total of 400 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10 
- Offline: 20/20 (400/400)
- Online: 0/20 (0/400)
- Approximate amount of time to 40010+ hours 
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 (Replay mission).
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: Yes, Avoid!
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: None
Avatar Awards: 3


Step 1: Story & Collectables within story missions.
By simply playing through the game you will unlock "You Broke The Law!," "Pixel Me Rollin'," "Master of Your Domain" & "Tool Time." Completing all story missions will unlock Turbo Mode. AWESOME! 

Once you have unlocked Turbo Mode, turn it ON and replay story mission 'Super Stomp Shenanigans' to unlock Super Turbo Beat Down. Turbo Mode can be switched ON/OFF from the main menu.

Also, if/might you die while doing story mission 'Death Cam VHS', you will not get Death Cam, No Death. You can you use level select to replay this mission as many time as needed. Refer to the achievement for tips and a helpful video walkthrough on how to do this and what to expect.

Something to keep in mind, during the story you will reach a few missions called 'Death Castle of Doom:Graves 'N Corpsecraft' & 'Death Castle of Doom: Toxic Sewer Soup Mutants.' Here is where you will need to pick up loot bag 31 & 32. And during the mission Death Cam, No Death, don't forget to run into invisible wall 8. To be able to complete and obtain "Daily Grind."

Step 2: Collectibles / Daily Grind:
You may follow this Collectibles Guide with full details to find all collectibles. This will grant you the "Daily Grind" achievement.

Again, Remember to get loot bag 31 & 32, as well as invisible wall 8 while you are on the specific mission. It will save you a lot of time. But if you happen to miss them, don't worry, you can select and replay those level again.

Credit for the Collectibles Guide goes to Dalez & onestonedjuggalo from PS3Trophies.

Step 3: Play Arcade Challenges - Slaughter Sprees:

You will need to earn gold on the 14 main Slaughter Sprees. These are accessed from the main menu under Play Arcade Challenges. Refer to "A Winner Is You!" to view how to unlock all 14 main Slaughter Sprees.

Step 4: Clean Up:
Now to clean up those miscellaneous achievements you might have of missed if you were to into the story mode and getting those collectibles. Refer to the specif achievement for more details.

  • "Broken Chain"
  • "Eco-friendly Fire"
  • "Rocky Road Tire Crunch"
  • "Bike Bounce"
  • "8-bit Hydrant Overflow"
  • "Dance Player, Dance"
  • "The Cosplayer"
  • "Feeling Groggy"



[x360a would like to thank MeonOner for this Roadmap]

Broken Chain25
Reach a 99X chain multiplier   (1) 

In the game statistics its listed as SINGLE TRIGGER CHAIN!. What you have to do it kill 99 people without lifting your finger off the trigger on your weapon. Almost impossible to do this with hand held weapons. Best way to do this is while being in a tank.

To get a tank, you will need to reach maximum threat level so that the Army will start chasing you. Fastest way to raise your threat level is to steal a vehicle and start running over pedestrians. The higher your threat level is, the more damage you take on, so keep an eye on the vehicles armor. When the vehicles armor is low, quickly get out and steal another vehicle and continue your rampage until the tank appears. When the tank appears, simply run over all surrounding soldiers, jump out of your vehicle and get inside the tank.

Once in the tank, hold  to fire missiles and DO NOT LET GO! The tank has a great amount of armor. If you stop firing at any point, your chain multiplier will reset. Just keep shooting till the achievement unlocks.

Eco-friendly Fire10
Hit 4 people with a single shotgun blast   (1) 

Best done is Free Roam. All guns will become available early in the game after unlocking the ammunition shop. If you want to do this earlier, simply raise your threat level, take out a few police men and pick up their shotgun. While in Free Roam, select the shotgun and search for large crowds, usually found near the beaches or parks. 

Alternatively, you can raise your threat level so the police starts chasing you. Wait until you have 4 or more police men behind you, turn around and shoot at them.

Also during the Death Cam VHS story mission, a few enemies will drop shotguns after you kill them. Save your ammo. There will be a room in which 7+ unarmed enemies that will come out in a straight line. Run around the room until they are all cluttered into a small group and shoot them with the shotgun.

Blow up 8 vehicles in 8 seconds   (1) 

Early in the game you will find yourself in a tank. Once in the tank hold down  while driving around shooting all vehicles you see.

See "Broken Chain" for alternate method of getting a tank.

Rocky Road Tire Crunch15
Hit 25 pedestrians in a row with your car without stopping   (4) 

You will need to go very fast, in a straight line and hit nothing but pedestrians. Hitting other cars and sidewalk objects like mailboxes, lamps, walls and turning your car will cause you to slow down and stop the combo. 

Early in the game, there will be a mission Doc Choc's Magic Clocks: hit 88 pedestrians for POWER! If you miss it on your first try don't worry you can replay the mission under Replay mission from the main menu.

This can actually be done outside of the mission Doc Choc's Magic Clocks: hit 88 pedestrians for POWER! Simply find yourself a fast vehicle and take it to the Spray 4 Pay and purchase the Nitrous vehicle mod. Now go to the same straight away as in the video below. Drive through it once or twice making sure you destroy all side walk objects. After, line yourself up at the beginning of the side walk and start driving. Use the nitrous to help speed your vehicle. Once your vehicle starts to slow down, hit the nitrous again to remain at a fast enough speed.

You can follow this video made by mjc0961. In the video you will do three runs down the 'yellow line'. First run through will clear all side walk objects and start to built up speed. Second run through will continue to increase your speed. Third run through is when you will have enough speed to get 25x pedestrian combo. If you do not unlock the achievement, reload your game and try again.

Pixel Me Rollin'10
Drive 65,536 pixels   (4) 

This is accumulative and will unlock with natural progression. 65, 536 pixels is translated in 65, 536 feet.

Bike Bounce10
Knock a pedestrian off a bike to ricochet another off their bike   (1) 

While driving around, keep an eye out for pedestrians driving motorcycles behind or close to another motorcyclist. Make sure that the two motorcyclist aren't to close to each other or the first driver will fly over the second bike. Once spotted, hit the first motorcyclist from behind and brake. The driver should fly forward over their bike into the motorcyclist in front of them. Traffic lights are a good place to find motorcyclist grouped together.

Three Flings10
Knock down two pedestrians with a third using the BioClaw   (1) 

This can be done either in Story or in Free Roam. If done in Story you will have to purchase this weapon from the ammunition store when it becomes available for $6000. You will also be able to obtain this in a later story mission which will automatically provide you with a BioClaw. If done in Free Roam you will have access to this weapon from the start.

You will need to knock over one pedestrian into two or more pedestrians. Find a group of three or more pedestrians, for this achievement it works a lot better if the group is very close to each other.

8-bit Hydrant Overflow30
Put 256 people on fire within a single life   (4) 

The achievement description is a little misleading. You can obtain this by simply running over 256 within a single life, they do not have to be set on fire.

Recommend going for this near the Stadium Zone. There is a large parking lot with a good number of pedestrians that spawn. Simply drive around the parking lot running over all pedestrians you see. You can control the cops chasing you easily here and have less interference. If your threat level starts to rise, there is a silver coin near the wall of the stadium you can driver over to lower down your threat level. If your vehicle armor stats to go down, quickly find a new vehicle and continue running over pedestrians.

See the video for "Dance, Player, Dance!" for the route to the stadium.

Dance Player, Dance!30
Avoid the cops at maximum threat level for 1 minute on foot, without taking damage   (2) 

Start by reaching maximum threat level and drive to any area that has a good amount of walking space. Avoid narrow alleys and traffic on the streets. Circle around the building while swaying back and forth by jumping. This will make it hard for the police and Army to have a clear shot of you and just continue to chase you on foot. The Army carry Claws that will grab you if the Army gets to close to you.

Another method is during the mission Saved By the Bell, you will be told to beat up Squeak at the T-Shirt shop on the beach. Squeak will go down in one punch. Throwing punches will increase your threat level, keep punching Squeak even tho he is already down. The police and Army will not be able to touch or hit you since the area will be blocked by a fence.

You can follow this video by mjc0961. Described in the first method.

Daily Grind30
Find all hidden loot bags, payphones and invisible walls    

There are a total of 32 lot bags, 32 payphones & 8 invisible walls. Loot bags are brown boxes, these can be collected by walking over them. Payphones are usually found near building and in other areas, press  to interact, a phone number will appear on your screen. Invisible walls are fake exists that represent prop walls from T.V shows.

Here is a full location map and details on where to located all Collectibles Guide
Credit goes to Dalez & onestonedjuggalo from PS3Trophies.

*Loot bag 31, 32 and invisible wall 8 can only be found/picked during certain story missions. And should be picked up right away.

The Cosplayer25
Dress up as one of the guest stars    (1) 

The fastest guest star you can get is Steve from Minecraft, which is located to the upper bottom left of the map. To unlock Steve, you will need to enter the Mojang Land warp pipe. As soon as you enter the warp pipe you will unlock Steve. Save your game and exit to the main menu, choose free roam and pick Steve for your achievement.

Refer to loot bag #4 from the collectible guide.

Big Money!10
Match all cards in a single round of the casino game at the Spades To Steal Casino   (6) 

You will need to go to the Casino located towards the bottom left portion of the map, it is near a Spry 'N Paint. Once in the Casino, go to the table on the left (easy). The card matching sets do repeat themselves, there are only a hand full of set ups.

Here are some of the most common set ups of cards:

10 = 10 Coin
100 = 100 Coin
H = Heart
P = Pistol
S = Shotgun
D = Dynamite

Set Up 1:

100 | H | 10 | 100 | H | 10
H | 10 | 100 | 100 | 10 | H
100 | 10 | 10 | H | H | 100

Set Up 2:

H | H | P | H | P | S
P | S | H | P | P | H
S | H | S | S | P | S

Set Up 3:

D | 10 | 10 | D |10 | D
D | P | D | P | P | P
10 | 10 | P | 10 | D |P

Set Up 4:

10 | 10 | 100 | P | 10 | 10 
100 | P | 100 | P | 10 | P
100 | P | 10 | 100 | P | 100

You Broke The Law!5
Raise your threat level causing police to chase you    (1) 

Story related.

Kill four green sewer dwellers   (1) 

During the first story mission, 'rob a convenience store'. You will get to a point where you are running along a road to the convenience store. At some point a group of four green guys will jump out of a sewer (in reference to the Ninja Turtles). They are not armed, kill all four of them for the achievement.

Feeling Groggy10
Get "sick" on "milk"   (1) 

This can either be unlocked in Story or Free Roam.
There are two items that will get you intoxicated in the game Grog and Milk. Grog can be purchased at the Grog2Go vending machines and Milk and be purchased at any of the Milk Bars. Press  to purchase the drink and the achievement will pop right after.

To find Milk Bars go to the Pause Menu > Map > Scroll till you see a Milk icon.

Master of Your Domain10
Dethrone GLC's high score   

This is an accumulative score throughout the game. GLC's high score is somewhere in the 800, 000+. Just about anything you do in the game grants you points. Play every mission and cause as much mayhem possible while explore the city. To boost your score, drive on sidewalks as much as possible instead of driving on roads and also run over pedestrians and police. This of course will attract more attention, but its super affective. This will probably be earned without even going for it.

Death Cam, No Death50
Beat Death Cam VHS without dying   (1) 

This happens during "Rampage Retaliation: Death Cam VHS," and is very straight forward. This has to be done from start to finish without dying, even tho there are checkpoints. Recommend dying and quitting, go back to Doc's house. Save your game here, you will be able to replay the mission from Doc's house.

There is also an invisible wall (#8) at the bottom of the first room. Don't forget to grab it.

A few helpful tips in making it through the mission without dying: Thanks to OzzyMartin.

  • Do nor waste ammo on the green barehanded enemies. Instead, jump on their heads to kill them. This will help you conserve ammo for the later rooms. Same for the green enemies with the bats.
  • Every now and then enemies will drop a shield upgrades that look like green marbles. Collect as many as you can. These shield upgrades will come to help in the later rooms and also the final room.
  • Keep an eye out for wall cannons! Room 3, 5 & the final room have the wall cannons. The wall cannons fire once every time you kill a wave of enemies. Avoid the wall cannons projectiles as they have a high chance to kill you in one hit. Stay in the bottom half of the room, as it is the safest area.
  • There will be two enemies in the final room. They will be equipped with rocker launchers. You will notice them, they are yellow which mean they are the toughest kinds of enemies. Do not engage in a face to face fight, instead run away in a circular motion. They will follow you and run into the fire spread all over the room which will kill them for you. Also using the flamethrower will make these enemies a lot easier to take out. If you catch fire, quickly run to the top left corner, there are fire hydrants that can be use to put out the fire.

Tool Time30
Collect all 7 time machine parts    

Story Related Cannot Be Missed!

The achievement description say to collect 7, but you really need to collect 9 missing parts. You will need to find the 9 missing parts to put the time machine back together, by completing story missions.

Super Turbo Beat Down50
Beat Turbo Story Mode    (5) 

The description for this achievement is some what misleading. You don't have to beat the entire story in Turbo mode. All you have to do is finish the story mission 'Super Stomp Shenanigans' with Turbo mode active. In fact you dont have to complete the entire level either. As soon as you get to the part where Dr. Von Buttnick talks about the "castle collapsing", the achievement will unlock. 

Once the Story Mode has been completed you will unlock Turbo Mode, you may replay 'Super Stomp Shenanigans.' Turbo Mode makes you a lot faster, so it will take some time getting used to this mode. Turbo Mode can be switched on and off from the Main Menu.

A Winner Is You!20
Get gold medal scores in all sprees   (7) 

You will only have to earn gold medals on the main 14 slaughter sprees. If at anytime you are having some difficulties completing any of the sprees you can turn on/off Turbo Mode from the main menu. This will make you faster and make some of the sprees easier. If you are stuck on a spree and turbo mode isn't working out, you can view the leaderboards for a specif spree by pressing  and the press  to look at the top player playthrough.

  • Armed & Invincible: Unlocked instantly.
  • Toast of the Town: Unlocked instantly.
  • Speed Kills! Shoe up!: Unlocked instantly.
  • Rocket Launch Time!: Unlocked instantly.
  • Reapin' it Real!: Unlocks after completing the secondary mission Circle of Death: Baby's Ghost Daddy.
  • Nice 'N Clawed!: Unlocks after the completing the set of missions The Contraband Commando.
  • Drop 'em like Flies!: Unlocks after the mission The Guest Star: Starstruck Airstrike.
  • Tipsy Toadstool Trippin': During the Go-Go Buster mission, you will go into The Paramour building. Inside to the left is a bartender, order a drink from him.
  • Hawaii D.U.I.: You will need to purchase Grog2Go from the Grog vending machine located next to Grogbush's bar.
  • Masked Massacre: Unlocks after completing the set of missions Biff! Pow! Holy Cow!.
  • Tank it 2 the Max!: Unlocked instantly.
  • Flatten 50 in 50: Unlocked instantly.
  • Sweat Their Rides: Unlocks after the set of missions Sweat Bomber.
  • Rocketproof Rampage: Unlocks after the set of missions The Dark Bank Heist.

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