Rise of the Guardians

Rise of the Guardians Achievement Guide

Guide By: E vee dub
There are 49 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 2.5/10
- Offline: 49/49 (1000)
- Online: 0/0 (0)
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 8-12 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2 (Story/Endless modes.)
- Number of missable achievements: None After credits roll, you can return to your game to finish cleaning up your map.
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: None

"Rise of the Guardians" is a straightforward and easy game to complete for 1000. The achievements involve discovering areas, collecting items, completing quests, defeating a certain # of enemies and types of enemies, and a 50-point combo. 

Start with the first realm, and clear each area until there's nothing left on your map, then move to the next area.

Your in-game map is highly useful and you should refer to it often. To access your map, press the  button, and press  to see the Legend. Those symbols represent items to pick up and collect, or missions to complete. So no collectible guide is needed as it is provided for you in-game. Sweet!

You can simply look at the map of your current area, and clear it out before moving to the next area. That's pretty much the game and its achievements. The map is so useful, it almost makes this achievement guide just a formality.

"Rise of the Guardians" is a quick 1000, and a great game to rent or borrow for 2 days to complete and boost that gamerscore. It's a fun game to play with kids (4-player co-op), and even adults and gamers can appreciate this game for its gameplay and brevity. Enjoy, and congrats on another 1000.


[x360a would like to thank E vee Dub for this Roadmap]


Explorer - Burgess20
Travel to Burgess by way of a Guardian Gate.   (1) 

-See "Guardian Explorer."

Explorer - Tooth's Palace20
Travel to Tooth's Palace by way of a Guardian Gate.   

-See "Guardian Explorer."

Explorer - Bunnymund's Warren20
Travel to The Warren by way of a Guardian Gate.   

-See "Guardian Explorer."

Explorer - Sandman's Ship20
Travel to the Sandman's Ship by way of a Guardian Gate.   

-See "Guardian Explorer."

Explorer - North Pole20
Travel to the North Pole by way of a Guardian Gate.   

-See "Guardian Explorer."

Explorer - Pitch's Lair20
Enter Pitch's Lair for the first time.   

-The portal to his lair becomes available once you destroy the first bed. 
The first bed becomes available as you complete missions through normal game play. Then a challenge is offered to defeat some enemies, and then destroy the bed.

Guardian Explorer20
Travel to each realm in the whole world.   

-The 6 realms are:
1 Town of Burgess
2 Tooth's Palace
3 The Warren
4 Sandman's Ship
5 North Pole
6 Pitch's Lair 

You can warp to the first 5 realms at the start of the game to unlock their respective achievements. 
Walk into the nearest GUARDIAN GATE and press 
Press  again to access the WORLD MAP. 
Use  to choose either of the 5 initial areas that are available. 
Once you reach the area you chose, walk into the nearest GUARDIAN GATE again and choose another area you have not yet visited. 

See "Explorer - Pitch's Lair" to learn about visiting Pitch's Lair.

Gates of Burgess20
Reclaim all gates at Burgess.   

-See "Keeper of the Gates."

Gates of Bunnymund's Warren20
Reclaim all gates at The Warren.   

-See "Keeper of the Gates."

Gates of Sandman's Ship20
Reclaim all gates at the Sandman's Ship.   

-See "Keeper of the Gates."

Gates of the North Pole20
Reclaim all gates at the North Pole.   

-See "Keeper of the Gates."

Gates of Tooth's Palace20
Reclaim all gates at Tooth's Palace.   

-See "Keeper of the Gates."

Keeper of the Gates20
Complete all Gate Guardians missions in each realm.   

-The GUARDIAN GATES are the multi-colored icon on the map. Defeat the enemies surrounding each one to reclaim that gate. They are initially controlled by Nightmare enemies when you find them. Defeat all the enemies to relcaim that gate. There are 5 gates in each of the 5 realms. 25 total.

To view mission progress for each mission type:
Select World Board
Select Missions
Use  to cycle through the different missions,
The number of missions by realm is at the bottom as you cycle through each mission type.
But again, all of these mission types can be located on your in-game map by pressing the  button.

Guardians Unite20
Complete all Protectors of Belief missions in each realm.   

-See "Keeper of the Gates" to see how to view your mission progress.
These can get hectic. Stay near and watch your friend's health. These offer good opportunities to earn your 50-hit combo.

Friends to the Rescue20
Complete all Cage Break missions in each realm.   

-See "Keeper of the Gates" to see how to view your mission progress.
Remember to break the cages of the captives after you defeat the enemies.

Nightmares Beware20
Complete all Shadow Stompers missions in each realm.   

-See "Keeper of the Gates" to see how to view your mission progress.
These are just groups of enemies you must defeat.

Celebrate Your Center20
Complete all Find Your Center missions in each realm.   

-See "Keeper of the Gates" to see how to view your mission progress.
These are Russian Matryoska dolls (dolls within a doll) and are sometimes hard to spot.

Believe in the Magic20
Level up for the first time.   

-See "Elite Guardian 20."

Elite Guardian20
Reach Valor Level 20.   

-Defeat numerous enemies and complete missions to level up. 
Spam the  button and occasionally use the  or  (Unique Ability 1, 2 or 3, respectively) attacks over and over again.
You reach Level 20 at the beginning of your 5th realm.

Shadow Spree20
Destroy 100 Nightmare enemies.   

-Defeat the many enemies available as you explore each area. You can unlock this within the first 15 minutes of playing the game. You defeat well over 1,000 enemies throughout the game.

Shadow Take-Down20
Destroy one of each Nightmare enemy.   

-You will confront each of these enemies through normal story progression. Be sure you destroy them, not the AI or a co-op buddy who has joined you.
There's a list of the 13 "NIGHTMARES" in the Journal of the START menu. You can use this to give yourself an idea of what enemies you need to defeat.
If you haven't unlocked this by the time you've finished clearing out your 3rd realm, then restart your Xbox and see if that helps.

Magic is Everywhere20
Destroy all Nightmares in all realms.   

-These are the evil, scary, black horses just standing in the open. These enemies are NOT on the map. So be sure you explore each path/street of each area to ensure you found and defeated them all.

Dig the Spring20
Find and Collect all Painted Eggs scattered across all 5 realms.    

-These are the collectibles of the game found on your map & Legend as treasure chests. 
There are 25 in each realm. Simply follow the map to each chest and open them. Some of these chests blend well with dark, so search diligently.

-To view collectible progress for each realm:
Select World Board
Select Missions
Use  to cycle over to "TREASURE COLLECTIONS"
You can see how many you've found for each realm on the bottom.

In order from Left to Right, the realm pictures are:
Burgess, North Pole, Bunnymund's Warren, Tooth Palace, Sandman's Ship

Memories Safe20
Find and Collect all Tooth Boxes scattered across all 5 realms.    

-See "Dig the Spring."

Eternally Chill20
Find and Collect all Snowballs scattered across all 5 realms.    

-See "Dig the Spring."

Toy Central20
Find and Collect all Wooden Toys scattered across all 5 realms.    

-See "Dig the Spring."

Find and Collect all Dreamsand Capsules scattered across all 5 realms.    

-See "Dig the Spring."

Deliver Holiday Cheer20
Perform a 10 point combo.   (2) 

-See "Never Stop Believing."

Never Stop Believing20
Reach a 50 point combo.   (2) 

-Spam the  button on enemies continuously until you reach 50 hits. 
The combo-counter is in the top-left of the screen under your current character's picture. 
I suggest using either BUNNYMUND or TOOTH FAIRY, as they have ranged attacks. 
You cannon move while attacking. 
If you need a new angle, use  +  to roll to a new vantage point. 
There are plenty of areas full of enemies. My highest combo is 194, to give you an idea.

Cool Headed20
Upgrade your weapon to Level 2.   

-Given to you when you defeat Pitch for the 1st time.

Ice Cold20
Upgrade your weapon to Level 3.   

-Given to you when you defeat Pitch for the 3rd time.

Cold Warrior20
Upgrade your weapon to Level 4.   

-Given to you when you defeat Pitch the 5th and final time in his Lair.

My Kind of Element20
Purchase all Gems.   (2) 

-There are 9 gems for each of the 5 characters. 
All gems are the same in price and ability for each character. 
They are: 
Build .......... 550 recommended
Glory .......... 900 
Wonder ..... 1300 recommended
Harmony .... 2000 
Force ........ 2600 
Energized ... 3800 
Power ........ 5200 recommended
Mighty ....... 6500 
Legendary ... 8000 recommended

TOTAL ....... 31050 x 5 = 155,250 crystals

Gems are like perks. 
You can only equip 3 at a time by unlocking 1 of the 3 slots at levels 2, 8 & 12. 
Use Build until you have purchased all gems.
You should have all gems purchased before completing your second realm.

Crystal Champ20
Collect 15000 Crystals.   (1) 

-This cumulative. 
You don't need to have 15,000 crystals at once. 
Spend as you earn.
Enemies you defeat drop crystals. The crystals automatically come to your character, so you don't have pick them up.

To see how many crystals you have:
Select Journal
Select Gems
Your crystal amount is in the top-left corner

Guardians Deliver20
Reach 100% World Belief   

-See "Beyond Belief"

Co-op Captain20
Instigate a co-operative attack move.   

-You must have at least 1 full purple bar to start this attack. Your energy meter automatically regenerates over time for the 1st bar.
Hold  next to another character to perform this move together. You can continue holding  until your purple energy meter is depleted.

Shadow Sifter20
Destroy one of each type of Champion Nightmare.   (1) 

-Champions are the Nightmares with a purple health bar. You hit them with a base attack (), and then use one of your special abilities ( or ) to really put them down.
(If you haven't unlocked this by the time you've cleared out your 3rd realm, try restarting your Xbox.)

Beyond Belief40
Defeat Pitch in the Final Showdown and reach 100% world belief.   

-The World Belief meter is in the bottom left corner or your HUD and it surrounds the globe icon. The meter increases as you clear everything on your map. If you clear each area before moving on, you should have this unlocked before finishing your 4th realm.

This is Going to be Epic!20
Defeat Pitch for the fifth and final time in his Lair.   

-You're enter his lair as you complete missions and clear out your map. You'll also upgrade you weapons the 1st, 3rd & 5th time you encounter him.

Belief Spin20
Turn the Globe of Belief 360 degrees on the Pause Screen.   (1) 

-Once you have control of your character, press 
Use your  to spin the globe around and around in one direction until the achievement unlocks.

Bed Blaster20
Destroy all beds that lead to Pitch’s Realm portal.   

-There are 5 beds total. You'll be given the challenge to destroy the enemies around the bed as you complete missions and collect items in the game. So just keep clearing your map.

I Still Believe20
Defeat Pitch in each of the five confrontations.   

-You enter his lair as you complete missions and clear your map. Unload on him to build your purple Energy bar, then use your favorite Unique Ability on him. Keep your distance as he uses as a rotating sickle attack often. BUNNYMUND & TOOTH FAIRY are recommended for their ranged attacks.

Glory of the Guardians20
Defeat Pitch at the Final Showdown in Burgess.   

-After your 5th encounter with Pitch in his Lair, you'll now battle him in Burgess. He has the same attack as before, but likes to spawn evil replicates or your characters as well. Again, just spam the  button on them, and use your Unique Abilities ( or ) when your purple meter is filled.
The credits roll AND YOU CAN'T SKIP THEM, and then you'll be warped back to the area you previously left.

Tis' the Season to be Naughty20
Destroy 40 piles of presents in North's Factory.   

-Don't forget to look for these and go out of your way to destroy them. If you didn't get enough your first time through, you can warp back to the Factory area in the North Pole realm and the stacks of presents will have respawned.

Yeti Master20
Hit a friendly Yeti ten times.   (1) 

-Yetis are found making ice sculptures in the Factory area of the North Pole realm, and hanging out on the cliffs.

Memories are Treasures20
Destroy the circle of mushrooms in Tooth's Asia Temple.   

-Travel to TOOTH PALACE realm, area ASIA. The circle of mushrooms are found in the top-left of the map near a chest that is hidden in the shadows.

Workin' Hard Every Day20
Destroy 20 vases in Tooth's realm.   

-As soon as you enter the realm, vases are found all around the edges of the area. Keep destroying them until you unlock this.

Riding the Wind20
Hit 10 Mailboxes around the streets of Burgess.   

-There are blue mailboxes throughout the streets of Burgess. 
These are the bigger drop-off-your-letters-and-packages mailboxes, not the type you see in front of someone's home. There are more than 10 in the areas of Burgess.

Gone Fishing20
Destroy all 5 instances of fishing gear around the lake.   

-The lake is located in the POND area of the Burgess Realm. 
2 on the pier
1 is on the shore near the guardian gate
2 near the north bridge

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US November 20, 2012
Europe November 23, 2012

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