Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Conspiracy

Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Conspiracy Achievement Guide

There are 49 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
- Offline: 49 (1000 )
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000 : 5-10 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: None!
- Glitched achievements: None!
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No

Overall this game plays very well and does not take that long to complete. Being able to go back and replay levels is a nice feature for picking up passports that you missed and mopping up achievements you still need after playing the story.

Welcome to Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Conspiracy. This game has a total of 49 achievements and requires only one playthrough to get 100 0. Of the achievements 14 are unlocked simply by playing through the story and the remaining 35 achievements are unlocked by collecting passports and killing enemies in a certain way.

Though the game does have cheat codes, they are not very useful and you're better off just ignoring them. However if you do want to use them, they will be given to you at the completion of the story. They are entered in the cheats screen off the main menu and are as follows:

ALWAYSANOBJECTIVE - replaces the assault shotgun with an automatic shotgun.
WHATTHEYMAKEYOUGIVE - Unlocks the silenced machine gun

Step 0.5: Prepare to Play the Story
The difficulty achievements on this game are stackable. In other words, beating the game on Assassin difficulty gives you credit for beating it on Agent and Trainee as well. There are two methods that you can use to get these achievements. The first is two simply play through the game on Assassin difficulty. The other is to use the "Assassin Difficulty Trick" which is posted HERE. Personally I recommend the latter of the two as it makes you're playthrough much faster and much easier. Next open up the passport guide posted HERE. You'll need to follow this guide as you playthrough the game. If you accidentally miss one, don't worry. You can replay chapters that you have already completed and go back and get that one you missed.

Step 1: Play through the Story
As you play through the story don't worry about focusing on killing enemies in a certain way. Simply enjoy the game and have fun. Also, when in hand to hand combat simply hit X and Y at the same time. Everyone, even bosses will have a difficult time getting a hit on you.

Step 2: Mop Up
Now that you have all the passport and story related achievements it's time to work on mopping up the remaining achievements. For this simply use the achievements guide's methods and you should have your 1000G in no time.

Fin! If you're at this point and have not gotten any of the achievements simply replay the levels and work on whatever you need to do. Overall step 2 will take the most amount of time as you'll find yourself doing things over and over just to rack up the required amount of kills.

x360a would like to thank Method for this Road Map

Treadstone Trainee40
Completed all campaign missions on Trainee or higher     
See 'Treadstone Assassin'
Treadstone Agent60
Completed all campaign missions on Agent or higher      
See 'Treadstone Assassin'
Treadstone Assassin100
Completed all campaign missions on Assassin     (3) 
These are stackable.

Hand-To-Hand tips: Be sure to make good use of your block button. An easy way to defeat bosses is to hold down to block and wait for him to try and do a take down on you, (you will hear the indicator to know when its coming) hit the quicktime button that pops up to block his attack, then quickly unload a combo or two on him. Keep doing this over and over till you have enough adrenaline to do a takedown. Do this until you defeat him.

Shooting tips: Use cover!!! pop-up with and try to aim for the head as much as possible. When low on health, drop back into cover and have your health replenish.

But if for some reason you can't beat these levels, check out a cheap way to get credit for them HERE.
Defeat 50 opponents in hand-to-hand without performing a takedown   
See 'Heavyweight'
Defeat 100 opponents in hand-to-hand without performing a takedown   
See 'Heavyweight'
Defeat 200 opponents in hand-to-hand without performing a takedown   (1) 
Simply kill enemies without using takedowns (). You should get 200 of these kills through 2 playthroughs, or you can load up the level 'Escape The Embassy' kill the three enemies at the beginning, then push start and reload your last checkpoint.
Need Glasses5
Finished a mission with an accuracy below 10%   (18) 
Just shoot horribly. You can check your accuracy percentage in the pause menu.
Good Shot Clustering10
Finished a mission with an accuracy of at least 75%    
See 'Eye On The Target'
Eye on the Target15
Finished a mission with an accuracy of at least 90%   
Easiest done on Trainee Difficulty. Load up 'Shipyard Infiltration'.
You can either take your time, and line up your shots, or you can shoot once to get 100%, and then go throughout the level by just fist fighting. You can check your accuracy % in the pause menu.
Finished 3 missions with an accuracy of at least 90%   (13) 
Do the same as 'Eye On The Target' achievement, but on 2 more missions.
I did them on 'Assassinate Wombosi' and 'Eliminate Divandelen'
Collateral Damage10
Destroy 10 explodables   
See 'Massive Collateral Damage'
Massive Collateral Damage25
Destroy 50 explodables   
Simply destroy 50 objects. This can be automobiles, gas tanks, and explodable barrels.
Manual Shooter5
Finished a mission without using a shooting takedown   (3) 
Don't use a shooting takedown, the first mission you can do this in is 'Assassinate Wombosi'
Fancy Shooter15
Finish off 50 opponents using shooting takedowns   
See 'Bullet Master'
Bullet Master50
Finish off 200 opponents using shooting takedowns   (3) 
This one will take you a while longer to get, but when you are in a fire fight, and have enough adrenaline, use to perform the takedown. An easy way to get this is in the level 'Shipyard Infiltration' About halfway through the level, you will come to a part where the game gives you a little tutorial on shooting takedowns. It will tell you to push , and then you will have quicktime buttons to press. You will get 3 takedowns, then you can reload your checkpoint and do it over again. You can also unlock the 'One-Man Gang' and 'Wrecking Machine' achievements here.
Hard Slog5
Finish a mission without using any hand-to-hand takedowns   (8) 
Easiest done on 'Shipyard Infiltration'. Just beat everyone up without using takedowns.
Living Weapon25
Finish off 50 opponents using hand-to-hand takedowns   
See '30 Million Dollar Weapon'
30 Million Dollar Weapon50
Finish off 200 opponents using hand-to-hand takedowns   
You will probably get this in 1.5-2 playthroughs of the game. Or load up the level 'Escape the Embassy' and take out the three enemies at the very start, then reload your last checkpoint. You can also unlock the 'One-Man Gang' and 'Wrecking Machine' achievements while doing this.
Student of Surroundings10
Defeat 20 opponents with contextual takedowns   
See 'Master of Environment'
Master of Environment30
Defeat 100 opponents with contextual takedowns   (8) 
I got this in one playthrough. Do a hand-to-hand takedown, and if Bourne smashes him into a wall, window, or hits him with an object, this will count towards the achievement.
Lucky Shot!10
Kill 25 enemies with headshots   
See 'Laser Aim'
Laser Aim50
Kill 150 enemies with headshots   
Take your time, put the reticule on the enemies head and fire. Should get this really fast.
Collected 5 Passports    
See 'World Traveler'
Frequent Flyer15
Collected 30 Passports    
See 'World Traveler'
World Traveler30
Collect all Passports    (2) 

These are not hard to find at all. Use your mini-map and check every single nook and cranny. When near a passport a distinct sound will play. Also, use the Bourne Instinct () to see them easier because they will glow yellow. You can check how many passports you have for the level you are playing in the pause menu.

Check out all these LOCATIONS thx DreadfulCorpse

Wrecking Machine25
Take out multiple opponents with one takedown 30 times   (1) 
For this, you will need to have at least two bars of adrenaline and two enemies near you. An easy way to do this, is load up the mission 'Escape the Embassy' kill the enemies at the start, then reload your last checkpoint and do it again.
One-Man Gang5
Take out multiple opponents with one takedown 3 times   (2) 
See 'Wrecking Machine'
Adrenaline Junkie15
Use three full bars of Adrenaline while driving through the streets of Paris   (2) 
During the driving mission, 'Paris Chase', there will be a little tutorial about using adrenaline while driving. After that, you will first have to get all 3 of your bars up by going off jumps, and destroying objects such as trees, trashcans, and anything on the sidewalks. Once all 3 bars are full, hold down the button, this will make everything slow down. Hold it till all the bars are gone, and this is yours.
Civic Menace20
Rampage through Paris: Destroy the cafe, china shop, and 200 props   (3) 
At the start of the level 'Paris Chase' drive around and run over everything on sidewalks, hit trees etc. this is for destroying 200 objects, next drive around til you see a Bus thats blocking the road, there's a cafe next to it, drive thru the glass to destroy it. During the second part (after you go thru the tunnel) you will have to go through the china shop to progress, so you cant miss that.
Secret Achievements
Escape the Embassy15
Completed Escape the Embassy    
Finish the mission.
Eliminate Divandelen15
Completed Eliminate Divandelen    
Finish the mission.
Assassinate Wombosi15
Completed Assassinate Wombosi    (2) 
Finish the mission.
Shipyard Infiltration15
Completed Shipyard Infiltration    
Finish the mission.
Dangerous Beginning15
Completed Dangerous Beginning    
Finish the mission.
Paris Chase15
Completed Paris Chase    
Finish the mission.
Castel Fight15
Completed Castel Fight    
Finish the mission.
Silence Rurik15
Completed Silence Rurik    
Finish the mission.
Disarm Renard15
Completed Disarm Renard    (1) 
Finish the mission.
Survive the Professor15
Completed Survive the Professor   

Finish the mission.

NOTE: this is probably the hardest level, especially on the Assassin difficulty, because you only have 2 minutes to beat the boss before the barn burns down and you die. The way I was able to beat it was to take a step back, hold down to do a roundhouse kick, and keep repeating until you have enough adrenaline to do a take down. this will probably take you a few tries. Good luck.

Treadstone Safehouse15
Completed Treadstone Safehouse   
Finish the mission.
Escape the Embassy Passports10
Collected all Passports in Escape the Embassy    
See 'World Traveler'
Eliminate Divandelen Passports10
Collected all Passports in Eliminate Divandelen    
See 'World Traveler'
Assassinate Wombosi Passports10
Collected All Passports in Assassinate Wombosi    
See 'World Traveler'
Shipyard Infiltration Passports10
Collected all Passports in Shipyard Infiltration    
See 'World Traveler'
Dangerous Beginning Passports10
Collected All Passports in Dangerous Beginning    
See 'World Traveler'
Disarm Renard Passports 10
Collected all Passports in Disarm Renard    
See 'World Traveler'
Survive the Professor Passports10
Collected all Passports in Survive the Professor    
See 'World Traveler'
Silence Rurik Passports10
Collected All Passports in Silence Rurik    
See 'World Traveler'
Treadstone Safehouse Passports10
Collected all Passports in Treadstone Safehouse    
See 'World Traveler'

Game Info
Vivendi Games


US June 03, 2008
Europe June 27, 2008

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