Roogoo Achievement Guide

Guide By: Panth3r
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

Unlock the first 10 levels    

All you need to do is just complete the shape towers untill it says level complete untill you get to level 2-2(If you do tutorial as it counts)

One Track Mind5
Only rotate in one direction for any 5 levels   

For this one just move your platforms around in 1 direction(only hit or ) for 5 levels. You should get this on level 1-4(Including tutorial if you did it during the tutorial)

Bonus Drop10
Score perfect on any bonus stage   

I think the first Bonus stage is level 1-3 and after you complete the level, it will tell you Bonus and the shapes will be picked up and they will fall, all you have to do is rotate the platform as the shapes move and make sure they all go in without dropping/bouncing off.

*NOTE*: If you mess up you can just retry the level when the complete thing comes up if you mess up(hit instead of )

Fly Butterfly20
Score 100% accuracy on Fly Butterfly   

Just worry about beating the level without dropping/bouncing a piece and ignore the Par Time as you can go back and redo it. I'll make a video and put it up later.

Meemoo Headache7
Knock off 7 consecutive Meemoo on a platform   

This one can be done on Swapping Scrapers(level 5-1). To get this achievement though you will need to keep speeding up blocks over Meemoos on a platform until you get x7 combo on them.

Tower of Moo15
Beat par time on Tower of Moo ('Challenge' Intensity)    
There's the video on how to complete the Tower of Moo under Par Time and it is explained pretty well in the video as I have paused and included several slides of instuction for you to read as well as another run without slides just to show you what it looks like. Enjoy, made by me.
Bat Attack35
Score 100% accuracy on Bat Attack   

See "Fly Butterfly achievement" for the basics.

Score 100% accuracy on any 10 levels   

I did this on the first 10(Tutorial + 1-1 to 2-2). Just keep practicing until you get it. I will also make a video for the first 10 and put them up with the label of each level to not take up so much space you will need to follow each link to

Roogoo Guru50
Achieve par time on all levels ('Challenge' Intensity)    

This one is just going to take time and practace as you will eventually get the level you are trying. I am not going to make all 40-50 videos or so levels on here so you can use what I put if you need it, but best of luck on this one :-).

Comeback ROO13
Win a multiplayer match with only one shape to lose remaining   (1) 

For this one just start a PUBLIC game up, as Private didn't work for us when we tried it, and just do the first level(1-1), and fill up the Flying Saucer Bar to where it looks like there is almost nothing left.

*NOTE*: If you can't tell, just keep going and when it starts blinking red, slow down and see where it is before the next shape hits, and then let it hit, if it makes you lose, then you know where to stop.

Meemoo Savvy10
Don't miss any shapes after the first Meemoo attack   (1) 

To do this one, just go online and play like normal with a friend, and after they get a Meemoo attack, just have them send 1 over, knock it off, and don't miss a shape. Easy as that and when you win, Achievement Unlocked.

Win a multiplayer match on 'Bursting EX'   

To do this one, start up a game with a friend and just have them let you win on Bursting EX(level 3-4).

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