Rock Band Track Pack: Country Volume 2

Rock Band Track Pack: Country Volume 2 Achievement Guide

Guide By: Dustinator
There are 12 achievements with a total of 250 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10 (Depending on skill).
- Offline: 12/12 (250/250)
- Online: 0/12 (0/250)
- Approximate amount of time to 2504-6 hours 
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: Two (Possibly one though).
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: Yes
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: Instruments.

Here is another Rock Band Country Track Pack with a bit more classic songs from well known country artists. If you have some friends who don’t mind playing some country songs with you and you own all the plastic instruments(guitar, bass, drums and a mic), this is an easy track pack to attain all 250.

Solo Achievements: 
First, I suggest playing through Solo Tour on Guitar. Finishing all 21 songs in the tour on any difficulty will unlock "Awful Beautiful Career." If you earn a minimum of 80 stars total during the tour (averaging at least 4 stars per song) you’ll unlock "Ain’t Settlin'." If you’re you're good at plastic guitar, I suggest you play through the solo tour on hard guitar instead of a lower difficulty. Along the way of your hard playthrough, make sure you 5 Star the song “Kiss a Girl” which will unlock "It’s Been A While." When you come across the song “Ride,” switch over to bass and 5-star this song to unlock "Ride the Groove." If playing on hard in the Solo Tour, don’t forget to average at least 4 stars a song to unlock "Ain’t Settlin.’"
If you didn’t play through the Solo Tour on hard difficulty, go to quickplay from the main menu and 5-star the song “Kiss a Girl” on hard difficulty, which will unlock "It’s Been A While." Also, be sure to select the song “Ride” under quickplay and 5 Star on Hard difficulty to unlock "Ride the Groove."

After you’re completed the Solo Tour, connect your drum kit, go to quickplay from the main menu and 5 Star the song "That’s How Country Boys Roll" on Hard difficulty to unlock "Country Boy Drum Roll." Now, unplug your drum kit and connect a microphone. Go to quickplay from the main menu and 5 Star the song “Ring of Fire” on Hard difficulty to unlock "Wild Desire.

The last of the single player achievements involves playing the song "Sideways" on the weekend. Score 100% on the song to unlock "Worked All Week." It’s worth noting that you can earn "International Heartachers" by yourself. Just connect an xbox 360 headest, and you can play through Band Tour singing and playing guitar. If you don’t have friends who want to stick around and play all 21 country songs, this is the best option (it’s what I did).

Band achievements: 
If you did not unlock "International Heartachers" by yourself, you’ll need at least one other person to get this bad boy. Get at least one local friend in order to create a band, select Band Tour and play through all 21 songs to unlock "International Heartachers."

I suggest having at least two other bandmates in order to knock out the final achievements. Now, there should be three people, each person on guitar, bass and drums(preferrably). Under quickplay, choose “Ring of Fire” on easy and make sure everyone hits the unison bonuses. This is the shortest song and it will get you "The One You Lean On." You can get the final two achievements if you select a song of your choicefrom the main menu. Make sure you all score a combined million points and at one point during the song, you have continuous overdrive for 90 seconds. Communication with your band mates is the key to 90 seconds of overdrive. This will be unlock "Giddy on Up and Neon Dreams."

Other than the Tour achievements, you can select each song individually under the quickplay tab in the main menu. This is a very do-able game that isn’t too tough to 100%, so long as you have two other friends that are willing to “bear playing through some country songs with you.” Enjoy!

[x360a would like to thank Dustinator for this Roadmap]

Ride the Groove20
5-Star "Ride" as a Bassist on Hard or harder    

No need to play expert when you can play this song on hard bass in order to achieve a 5-star rating. Remember to not break your combo and use your overdrive when you have it to garner a higher score. You'll need around 73k on Hard in order to get 5 Stars

Awful Beautiful Career35
Complete Solo Tour on any difficulty     

Pick an instrument of your choice and complete a Solo Career on any difficulty. If you’re having trouble beating a certain song, try practicing that song by going to the main menu, select practice and choose the song you’re having trouble completing. Or you can simply drop a difficulty and complete the song on an easier level. Should take you less than 1 hour and a half to finish all 21 songs.

International Heartachers35
Complete Band Tour on any difficulty     

Select Band Tour under the main menu and play through all 21 songs. You can play through Band Tour with a friend or if you use a head set and mic, you can do this by yourself. If you’re worried about failing out, you can play through both instruments on easy. You can play on various difficulties(mic easy, guitar medium) so long as you complete the entire setlist of songs.

Wild Desire20
5-star "Ring of Fire" as a Vocalist on Hard or harder    

I suggest playing “Ring of Fire” on hard difficulty in order to get a 5-star rating. Remember to not break your combo and use your overdrive. If you’re having trouble, try listening to the song first to familiarize yourself it. If you’re still having trouble singing, try humming the notes.

Country Boy Drum Roll20
5-Star "That's How Country Boys Roll" as a Drummer on Hard or harder    

No need to play expert when you can play this song on hard drums in order to achieve a 5-star rating. Remember to not break your combo and use your overdrive when you have it.

It's Been A While20
5-Star "Kiss a Girl" as a Guitarist on Hard or harder    

No need to play expert when you can play this song on hard guitar in order to achieve a 5-star rating. Remember to not break your combo and use your overdrive when you have it. On Hard, you should get 5 Stars right around 63k.

The One You Lean On10
Hit all unison bonuses in any song with Guitar, Bass, and Drums    

For this achievement you need two other people, so each person can play the above listed instruments. Note it is not difficulty specific so everyone can play on easy. You will need to get every Unison Bonus in a single song. A Unison Bonus is achieved when everyone earns “Energy” at the same time (there will be a message to alert you of a possible Unison Bonus). I suggest “Ring of Fire” since it’s the shortest song(2 minutes 45 seconds) and the easiest on Guitar, Bass & Drums.

Neon Dreams10
Maintain deployed Overdrive for 90 seconds    

To earn overdrive, you must hit a glowing, white section of notes perfectly. You can then activate overdrive by tilting your guitar, singing into the mic when the vocal line is filled with gold or hitting the green pad after a fill on drums.
You must play with at least two other people, preferably a full band of four in order to make this achievement easier. One team mate must activate their overdrive and when it’s almost empty, another team mate must activate theirs. You must have overdrive activated for a minimum of 90 continuous seconds in order for the achievement to pop at the end of the song. You can also hit overdrive phases while overdrive is active so you can keep it longer. I suggest playing “The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia” since it fairly easy and is a long song.

Worked All Week10
Score 100% notes hit with any instrument in "Sideways" ... on the weekend.   

As per the achievement requirements, you will need to play this song on a the weekend, a Saturday or Sunday. You can select any difficulty and play any instrument, just makes sure you hit every single note in the song. You can select this song individually from the main menu under quickpla

Ain't Settlin'20
Earn 80 stars across all songs in Solo or Band Tour    

Stars are awarded based on how many points you scored in a song. This can be attained while going for “Awful Beautiful Career” or “International Heartachers.” Out of 21 songs, you'll need an average of about 4 stars per song. You can 3 star some songs and make up for this by 5 starring a few in order to attain the achievement.

Perfect Play40
Earn a gold star on any song     

For this achievement you can play any instrument, but you must play on expert difficulty. To earn a Gold star you must accumulate a high score, more than you would for five stars. Try to keep a multiplier as much as possible and deploy Overdrive in sections with a lot of notes. I suggest playing “Ring of Fire” on Bass, as that's the shortest song(2 minutes 45 seconds) and is a fairly easy song.

Giddy On Up10
Earn more than 1,000,000 points in a single song    

This achievement cannot be unlocked by yourself. You need other people to play locally with you so you can accumulate 1 million points. Band members need to hit as many notes as possible, complete unison bonuses and deploy overdrive at the same time in order to maximize their score. I suggest two people to play “The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia” as that has the most amount of notes and is a fairly easy song.

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