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Rocky and Bullwinkle Achievement Guide

Guide By: avengerRPM
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
-Offline: 12 (200)
-Online: 0 (0)
-Approximate amount of time to 200g: 3-7 hours (Depending on how fast you obtain The Young Storyteller)
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 (You will need to play some levels multiple times for The Young Storyteller and Hare Loss)
-Number of missable achievements: 0
-Glitched achievements: None
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats

Rocky and Bullwinkle is an extremely easy game, but it can be frustrating at times. It is basically a collection of mini-games that must be completed to make a "show". Some Shows must be repeated many times in order to obtain achievements.

Step #1: Complete one playthrough of all shows
Playing once through every show will net you the following achievements:
- Advanced Moosology
- Happy Ending
- Over The Hill
- This Time For Sure (provided you do not lose a life during a mini-game)
- Season Finale

Step #2: Buy items from the Boxtop Shop
Purchasing a point multiplier item in the Boxtop Shop will earn you extra points (allowing you to earn boxtops faster) and will also earn the achievement "New Customer"

Step #3: Complete a Rerun set that includes any seven games (one from each show)
- Pick the mini-game from each show that you had the least trouble with. Simply complete the "Rerun show" and you will earn the "Seven With One Blow" achievement.

Step #4: Secret Forumla
- Create a custom show using the seventeen mini-games listed in the achievement guide in order. This will earn you the "Secret Formula" achievement

Step #5: Keep playing the Aesop Show until you have completed every game at level 5
- "The Young Storyteller" is an annoying achievement as you must keep replaying the Aesop show until every game has appeared in the 5th level of the show. This is the most time consuming achievement in the game as it requires multiple playthroughs of the one level to obtain it. Keep re-playing the show until the achievement pops. You will also earn the "Cereal Lover" achievement when going for this if you have not obtained it already.

Step #6: Buy Everything
- By the time you have earned the "Young Storyteller" achievement you will have earned enough boxtops to purchase everything in the Boxtop Shop. Return to the store and buy everything to unlock the last achievement, "Corner the Market"

Rocky and Bullwinkle is a very easy 200 achievement points. The only frustrating part of the game is replaying the Aesop levels over and over until you earn the "Young Storyteller" achievement. Aside from that the achievements are very straightforward and should be easy to obtain.
x360a would like to thank duckydan for this Road Map

Advanced Moosology5
Reach difficulty level 3 in any show.   

In the first show (the Bullwinkle Show), after you level up a second time you will receive this.


New Customer5
Buy something from the Boxtop Shop.   (1) 

Buy something, ANYTHING. And by the way - buying things is really helpful, as some of the items give you more time or more points or extra lives.


Happy Ending10
Complete any show.    

Just finish the first show. It does not matter how many times you may have lost lives, just pass the final microgame.

Over the Hill10
Complete any 4 shows.    

You will get this after finishing the Dudley Doright Show, as it is the fourth show in the game. It may also unlock if you play the first show four times, or any combination of four shows, but that was not how I got it, so please let me know if that was how it was done by anyone.

Seven With One Blow15
Complete a Rerun set that includes games from seven different shows.   

This one is easy! Once you have games available from all shows, just pick your best or easiest game from each show and start with only those seven. You still need to get through five levels of difficulty as in the normal shows, you just get to choose what microgames it uses.

This Time For Sure!15
Complete any show without losing a life.   

Not too bad on the Aesop game. It has the easiest games, none of which are extremely difficult at level 5. Just keep playing and you will get it.

Hare Loss20
Find all of Accident Rabbit's hiding places.    

Here are the locations of Accident Rabbit that I know of:

The Bullwinkle Show:
- Moon Moose (win)
- Juggler (win/lose)
- Yo-yo (win)
- How To Escape From Devil's Island (win/lose)
- Wake Up! (lose)

The Rocky Show:
- The Horn (win)
- Hyber Space (level 5 only)

The Two No-goodnicks Show:
- Boring Badenov (lose)
- Sink the Song (lose)

Fractured Fairytales:
- Missing Dots (win/lose)

The Peabody Show:
- Tie Break (lose)

The Dudley Show:
- Happy Birthday, Tippecanoe and Tyler (lose)

The Aesop and Son Show:
- Greek Sculptor (win)
- Show Your Gimmick!
- Prison Break
- Reap What You See
- The Centipede and the Snail
- I Dig It My Way

- Title screen
- Very end of credits

Thanks SnapDragon for the list


Cereal Lover20
Accumulate a balance of at least 5000 Boxtops.   

Even though is says "balance" I do believe that I unlocked it without actually having 5000 boxtops at once, because I had spent some. This might be debatable as to whether I was totally not paying attention, so let me know how many you had when you got this one.

The Young Storyteller20
Complete all Aesop games at difficulty level 5.   

You have to make sure that first you have all the Aesop games unlocked, and then keep playing through it over and over until you have played them all in the final difficulty level. (That is what I am working on right now). This should be the show you play when boosting your Boxtops to earn enough for "Corner the Market".

Season Finale25
Complete all shows.    

Easy, just play through, learning any harder games as you go. Does not matter how many lives you have left at the end, or score or anything other than completing the final game.

Corner the Market25
Buy everything in the Boxtop Shop.   

Not difficult, but you need to play through some shows multiple times. I suggest buying a couple of the point multiplier items first, as they seem to also mutliply your boxtop count. Also: play the Aesop game to continue working towards "The Young Storyteller".

Secret Formula30
The secret formula is something you'll have to concoct yourself.   

For the secret forumla achievement you need to change the custom show to contain specific types of games.

AmWarD used the following microgames to unlock the achievement.

Go into the Rerun room and make a Custom Show with these 17 shows in this order.

Moon Moose
Bull's Eye
Scrootching Gallery
Caribic Snack
Keel Moose
How To Escape From Devil's Island
Sink the Song
Light My Fire
Lab Hand
Hyber Space
Boring Badenov
Wake Up
Do Not Keel Moose

Boss: Pottsylvanian Passport Check

Game Info
Zen Studios


US April 16, 2008

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