Risen Achievement Guide

Guide By: Ellusion, The Pants Party
There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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  • Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
  • Offline: 50 for 1000
  • Online: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to complete: 60-80 hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1.5
  • Number of missable achievements: Anything involving LP (Master of the Classes, etc.)
  • Do cheat codes disable achievements?: None
  • Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
  • Glitchy achievements: None
  • Unobtainable achievements: None
  • Extra equipment needed?: None


One thing that is very importing for this game is knowing the lay of the land and the order in which to do something (or not do something) so that you can complete it with the least amount of work and time possible. For starters, a good walkthrough is handy as the game does not give you much direction. I used the one at Game Pressure, which includes every quest and very good maps. Come to that, the next most important thing are the maps themselves. Here is everything you should need in the order you'll come to it:

On top of the land and its inhabitants/important locations, you'll also need to collect most if not all of the following items, being careful not to use them before the end of Part 2: Hero's Crowns, Ogreroots and Pixie Hats (Stone Plates you can use immediately). The best way to keep track of which you have collected is to save three copies of the Island map with file names to match the items, then make a corresponding green dot at the ones you've picked up. As the maps on the website are interactive, they will save blank for you to mark as necessary.
As for another thing not to do, is using your LP. For many of the achievements, you will need to have a minimum of 90LP and 6,000 Gold on hand. After gaining a number of levels you will be up over 90: this is when it is safe to permanently use some of it. If you need to get achievements such as Workaholic or Mage out of the way early, use the save and reload trick described in the guide below. Do not permanently learn something unless it will be greatly helpful, such as more strength, Alchemy Level 3 or lockpicking.

Part 1: Island, Bandit Camp and Harbor Town

After doing the initial Island quests, have Jan at the house on the road take you west to the Bandit Camp and do all the quests there as well. Then the Don will send you to Harbor Town. Here is where the first trick of the game comes in. While doing these quests, you will want to make sure you do not complete the following:
  • Evidence for Marcelo (hold on to the Brugleweek package)
  • Get rid of Toni/The family heirloom (hold on to the amulet)
  • Lukor wants the five armor plates (hold on to the plates)
  • Protection money from Costa (hold on to the money)
  • Find the burglar's spy! (do not talk to Doyle)
  • Find the three golden bowls (hold on to the bowls)
  • Romanov's seaman's chest (hold on to the chest)

Having done all available quests to this point aside from the ones above and their followups, save your game in a new slot and do not overwrite it! You will now continue on with the game, siding with the Order first and becoming a Mage. Do not become a Warrior of the Order, as they cannot learn Seal 4 required for the Rune Master achievement.

Part 2: Mage Playthrough

Go ahead and finish those seven quests above (again, do not save over the file where you're holding all the items - create a new one!), doing whichever method will be "for the Order." Once that is done, you will be sent to Volcano Keep and from there just follow the guide at Game Pressure to get all story related quests and various side-quest achievements as well. As you play, use the maps provided above to collect (but not eat!) all of the special herbs. Also be sure to collect all the Stone Plates and find any Bookshelves, as well as getting all the Teleport Stones.

Late in Chapter 4 you should have found all the Bookshelves and Stone Plates, getting your Wisdom up to 200 and unlocking the Expert achievement. At this point, track down your remaining herbs from the maps above and use the save and reload trick to get 200 in strength and dexterity. Here is the order you will need to train in to successfully get 200:

  • Pay a trainer to get up to 100 dexterity (you should start at 10, making sure not to use anything else before maxing out your training through LP) - this will again cost 90LP and nearly 6k Gold. (100/200)
  • Use any potions you have found to increase the skill. There are two: one in a Steelbeard chest and one on a barrel in the woods above the bandit camp. (105-110/200)
  • With Alchemy Level 3, make as many potions as you can using Hero Crown/Pixie Hat. (200/200)
  • Reload you save game and repeat for strength. There is one potion as a reward for the Hemlar's Murder quest, one for a quest Ignatius gives to report to the Don at one point, and one can be found in Leonardo's house in a locked chest (be careful when trying to steal this). The Alchemy portion will require the Hero Crown and Orgeroots.

At this point, go ahead and finish out the game if you've done all quests-related achievements except Fence and Freedom Fighter, then reload the special save you made back in the beginning of Part 1.

Part 3: Fighter Half-Playthrough

Now you will need to turn in your seven quests, this time doing whichever method will net you "for the Don" outcomes. At the end of this, you will be able to earn the "Fence" achievement, and upon completing Chapter 2 again you will earn "Freedom Fighter." That should be the last story-related achievement you needed, so move to Part 4 to finish off your 1000.

Part 4: Cleanup

You should now only have some of the grindy achievements left, having earned all quest-related achievements and all stat-related achievements. Reload any save you want to finish the rest of the achievements by abusing the hell out of the save/reload method. I would suggest your Mage with the maxed out strength and large inventory. Continually sell your inventory for King Midas. Find a group of wolves or gnomes to repeatedly kill for Big Game Hunter. Pickpocket, Lockpick and Forge for Master Thief, Safecracker and Weaponsmith. Anything else you have to clean up should be fairly easy as well. If you have any stat or quest-related achievements left at this point, you did something wrong somewhere in Part 1 or 2 and may need a third game, but hopefully not.

That should about do it. Congrats on your 1000!



[x360a would like to thank The Nerevarine and The Pants Party for this Road Map.]

Field hand10
10 grain plants collected   (1) 

Chapter 1

Follow the path to the east from the house on the side of the road towards the farm. You'll reach some fields with workers. The nearest field contains Thomas who has a quest for you to harvest his grain. There are exactly 10 Grain on this field, so pick them all for this to pop. When you pick up the Grains, a counter in the upper left corner will keep track of your progress.

"Rescue Sara from the wilderness" completed   

Chapter 1

When speaking to Jan outside the house on the side of the path after completing the quest "Find a decent weapon," let him know Sara came ashore with you and is waiting at the abandoned house. Jan will offer to go look for her, completing the quest and earning the achievement.

"Medicine for everyone" completed   

Chapter 1 (Harbor Town)

Going in from the rear of Harbour Town, you will come across Belschwur, a mage trying to help the poor. At day he can be found west of the gate a bit, stirring in a big cauldron. Talk to him to receive the quest "Medicine for everyone." You will be given 7 healing potions which you have to distribute to those that need them. There are 5 people on the round, and you get to keep 2 healing potions. The people you need to give these to are: Elias, Cole, Finn, Josh, and Martha. Belschwur will also give you a list with these names, found in your 'maps' section of the inventory. Everyone can be found around the Gutter district. Return to Belschwur when you are done for more quests and this achievement.

"Peace and order" completed    (2) 

Chapter 1 (Order Only)

This achievement is the counterpart to the achievement "Fence" you get from joining the Don, and requires you to complete a series of quests in favor of the Order. You can not do both in one playthrough without saving first and reloading after doing one or the other. See the road map for more details.

There are 7 lines of quests related to this, but you can get away with doing four of them if you are in a hurry. They involve the extortion of Costa in the Gutter district by way of Delgado, but handing the gold over to Sebastian instead. Down in the harbour district, you are tasked with finding the spy Cid is using, but force the culprit to confess for Rodriguez instead of keeping your secret. By the large warehouse at the harbour, talk to Carasco to be clued in on two quests; the three missing golden bowls, and the five ornamental armor plates. Giving these two back to Carasco will work in the Order's favour. Past the warehouse you will find the jail and the pirate Romanov imprisoned - finding his hidden gold and turning it in to Sergio will also count towards the Order's control of Harbour Town. In the merchant district, agree to track down where the brugelweed is disappearing to for Weasel, but giving Marcelo the packages instead once you find it. Finally, in the merchant district, oust the thief Toni who is staking out the Don's old mansion by finding the amulet he's looking for and turn it in with Hernandez instead. Doing all 7 quests will give a message that the Order now controls Harbour Town completely, and give you a 1000 gold bonus when you report to Carlos.

After four complete quests for the Order, you will be approached by a Warrior of the Order telling you to go see Carlos, and give you the quest Peace and Order. Talk to Carlos to complete this and net the achievement, as well as setting you off on your way to freedom.

"A package for the Don" completed    

Chapter 1 (Don's Men Only)

This achievement will be awarded for giving The Don the package you got from Scordo, the bandits leader in Harbour City while playing in the Bandits favour. This will involve most of the sided quests in Harbour City, where you have to complete 4 questlines in either side's favour. You can't really miss this during your dealings with the bandits. If you get an audience with The Don before visiting Harbour City, you will be tasked with finding out what is going on in the city, and if you have completed the Harbour City quests and have the package, The Don will ask you for it before you can continue the story. This will probably play out differently if you play towards the other factions.

Note that handing over the package to The Don will lead to you joining the Bandits, if you are playing towards that faction.

Ladies' man10
"Woman beater" completed   

Chapter 1 (Harbor Town)

 Find Sonya's brothel in Harbour Town, to your right coming down towards the harbour from the Gutter district. Enter the bathroom to the left and talk to Gwen in the nearest tub. She will ask you to get rid of Erikson, who is sitting in the foyer. Go talk to him and provoke a fight. Remember to clean out his inventory once you beat him, but don't kill him. After Erikson gets up, talk to him again and tell him to leave and never come back. Go back to Gwen and talk to her to unlock this achievement.

Note that Eriksen is connected to another questline too, and have both a key on him and information you will need. To start this quest before beating up Erikson, talk to Patty in the tavern opposite the brothel, then Vasili who can be found in or around the tavern.

"Power struggle" completed   

Chapter 1 (Bandit Camp)

This will pop once you complete the quest Power struggle by getting Brogar to finally back down. This is the culmination of a long series of quests for the bandits, and includes completing everything Brogar demands of you up until you find Dorgan in the eastern caves, get his 'suspicious' note of protection money targets, and collecting the protection money from the people on the list. All the while, talk to Sam the leader of the hunters, and Rachel, the Don's wife, to finally build up enough dirt on Brogar. In the end, all that is left is to pressure Brogar saying you will tell the Don all you know and he will back down.

The merciful one10
The farmer's sick wife completed   

Chapter 1 (Harbor Town)

Start this questline by talking to Arno just inside the rear gate to Harbour Town. This will put "The farmer's sick wife" in your journal. Next you have to complete the quest "Medicine for everyone" (see the "Samaritan" achievement). Once all potions have been delivered, talk to Belschwur to follow up on getting Martha somewhere to sleep. Head over to Costa and pay 30 gold for Arno and Martha to move into his hotel upstairs. Tell Arno they can sleep there, then talk to Martha who will reward you with a cooking recipe.

Note that this quest can only be completed after resolving the issue of Costa's money, either by returning it (Order side) or giving it to Delgado (Don side).

Wise man20
"The test of Master Ignatius" completed    (1) 

Chapter 1 (Volcano Keep, Mage Only)

After joining the Order, and after completing basic training, the masters will each set you to a different test. Talk to Ignatius and take the test of knowledge to start off as this will also help you along the road for the other master's tests. Ignatius' test involves reading all the books in the library, and seems simple enough. There are only 3 books you can read in the small library on the upper portions of the keep, and if you tell Ignatius you read them all, he will call you a liar. There is a catch of course - pulling the right ring by the awning in the small library to unlock a hidden door and access to the large underground library.

Going through all the bookstands here can be tricky but do get them all for the Wisdom bonuses. Some require a bit of problem solving by way of spells. Make sure you have read all the accessible ones then move on to the tricky ones. First, find the hidden room with a skeleton at the far end, on the lowest floor, by pulling a ring to your right. In here are two bookstands. In a room off to the right side is a hole in the floor (and a Crystal Ball of Levitation we'll use in a bit). Drop down to find more bookstands and a Crystal Ball of Open Lock. Using this will enable you to open all chests and doors in the library. Ready the spell by the Crystal Ball and open the door out, and then again the first locked door you came across. This door leads into an empty dark storeroom. With that door open, head back to the Crystal Ball of Levitation. The key with Levitation is that it doesn't consume much mana as long as you float along the floor. Use it to float over to a bookshelf on the lowest floor and then hit [X] to rise up to the top of the bookshelf. From here, jump to the upper room opposite where you activated Levitation. Here you will find another bookstand and the Crystal Ball of Polymorph you will need for access to the last area. Transform into a Nautilus and head through the crack in the wall, then over to the dark empty storeroom you opened earlier. There is another crack here you can slither through, to find the last bookstand and master Abrax for another test.

Return to Ignatius and tell him about your newfound reading skills for this achievement.

Family man20
"The sons of Tilda" completed   

Chapter 1 (Harbor Town)

Tilda, the poor woman sweeping outside Konrad's shop in Harbor Town, has three sons she hasn't heard from. You have to track down all three of them and report back to Tilda with their whereabouts. The three sons are Beppo, William, and Leon and all you have to do is talk to them about their mother, then report back.

Beppo is managing the excavations for the bandits and can be found in their camp, just around the corner from the blacksmith there. William is a recruit with the Monastery, found in the yard during the day (if you have already joined the bandits, you get access to the monastery near the end of chapter 1). Leon is the tricky one, having fled from the city and now resides in an abandoned cabin out in the wilderness. The best point of reference to finding the cabin is to head towards the winding path up to Volcano Keep, and when you meet Stan, continue up to the farms run by Severin. From the farms, align your compass East by South-East and keep going until you reach a pond. The cabin can be seen from this pond. Have a chat with Leon who will also give you a rather extensive quest (see the "Ghost hunter" achievement). After that, track down Tilda again and tell her about her sons in order to become a family man.

"The mystery of the eastern temple" completed    

Chapter 2

This is related to finding one of the discs that chapter 2 revolves around. First you need to open the Eastern Temple. Playing for the Don that meant freeing the three treasure hunters from Harbor Town, finding the secret exit, and then have Fincher, the Don's right hand man, task you with finding the Eastern Temple, and subsequently, directing Olf and his treasure hunter brothers there. If you didn't, these quests would be cancelled when going into Chapter 2. The temple is open no matter what you do when in Chapter 2. Traversing the first part of the Eastern Temple requires you to find 3 old busts to open a series of gates leading into the real temple:

  • Bust #1 - Dirk will give you this after you find a way out of the lower portions of Eastern Temple. Just drop into the trapdoor in the first room and follow from there.
  • Bust #2 - Where you find Danila, there is a sarcophagus in a burial chamber with a grate. The bust is inside.
  • Bust #3 - Bottom of the caves in a second burial chamber. Olf will give it to you reluctantly after saving him.

Once you have opened the passageway, make your way down into the underground city. When you exit out of the house you enter from, a Lizard Priest will attack you from across the road. Kill him to grab the disc, a teleport stone, and this achievement.

Little hero20
"Where is Patty?" completed   

Chapter 2

Beginning in Chapter 2, you will meet Balturo inside the Don's cave who tasks you with helping Patty find her father's treasure. Find Patty down by the beach near the Harbour Town secret entrance, and then follow her up to near the bandit camp where you will dig up the first treasure. Patty will stay behind while you locate the remaining chests. (list?) Once you have all 5 opened, and the series of clues, head back to where you left Patty to find her missing. She has been captured by Romanov. Talk to Eronga and he will lead you to the western ruins, and from there trail all the way to a small ruin at the end of the western coast. You will meet with Romanov and presented with a bit of a choice.
You can trade Steelbeard's treasure for Patty, or you can say forget about Patty and keep everything but a map for yourself, but this doesn't help towards the achievement. The third and best option is to simply take on Romanov and his lackeys, keeping the treasure and the girl. Romanov will have the key to Patty's cell on him, so head back to the larger ruins Eronga left you in, and look for a staircase leading down, towards the outer wall of the ruins, towards the ocean. The door is to your left as you head down the stairs. Find Patty inside, completing the quest "Where is Patty?," and this achievement will pop.

Warning: Be sure to remember to save Patty ASAP! If you come back after Chapter 2 when the Lizard are about, she might be dead inside the cell and the achievement won't unlock.

Rune master20
"The fourth seal of rune magic" completed    (2) 

Chapter 4 (Mage Only)

For this you have to play for the Order, as it involves learning the highest spell level, Seal 4. This can only be done in Chapter 4, as each level of Seal has a Wisdom requirement; 50-100-150-200. You won't reach 200 Wisdom before going after the Titan pieces, as the missing Stone Tablets are found in the crypts behind the blue barriers.

To further complicate your Wisdom hunt, the skill cannot be trained or boosted with anything other than reading Bookstands for +3, or reading Stone Tablets from your inventory for +4. Once you have 200 Wisdom, talk to Master Ignatius to learn Seal level 4 - 5LP pr level, or 20LP for this achievement.

Ghost hunter20
"Find all the vassal rings" completed    

Chapter 1

This quest starts with talking to Leon by his cabin, about his dreams of undead. The best point of reference to finding the cabin is to head towards the winding path up to Volcano Keep, and when you meet Stan, continue up to the farms run by Severin. From the farms, align your compass east by south-east and keep going until you reach a pond. The cabin can be seen from this pond. Once you have the quest in your journal, you have to track down a few Undead Lords that carry these rings on your own. All Undead Lords are found in or around the greystone ruins littered around the ruins.
  • #1 Given by Leon, starting the quest.
  • #2 If you go North from Leon's cabin, you'll come to an edge soon enough, overlooking the fall and river, and a lone tower ruin on the far side of a wooden bridge with alabaster archings. The Death Lord in this tower carries the second ring.
  • #3 Undead Lord in the western ruins, down the first stairs to the left.
  • #4 Almost directly south of #3, follow the path curving around the mountainside to another small ruin.
  • #5 Directly east of the rear entrance to Harbour Town. You have to traverse around and up the highest point along the mountain.
  • #6 The last Undead Lord is hiding on the northeastern most smaller island off the main island. You have to cross through the caves east of Leon's cabin and continue towards the bridge you see on your map. Henrik is sitting by a fire before the bridge. Once on the smaller island, follow the path until the very end where it seems the island connects to the 'mainland' and you'll come across more ruins filled with gnomes on the ground level. To your right when entering these ruins, a staircase will take you down into the cellar. To your right, at the bottom of the stairs is a hidden ring that when pulled will open a secret door close by. This will take you into the catacombs below the ruins, filled with skeletons. One of these is the last Undead Lord, carrying the last Vassal Ring and a bastard sword called Traitor's Edge.

After the fifth ring, you can defeat Lord Patroscon (for a nice shield). He can be found in the large cave connecting the forest where Leon resides, with the northeastern part of the island. In the main chamber, look for skeletons and a downwards entrance to more ruins. Lord Patroscons chamber is at the end of the ruins. He doesn't have a ring, and if you talk to Leon again he will tell you that now the rest of the lords is talking to him but gives no clue as to where the last undead lord is located. The achievement will pop as soon as you pick up the 6th ring regardless of defeating Patroscon, but remember to head back to Leon for some good xp, gold, and a few nice scrolls.

First monster killed    (1) 
You will get this as soon as you kill your first enemy. Sara asks you to find a weapon on the beach. There is a club just nearby, pick it up. Press [UP] on the direction pad to access your inventory, then equip the weapon by highlighting it with the left stick and pressing [A].

To draw your weapon, click the [X]. Attack with [RT], block with [LT]. Now simply find an enemy (there is a Hungry Sea Vulture at the far end of the beach) and kill it, it's not too hard.
The brave little tailor10
Seven grave moths killed   
The first moth encounter will be around the first ancient ruins you come across. There's 4 of them around the temple. The next encounter is probably the bandits camp in the Swamp. You will be tasked to clear out some insects during the quest Disgusting insects by way of Ricardo. Although it says Grave Moths, these insects count as the same. There are 4 of them on the small island in the swamp, netting you this achievement.
Ferocious wild boars10
20 wild boars killed   
Nothing to this as all boars are included, young, regular and wild alike. If you clean up the young boars on your way to the bandit camp and Harbour City this should pop up fairly quick. A good strategy for beating the older boars is to use a one-handed weapon and shield - the boars will hit and damage you through a two-handed weapon block.
Terror of the hens10
20 chickens killed   
Just kill chickens when you see them from the get go, for the meat and experience. Farmers and people close by don't seem to mind one bit and will usually only comment about waving your weapon around. There are plenty chickens at the farm where you met Thomas and Tellur (who guided you to Harbour Town). The Don's camp in the Swamp also have several chickens, and they can be found around the Gutter part of Harbour Town. That should net you 20 or more chickens killed, and this achievement.
Beast slayer30
500 monsters killed   
See "Big game hunter" for more info.
Big game hunter50
2000 monsters killed   (2) 
The tracking of amount of beasts killed works similar to other achievements, where the number is independent of your game state. You could kill the Vulture on the beach where you start 2000 times over by way of reloading a game, if you felt a bit crazy. Not the best approach though. If on your first playtrhough you kill everything available, the guesstimate of total beasts killed is around 1000-1200. Two full playthroughs would land you this achievement more or less, not counting any reloads.

Beast slayer was unlocked for me at the end of chapter 1 on my first playthrough, and Big game hunter unlocked about 3/4 into chapter 1 on my second playthrough. That involved several areas of the game and monsters killed twice by reloading after some Ashbeast love, and so your mileage may vary. If you still don't have this after two playthroughs, know that Chapter 1 contains the majority of the monsters available if you have to start a new game and run around a bit.
Ogre friend10
Rescued the ogre, Drok   (1) 

Chapter 2

Tasked with finding the discs for Mendoza, he will clue you in on finding the druid Eldric, who can repair the broken disc. Head up the eastern side of the island to Eldric's hut where Cyrus is standing around waiting for Eldric to come back. With the sleeve found inside the hut, make use of Rufo the wolf to track Eldric's scent to the temple directly north of the Volcano Keep - the one previously closed by a red magic barrier. Cyrus will help you with this. Enter the temple referred to as the "Lizard Prison". To the north-west on the lizard prison map, you will find the actual prison cells, opened with the key from the Watchman lizard. Drok can found in the last cell on the upper level.

Hard worker50
250 quests completed   (1) 
Every time you complete a quest that is written about in your journal, it will count towards the total 250 needed for this achievement. As with similar achievements, the count is independent of your gamestate. This achievement is most easily done just playing through the game, and it will probably pop before you reach the end just by doing the quests given to you.

If you want to boost this along, find a couple easy quests, save your game, complete the quest and reload. Repeat completing the quest until this unlocks.
100% achieved in an attribute    (4) 
This can be achieved by bringing any of the three attributes to a natural 200, meaning you cannot use any rings or amulets to boost. Dexterity is probably the easiest as you'll find more Dex boosting items than Str. Trainers will only train you to 100. To raise the remaining points you are going to rely mainly on brewing potions that give +5 in strength or dexterity. For this you need Alchemy level 3, Hero's Crown plants (of which there are 20 total in the game), and last the plant for Strength or Dexterity, Ogreroots or Pixie Hats respectively. The recipes for brewing these potions can be found hidden, or bought from the alchemists after Chapter 2.

To effectively maximize a skill, train it up to 100, then consume any attribute boosters you have for that skill up to the nearest 5, and finally brew as many +5 potions you need to reach 200. Commonly know 'boosters' are eating 50 apples for +5 strength, Harlok's stew in the monastery for +2 strength (Mage only), and the Hunter's Fry-up recipe found in the chest behind Patty when in Harbour Town for +2 dexterity. Also realize since there are only 20 Hero's Crown total in the game, once they are spent, you might as well eat the remaining attribute plants.
Every profession learned   
These are the skills under the Crafting tab when viewing the character sheet. Alchemy, Smithing, Prospect Ore, and Gut Animals. You need to learn all four skills, and all levels, for a total of 8 training sessions and 40 learning points - they cost 5LP each. Alchemy, Smithing and Gut Animals are easily obtained either in Harbour Town or the bandit camp. Note that you do not have to "know" all of these at the same time. You can save your game, learn a skill fully and then reload your previous save to keep your LP for something more useful.
In chapter 1 only Olf, one of the three treasure hunters in Harbour Town, will teach you Prospecting and it requires the completion of two key quests so the Order will release him from prison. The first is the Don's amulet, hidden in a secret room in his old mansion. It doesn't matter if you do this for the Order or the Bandits. The next is the three golden bowls - the quest you receive from the Order guard outside the Warehouse. Two of the triplets have one bowl each, and the last is hidden in the lighthouse on the upper floor, and requires a Telekinesis spell to reach (which Jack the lighthouse keeper sells). Once both those quests are complete and the respective parties have been informed of the outcome, talk to the guard outside the Don's old mansion, and Olf will be released shortly.
All crystals learned   

Chapter 1 (Mage Only)

A bit misleading, but it means Learn level 10 in all three crystal magic types. When you finish the last of your training with the mages, you will be given level 1 in all three crystalmagicks. If you have 90LP saved up at this point, and a fair bit of gold for training (about 6k), make a save game and then train up to level 10 in one. Reload and train the other two the same way.

Ignatius will train you to level 10 in Fireball, Vitus will teach you Magic Bullet up to level 10, and finally Pallas will teach you Frost. For Pallas training, you can get him to lower his price a bit by providing some magic ingredients.

Every close combat talent learned   (3) 

Chapter 2

For this you need to reach level 10 in the three close combat skills; Sword Fighting, Axe Fighting, and Staff Fighting, at any one point in the game. They do not have to be done all at once, and will track between saves and playthroughs. If you play as one of the Don's Men, you won't be able to learn staff fighting level 10. It's quite possible to achieve this in one playthrough playing as a Mage or Warrior, but will require you to finish all the quests in the bandit camp to have access to Fincher and Karakos.

Fincher, the Don's right hand man will teach you Sword Fighting up to level 10 once you get access to him. Karakos the ogre guarding the Don's gold, will train you up to level 10 in Axe, regardless of affiliation. You still need access to the Don's chamber as with Fincher. Inquisitor Mendoza will train you up to level 10 in Staff Fighting, starting chapter 2, but only for Warriors or Mages.

Every ranged combat talent learned   (3) 

Don's Men Only

This will require you to learn level 10 in both Archery and Crossbows. Since that is unrealistic in one playthrough, the game will track your progress between plays. You could play through the game maxing Archery and then again focusing on Crossbow, but the easiest and most practical way of netting this achievement is to store up 90 LP (9 levels) as each level costs 10LP and you start with level 1. Save your game, train up to level 10 in one, then reload and do the same with the other. You also have to play for the Don on this one, as playing for the Order as either Warrior or Mage will only allow you training up to level 7 in those skills (seeing as you're also learning magic). The level 10 trainers for Archery and Crossbows are:
  • Sam: Found in the Don's camp in the swamps, on the small island with Louis the drunk once you have completed his quests. (Archery)
  • Edgar: Found in Harbour Town close by Jack's Lighthouse at first, then replacing Carlos in the bastion once you throw out the Order. (Crossbow)
Master of the classes30
100 % achieved in three attributes     
See 'Expert' for more info on maximizing attributes. Getting all three attributes to 200 will also require you to raise wisdom up to max, and wisdom cannot be trained or boosted like strength or dexterity. For Wisdom you simply need to progress through the game reading all possible bookstands and finding as many Stone Plates as you can. Bookstands give you +3 wisdom while Stone Plates give you +4. It's not really feasible to reach this until after chapter 4 when you get the means to crack blue barriers; behind these you'll find the last few Stone Plates you need for a clean 200.
Fervent swimmer10
Caught by the tideworm 10 times   
As you gain control of your character after the introducton, turn around and walk into the sea. When the seabed drops off sharply a giant sea worm will swallow you. You wake up on the beach again.

Rinse and repeat 9 times for this achievement. Click [Y] to jump and traverse the waist high water quicker. This can probably be done at any time in the game, and any spot where you have access to the sea, and have been a common indicator of the player moving outside the intended playing field in Pirahna Byte games.
The fourth triplet10
10 treasures found   
Have a shovel in your inventory. Look for odd spots and hit [A] around it to start digging up stuff. Note that digging up chests is not tracked by savegame, and you can reload to dig up the same chest several times towards this achievement. You will dig up at least five during the questline with Steelebear's treasure for one of the crystal discs, and there areprobably a dozen others around the island as well. If you want, save just before digging your first and simply reload that nine times to get this out of the way quickly.
Fell to death 3 times   
When you reach the Abandoned House as part of your first mission after waking up on the beach, save your game. Then go to the left, where you will see a clearing with a fireplace and a small chest. Ignore these for now, just walk by the fence and fall off the edge. Load your save and repeat two times, you idiot.
25 Jest spells used   
Once you get hold of a "Tell Joke" spell scroll, save your game. Then use it on someone, load the game and repeat 24 times. A much faster way is to wait until you meet Caspar sweeping around the Monastery, or Scordo the bandit departmenthead in Harbour Town, then you can buy 5 of them from him, thus greatly speeding up the process by telling 5 jokes at a time before reloading. A tip is to keep the save game from before you buy them as they are quite expensive. Then, once the achievement pops, you can just load this game to save the money.
100 locks picked   
The number of chests opened are confirmed tracked between games. However, picking the same chest open a hundred times seems kinda counter-productive. I was able to get this during Chapter 1 and seldom reloaded a game too often where opening a locked chest would count twice. That means there is probably 100 or more chests available in the Chapter 1 game world alone, and you would be better off looting them all.

Opening chests with Lockpicks require the Open locks skill. Cid in Harbour Town will teach you this skill up to level 3 if you side with the Don. The combination is always the same, and always consist of an equal number of left or right picks. If you find yourself going through lockpicks too fast, save, get the combination, load and pick open the chest without expending lockpicks. Merchant selling lockpicks usually have a steady supply too, so don't be afraid to stock up.
A nice spot to boost this is in the Don's Treasury. There are three chests here (one next to the smoking girl, two on either side of his bed), and the combination will always be the same. Save just outside the first chest and then unlock them all (you'll be attacked), then simply load your save and repeat.
100 weapons forged   (1) 
If you are going to do this, you most likely won't be able to do it in one playthrough anyway. It does track the amount of blades forged between savegames and playthroughs, so the easiest way to achieve this would be with a fair dose of saving and reloading. Now, forging is a time consuming process no matter what, but here's a quicker method than forging one sword at a time, and not using a single Speed spell!

Buy, steal, beg, or prospect your way to 10 sword blanks (8 iron ore per blank, traded in at every smith). Find a nice smithy somewhere, preferably at night so you can work undisturbed. Put your first blank to the forge and heat it. Instead of going for the Anvil next, hit [B] to put the glowing metal in your pocket. Ouch. Pull out another blank and continue doing this until you have 10 blanks through the fire. Continue to the anvil, hammering out 10 heated blades. Take your 10 glowing swords to the water trough one at a time. Keep hitting [B] to put them away. Now, SAVE. With 10 dull blades in your inventory, hit the Whetstone and voila, 10 Sharp Swords. Reload and repeat 10 times for 100 forged swords.
Master thief10
50 pockets picked   (2) 
This achievement is currently a bit glitched and might seem to not work. Trying to figure this out a few things became apparent; it does track the number of people you pickpocket between games, but not between different levels of targets. Say you learn Pickpocket 1, pick a few targets and then learn Pickpocket 2, going for the new options available. The game seems to differ between targets requiring level 1, 2 or 3 when counting and thus you have x amount of level 1 targets and x amount of level 2 targets. Until this is sorted, here is the easiest way to achieve this:

Start a new game and make your way to the bandit camp in the swamps. Make sure you have at least 100 gold and locate Phil who is guarding the swamp farm up the hill by the dam. Have Phil teach you Pickpocket 1. Save your game. Turn around and pick the pockets of your first target, Obel. Head down to the swamps again and find Clay sleeping by the nearest fire. Pick his pockets. Now head out into the swamps and locate Louis the drunk. Pick him too and head back to camp to find Brogar. Once he's relieved of his possessions, head up to the arena close by. Locate Brannon hiding in an alcove above the arena and pick his pockets too. That's 5 level 1 people picked. Reload your game, learn the skill from Phil and repeat this round of targets until the achievement pops.
Warning: You MUST let the person finish talking at every screen while picking them for it to count toward this achievement. If at any point you hit [B] to skip dialogue, it will not be counted.
1.000 gold coins obtained   
See "King Midas" for more info.
100,000 gold coins obtained   
See "King Midas" for more info.
King Midas50
300,000 gold coins obtained   
Note that how much gold you have attained is tracked separate of your game status. Getting 100 gold in one game, reloading or starting a new game, and getting the same 100 gold will still count as having gotten 200 gold. Do not worry about not spending the gold either, as it only tracks the accumulation of gold, not what amount you have at a given time.

The easiest way to get all three of the gold collecting achievements is to play through as normal, saving up items in your inventory. Gold will seldom be a problem and you won't have to sell much of anything unless you play a Mage with limited Mana reserves. Towards the end of the game, save your game close to a merchant of any type, then sell your entire inventory. This will easily net you 10-25,000 gold depending on how much you kept around for this. Reload your game and do the process again, until Moneybags and King Midas unlocks. Well-to-do will probably have unlocked very early in the game, from quest rewards.
Found way out of the first ruin   

Escape from the first ancient temple you encounter. Fairly simple but can be missed. After leaving Sara at the abandoned house early on, follow the path up the mountain. You should see the temple once you get to the top. There is a Grave Moth close to the entrance. Proceed through the door and down the stairs to fall into a chamber with another Grave Moth and two difficult chests. To escape the temple, find a lever beside the grate and only exit. Pull the lever to unlock this achievement.

Map reader10
Found first map in the game   
In the house referred to as the house on the side of the path where you meet Jan and receive the quest "Find a decent weapon," grab the key from the Cupboard on the ground floor, head upstairs and unlock the Chest and grab the Small map of the island to unlock this at the first possible chance.
Found first bow   (1) 
To the right of the house where you met Jan coming up from the beach, there is a natural rock formation. East from the house. Position yourself by the lowest ledge and press [Y] to jump and grab hold of it. Jump to the next ledge and the top, to find a Short Bow and some Arrows.
King of the handymen20
20 tool bags collected in inventory    (6) 

Chapter 1 (Harbor Town)

Walter the smith in Harbour Town will give you the quest "Everything that isn't nailed down," and it means gathering up 15 Tool bags from Gnomes around the island. For the achievement however, you need to gather all 20 possible tool bags, and have them in your inventory at the same time, so DO NOT turn in the bags to complete the quest.

  • #1 A group of 3 gnomes in a destroyed camp past the swamp farm (with a regular mana recipe, and hero's crown)
  • #2 A group of 5 gnomes past the bridge crossing the ravine you came up from exiting the secret Harbour Town entrance.
  • #3 A group of 6 gnomes further up the path from the bridge, also has a chieftain.
  • #4 A group of gnomes just inside the caves from #3. This group will mix with #5, totalling 12 in the two groups.
  • #5 Another group inside the cave towards the ledge outside, opposite the entrance. If you haven't gotten two bag of tools from group #4 and #5, look outside for any stragglers.
  • #6 From the small group of Gnomes above the farm Severin guards, during his quest Thieving Gnomes, one of them will have a toolbag.
  • #7 Same as #6, the Thieving Gnomes have two toolbags between them.
  • #8 From Severin's farm, instead of heading upwards to the Monastery, swing around to the eastern side along the mountainside and find two gnomes on a ledge overlooking the broken tower and rope bridge below. One of them has a toolbag. This is directly north of Leon's cabin.
  • #9 As you head down the narrow slope/canyon towards the Harbour Town rear entrance, passing Leon's cabin, there is a seemingly lone gnome Chieftain to your left who carries a toolbag. Another Gnome hides nearby along with two corpses (with a levitation spell) and a chest.
  • #10 Going from Leon's cabin towards the East Coast cave entrance, to your right is a fire and 3 gnomes. They seem to be part of a group stationed further right. There will be 3 more gnomes on the other side of the wooden bridge, where one has a toolbag.
  • #11 Further up the path from the bridge and #10, you'll find 2 gnomes and a chieftain close to the tower guarded by skeletons. The chieftain has a toolbag.
  • #12 Still heading towards the East Coast, just inside the cave that connects the road, there's a lair with 4 gnomes, one having a toolbag.
  • #13 Following the path east from Leon's cabin, down the curving slope towards the abondonen hut, a gnome around has a bag.
  • #14 As #13, the group of 8 gnomes here have two toolbags between them.
  • #15 Directly east from the farm and #13 & #14, is a small group of 3 gnomes. On the far side of the road sloping further down to the riverbed. One has the 15th toolbag and will complete the quest for Walter. Do not turn them in just yet or you will loose out on the achievement.
  • #16 In the north eastern part of the island, after passing through the cave, you'll find Henrik the hunter by a campfire. Cross the wooden bridge and you'll find a group of gnomes, with 3 gnomes by the bridge, and 3 more further in. One of them has a toolbag.
  • #17 On the same smaller island as #16, fight a Thunder Lizard after going upwards through a tunnel, then trail the narrow path around a mountain spire to come upon two gnomes and an ogre. A toolbag can be found on one of the gnomes.
  • #18 On the smaller north eastern island as #16 and #17, far along the path, on a level just below #17, there is a larger concentration of 10 gnomes. Only one of them carries a toolbag.
  • #19 West of #18 you'll enter some ruins. There are 10 gnomes in total here on the ground level and in the tower, one of which has a toolbag. Note that one of them can get stuck in the geometry, so save first.
  • #20 In the same ruins as #19, continue into the underground catacombs at the far end. One of the gnomes down here will have your 20th and final toolbag. This is also the place where you will fight Gyrger, so beware.
  • #21 Northwest of where you first meet Henrik you can find the cabin he shares with Jasmin and their wolf Rufo. Northwest of the cabin, on top of the hill is another gnome camp.
  • #22 North/north-east of Volcano Keep on your map, or going straight west from the top of the hill where you found #21, across the river and close to the cave entrance, is a small group of 3 gnomes around a fire.
  • #23 A good bit to the north of #22, a gnome camp left of a large closed (until chapter 3) ruin gate.

Once done, return to Walter for a good chunk of xp, gold, and a steel blank of all three types, two-handed, bastard, and one-handed.

Secret Achievements
Master detective20
Find Hemlar's murderer completed    

Chapter 1 (Mage Only)

This will trigger when you pass by your room in Volcano Keep. Speak with Vitus, then Caspar, then head to your room and pick up the kitchen knife, small packet of weed and Hemlar's purse. Speak with Caspar again, then ask Pallas for the list of people in the keep (must complete the "Basic Training" quest first). Now you'll need to ask Ash, Karlsen, Tucker and Harlok, Yoki, Caspar and Taylor about Hemlar.

Now you'll have to complete "Distribute the weed refers in the keep" by delivering to Caspar, Kato, Karlsen, Yoki, Tucker, Harlok, Kalibem, Taylor and Dalman. Talk with Caspar one more time, then go to the baths and sit down in one. Vitus will appear and fight you to end the quest.

Death of a Legend20
"The Legend of the Gyrger" completed    

Chapter 2

You can get this achievement in Chapter 1, but it's more practical in Chapter 2 where you get a quest for it and know the context of Gyrgar. After triggering Chapter 2, Mendoza will task you with finding 4 missing crystal discs, and suggest you start with Severin down the path from Volcano Keep, at Tilda's Farm. When you arrive you have to defend the farm against a gnome attack. Talk to Severin after this and he mentions the gnomes might have a leader, and that they have stolen the disc Severin had in his possession. If you have visited the north-eastern island off the main island before, you know exactly where the legendary gnome boss is. Head for this smaller island, crossing the long rope bridge and make your way north along the path until the ruins. Gyrgar's hideout is in the lowest part of the ruins you enter at the far end. Kill him and take the disc for this achievement.

"Secure the volcano keep" completed   

Chapter 3

Playing with the Don (but similar for Mage or Warrior), after opening the door with the 5 discs and defeating the group of lizard men exiting, turn around and head back to the monastery. It is now crawling with lizard men. Help Ignatius fend off the one or two lizard men he's fighting, and you are given two quests; Secure the Volcano Keep and Orders for the Mages. Lead the mages back to the Hall of the Flame by talking to them. The mages are the named leaders, not the recruits, and those needed to be found are: Illumar, Vitus, Abrax, Cyrus, and Pallas. Once you have found or talked to everyone, return to Ignatius for a situation report.

By doing the Orders for the Mages quest, and subsequently picking up the few quests from the mages found, you will eventually have cleared out the keep of lizardmen. Securing the keep in full might include the completion of two subquests. The first is given by Vitus, called The Lizard Warrior, and involves finding and killing a stronger lizardman who seems to organize things from the cemetery. The second is to secure the library from lizardmen and retrieving books and notes of value, a quest given by Abrax named The Supplies from the Library that includes killing 10/10 lizardmen named Intruders only found in the library.

Freedom fighter20
"Esteban's return to Harbour Town"    

Chapter 2 (Don's Men only)


For this, you have to play for the Don and be a Hunter or Fighter. Early in chapter 1, reporting to the Don on your talks with Mendoza, you will be tasked with finding the 4 of 5 discs needed to open the volcano door, but for the Don instead of Mendoza. The Don is going to use the discs as a bargaining tool. Once you have the 4 discs, return to the Don for the last one and he will want you to bargain the discs for control of Harbour Town. You will be given the quest Esteban's Return to Harbour Town. Simply take the discs to Mendoza at the top of Volcano Keep and lay out your demands, ones he will agree to. You have to assist in opening the doors first, but after that you are free to conclude this quest by going to Harbour Town and talking to Carlos. As soon as you do, the Order warriors will pull out of town and this achievement is yours.
Pandora's box20
"The Titan trap" completed    

Chapter 3

After traversing the whole of the Volcano underground fortress, you'll meet with Ursegor. Kill his three followers and grab their skulls and splinters in any order you will; using the bust he gives you, and remembering to pick it up again after use. Once you have all three splinters, free Ursegor and you will receive the quest The Titan Trap, as well as Ursegor's skull. Bring the four skulls to the last door with the green glowing symbols and look at the four altars in front of it. From left to right, place the skulls as named in your inventory and the achievement is yours:

  • #1 Skull of the undead beast
  • #2 Skull of the undead priest
  • #3 Skull of the undead guardian
  • #4 Ursegor's Skull


The Traveler20
"Find all the teleport stones" completed    
This secret achievement requires you to collect all 14 teleport stones. The quest will trigger when you recieve your first teleport stone - most likely the one Mendoza will give you at the start of chapter 2, if you ask - and end when you find #14 on a lizardman Priest before or after triggering chapter 4.

  • #1 Volcano Keep - Given by Mendoza right before you trigger Chapter 2.
  • #2 Bandit Camp - Given by Fincher in the bandit camp
  • #3 Harbour City - Given by Scordo if you belong to the Don's Men, or by Carlos if you belong to the Order.
  • #4 Northeastern Temple - Found on the head lizard man in the Lizard Prison, where you free Eldric.
  • #5 Eastcoast - Found on a pair of lizard men just north of Jasmine's hut.
  • #6 Southeast Coast - Northeast of Leon's cabin, going down the slope towards the swamp and Eastern Temple, a pair of lizardmen carries it.
  • #7 Eastern Temple - In the Eastern Temple, on the Lizard Priest in the underground city.
  • #8 Western Ruins - Just southeast from the abandoned house where you met Jan. A pair of lizardmen have it.
  • #9 Southwestern Ruins - South of the first temple you come across when going up from the beach were you are washed ashore. From, you guessed it, lizardmen!
  • #10 Southern Ruins - South of the ruins that Stan is guarding, foot of the path up to Volcano Keep. More lizardmen.
  • #11 Plains Temple - Just north of Tilda's Farm which Severin runs. Two lizardmen, one out front and one by the temple entrance.
  • #12 Northern Temple - A lizardman in front of the temple just west of the entrance to Volcano Keep.
  • #13 Eastern Volcano Cave - The cave furthest north on the east side, has 3 lizardmen and a teleport stone between them.
  • #14 Western Volcano Cave - On a lizardman Highpriest, behind the blue barrier in the lava cave you can access from several points. Place the two Bust of the King and one of the Priests will have this. You need to reach the end of chapter 3 or have triggered chapter 4 to open blue barriers.
"The Inquisitor is dead!" completed    
After reforging the Titan Armor, head back into the Volcano Fortress, talk to Ursegor and then confront Mendoza. A conversation and the following fight occurs when you approach him. Don't let him hit you too often as he packs quite a punch. As soon as you land the killing blow, this secret achievement is yours.
Titan Lord50
"Defeat the Titan!" completed    
After Mendoza is dead, take the Skull of Ursegor and place it on the last altar to open the doors. Equip the Titan Armor, the Shield of the Titan Lord, and the Hammer of the Titan Lord if you haven't done so already (yes, even if you are a Mage, sadly), and stroll through the gates for the final fight. This is sort of an anti-climax, and at times frustrating, but keep at it. The key is to hit the titan with the Hammer of the Titan Lord 7 times. When he shoots the series of magic bullets at you, hold up your shield with [LT] to reflect the bolts back at him. This will stun the titan, enough for you to move up and hit him.

All the while, jump over his shockwave blasts and beams tracking the circle, and dodging the falling plates (the runes will flicker on stones that will fall, so move if you're on one). Prepare to fall down often. As a final few tips that helped, when you move onto a plate that appears, you can save your game safely. The same goes for using a healing potion. Don't save or drink a potion when standing on a plate with a blinking rune - the short loading lag will most likely have you halfway to a fiery bath when the loading screen clears.

Game Info
Piranha Bytes
Deep Silver


US February 23, 2010

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