Rock Band 3

Rock Band 3 Achievement Guide

Guide By: Capn Doug
There are 62 achievements with a total of 1250 points.

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Estimated Achievement Difficulty: 8/10
Offline: 61 (1244)
Online: 1 (6)
Approximate amount of time to 1000: 30+ hours
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
Number of Missable Achievements: 0
Do cheats disable achievements: No
Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes
Glitchy Achievements: Most Authentic Strummer
Unobtainable Achievements: None
Extra Equipment Needed: Guitar Controller (Rock Band or Guitar Hero will work), Pro Guitar controller, Keyboard controller, Rock Band Drum controller with Pro Cymbal expansion (at least 3 cymbals), 3 USB microphones (headset mic does not count).

Let me start out by saying that this will be one of the most expensive games you ever play. With all the new controllers you will need, you are looking at well over $300 to have the possibility of gaining the 1250. If this is only a source of gamerscore you may want to look elsewhere. With all the new instruments that you will need to learn this will probably be a harder completion than Rock Band 2, but it is doable if you put the time in to learn the new instruments. If you enjoyed the previous games you will enjoy the latest instalment in the series. Also, every achievement can be unlocked with No Fail active, but you will still need a good deal of skill to do most of the achievements.

Step 1: Setting Up
The game gives you a number of small achievements for doing little things in preparation for starting the game like calibrating the game, creating a character, and connecting your game to the Rock Band website. I would recommend doing these right away just to get them out of the way.

Step 2: Road Challenges
This mode replaced the World Tour mode from the previous games. Instead of one large tour you are presented with a number of smaller tours of between 6 and 20 songs. Each has a specific challenge associated with them, too, ranging from playing sections perfectly to activating overdrive at the right time.

You can play these challenges on any instrument and any difficulty, but I would recommend the guitar on at least Hard if not Expert (if you can manage) to start making progress toward HOPO-Cidal Maniac and Bleeding Fingers. And any instrument on Expert will help you on your way to Rock Band Immortal. These can get pretty difficult toward the end but you always have an option of what type of challenge you want, with a greater selection based on the amount of DLC you have. If you think you are in danger of not making the achievement requirement for the Challenge, just keep selecting easy songs instead of the harder songs it might throw at you. You will need to complete Career Goals to unlock the challenges but you should get more than enough passed as you are playing through the challenges. You can always replay the challenge if you missed the achievement goal.

Step 3: The Endless Setlist
This is actually available to you as soon as you start up the game but you might want to leave it for later as you get the hang of the new songs. Hopefully you can get this done on Expert, to make more progress toward Rock Band Immortal, HOPO-Cidal Maniac, and Bleeding Fingers, but you can do this on any instrument and any difficulty. There is no Bladder of Steel this time around, so you can fail, retry, take a break, whatever you need to do. You can even turn on No Fail for a few tricky songs like Free Bird if you want, but you should be trying to make progress toward other achievements while you spend the 6+ hours on this.

Step 4: 25 songs on other instruments
You will need to bust out the full range of the Rock Band 3 peripherals for this one. Each instrument (with the exception of Vocal Harmonies and Pro Drums) requires you to 5 star 25 songs on Easy, but it is far easier to do this on Medium if you struggle with an instrument. Some songs are far easier on one instrument than another, so this is another opportunity to make progress toward Rock Band Immortal. If a song is four dots on Guitar and one dot on Vocals, you might want to make that one of your 25 songs on Vocals and do it on Expert. Alternatively, you can open up the instrument’s goals and just play through the 25 easiest songs for that instrument. You can also try for the instrument specific achievements while going through these, so refer to the guide for details on those.

Step 5: Trainers
The trainer from Rock Band 2 has been beefed up as a result of the Pro instruments. With the Pro instruments being the focus of the game, the trainers have the ability to teach you the ins and outs of playing the real instrument. The Keyboard trainer contains some fairly legitimate and challenging lessons, and even trained piano players have reported that it is quite challenging at the end. A lot of people will not manage to unlock these achievements, but if you do you will have a pretty good grasp on the real instrument.

Step 6: Multiplayer
There isn’t much in this game that requires you to play with another player, but there are many things that are made easier by venturing online. If you are having trouble doing something solo, see if you can get another player to help you and refer to the guide below for tips. For example, the opening solos to Free Bird are easy, but you might fail on the last solo so a partner can help save you. The tricky thing is that Harmonies can only be done locally since only one person can be signed in on Vocals at a time. And obviously, for almost everything, the more people you have the easier it gets. You can always find a partner for these achievements in the Achievement Trading Thread here.

Step 7: DLC
For the first time, Rock Band has included achievements for playing DLC, and if you have played the previous games you probably already have enough to get a bunch of the achievements. You’ll need 20 songs, of which 17 will need some specific characteristic. It is important to note that the songs imported from any other Rock Band game do not count towards these achievements. Only songs downloaded from the Music Store and the Rock Band Network count for these achievements. It is worth mentioning that some of the DLC songs are very HOPO heavy, allowing you to more easily grind out HOPO-Cidal Maniac. So if you are missing anything for the achievements, pick up a points card and download something fun that qualifies for the achievement.

Step 8: Grinding out the long achievements
Some of the achievements will take a lot of skill, or a lot of time, but by now you should have finished off most of the achievements. The only ones you might have left are Rock Band Immortal (or Legend if you don’t feel up to playing on Expert), Bleeding Fingers, and HOPO-Cidal Maniac if you have been going for everything. Fortunately you have been making progress toward this for the entire game, so you are not starting from scratch. For each of these you can check which songs you still need to 5 star or which solos you still need to pass in the goals menu. Save HOPO-Cidal Maniac until last as you will be making progress towards it constantly, but for everything else practice the songs until you can 5 star them on at least one instrument. It may take a while but it is definitely an achievement.

Step 9: Mop Up
By now you should have everything that you can get at your current skill level. You will improve with practice but it won’t happen overnight. If you have missed any achievements, refer to the guide below for tips on how to get them.

There is no easy way of doing a lot of the achievements in this game. It will take practice, skill, and a degree of organization that people haven’t seen from previous games. However, once you have the 1250, you will be able to take the skills at the pro instruments with you into the world of real music. Not only that, but you’ve probably had some fun getting to the 1250 as well.

[x360a would like to thank Capn Doug for this Road Map]

Tune Up4
Calibrate your audio/video setup for the optimal Rock Band 3 experience.   

From the main screen, press , go to Options > System Settings and select calibrate. It only takes a minute to get this achievement. Easier if you have the Rock Band Stratocaster since it calibrates automatically with light and sound pulses.

Self-Made Dude or Lady5
Create a Character.   

From the main screen, press , select characters then new character. You can create almost anything, but once you save your character, this will unlock.

Best. Name. Ever.5
Rename your band.   

From the Main Menu, go to Customize > Customize Band and edit you band’s name to something suitably epic.

Well Connected6
Connect your Rock Band 3 Band with at  (77) 

You will have to go online for this one. In the menu press , select Options > Extras > Account-Linking Code and write the code down. Now head over to the Rock Band website (here), select “Link Up” and follow the instructions (which will require your code). The achievement will unlock once you play the game again while connected to LIVE.

You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet20
Maintain overdrive for 60 seconds.    (32) 

With four people this can be done on almost any song. Supposedly this can be done solo on some imported songs thanks to unison bonuses appearing in solo play, but it is far easier to do with multiple people. This can be accomplished on almost any song (obviously it needs to be 2:00 or longer), but some claim that this can be done on solo guitar on a host of songs from Rock Band 1 and some early DLC. Two people can maintain overdrive for most of the song on many imported songs though. Coordinate with your partner and make sure that they only activate overdrive when your overdrive is about to end. A drummer or vocalist should always start the overdrive chain, since they can only activate at certain points. You can find a partner in the Achievement Trading Thread here.

Millionaire Club25
Get 1,000,000 on one song.    (35) 

This can be done with as few as two people, but more people make it far easier. You can choose a long song like Heard it Through the Grapevine (DLC) and have an easier time of this, but this can also be accomplished with only two people on Free Bird if they can play almost perfectly on Expert Drums and Guitar or Bass. I did this playing very well on Expert Bass while singing with a mic stand on Expert Vocals, while my partner gave a gold star performance on Expert Drums. If you get four people for this, not everyone needs to play on Expert as the 8x multiplier from having everyone in overdrive at the same time provides a massive boost, so be aware of that. You can find a group in the Achievement Trading Thread here.

Rock Band Master25
5 Star on Medium (or 3 Star on a higher difficulty) any 50 Rock Band 3 songs.     (7) 

See Rock Band Immortal. The 50 songs for this achievement must be from the list of 83 on disc songs and can be done on any instrument.

Rock Band Legend30
5 Star every song in Rock Band 3 on Hard.     

See Rock Band Immortal

Rock Band Immortal50
5 Star every song in Rock Band 3 on Expert.     (36) 

This will not be obtainable by everyone. You will need to get 5 stars on all 83 on disc songs on Expert difficulty to unlock this. If you can play well on every instrument this will be far easier. For example, Rainbow in the Dark is fairly challenging on Guitar but simple on keyboard. Antibodies is very difficult on Guitar and Bass but not too bad on Vocals. Good luck if you are trying to do this with only one instrument - it will take a lot of skill. You can check which songs you have left by going to the Career Goals section under Rock Band > Epic Rock Band 3 > Rock Band 3 Expert Master. If you are close on a song, you can turn on No Fail to try and get a more effective overdrive path.

Alex's Luggage Combination30
Beat a Rock Band 3 score of 12,345,678.    (18) 

This doesn’t have to be done on a specific challenge or on a specific instrument, it is just your combined score across all the different songs you have played on every instrument. You will probably unlock this part way through the challenges if you are playing on Expert, and it is much easier if you have imported songs or DLC.

Hometown Threwdown20
Complete the "Hometown Throwdown" Road Challenge.     

Just pass all the songs in the challenge. This can be done on any instrument on any difficulty.

Real Nor'easter20
Complete "The Wicked Awesome Tour".     

See Hometown Throwdown

Hell Defrosted25
Win all rewards on the "Hell Freezes Over" Road Challenge.    (4) 

To get this you will need to gain 110 spades over the course of 12 songs on any instrument and any difficulty. You gain spades by earning stars on the song and completing the challenge associated with the songs. You don’t need to get every spade since there are 120 available, just enough to gain every reward. If you are concerned you can always pick easier songs when you get the chance. The challenge varies depending on the song chosen, but all are explained before the song starts.

Wilderness Survival20
Complete the "Through the Wilderness, Eh?" Road Challenge.    

See Hometown Throwdown

Major Mileage25
Get 90 or more spades on "The Long Drive South" Road Challenge.    

See Hell Defrosted. There are a maximum of 120 spades available in the challenge, so you have a lot of margin for error on this.

Party Animal20
Completed the "Total Debauchery" Road Challenge.    

See Hometown Throwdown

The Connoisseur's Connoisseur25
Get 90 or more spades on "The European Connoisseur" Road Challenge.    

See Hell Defrosted. There are 120 spades available in the challenge so you have some margin for error.

Mile High Club25
Complete the "Really Frequent Flyers" Road Challenge.    

See Hometown Throwdown

Ultimate Road Warrior30
Win all awards on the "Really Frequent Flyers" Road Challenge.    (5) 

See Hell Defrosted. You will need to get 180 of the 200 spades available in the challenge.

HOPO-cidal Maniac25
Kill 53,596 Hammer-ons and Pull-offs.     (46) 

You will need to play on guitar for this as bass hammers do not count toward the total, and HOPOs do not show up on Easy. A few Medium songs have them and many Hard songs have some but by far the most appear on Expert. Also, you actually have to hammer the note, it doesn’t count if you strum. You will probably make a lot of progress toward this while going for other achievements, but not as much as you might think. Playing through the Endless Setlist on Expert won’t gain you much more than 10,000 HOPOs, but if you play enough you will unlock this naturally. If you want to speed things up, throw some HOPO heavy songs into your regular rotation. Songs like Less Talk, More Rokk by Freezepop (DLC), Ramblin’ Man, Alabama Getway (RB2), and Everybody Wants to Rule the World work well for this. A list of good songs can be found here. You can always check your progress in Career Goals Guitar > Epic Guitar Goals > HOPO-Cidal Maniac.

Bleeding Fingers30
Get 85% on all Guitar Solos in Rock Band 3 on Hard or Expert.     (7) 

This is a bit misleading as you don’t need to get 85% on every solo in the game, just 85% on a single guitar solo in each song that has one. If a song has multiple guitar solos, like Free Bird or 25 or 6 to 4, you only need to get 85% on one of the solos, not all of them. Some will be easy on Expert, but others may require you to go down to Hard. You can check which songs you still have left in Career Goals under Guitar > Guitar Solo Goals > Guitar Solo Master.

Guitar Perfectionist25
Get 100% accuracy on Expert Guitar.      (15) 

There are some easy songs on the disc if you need them but all require some degree of skill. If you want you can sort by difficulty and choose a beginner song like The Hardest Button to Button. You can also turn on No Fail and over strum the song to guarantee that you get every note if you are still struggling.

Guitar Apprentice20
5 Star on Easy Guitar (or 3 Star on a higher difficulty) any 25 Rock Band 3 songs.    (1) 

It is much easier to get 3 stars on 25 songs on Medium. If you want, you can just sort by difficulty and play the 25 easiest songs in quickplay or head to the goals menu and select Guitar > Medium Song Progress and pass every song in the first 3 goals that you can.

Bass Streaker10
Get a streak of 500 notes on Bass.    (9) 

Most songs on Expert would have enough notes to pull this off but if you cannot manage, select a longer song on Medium or Hard. Free Bird should work fine on a low difficulty if you are having problems. Some people have reported that this carries over to the next song, but you are better off trying to do this in a single song just to be safe. You can see your current streak play selecting Bass Streaker from the Bass goals menu.

Most Authentic Strummer10
Hit 100% of the notes, only strumming up, on Hard Bass.      (25) 

This achievement is mildly glitchy. Some people have met the requirements and have not gotten it. Also, you can get this on Expert but instead you must play all the hammers without strumming since that is the Expert equivalent of the goal. Walking on the Sun seems to be the easiest on Expert, though So Watcha Want by the Beastie Boys (RB2) remains the easiest bass song in the catalogue as it is only green notes. If you are having trouble with upstrumming, turn on lefty flip for the Beastie Boys song and just down strum.

Bass Apprentice20
5 Starred on Easy Bass (or 3 Starred on a higher difficulty) 25 Rock Band 3 songs.    (3) 

See Guitar Apprentice

Drum Roll, Please!10
Nail a drum roll.     (11) 

A drum roll is a series of repeated notes contained within a solid outline. These only appear on Expert drums though so you will need to play at a high level to unlock it naturally. By far the easiest drum roll in the game is at the end of Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before. It is an easy song, and the drum roll is only five slow alternating yellow and blue notes. 25 or 6 to 4 also has an easy drum roll but it is at the end of a much harder song so No Fail might be required for that one.

Fastest Feet15
Hit 90% of the Kick notes in a song on Hard Drums.      (8) 

Fairly self explanatory, just focus on the kick pedal during the song to get this. You can play any zero dot song on Hard for an easier time of it and turn on No Fail if you are struggling. We Will Rock You (Lego Rock Band) and Polly by Nirvana (DLC) are by far the easiest songs on drums if you need to go off disc.

Drums Apprentice20
5 Star on Easy Drums (or 3 Star on a higher difficulty) any 25 Rock Band 3 songs.     (2) 

See Guitar Apprentice

Keys Streaker15
Get a streak of 350 notes on Keys.    (11) 

This must be done on the keyboard controller - it does not work playing keyboard on guitar. Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting contains more than enough notes on Easy to clear the goal with room to spare. As with Bass Streaker, you may be able to spread this out over multiple songs.

Keys Apprentice20
5 Star on Easy Keys (or 3 Star on a higher difficulty) any 25 Rock Band 3 songs.    (7) 

See Guitar Apprentice

Pro Bass Apprentice20
5 Star on Easy Pro Bass (or 3 Star on a higher difficulty) any 25 Rock Band 3 songs.    

See Guitar Apprentice

Drum Trainer Initiate15
Complete the introductory Pro Drum Trainer lessons.    

You can access the trainer from the Goals menu (Pro Drums > Pro Drum Trainer > Drum Trainer Initiate) or the Training menu. The beginning lessons are pretty basic and shouldn’t pose a problem to someone who has played the game before. You will need at least three cymbals to access these lessons.

To pass the lesson, hit 100% of the notes without adding extra hits at full speed. Pass all the lessons at this level to unlock the achievement.

Drum Trainer Graduate30
Complete the final Pro Drum Trainer lessons.    (1) 

You can access the trainer from the Goals menu (Pro Drums > Pro Drum Trainer > Pro Drums Lessons) or the Training menu. These are actually legitimately challenging beats and will give even experienced drummers some difficulty. One thing that might help is moving the cymbals around, monkeying with the inputs to give a more comfortable drumming experience. Even then, the speed of these lessons, fills and beats are very challenging. You will need to pull them off at full speed to get the achievement.

Play a Real Guitar Already!15
Play "The Hardest Button to Button" on Pro Guitar.    (7) 

This is pretty straightforward. Just load up the song in quickplay and pass it. You can turn on No Fail if you are struggling.

Pro Guitar to the Max15
Max out your Score Multiplier meter on Pro Guitar.     (3) 

Just like almost every other instrument, this requires you have overdrive active when you get you maximum multiplier, which is a streak of 40 or more notes. You do not need to maintain the multiplier for long, just long enough to see the multiplier change from the Overdrive.

Power Chords15
Complete the "Power Chords" lessons in the Pro Guitar trainer.    

This is one of the more basic lessons for Pro Guitar and can be accessed from the Goals menu (Pro Guitar > Introducing Pro Guitar Part 2 > Power Chords) or the Training Menu. It should provide a good introduction to the pro guitar.

Theshieguy has written an excellent set of instructions for this if you are struggling. Check it out here. Note that the pause method described has been patched and no longer works.

Complex Chords25
Complete the "More Chord Holding and Arpeggiation" Pro Guitar lessons.    (1) 

Like the other trainers, these can get pretty intense, so practice will be required. But, they are training you to play an actual guitar, so you are learning a skill that you can take elsewhere.

Theshieguy has written an excellent set of instructions for this if you are struggling. Check it out here. Note that the pause method described has been patched and no longer works.

Pro Guitar Apprentice20
5 Star on Easy Pro Guitar (or 3 Star on a higher difficulty) any 25 Rock Band 3 songs.    

See Guitar Apprentice

Pro Keyboardist15
Hit at least 90% of the notes in 3 songs on Expert Pro Keys.     (8) 

There are some easy songs on pro keys but this still may take some practice. Need You Tonight is by far the easiest song, and you can check out the rest of the songs on the zero dot level to find one that suits your style and ability.

Pro Keys Graduate25
Complete the final Pro Keys trainers.    (7) 

Like the Pro Drum Trainer these final lessons can be very tricky, and have even given trained piano players difficulty. Access them from the Goals menu (Pro Keyboard > Lessons and Trainer Goals > Advanced Scales) or the Training menu and pass every lesson at full speed to unlock this. You will need to hit every note without hitting extra notes to unlock this achievement.

Pro Keys to the Max15
Max out your Score Multiplier meter on Pro Keys.     

See Pro Guitar to the Max. The required streak is only 30 notes for keys, but activating overdrive may take some practice.

Pro Keys Apprentice20
5 Star on Easy Pro Keys (or 3 Star on a higher difficulty) any 25 Rock Band 3 songs.    (6) 

See Guitar Apprentice

Triple Awesome10
Get a Triple Awesome while playing with Vocal Harmonies.    (16) 

You will need at least two microphones for this and it must be done locally, but it can be done on any difficulty. If you are able to do some vocal acrobatics, you might be able to get this solo, but it is far easier with two people. Space Oddity and Rock Lobster both have fairly easy double harmony lines with a third harmony added after the other two have finished, as do a few other songs like Centerfold.

Is This Just Fantasy?25
Hit all triple awesomes in "Bohemian Rhapsody" on Medium or a higher difficulty.     (10) 

You will need three microphones for this and it must be done locally. There is no easy way to do this. Even on Medium it is a tricky song with 35 triple harmony parts. Not only that, but some parts are separated by perfect octaves, so the trick of changing octaves does not work unless you stagger the entrance properly, and even then there is no guarantee. It is possible to do this solo using individual tracks piped through speakers, but getting the timing right is going to be tricky and you still need three mics. Probably the easiest way to do this is to get three people who can carry a tune and practice. Even then, it will not be possible for everyone.

Vocals Showmanship10
Deploy overdrive four times in a single song as a vocalist.     (1) 

This is not terribly hard. You should get it on the way to Vocal Apprentice, but if you don’t all you really need to do is play a song of reasonable length on Easy and activate overdrive every opportunity. This is not possible on every song though.

Tambourine Master10
Hit 100% of the notes in a percussion section.   (2) 

The percussion sections (where you tap the mic in time with the tambourine/cowbell/hand claps) show up on standard vocals and can be done on any difficulty. You will probably get this over the course of going for Vocal Apprentice, but if you don’t Are You Gonna Be My Girl (RB1) has some very short sections at the start, as does Space Oddity.

Vocal Virtuoso15
Earn an Awesome rating on at least 90% of the phrases in 6 songs on Hard Vocals.     (2) 

You can do this on Expert but it is far easier doing it on Hard. You are better off choosing songs that suit your voice than you are trying to work from a list of easy songs. In general though, you should try the zero dot songs first. If you are having trouble, hum instead and change the pitch of the note so that it is an octave up or down, since the game will allow for a “C” in any octave to substitute for the “C” in the song. You can also sing ahead of the note to try and hit the pitch before it actually comes up.

Vocal Apprentice20
5 Star on Easy Vocals (or 3 Star on a higher difficulty) any 25 Rock Band 3 songs.    

See Guitar Apprentice

The Endless Setlist III50
Sucessfully complete "The Endless Setlist III!"   (33) 

This is far easier than it has been in other games. The order of the Endless Setlist is no longer slowly progressing through the easy songs to get to the very hard songs, you get a mix of difficulty all through the setlist. Second, you will get a break in between every song and you don’t need to worry about the Bladder of Steel. Finally, you can turn on “No Fail” if you really want, and pass every song, but it really isn’t needed since you can change difficulties on each song.

You will have access to the Endless Setlist as soon as you boot up the game, either by going to “Play a Setlist” and choosing it, or accessing it through the Epic Rock Band 3 goals in the Career Goals menu. This will take about six and half hours plus any breaks or retries, so set aside a solid day to get this done.

Play a downloaded song.   

See Decent Collection

Mercurial Vocalist30
Earn 5 stars on Vocals on a downloaded Queen song.    (15) 

You can do this on any downloadable Queen song on any difficulty. Bohemian Rhapsody and the Lego Rock Band imports do not count for this. Choose one that suits your voice, but the easiest Queen song is I Want to Break Free.

Live Free or Die25
Beat all of the free downloadable songs for Rock Band.  (16) 

This is for the four free songs that were available at launch. They are Charlene by Stephen and the Colberts, Still Alive by GLaDOS and Jonathan Coulton, Promised Land by Vesuvius, and Headphones On by Miranda Cosgrove. All you need to do is pass them on any difficulty and on any instrument.

Fistful of Awesome15
Beat 5 downloaded songs.   (2) 

See Decent Collection

Accountant's Dozen15
Beat 12 downloaded songs.   (1) 

See Decent Collection

Decent Collection15
Beat 20 downloaded songs.   (9) 

All you have to do is play and beat 20 different songs downloaded from the Rock Band Music Store or the Rock Band Network. Considering there are currently seven songs available for free, you can do this on the cheap if you really want. You can do this on any instrument and on any difficulty.

Imported songs do not count towards this achievement.

I Want It All15
Play a downloaded Queen song.   

Just pass a downloaded Queen song on any instrument and on any difficulty. Again, Bohemian Rhapsody and the Lego Rock Band imports do not count for this.

Shameless Self-Promotion15
Download and play three songs from a band that has Harmonix team members in it.     (24) 

Note that any song imported from Rock Band 1 or 2 (including the nine songs available for download from RB2) do not count for this. Basically any song by Bang Camero, Freezepop, The Main Drag and Shiamus (including Like a Fool, which was available as part of the 20 free songs with a new copy of Rock Band 2) will work if you downloaded it from the Music Store or the Rock Band Network. There are several other bands that will work, but those are the only ones with multiple songs available. Also, Less Talk More Rokk by Freezepop is one of the most HOPO heavy songs available if you are going for HOPO-Cidal Maniac.

Just Another Band Out of Boston15
5 Star any Boston song.    (12) 

There are several songs available from Boston in the Music Store. Just download and 5 star it with any instrument on any difficulty. Note that Foreplay/Long Time from Rock Band 1 does not count for this. More Than a Feeling is the easiest guitar song of the set.

Face Melter25
Melt faces by beating any three '80s Metal songs.    (17) 

Again, only songs from the Rock Band Music Store and Rock Band Network count for this. This must be done on Guitar. You can sort by Genre and Decade in the Rock Band Music Store, so simply select any “Metal” song from the 80’s. There are dozens of songs available for this, but the big names are Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Motley Crue, Megadeth and Anthrax. Beat any three songs on any difficulty on guitar to unlock it. If you think you have enough in your library to accomplish this, select the goal under Guitar and Downloadable songs.

Dave Grohl Band30
Beat 5 songs from any band that has had Dave Grohl as a member.    (27) 

Again, only songs from the Rock Band Music Store and Rock Band Network count for this. Dave Grohl is the drummer for Nirvana, the guitar player and singer for Foo Fighters and has played with a host of other artists including Nine Inch Nails (see The Perfect Drug), Tenacious D, and Queens of the Stone Age. You can play any song by these artists on any instrument and any difficulty to unlock this.

The Perfect Drug30
Get a 200 note streak on "The Perfect Drug".    (36) 

This must be done on Drums and can be done on any difficulty. It is a challenging song but there is a long outro that is the same pattern repeated for quite some time. Play on a difficulty you are comfortable on and you should be able to manage this in the outro on any difficulty if you are struggling. This song also counts toward Dave Grohl Band.

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