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Rocket Riot Achievement Guide

Guide By: Magespower
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

Deathless Destruction15
Finish a destroy the object level without killing an enemy   

For this you need to complete a level that requires you to destroy objects without killing a single enemy. The easiest level to do this on is "Level 3" where you have to destroy the boots. Be patient and aim carefully while destroying the boots. If you accidentally kill an enemy you can always retry in quick play.

Nice Beating You10
Finish the first set of levels by beating the first Pirate boss    

The first set of levels are 1-6. Once you pass Level 6, this achievement will unlock.

One Meeeeeelion Blocks!10
Destroy a total of 1.000.000 blocks. All blocks you destroyed from all levels are counted.   

This might require some grinding depending on how much of the environment you destroy while playing through the story. If you need to go back for this one, pick any level and grab the big rocket power up and start shooting the environment. No need to worry if you destroy it all because it rebuilds itself over time.

I'll Show You Fits Of Rage15
Shoot 20 enemies in 60 seconds. All game modes are counted.   

This is simple in the later levels when there are many enemies on screen. Get the triple rocket power up and keep shooting and this achievement should unlock.

You're Like Some Kind Of Robot15
Shoot 50 enemies with a longshot.   

You get a longshot when an enemy has not entered your sight on the screen but they can be identified by a yellow triangle. Shoot them before they enter the screen to get a longshot. This should unlock just playing through the story but if you have trouble, just find a corner and keep shooting and you should get easy longshot kills.

Been There, Shot That15
Use every power-up at least once.   

There are a total of 20 power ups in Rocket Riot. They are categorized as bad, good, and funny. Just use each of them one time. Images and descriptions of each power up can be found in the in-game help screen.

Two Thumb Master30
Defeat BlockBeard to finish the single player campaign.    

Blockbeard is the Final Boss in the game and is the most difficult boss to beat. Some tips for beating him would be use the power ups to your advantage. Get in close to him for only short periods of time and if your health turns yellow get away from him and let it recharge before going back in for more. This may take a few attempts.

On A Gamer's Diet20
Shoot 50 zombies, 50 robots, 50 pirates and 50 soldiers, all levels are counted.   

You will get this before you even complete the story as most levels require you to kill a certain amount of enemies to pass them. Each set of levels has different types of enemies. Just pass the levels and if you have any issues just go back and replay some of the levels through Quick play.

Natural Born Gamer20
Shoot 5000 enemies in total, all levels are counted.   (2) 

This will most likely be the last one you get and requires some grinding. Choosing one of the later levels when there are a lot more enemies in them is the quickest route in unlocking the achievement.

The Things I've Seen20
Shoot every type of enemy at least once, all levels are counted    (2) 

There are a total of 251 different types of enemies in Rocket Riot. You must shoot all of them at least once. You can check your progress in the Choose Character screen in the game, because each time you shoot an enemy you unlock them for use in the game.

A Wilhelm Scream5
Die while fighting BlockBeard on the final level.   

BlockBeard is the Final boss. All you need to do for this is to go right up to him and sit there and you will be dead in a matter of seconds.

One Shot, Thrice The Score25
Using the Triple Rocket power up, kill 3 enemies with one shot   (3) 

The triple rocket power up comes in one of the green power up boxes and has a image of 3 rockets on it. Grab this power up and get into one of the corners of the map and let the enemies come to you. When there is a group in front of you just fire and you should get it no problem. This will be much easier in one of the later levels when there a lot more enemies on the screen.

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