Risen Achievements

King of the handymen

20 tool bags collected in inventory

Chapter 1 (Harbor Town)

Walter the smith in Harbour Town will give you the quest "Everything that isn't nailed down," and it means gathering up 15 Tool bags from Gnomes around the island. For the achievement however, you need to gather all 20 possible tool bags, and have them in your inventory at the same time, so DO NOT turn in the bags to complete the quest.

  • #1 A group of 3 gnomes in a destroyed camp past the swamp farm (with a regular mana recipe, and hero's crown)
  • #2 A group of 5 gnomes past the bridge crossing the ravine you came up from exiting the secret Harbour Town entrance.
  • #3 A group of 6 gnomes further up the path from the bridge, also has a chieftain.
  • #4 A group of gnomes just inside the caves from #3. This group will mix with #5, totalling 12 in the two groups.
  • #5 Another group inside the cave towards the ledge outside, opposite the entrance. If you haven't gotten two bag of tools from group #4 and #5, look outside for any stragglers.
  • #6 From the small group of Gnomes above the farm Severin guards, during his quest Thieving Gnomes, one of them will have a toolbag.
  • #7 Same as #6, the Thieving Gnomes have two toolbags between them.
  • #8 From Severin's farm, instead of heading upwards to the Monastery, swing around to the eastern side along the mountainside and find two gnomes on a ledge overlooking the broken tower and rope bridge below. One of them has a toolbag. This is directly north of Leon's cabin.
  • #9 As you head down the narrow slope/canyon towards the Harbour Town rear entrance, passing Leon's cabin, there is a seemingly lone gnome Chieftain to your left who carries a toolbag. Another Gnome hides nearby along with two corpses (with a levitation spell) and a chest.
  • #10 Going from Leon's cabin towards the East Coast cave entrance, to your right is a fire and 3 gnomes. They seem to be part of a group stationed further right. There will be 3 more gnomes on the other side of the wooden bridge, where one has a toolbag.
  • #11 Further up the path from the bridge and #10, you'll find 2 gnomes and a chieftain close to the tower guarded by skeletons. The chieftain has a toolbag.
  • #12 Still heading towards the East Coast, just inside the cave that connects the road, there's a lair with 4 gnomes, one having a toolbag.
  • #13 Following the path east from Leon's cabin, down the curving slope towards the abondonen hut, a gnome around has a bag.
  • #14 As #13, the group of 8 gnomes here have two toolbags between them.
  • #15 Directly east from the farm and #13 & #14, is a small group of 3 gnomes. On the far side of the road sloping further down to the riverbed. One has the 15th toolbag and will complete the quest for Walter. Do not turn them in just yet or you will loose out on the achievement.
  • #16 In the north eastern part of the island, after passing through the cave, you'll find Henrik the hunter by a campfire. Cross the wooden bridge and you'll find a group of gnomes, with 3 gnomes by the bridge, and 3 more further in. One of them has a toolbag.
  • #17 On the same smaller island as #16, fight a Thunder Lizard after going upwards through a tunnel, then trail the narrow path around a mountain spire to come upon two gnomes and an ogre. A toolbag can be found on one of the gnomes.
  • #18 On the smaller north eastern island as #16 and #17, far along the path, on a level just below #17, there is a larger concentration of 10 gnomes. Only one of them carries a toolbag.
  • #19 West of #18 you'll enter some ruins. There are 10 gnomes in total here on the ground level and in the tower, one of which has a toolbag. Note that one of them can get stuck in the geometry, so save first.
  • #20 In the same ruins as #19, continue into the underground catacombs at the far end. One of the gnomes down here will have your 20th and final toolbag. This is also the place where you will fight Gyrger, so beware.
  • #21 Northwest of where you first meet Henrik you can find the cabin he shares with Jasmin and their wolf Rufo. Northwest of the cabin, on top of the hill is another gnome camp.
  • #22 North/north-east of Volcano Keep on your map, or going straight west from the top of the hill where you found #21, across the river and close to the cave entrance, is a small group of 3 gnomes around a fire.
  • #23 A good bit to the north of #22, a gnome camp left of a large closed (until chapter 3) ruin gate.

Once done, return to Walter for a good chunk of xp, gold, and a steel blank of all three types, two-handed, bastard, and one-handed.

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User Comments
Comment #1 by Nebril
Saturday, March 12, 2011 @ 04:07:47 AM

If you turned in the quest before getting all 20 you can always go beat the smith down and take them back and get the achievement.

Comment #2 by Dangerous Brian
Tuesday, May 10, 2011 @ 07:13:03 PM

There are more than 20 Tool Bags available, I turned the quest in after getting 20 for the achievement and continued playing. After a while I found anothe Tool Bag, and another. I've found 28 so far. It must be random or somthing.

Comment #3 by Dangerous Brian
Tuesday, May 10, 2011 @ 07:15:17 PM

That's not 28 more, that's 28 in total.

Comment #4 by DoomScott
Saturday, August 20, 2011 @ 05:27:07 PM

Ok, is anyone else getting instant-killed by the gnomes?? There's a glitch for me so when i attack a gnome at the same time as it attacks me I instantly die, no matter how much health I have. I'm a pretty high level and gnomes are pretty easy for me but this keeps happening every once in a while and it's really pissing me off. Anyone else have this problem?

Comment #5 by DiegoTan
Tuesday, May 06, 2014 @ 06:37:37 PM

Yeah, happens to me too Scotty.

Comment #6 by Snipingfool
Thursday, April 30, 2015 @ 12:28:35 AM

I was getting instant-killed by gnomes and those damn preying mantises

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