RocketBowl Achievement Guide
Guide By: hoernchen
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

First to First10
Awarded for achieving 1st place in a Tournament. 
Tournaments are the heart of this game, because here you will get your money to purchase new Bowling Balls and the money for the 'Filthy Rich' Achievement. Sadly every time you want to enter a Tournament, you will have to pay a registration fee. So first things first:

- Go into 'Free Play' mode, select the first course ('QuickStrike Alley') and collect 40 Stars (1 Star = 1 Dollar). You will always have to bowl all 10 lanes of a course or else you will loose any earned money if you end the game early.
- After you have earned 40 Dollars, you can register for your first Tournament, which will also take place on 'QuickStrike Alley'.
- You can win this with no big effort, even with your first Bowling Ball.

For more Information on how to bowl with good results, see the general Tips at the end of the post.
300 Club25
Awarded for getting 300 points during a game. 
300 points is the highest possible score you can get in Ten-Pin Bowling. That means you have to score a PERFECT GAME, or in other words: 12 Strikes in a row. No Spares, no Sweeps. For many players this will most probably be the hardest Achievement in RocketBowl. Two methods that might work for you are:

- If you already are an experienced player, you might want to select the 'Indoor Alley', a standard Bowling Alley. The advantage is, that all Bowling Balls seem to have the same characteristics on this course and you will not have to worry about Rocket Boosts. Looking at the RocketBowl Leaderboards, this is the way most people get this Achievement.

- I for myself thought it was way easier to do on 'Ablestar Lanes' (the second course of the game). With some practice it is very doable to score the majority of these lanes on first impact. Most lanes on this course have the Pins standing in some kind of cavity followed by a hump, which increases your chance of having the Ball return or the Pins to fall unto one another. With a little luck, the Achievement will be yours in only a few tries.
Star Power15
Awarded for collecting every star on a course. (1) 
This really sounds harder than it is. You have to collect every single star on a whole course, but you will NOT have to do it in one try (most people think so). When you start up the course for the second or third time around, the game will each time respawn all Stars, but it will also memorize which Stars you already collected before. You will only have to collect the Stars you missed before.

You have to finish the game for the Achievement to pop up.

NOTE: This can not be done on 'Indoor Alley'.
The Locksmith10
Unlocked every course in the standard game. (1) 
Possibly the second hardest Achievement. You have to unlock all 11 courses in the game. To unlock new courses you have to beat your already unlocked courses with a minimum number of points (e.g. to unlock 'Hillsborough Lanes' you must beat 'Hopewell Valley Heights' with a score of at least 225 points).

Just practice these courses over and over. There is no simple way to unlockt them, but to make things easier, you might consider getting better Bowling Balls early in the game. I only purchased 3 or 4 different Bowling Balls before i got 'The 8 Ball' (the best Bowling Ball in the game).

On how to make money, see the description for 'Filthy Rich'.

Printable List:

[ ] QuickStrike Alley - already unlocked
[ ] Ablestar Lanes - 100 points on 'QuickStrike Alley'
[ ] Jet Set Landing - 120 points on 'Ablestar Lanes'
[ ] Ten Pin Promenade - 150 points on 'Jet Set Landing'
[ ] BoosterBall Basin - 160 points on 'Ten Pin Promenade'
[ ] The Playdium - 170 points on 'BoosterBall Basin'
[ ] Astro-Pin Pavilion - 180 points on 'The Playdium'
[ ] Roundabout Rally - 190 points on 'Astro-Pin Pavilion'
[ ] Hopewell Valley Heights - 200 points on 'Roundabout Rally'
[ ] Hillsborough Lanes - 225 points on 'Hopewell Valley Heights'
[ ] Indoor Alley - already unlocked
The Ball Hog10
Bowled with every ball in the game. (1) 
I made the mistake to purchase all Bowling Balls in the game, before i went for the 'Filthy Rich' Achievement. That is, because the game only counts the money you currently have in your Account and not all money you earned over the course of all games. So i would advise you to go for 'The 8 Ball' (the best Bowling Ball in the game) and then going for the 'Filthy Rich' Achievement before you try to get 'The Ball Hog' Achievement.

This Achievement is generally easy. Just earn enough money to afford all 20 Bowling Balls in the game.

You have to finish a game with each Bowling Ball for this Achievement to count except for your last ball. The Achievement will unlock as soon, as you've made your first throw with your last ball.

Printable List:

[ ] House Ball - 50$ (You start the game with this one.)
[ ] Saturday Night - 100$
[ ] Beginner League - 100$
[ ] The Sunburst - 150$
[ ] Accuball - 200$
[ ] Fire Ball - 200$
[ ] Blue Steel - 300$
[ ] Greenthumb - 400$
[ ] Salsa Ball - 450$
[ ] The Rock - 550$
[ ] The Surgeon - 650$
[ ] Pretty in Pink - 750$
[ ] The Brooklyn - 900$
[ ] Kalamazoo Special - 1.500$
[ ] The Limelight - 1.500$
[ ] Jupiter 5000 - 2.500$
[ ] The Orange - 3.500$
[ ] The Melon Ball - 4.500$
[ ] The Strawbally - 6.500$
[ ] The 8 Ball - 10.000$
Filthy Rich15
Earned $100,000 in cash. (1) 
As i stated before, you will have to have 100.000$ on you at one time, not 100.000$ in general over the course of the whole game. Do this before you go purchase all Bowling Balls.

The Achievement itself is pretty easy, just time consuming.

I would advise you to unlock the 'Astro-Pin Pavilion' and play a Tournament on it over and over. The entry fee is 1.700$ and the price money is 5.000$, so this will net you 3.300$ for a win. In comparison to later Tournaments it is still pretty easy to win, because the best opponent will average at approximately 175 points, which leaves plenty of room for mistakes. Later Tournaments will give you way more money for a win, but it will also be much harder to win.

NOTE: When you get 4th or worse, you will earn no money at all, so stay on the safe side.
The Journeyman15
100 multiplayer games completed.  
You just have to complete 100 multiplayer games. Whether you win or lose does not matter at all.

This will literally take hours of gameplay, even when boosting.

For Tips on how to speed things up a little, see 'The Invincible Streaker' for more Information.
The Power Saver25
Completed a game without using any Rocket Boosters. 
Just complete a course without touching the X,B,Y Buttons on your controller. To get this quick, just start a 'Free Play' game on the first course of the game ('QuickStrike Alley').

For most people this will be one of the first Achievements they get.

NOTE: This can not be done on 'Indoor Alley'.
The High Roller25
Earn at least 50 in cash in an Xbox LIVE game. 
Another easy achievement.

Open up a Private Match with a friend and do not bowl normally (going for Strikes, etc.), but try collect as many stars as you can. Even with the first Bowling Ball, this should not take more than one to three tries.

You have to finish the game for the Achievement to pop up.

NOTE: This can not be done on 'Indoor Alley'.
The Streaker10
Get First Place 5 times in a row in Xbox LIVE games. 
See 'The Invincible Streaker' for more Information.
The Super Streaker15
Get First Place 10 times in a row in Xbox LIVE games. 
See 'The Invincible Streaker' for more Information.
The Invincible Streaker25
Get First Place 25 times in a row in Xbox LIVE games. (3) 
This does not have to be done in Ranked Matches, so you can just open up a Private Lobby and invite a friend or two to boost for the Achievements. Even when boosting, make yourself comfortable with several hours of grinding (Now we would help those friends out too, wouldn't we? ).

The fastest way might be to open up a game on 'Indoor Alley' with 'Alternate Shot' turned on, so every person gets to bowl 10 times (makes it much faster in comparison to up to 30 throws per person in a normal game).

This can NOT be done by leaving a game early. You HAVE to finish the game.

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