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Guide By: TealPavelski
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10 
- Offline: 11/12 (180/200)
- Online: 1/12 (20/200)
- Approximate amount of time to 2005-10 hours 
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2+ 
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: None

Rock of Ages is a totally historically accurate game where you play as Sisyphus, punished for your life of deceit by being forced to roll a boulder up a hill, only to have it roll back to the bottom upon finally reaching the top. Obviously, that's a stupid afterlife, and quite frankly you're sick of Hades laughing at you every time the boulder runs over your foot. Using your in-depth knowledge of ball rolling, you will travel through time, taking out historical figures in a Monty Python-esque story, using your choice of giant boulder (want flames? spikes?) to destroy the enemy's gate and turn them into roadkill.

Playthrough 1:
You'll start the game out in a tutorial level, where you'll be introduced to the basic stone-crunching destruction of the game. Completing the level will grant you "Escape from Hades." In the second tutorial level, you will be introduced to the head-to-head stone rolling race that will make up the remainder of your campaign. Starting here, you will need to start looking for three golden keys per level for "Keymaster." Most of the keys are very easy to find, with others being barely hidden behind objects as you roll down the hill in each level. You will only need to roll through the key once to get it, and you can exit or restart the level if you want and you'll still have the key (the key will be sort of grayed out now). You will now also be able to do a number of action-related achievements, the first of which you should shoot for is "Eagle Eye," which requires you to use the Castlepult to score a direct hit on the enemy boulder. Some other achievements you will need to get over the course of the campaign are: "Prosperous," for earning 7000 gold in a single level, "Cocky," for finishing a level without destroying an enemy unit (Tower, Cow, etc.), and "Berserker," for hitting the enemy gate with the fireball powerup (the flaming boulder). You will also need to finish a level without allowing your wall to get hit for "Flawless Victory," and destroy one of the flying ships that start to appear from the Madrid level onward for Rock the Boat. Finishing the campaign will grant you "Champion of Champions."

Note: Many of these achievements can be more easily achieved if you have a second controller (such as getting Flawless Victory by simply having player 2 sit at their start point), though it is not required

Clean Up:
If you just cut through the game without focusing on all of the achievements and keys, you will probably have some cleaning up to do. The clean up should be rather quick now that you know the levels.

SkeeBoulder, Time Trial, and Multiplayer:
You will now want to clean up all of the extra game modes. The first, and easiest of the three, will be "Top Shot," which you can get in SkeeBoulder mode. You will also need to replay each mission with haste in time trial mode for "Bling Bling." For the final achievement, you will need to get an online opponent and beat them 10 times in online War games for "Troublemaker."

[x360a would like to thank Shiftie for this Roadmap]

Top Shot15
In SkeeBoulder, land your Boulder in the maximum multiplier.   (1) 

Simply land your boulder in the maximum multiplier (Top Left/Top Right) in SkeeBoulder on any level.

Eagle Eye15
Score a direct hit on an enemy boulder with the Castlepult.   (1) 

Can easily be obtained using two-controllers. With controller number 2, have the boulder stay in one position and then with the primary controller, press to bring up the unit wheel. Select the Castlepault shot, hover over the enemies boulder with the target and press to fire.

Rock the Boat15
Destroy a flying ship.   (1) 

You will first encounter flying ships on the level Madrid or this can easily be obtained using two-controllers in a local multi-player game on the Madrid level.

*Note: It takes multiple hits for the flying ship to be destroyed.

Hit the castle gate with the fireball powerup.   (1) 

You can first use the fireball powerup on the level Tauresium. Choose the fireball and hit your opponents castle gate to unlock the achievement.

Earn more than 7000 gold in one match.   (1) 

Destroy as many of your enemies units as possible to collect gold. As soon as you reach 7000 gold, the achievement will unlock. Be sure to start a match and do not spend any gold on units. Select the free boulder and roll down the level hitting as many enemy units as you can.

Escape from Hades15
Complete the tutorial level and escape from the underworld.    (1) 

Complete the first tutorial level Hades and the achievement will unlock.

Flawless Victory15
Win a match with your gate unscathed.   (3) 

Can easily be obtained using two-controllers. Use as many boulders as you need using the primary controller to destroy your enemy's (controller 2) gate and do not send out any boulders with controller 2.

Win a match without destroying any of your adversary's units.   

Roll down the level without destroying any of your enemies units. Can be done using two-controllers. Do not build any units with controller 2. Attempt this on the level Thermopylae as it is the quickest level.

Find all the keys scattered throughout the levels.    (20) 

18 Levels have keys. Visit this YouTube channel for complete video guides of each level.

Champion of Champions25
Beat the game in Story mode.    

There are a total of 23 levels, including 2 Tutorial levels and 4 boss battles. Visit this YouTube page for video guides of each level.

Bling Bling20
Get a gold medal on all maps in Time Trial mode.   (1) 

There are a total of 18 levels. You must get a gold medal on each map for the Achievement to unlock. Below is a video guide of how to reach the gold time limit in each level.

Win 10 online War games.   (22) 

Simply win 10 online War games. Please use the Achievement Trading Thread for help.

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US August 31, 2011

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