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Win 20 games  

These achievements require you to win a total of 20 single player games. Once you become familiar with the game mechanics and strategies, winning on the Easy difficulty is almost guaranteed. See THIS link for an in-depth guide to RISK mechanics and strategies. A typical game length varies, but it usually will take 15-20 minutes to win each game. Some tips:

  • By going to the Advanced settings when setting up a game, you should change Board Setup to Manual. This will allow you select your initial territories and allocate you starting troops. Once you find a good strategy that works, you can make sure to set it up right from the get-go. If you leave Board Setup on Automatic, it will randomly select everything for you, potentially causing the games to last longer.
  • In the Advanced settings you should set Card Rules to Progressive. Basically this gives the player doing well progressively more and more troops to use. This will also drastically speed up the time it takes to win games (or lose them if you are doing bad)
  • Play the minimum amount of computer opponents (You + 2) as this also makes the games go faster.
  • My winning strategy: Place enough troops in Australia and South America to conquer and defend them from the start. Each continent you completely control gives you more troops to allocate, and those two continents easiest to hold. I just fortify Australia and the right flank of South America, while building enough troops to swoop northward into North America and conquer it. Then I fortify Greenland and Alaska to keep enemies out. Then I start building an army in Brazil to begin taking over Africa. It needs to be sufficiently large as Africa has three entree points from Europe and Asia which need defended. Once I have Africa taken, I continue to build troops up in Greenland, Alaska, Africa, and Australia for my final assault which comes from four directions to take Europe and Asia.
  • The player controlling an entire continent gets bonus troops at the beginning of each turn. Focus on capturing entire continents at a time. On the same note, try to make sure opponents can't hold an entire continent, even if it means just taking and fortifying a single territory in their continent.
  • Concentrate on collecting Risk cards. You get them by capturing territories and stealing enemy cards when you eliminate them. Three cards will get you some extra troops next turn, but 5 will get you extra troops in the middle of your turn. From the Pause Menu in-game, you can see how many cards each opponent has. If you can eliminate them, you will get their cards, possibly bringing you to five cards.
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US October 19, 2012

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