Rocketmen: Axis of Evil

Rocketmen: Axis of Evil Achievement Guide

Guide By: JohnnyRock84, tastefulmrship
There are 15 achievements with a total of 250 points.

Hero of Venus20
Escape Venusian Space    
Earned through the story, complete levels 1 to 3. See "Hero of Mars" for more information.
Hero of Mercury20
Get Empress Armada off planet Mercury    
Earned through the story, complete levels 4 to 7. See "Hero of Mars" for more information.
Hero of Mars30
Destroy the Axis Of Evil's ultimate weapon    
Earned through the story, complete levels 8 to 10.

General Tips:
  • Upgrade your LIFE, then DAMAGE, then DEMOLITION statistics first.
  • SHOTGUN is easily the most powerful weapon due to the enormous size of its spread-shot, but upgrade any SPREAD or SIZE attributes on all weapons first to maximize enemy kills.
  • The only useful SECONDARY ITEMS are the ROCKET and the REVIVE. Make sure they are both full when starting a new level.
  • Level 5 (Ferry Ride) is a good level to max out XP/pickups. When the grenades blow up they release upgrade items and it's a level where you can easily gain 100,000 XP.
  • XP is earned by killing enemies. You lose 10% of your current XP every time you die!
  • Carbon, Newtonium & Titanium are dropped by enemies. Boss enemies typically drop a large number of these.
Weapon Specialist15
Max out one weapon  
Use Titanium to fully upgrade any weapon in the 'Shop' window.
You will need approximately 2125 titanium pickups to fully upgrade one weapon.
One complete playthrough of the game will get you enough pickups to upgrade one weapon. If not, replay level 5 to boost your totals.
Well Defended20
Buy Wicked Armor   
Purchase Wicked Armor for 2400 carbon pickups from the 'Shop' window.

To be able to buy Wicked Armor you must first purchase Good Armor (600) and Super Armor (1200) meaning the total price is 4200 carbon pickups.
One complete playthrough of the game will get you enough pickups to upgrade one weapon. If not, replay level 5 to boost your totals.
Perfect Skill10
Max out one statistic   
Use XP earned from defeating enemies to upgrade your statistics using the 'Shop' window. Approximately 505,000 XP is needed to fully upgrade one statistic.

One complete playthrough of the game will get you enough XP to upgrade one statistic. If not, replay any level to boost your totals.

It is recommend that you max out 'Life' first. Living longer will help you accumulate more XP overall as you lose 10% of your XP earned in that level with every death.

Regardless of which statistic you are maxing out, purchase 'Revive' from the 'Shop' window on the level select. It can be found in 'Secondary' > 'Powerup' and is essentially an extra life. When you die you are instantly revived with no XP loss. You can only have ONE Revive powerup at a time.
Get a medal on any level   
Earn a medal on any of the 10 levels.
Can be a bronze, silver or gold medal.

Bronze is 1 goal, Silver is 2 goals and Gold is all 3 goals.
To view the goals for each level see "Perfectionist"
Get a gold medal on five different levels   
See "Perfectionist" for the goals for each level.
Get a gold medal on ten different levels   
To get a gold medal you must achieve all 3 of the goals for that level.
It is recommended that you play the final level on HARD to ensure that you have enough Martian Troopers to kill!

1: Kill 3 Martian Elites / Defuse 6 Mines / Complete in under 400 seconds.
2: Kill 95% Terra Troopers / Save 24 Prisoners / Complete in under 870 seconds.
3: Kill 90% Terra Turrets / 95% Light Martians / Complete in under 1490 seconds.
4: Kill 100% Mumbas / Kill 100% Melee Martians / Complete in under 280 seconds.
5: Kill 80% Martian Troopers / Kill 2 Scorches / Destroy 70% Torpedoes.
6: Kill 90% Mumbas / Rescue 18 Prisoners / Complete in under 670 seconds.
7: Kill 6 Martian RPG's / Kill 95% Martian Drones / Complete in under 750 seconds.
8: Kill 6 Martian RPG's / Destroy 50% Torpedoes / Complete in under 500 seconds.
9: Kill 80% Martian Drones / Kill 90% Light Martians / Complete in under 1000 seconds.
10: Kill 300 Martian Troopers / Kill 19 Terra Techs / Complete in under 1150 seconds.

- Thanks to tastefulmrship
Multi Player10
Complete any level in Online Multiplayer Mode    
Complete any level in an XBOX Live match. You do not have to play from the beginning of the level but you must be there at the end.
Big Winner20
Win three levels in 4-player Multiplayer Mode   (1) 
Win 3 levels on Xbox Live multiplayer. Four players MUST participate. To win you need to have the highest combined total of Titanium, Carbon and Newtonium.

Level 4: Mars Invades! is a short level, ideal for those looking to boost this achievement. It will take 4 players roughly an hour for each of them to gain the required 3 wins.

- Thanks to AOS Puck and Donkeljohn.
Smarter Than A Ball10
Rescue Empress Armada without being crushed   
Earned on Level 6: Liberation of Armada.

Once you start being chased by the rolling ball, keep moving! Shoot downwards at all times, be sure to make use of the weapon pickups and keep an eye on your health.
DLC: It Came From Uranus Expansion Pack
Price: $4.99 USD Achievements: 3 Points: 50
Space Hog15
Defeat a space mumba    
The space mumba will appear during the end-of-level boss battle on level 12.

While fighting the boss, a Mumba will run in from the left side of the screen. When it reaches the centre of the screen it will shoot straight up.

Simply kill it before it reaches the centre of the screen to earn the achievement.
Go for the Gold15
Get a gold medal in levels 11, 12, and 13.   
To get a gold medal you must achieve all 3 of the goals for that level.

11: Destroy 100% Saturnian Turrets / 18 Prisoners Freed / Complete in under 1050 seconds.
12: Destroy 95% Terra Space Drones / Destroy 100 % Saturian Turrets / Complete in under 1400 seconds.
13: Kill 95% Saturian Marines / Destroy 100% Heavy Miners / Complete in under 850 seconds.
Universal Banker20
Accumulate 8888 units of carbon.   
Simply accumulate 8888 units of carbon, you will get the achievement once you've completed a level.

It only checks if you've got over 8888 carbon at the stats screen.

You do NOT have to collect 8888 units of carbon from the DLC levels, you can collect them by playing/replaying any level.

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