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There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10 
- Offline: 20/20 (200/200)
- Online: 0/20 (0/200)
- Approximate amount of time to 10005-9 hours 
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 20 complete games. 
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes ("Allrounder"...see description)
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 7 or 8.


RISK is THE classic strategic board game of world domination. Each player starts with a set number of troops and territories. You allocate troops to your territories, declare war on adjacent enemies, and expand your empire. True to the original, battles rely on a series of dice rolls. The player with more troops in the battle has the advantage, but no battle is a certainty. Defending the territories you control is just as vital as planning your next attack. You can play up to five CPU opponents at a time on one of three difficulty levels, or engage in both pass-and-play or local (Wifi) multiplayer with friends. Currently the game is listed at $2.99 in the marketplace and is yet another Xbox for Windows Phone game that is exclusive to Nokia Lumia phones. 

NOTE: You can check your progress towards every cumulative achievement in the game by selecting Achievements from the Main Menu. No progress towards any of the achievements can be made in Multiplayer.

Step 1: Go for 20 wins:
The majority of the achievements will unlock without much attention along the way to winning a total of 20 games. Once you become familiar with the game, make sure you win one game on each on the games three difficulties and also with the other special requirements (see the Win-Related Achievements section). Focus on picking up all of the miscellaneous achievements in these games as well.

Step 2: Mop-up:
You will likely get all of the achievements on your path to winning 20 games. However, if you still have a couple of the miscellaneous achievements left, finish those off. 

The only slightly difficult part of this completion is winning a game on the highest difficulty and also winning a game in your first 6 turns. It is not that bad, and once you become familiar with the game mechanics and develop some good strategies/techniques, it will take but a few tries. 

[x360a would like to thank Arsenic 17 for this Roadmap]


First victory   

See "General."

Win 5 games   

See "General."

Win 10 games   

See "General."

Win 20 games   

These achievements require you to win a total of 20 single player games. Once you become familiar with the game mechanics and strategies, winning on the Easy difficulty is almost guaranteed. See THIS link for an in-depth guide to RISK mechanics and strategies. A typical game length varies, but it usually will take 15-20 minutes to win each game. Some tips:

  • By going to the Advanced settings when setting up a game, you should change Board Setup to Manual. This will allow you select your initial territories and allocate you starting troops. Once you find a good strategy that works, you can make sure to set it up right from the get-go. If you leave Board Setup on Automatic, it will randomly select everything for you, potentially causing the games to last longer.
  • In the Advanced settings you should set Card Rules to Progressive. Basically this gives the player doing well progressively more and more troops to use. This will also drastically speed up the time it takes to win games (or lose them if you are doing bad)
  • Play the minimum amount of computer opponents (You + 2) as this also makes the games go faster.
  • My winning strategy: Place enough troops in Australia and South America to conquer and defend them from the start. Each continent you completely control gives you more troops to allocate, and those two continents easiest to hold. I just fortify Australia and the right flank of South America, while building enough troops to swoop northward into North America and conquer it. Then I fortify Greenland and Alaska to keep enemies out. Then I start building an army in Brazil to begin taking over Africa. It needs to be sufficiently large as Africa has three entree points from Europe and Asia which need defended. Once I have Africa taken, I continue to build troops up in Greenland, Alaska, Africa, and Australia for my final assault which comes from four directions to take Europe and Asia.
  • The player controlling an entire continent gets bonus troops at the beginning of each turn. Focus on capturing entire continents at a time. On the same note, try to make sure opponents can't hold an entire continent, even if it means just taking and fortifying a single territory in their continent.
  • Concentrate on collecting Risk cards. You get them by capturing territories and stealing enemy cards when you eliminate them. Three cards will get you some extra troops next turn, but 5 will get you extra troops in the middle of your turn. From the Pause Menu in-game, you can see how many cards each opponent has. If you can eliminate them, you will get their cards, possibly bringing you to five cards.
Promising strategist5
Get a total of 10 Strategic kudos   

See "Master strategist."

Veteran strategist10
Get a total of 25 Strategic kudos   

See "Master strategist."

Strategic specialist15
Get a total of 50 Strategic kudos   

See "Master strategist."

Master strategist20
Get a total of 100 Strategic kudos   

These achievements are obtained by earning 10/25/50/100 in-game Strategic kudos. These are the awards that pop up in the middle of games in the upper left corner with the golden wings icon. Don't worry as you will easily get 100 without any effort along the path to getting 20 wins. Some ways to earn Strategic kudos:

  • Eliminate an opponent - Be the one to take the last territory an opponent controls
  • Take 5 territories in a single turn - Just keep taking territories in a turn. It does not have to be in the same area of the map or with the same troops.
  • Take 10 territories in a single turn - See above.
  • Conquer an entire continent in a single turn - Plan you attacks. Fortify enough troops to be able to take over a whole continent. SA and Australia are easiest with only 4 total territories each.
  • Make an impressive chain of attacks - still unsure about the requirement for this one, but it usually pops when you are taking a bunch of territories in a turn.
Promising defender5
Get a total of 10 Defensive kudos   

See "Master defender."

Veteran defender10
Get a total of 25 Defensive kudos   

See "Master defender."

Defense specialist15
Get a total of 50 Defensive kudos   

See "Master defender."

Master defender20
Get a total of 100 Defensive kudos   

These achievements are obtained by earning 10/25/50/100 in-game Defensive kudos. These are the awards that pop up in the middle of games in the upper left corner as the golden shield icon. Don't worry as you will easily get 100 without any effort along the path to getting 20 wins. Some ways to earn Defensive kudos:

  • Hold a continent for 5 consecutive turns - Heavily fortify the continent's entree points and don't let up for 5 turns
  • Hold 6 cards at once - You unlock cards by taking territories, eliminating opponents and winning battles. You need to accumulate a total of 6 cards in your hand. When the pop-up asks if you want to trade in cards for troops, say next turn (this is not advised if you want to win). This can actually only be awarded when you eliminate opponents if the total cards you have, plus the ones you get from the eliminated opponent, is greater than or equal to 6.
  • Survive a total war unscathed - When an enemy is attacking you and uses total war, do not lose any troops. This is entirely luck-based and usually happens a couple times per game. You even get credit for these when skipping through the opponents' turns.
  • Roll all sixes on the dice - You just need to roll all sixes while defending against an enemy attack. This is another luck based achievement and infrequently happens. You even get credit for these when skipping through the opponents' turns.
Win the game by attacking not more than 6 times   (4) 

You need to take over all territories in the game before the end of your sixth turn. This is simple with a practiced strategy. Make sure to play the game on Easy and against only three opponents. Take your time and plan every move carefully. There is a some luck involved, in the sense that the enemies need to be very passive for you to finish them all off this quickly.

Conquer the last territory of all the opponents in a game   

This achievement requires that you personally be the one to eliminate all opponents in the game by taking their final territory. When you see any enemy in the game that is down to their final few territories, make a push for them and eliminate them. This is easiest on Easy difficulty against only two opponents. You will get this without even trying, as the computer is quite hesitant to eliminate each other on Easy.

Win 5 consecutive games   

This will probably unlock along your way to 20 wins with no problem. Just play on Easy and use a proven winning strategy you have found. If at any point in the game you think you are losing or will lose, you can just quit to the Main Menu and start another game (after declining to resume the one you quit) with no penalty towards this achievement. Just don't actually finish a losing game.

See "General" for tips on winning.

The wall5
Control a continent for 5 turns   

Just control an entire continent for 5 complete turns. This is very simple and you will definitely get this without trying. If you are having trouble, play on Easy against only two opponents and focus on holding Australia. It is the easiest as it only has one entree point.

Conquer 15 or more territories in a single attack   

You must capture 15 total territories in one turn. This is simple on Easy difficulty against only two opponents. Just load up some troops on one or a few territories and then go on a rampage. You do not have to take all 15 territories in the same area of the map, or with the same troops. Focus on taking out all the weakly defended territories and you should have no problems getting this.

Win a single player game with 5 players   

All you need to do is win a single player game with the max number of opponents in it. When setting up the game, be sure to click the boxes with "+" signs to add the maximum amount of computer players. Winning with more players is slightly more difficult and takes a bit longer. Play on Easy difficulty and it should not take more than a couple tries.

Win a single player game in all 3 difficulty modes    

You need to win one game with the computer set to each of the difficulty modes: Easy, Medium, and Hard. This is probably the most difficult achievement in the game, but it is easy once you learn the game. You can use similar strategies to playing on Easy while playing on the higher difficulties, just be wary that the opponents are a lot more aggressive and will exploit any and every weakness you present them.

Win a game by manually deploying the troops.   (1) 

To manually deploy your troops, while setting up the game, go to the Advanced settings. Make sure Board Setup is on Manual. This will allow you to choose your starting territories and where to allocate your beginning troops. You just have to win a game with this setting on.

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US October 19, 2012

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