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Rock Revolution (EU) Achievement Guide

Guide By: Birky
There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 8/10
- Offline: 40
- Online: 10
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 20-50+ hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2
- Number of missable achievements: None!
- Glitched achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements? Cheats do not appear to disable achievements, but they won’t help get 1000/1000 any faster.
- Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes.

Rock Revolution is a rhythm game similar to the Rock Band and Guitar Hero series, but with one big difference. The note highway is in 2D. In order to get 1000, you must complete all songs, gigs and challenges in both the guitar career and drum career on EXPERT, you must complete at least 100 online games, and complete a few miscellaneous tasks. Rock revolution is very skill-based, so beginners may have a very hard time completing the expert careers, while veteran players may breeze through this game with ease. This entire road map is designed for people who cannot play on expert from the start, and is also designed for the least amount of playing time.

1) Tutorials and Career Playthrough 1 (5 for 70):
Pick the instrument you’re the best at and complete all three tutorials for that instrument. You’ll get “Look and Learn” for 10, and a better understanding of how to play.

After the tutorials, begin a career with that instrument and play on a difficulty that forces you to push your limits. Playing on beginner with your eyes closed isn’t going to help play on expert. Also note that you do not have to complete the career all on one difficulty, you can move down a difficulty if you can’t pass a song and still complete the career. Play as many songs as you can on expert on your first run-through. This will reduce the number of songs you’ll have to play on the expert run-through.
Non-Expert Difficulties:

Complete the career with the minimum songs possible. This will save time since you’ll need to play everything on expert anyway. “On the Career Path” and “Going for Gold” (20) will appear at the end of the 1st disc. “Gig Complete” (20) will be achieved after the first gig. You’ll then get “Career Complete” (20) after completing the last disc.

1a) Expert Career Playthrough 1 (11 for 380):
Play through every single song, gig, and challenge available on your favorite instrument. At the end of it all, you’ll net “Birth of a Legend”, It’s Gone Platinum”, “Songs Complete”, “Expert Complete”, “Platinum Career”, “Session Player”, “Thanks for the Memory”, “Hold it Together”, “Calmly Done”, “Zoned Out”, and one of the “Illustrious Career” achievements (380).

1b) Expert Career Playthrough 2 (3 for 60):
Now you must do 1a on the other instrument. Yes, every song, gig, and challenge. This will net “Multi-talented Musician”, “Professional Musician”, and the other “Illustrious Career” achievement (60). Like for your other career, if you can’t do expert, start off on a lower level. That will net you only “Multi-talented Musician”, as you should only play all songs, gigs and challenges on expert.

2) Offline Clean-Up (18 for 310):
After completing both careers on expert, many of the following achievements will have been completed. “Power Surge” and “Multiplier Max” (20)will probably be completed early on. There are five note streak achievements (60) that can be accomplished on any difficulty. 100% a song on expert to net both “Song Aced” and “Expert Song Aced” (50).

“Your First Million” and “Distinguished Career” (55) require scoring very high, but on any difficulty. “Taking it Slow”, “Back From the Brink”, and “Multiple Identities” (45) should be no problem. Now on to the studio, just play around with everything and net “Internship”, “Producer”, “More Tracks Please”, and Heard ‘em All” (80).

3) Co-Op (3 for 30):
“Party On”, “King of the Castle”, and “Get Out of My House” (30) are the three co-op achievements that can be done on any difficulty. It shouldn’t be much problem, even for a beginner.

4) Online Play (10 for 150):
It is essential to boost these. As stated in the guide, online play is dead. These ten achievements involve winning in Versus mode, (30), Co-op mode (10), beating someone on your friends’ list (10), getting 100% on a song online (10), winning in six-player Band Battle (10), and playing 100 online games, 50 must be ranked and 50 must be ranked and won (80).

Unless you can play drums and guitar on Expert from the start, this will be very time consuming and challenging. Even many Expert players may not have the determination to shoot for 1000/1000. Fortunately, completing both careers on Expert doesn’t require anything else but that. No 5 star requirements, etc. Just get 100% on a song, everything else can be done on easier difficulties. Congratulations on a very difficult 1000!

[x360a would like to thank shocellist for this Road Map]

Earn a 100 hit combo    

See "999 Combo".

250 Combo10
Earn a 250 hit combo    

See "999 Combo".

500 Combo10
Earn a 500 hit combo    

See "999 Combo".

Lucky 7's10
Earn a 777 hit combo    

See "999 Combo".

999 Combo20
Max out the Combo Meter    

Your combo meter is in the lower left hand part of your screen. In order to get it higher you must either hit notes with a 'good' or 'perfect' rating. Getting 100 and 250 note streaks is easily done on the song Pain on Expert or Hard. It may seem like the other three are very hard, but if you play in gigs they are not. Here is an easy way to get all the note achievements in one go:

  1. Go to the first poster gig in your career.
  2. Select the songs (in this order) Pain, All the Small things, We're not gonna Take it.
  3. Play the gig on Expert

When in gigs, your streak carries over from song to song. If you 100% Pain and All the Small Things you will only need to 100% a bit of We're Not gonna Take it.

Alternatively, you can do this easily on Beginner. Go to the very last poster gig and select the songs Am I Evil?, Highway Star, and Holy Wars. Now just play it on Beginner without missing any notes and you should be fine.

Power Surge10
Activate the Power Meter 3 times in a song    

When the blue portion of the meter in the top right of the screen is full, you can activate “Power”. You will know it's ready when the lower HUD flashes blue. Simply tilt your guitar up and it will activate. This is an achievement that you will get after a song or two easily. But if you are really having trouble, try playing Am I Evil? since it is really long.

Multiplier Max10
Reach the maximum multiplier (x8)    

Your multiplier increases when you hit notes perfectly. Getting it to an 8 shouldn't be very difficult at all. But, if you are struggling just move down a difficulty and you will be fine.

On the Career Path10
Complete your first event in Career mode    

Once you start up your career, you will have to pick from 6 different songs that have varies objectives. Finish any one of these on any difficulty and the achievement is yours.

Going for Gold10
Achieve a Gold rating for a Disc in Career Mode    

To earn a gold ranking for a disk you must finish 3 out of the 6 events. This can be done on any difficulty. When you start up your career you will only have one album at the start. So, you just need to pass whatever three events look easiest to you on it.

It's Gone Platinum20
Complete all events on a Disc in Career Mode at any difficulty   

To earn a platinum ranking for a disk you must finish 6 out of the 6 events. This can be done on any difficulty. When you start up your career you will only have one album at the start. This is the easiest one, so I would suggest trying to finish it before you move on to future ones.

Song Aced20
Complete a song to 100% on any difficulty     

Since you can do this on any difficulty it is quite easy. You can get this in career, quickplay, local or online co-op or versus. Just play Blitzkrieg Bop or Pain on Beginner difficulty and you shouldn't have any trouble. You will get this achievement as long as you hit 100% of the notes; you can strum in between them by accident, break your combo, and you'll still be fine.

Birth of a Legend10
Finish a song performance on expert difficulty in Career or Quickplay    

As the title says, finish a song on Expert. You can be in career or quickplay. If you are having trouble passing songs on expert I would suggest playing Pain. It is not very long and is simple enough for most to pass.

Expert Song Aced30
100% any song on expert difficulty     

You can get this in career, quickplay, local or online co-op or versus. The song Pain will be easiest for most. Another easy song is All the Small Things. You will get this achievement as long as you hit 100% of the notes. You can strum in between notes by accident and break your combo, and you'll still unlock the achievement.

Gig Complete20
Complete a poster gig at any difficulty level for an instrument   

After you have received gold on the first two albums in your career you will unlock a poster gig. Pick three songs that you find easiest (or most fun if you are not worried about failing). You can finish this on any difficulty with either guitar or drums.

Songs Complete50
Complete all songs for an instrument in Career or Quickplay   

For this achievement you have to beat every song (any ranking) on whatever difficulty you choose. The easiest way to see what songs you have yet to beat is to play only in career mode. This way the songs you have completed will be bold. Now, just look through all your albums for songs that are not done.

Expert Complete80
Complete all songs on Expert Difficulty for an instrument in Career or Quickplay     

See “Songs Complete”, only this time it has to be on Expert. If doing guitar on Expert is to difficult for you I would suggest try beating all the songs in quickplay on Expert bass. This will unlock the achievement as well. You must do all songs on one instrument though, no half guitar half bass or anything.

Career Complete20
Complete Career mode for an instrument   

Just as the description says, finish the career mode. To do this you must:
-Get gold on all ten albums (finish 3/6 of the events)
-Finish all five poster gigs

Platinum Career50
Complete all Discs to Platinum standard for an instrument   

For this achievement all you have to do is finish every event in career mode. The difficultly is irrelevant. If you like you can do everything on beginner and this will still unlock as long as you finish every event on every album.

Distinguished Career30
Reach a cumulative 'career points' total of 50,000,000 for an instrument    

To get this achievement you must acquire 50 million career points. Career points do not stack, they are simply your high scores added up. Example: The first song I play I get 1,000,000 points exactly. I replay it and get 900,000 points. My career point score is still only 1,000,000. If I replay it again and get 1,200,000 then my career point score is now 1,200,000. This means you will have to do pretty good on all the songs in the game. If you are bad at a song turn down the difficulty. It is your highest score on a song, the difficulty does not matter. One of the best ways to get more points is the poster gigs, yes, these count towards your total. Pick the three songs you get the highest score on and shred away. Don't forget to do this achievement on just one instrument.

Multi-talented Musician20
Complete all Discs to at least Gold standard for both instrument Careers     

See "Professional Musician".

Professional Musician20
Complete all discs to Platinum standard for both instrument Careers    

Refer to “Platinum Career”. You must now do this for both instruments. Difficultly does not matter, so you should be able to do this if you bring the difficulty down to Beginner.

Session Player30
Complete all Studio Recording challenges at expert difficulty for an instrument    

For this you must finish all the studio recording challenges in your career for either guitar or drums on Expert. These include:

Third Album – Spoonman
Fifth Album – Given Up
Eight Album - Walk
Final Album – Pull Me Under

Studio recordings are fairly easy compared to the other challenges. You will receive a short segment of a song and will be required to play it flawlessly. If you keep retrying over and over you will eventually get good at that small bit of the song and nail

Thanks for the Memory30
Complete all Band Practice challenges at expert difficulty for an instrument    

For this you must finish all the band practice challenges in your career for either guitar or drums on Expert. These include:

Second Album – Pain
Fifth Album – Paralyzer
Seventh Album – Round and Round
Ninth Album – Last Resort

Band practice challenges are extremely difficult. You will be given a short section of a song and be required to play it back, near flawlessly, without notes on the screen. The easiest way to do this is to try and sync up what you are playing with a video. This will require a lot of skill and dedication. Here are videos of the four song segments to help you out.

The only videos I could find were for guitar; I apologize to all who are struggling with this on drums.

Hold it Together30
Complete all Poison Note challenges at expert difficulty for an instrument    

For this you must finish all the poison note challenges in your career for either guitar or drums on Expert. These include:

Debut Album – Falling Away From Me
Third Album – Are You Gonna Be My Girl
Sixth Album – Our Truth
Ninth Album – Still of the Night

Poison note challenges are hard, especially on Expert. Before you even attempt one of these I would suggest playing the song a few times outside of poison note. This way you will know the note chart roughly in your head. Now you will know where the notes don't belong and can distinguish between white and black notes more quickly. The hardest part will be getting the cut-off score. There is no point in even trying to get the score in poison note until you can get that score without the poison to mess you up.

Calmly Done30
Complete all Crank It Up challenges at expert difficulty for an instrument    

For this you must finish all the crank it up challenges in your career for either guitar or drums on Expert. These include:

Debut Album – Dirty Little Secret
Fourth Album – Dr. Feelgood
Seventh Album – The End of Heartache

Crank it up challenges are not very difficult. You are only playing Expert for 1/3 of the song so it isn't really even playing on Expert. You will start on Medium, then go to Hard, then go to Expert. Crank it up is by far the easiest kind of challenge.

Zoned Out30
Complete all In The Zone challenges at expert difficulty for an instrument    


For this you must finish all of the in the zone challenges in your career for either guitar or drums on Expert. These include:

Second Album – Cum On Feel the Noize
Fourth Album – Bad Reputation
Eighth Album – Chop Suey!

For in the zone challenges you must hit a target score. Sounds easy enough, but you must hit the score while the speed of the song increases. Every time your multiplier goes up (from x1 to x2, from x2 to x3, and so on) the speed of the notes coming down will increase significantly. Every time you drop your multiplier down, the notes will slow down significantly. Doing this on Chop Suey! Is extraordinarily difficult. If you think you might be able to do this achievement, try Chop Suey! First to see if you even have a chance.

Look and Learn10
Complete all tutorials for either instrument   

From the main menu go to “Rehearsal”, then “Tutorial”. Now, using either a drum set, a guitar controller, or a standard xbox 360 controller complete “Introduction”, Intermediate”, and “Advanced”. The achievement will unlock when the “Tutorial Complete” screen comes up.

Win 3 ranked Versus online games in a row   

See “Super-Dominator”.

Win 5 ranked Versus online games in a row   

The online for this game is dead, completely dead. Find a partner to boost this with and search: Multiplayer, Xbox LIVE, Versus, Ranked Match, Create Room, and pick the song Blitzkrieg Bop. Have your partner search quick match, they will join your room, and have them let you win. Repeat four more times and the achievement is yours.

Long Distance Relationship10
Complete a song in an online co-op game   

Create a co-op match over Xbox LIVE and invite a friend. All you have to do is pass and the achievement is yours.

Slick Player20
Win a total of 10 ranked online games   

See “Virtuoso”.

Win a total of 50 ranked online games   

Refer to “Super-Dominator” for easy boosting tips. Now, you just need to win 50 total. After you have won all 50 of your matches and let your partner win their 50 you should also unlock “Industry Veteran”.

Class Act20
Play a total of 50 online games   

See “Industry Veteran”.

Industry Veteran20
Play a total of 100 online games   

Refer to “Super-Dominator” for easy boosting tips. Just do this technique 100 totals times. Make sure you win half of the games so you can get “Virtuoso” as well.

Grudge match10
Beat an online opponent on your friends list   

Refer to “Super-Dominator” and make sure the person is on your friends list.

Show Off10
Hit 100% notes in any online game    

See “Song Aced”. Only this time, do it while playing an online game, it can be versus or co-op. Can be done on any difficulty.

Band Together10
Compete in a six player Band Battle and be in the winning band!    

This is easily boosted. If you don't have three instruments you can use standard xbox 360 controllers for bass, guitar, or drums. Now get online and search: Multiplayer, Xbox LIVE, Band Battle, Player Match, Create Room, and pick the song Blitzkrieg Bop. Have your partner search for you and have them let you win. You can sign in guest profiles if you do not have 3 gold accounts.

Party On10
Complete a song in a local co-op session   

Just finish one song in local co-op. Anyone can play this game on Beginner, so just find a friend, sibling, parent, whatever it takes. Load up the song Blitzkrieg Bop or Pain and put them on Beginner Bass. Finish the song and this one is yours.

King of the Castle10
Win 10 local multiplayer VS sessions   

Go to “Multiplayer” and then plug in two controllers (can be standard xbox controllers or guitar controllers) and start up a versus game with the song “Blitzkrieg Bop”. This is the shortest song in the game and will take you the least amount of time. When the song starts just play one or two notes and you will be in the lead. Now you can set down your controller and do something else for two minutes. Repeat this four more times for “Get Out of My House” and then five more times for “King of the Castle”.

Get Out of My House10
Win 5 local multiplayer VS sessions in a row   

See “King of the Castle”.

Create a song using the song generator in Studio Mode   

See More Tracks Please”.

Save a song you have created in Studio Mode   

See More Tracks Please”. Once you have finished this select “Save/Load/Erase” and save the song to your hard drive or memory card.

More Tracks Please20
Record on all 8 tracks in Studio Mode   

Go into “Studio Mode” and then “Recording Session”. Press to get into the menu portion of the recorder. Select “Options” then “Quick Song Generator”. It will now basically walk you through the whole song making progress. “Internship” will unlock once you have made three tracks.

Heard 'em All30
Try out all the instrument sounds in Studio Mode   

When going for “More Tracks Please” you can obtain this. It will be even easier if you are using a standard xbox controller. When in the studio go to “Track Menu”, “Track 1”, “Select Sound”. Now, play a note from every sound in every group. Make sure you listen to them from all five groups:
Rock Guitars
Other Guitars
Solo Guitars

Taking It Slow10
Hit all notes in an expert song at 50% speed in rehearsal    

From the main menu go to “Rehearsal” then “Practice”. Now scroll up to the song “Sk8er Boi”. Pick Expert as your difficulty. Now, highlight “Intro” and select it twice. Scroll down to “Half Speed” and select it. All you have to do now it hit all the notes and the achievement is yours.

Back from the Brink10
Recover a song performance from the red warning level in Career or Quickplay   

Start up any song you want and then just strum as fast as you can until the 'track' starts flashing red. When this happens stop acting like a spazz and start playing the song. Now you just have to pass it and the achievement will unlock. This can be done on any difficulty; so if you are worried about failing just play on Easy or Beginner.

Multiple Identities25
Complete at least one song performance with each of the characters in Career or Quickplay   

As you are playing through your career try and switch out your character after every song. This way you will get it without having to play songs over again in quickplay just to get this achievement. It will only count as a 'performance' if you play a single song, challenges do not count. You can check off the characters as you use them from here. Characters that say “LOCKED” next to them must be unlocking by getting double platinums. A double platinum is when you get platinum on both albums in a group. In order to play as all characters you must get all platinum.

Courtney (LOCKED)
Jimmy (LOCKED)
Andre (LOCKED)
Madison (LOCKED)

Illustrious Guitar Career20
Complete all album and gig events in the guitar career at Expert difficulty    

While in your guitar career finish all of these on Expert:

-All five poster gigs
-All 33 songs
-All 19 challenges

This is a very difficult achievement, and will elude most Rock Revolution players. Some of the challenges are just flat out ridiculous and will require a tremendous amount of skill. I wish you luck, you'll need it.

Illustrious Drum Career20
Complete all album and gig events in the drum career at Expert difficulty    (1) 

Refer to “Illustrious Guitar Career”, but this time do it on drums.

A huge tip for this one is to change the drums from 7 lanes to 5 lanes. Go to "options" , "Controller Options" , "Your gamertag" , then change the drum type to "5 lanes". This makes the game so much easier.

Your First Million25
Score 1,000,000 points for a song in Career or Quickplay   

If you play on Expert guitar this will be an easy one. Even if you don't play on Expert there are still simple means of obtaining it. I would first suggest to you the song Am I Evil? When I playing it on Expert I got over 2,000,000 points. When I played it on Beginner I got 1,001,500 with zero notes missed. No matter what difficulty you are on this song can get you the achievement. If you are still struggling here are all the songs I found it easy to get one million on:

Am I Evil? (Beginner – Expert)
Highway Star (Medium – Expert)
Pull Me Under (Medium – Expert)
Holy Wars (Medium – Expert)
All My Life (Hard - Expert)
Spirit of the Radio (Expert)

As far as drums I would recommend the very last album. It is possible on all of these songs, if you are good. Also, on the song Am I Evil? you can get one million on Hard or Expert. But, I would highly recommend going for this achievement on guitar.

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