Royal Envoy 2: Special Edition

Royal Envoy 2: Special Edition Achievement Guide

Guide By: Minioger & Corrupt x360a
There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10 (1/10 if using video guides).
- Offline: 20/20 (200/200)
- Online: 0/20 (0/200)
- Approximate amount of time to 2007-10 hours 
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1+ 
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: Windows 8

Step One: Adventure Mode:
Simple, start up adventure mode, and aim for getting 3 stars on every level. Most levels are fairly straightforward, and the "solution" to getting 3 stars is obvious from the start. Others may require a second time playing to tweak your strategy, or to try a new one. Alternatively you can simply check out some video guides (this was a PC game) on Youtube. Any guide will work, even the "expert" version, but here is a link to a playlist as a suggested starting point Note: These are NOT my videos, credit should be given to the author of each video.

Step Two: Mop up Misc. Achievements:
You may find yourself having achieved some of the miscellaneous achievements on the way to 3 starring all levels. Otherwise, now is the time to mop up "Kingdom's Cornucopia," "Clean Sweep!," "Unsurpassable Accuracy," "Skilled Financier," and "Global Materialization." You will also be loading up a challenge level for "No Enhancements Happiness," as there was no level I found in the regular mode where this could be achieved. See individual guides for information on these achievements.

Step Three: Grind:
At this point all you should have left are the point related achievements and "500 Buildings" (see guide). "Engineering Guru" has to be unlocked by the end of the story if you have three starred all levels, however you probably only have about 4 million points at the end of the story. There are two options, either play through on expert mode for a challenge, or grind out a quick/easy level to rack up the points as quick as you can get them. For the quick way, load up level 58 and simply finish it as fast as possible, eventually netting you "Bachelor of Architecture," and "Master of Urban Development" (see guide for fastest method).

[x360a would like to thank Minioger for this Roadmap]

Marshy Lowlands Gold5
For completing all levels of the Marshy Lowlands with three stars   

Level 1
You have all the supplies you need. Just build 4 cabins and collect the rent.

Level 2
Immediately hire 4 more workers for one goal, then chop the trees around you to get enough repair the bridge to so you can build some houses to collect 1500 rent.

Level 3
Chop enough wood to repair the bridge. Once over, build a sawmill; you can use this to buy wood. Next, repair the second bridge so you can get to the food. Once you have this, build two new cabins on the far right area. Now just upgrade all 5 cabins, as you should have 1500 rent by now.

Western Arctic Gold5
For completing all levels of the Western Arctic with three stars.   

Level 4
For this level, you simply need to chop the wood so you can reach the cave exit. Make sure you are using all 3 workers as you will be pushed for time.

Level 5
Start off by clearing the snow and opening the chests. Build a sawmill so you can make wood to repair the bridge. Once you are over the bridge, demolish your two cabins, and work on building 3 more cottages in the empty spaces and upgrading them all.

Level 6
Again start by getting rid of the drifts and opening the chests. Now repair the bridge so you have access to wood. Also build yourself a market. Now, once you have the supplies, build and upgrade cottages in all spaces. Upgrading is important as you will get more rent, so keep on chopping trees to get wood. Save your rent until you have 2500 as this will save time getting food. Once you have 1000 food you will have this done.

Level 7
Start off by clearing the snowdrifts, and building yourself a sawmill and a market. Produce yourself some wood and repair all the forestry buildings, before staffing them up. Buy some food from the market to build three cabins in the empty slots, then put two workers in each forestry. They will now produce easily enough wood to get 3 stars in time, but you can buy some wood with rent money if you want to speed things up a bit.

Level 8
Remove the snow drifts and place 2 workers in the forestry so you can get some wood. Build yourself a market with the money from the chest, and use the wood you produce to repair the existing damaged buildings. Once they are all repaired, use any other wood to upgrade them. The goal here is to have 10 workers in total to build the snow fort, so when you get 2500 you get buy 250 food to create 5 workers. You will now only need one more, so buy some more food and get one more worker. Then simply build the snow fort. You do not have to play or win the snowball fight to finish this level.

Foothills Gold5
For completing all levels of the Foothills with three stars.   

Level 9
Repair the two lanterns at the start, then deploy 2 workers at the forestry, and but some wood at the sawmill. Repair all lanterns when you see them and clear the trees in the roads. Build a market once you have enough money. Now it is a simple task of collecting rent and wood. Once you have 2500, destroy the cabin and the market, and build 3 more cottages to win this level.

Level 10
Start by repairing the two lanterns to the north, so you get access to the forestry. Again, repair any lanterns as you see them, and build a market on the first empty plot you come across. Spend your rent in the market, and once you have 100 food and 100 wood, build yourself a bank. Build cottages in all of the empty plots, and you will get enough gold easily in time. If you want to speed this up a bit, you can upgrade your buildings. You don't need to worry about the forestry in the top left.

Level 11
Repair your first lantern right next to the arrow. This will enable you to access trees to give you the wood you need to repair the rest of the lanterns. Restore the rest around the town, and use the rent money to build a market and a sawmill. Use rent money to buy wood to repair the bridge to the farms. Once over, staff the farms with 2 workers each. Gather food from the bushes at the top, the farms and buy from the market, and you will have plenty of time to get enough food in time.

Level 12
Repair the two lanterns, then destroy 3 of the 4 banks. Build cottages where the banks were, and upgrade them, and repair the bridge to get to the farm and market. Mine the gold and spend your rent money on food. Once you have 500 food, feed the glutton and mine the gold to the south. With this gold and the rent from your upgraded cottages, you will get to 20,000 gold in no time.

Level 13
First repair the lanterns so you have tree access. You now need 200 wood to repair the bridge at the bottom. Once over here you will get a massive amount of gold, so build yourself a sawmill, and produce at least 2225 wood. This will allow you to repair the bridge and the lanterns on the other side, and have enough wood to build your 3 buildings. Once over, demolish your sawmill and build a market. Staff up the farms and open up the chests for a load more gold. You now need to get at least 4075 food. As soon as you have this amount, pay off the glutton, destroy your market and build 2 more cabins to have this done.

Isle of Mystery Gold5
For completing all levels of the Isle of Mystery with three stars.   

Level 14
Repair the lanterns so you have access to wood to repair the rest of them, and upgrade your cottages to get some money in. Once you have 1000 gold, demolish one of the cottages and build a market. Use your rent money to buy food to pay off the glutton and staff up all three of the forestry buildings. Send the rest of your workers to the shipyard to start work on the ship. Keep on buying food so you have a total of 14 workers. Demolish your market and build a sawmill. Now have 7 workers on the ship, 2 in each forestry and 1 to buy wood from the sawmill. You will need a steady supply of wood to get the ship build in time.

Level 15
Demolish three of the banks and pick the fruit around the start area. Build cottages in these lots, and add gardens as soon as you can. Pay off the glutton with fruit so you can mine the gold, and continue to collect your rent so you can pay off the pirate to access the rest of the map. Buy 250 food from the market, and build a cottage in its place. Finally build gardens on the remaining cottages, and you're done!

Level 16
Chop down the trees to repair the bridge, then staff up the farms and build a sawmill, and spend the rest of your money on wood. With your first food, get a couple more workers, then proceed to build two cottages. Add upgrades and gardens when you can. Pay off the pirate when you have the gold, spending the rest of the money on wood, then build three banks in the empty plots.

Level 17
Dig up the treasure to the left, and start clearing the fallen trees to the bottom right to reach that treasure. Build upgraded cottages with gardens in the available plots so you can work on the 10000 gold to pay off the pirate. Once he is paid off, take the treasure at the top of the screen, and chop the tree to get to the sawmill. Use this to get the wood to repair the bridge, then staff the forestry and get the treasure here. Build yourself a market and buy enough food to make three more cabins with gardens (150), before demolishing the market and building the said cabins on the empty plots. Now just keep on collecting and buying wood until you have 2000.

Level 18
First harvest the wood and food around so you can make a third cottage, then upgrade and add gardens to all three. Collect the rent and pay off the pirate as soon as possible. Build a market in the vacant plot and upgrade the cottage. Next, buy enough food to pay the sloth, before grabbing the wood and chest from the newly accessible area. Repair the bridge before building your two final cottages and upgrading them. Now simply sit back and collect your rent. 

Level 19
Chop down the trees in your local area, and then upgrade and add gardens to your two houses and send two workers to the forestry. Collect the rent until you have enough to pay off the 3500 gold pirate, then go through and start clearing roads and collecting treasure. Build a sawmill in the other available plot, then spend any money you have on wood. You do not need to pay off the 100000 pirate to get 3 stars on this one.

Level 20
Clear the area of fallen logs, then mine the gold, dig the treasure and stick two workers in the forestry. Pay off the pirate as soon as you can so you can start getting some rental income. Use this money to build a market any buy more staff. Also upgrade the cottages and add gardens to increase income. You will need workers and food to get the rum you need, so build your staff up to at least 8 workers. You will need 7 in the rum factory and one to buy food from the market. Each barrel costs 25 food, so you will need a total of 500.

Mountain Valley Gold5
For completing all levels of Mountain Valley with three stars.   

Level 21
Start off by freeing what workers you can by chopping the felled trees, and open the chest. Put three workers in each forestry, and build a yourself a market. Next build and upgrade three chalets, and spend all the income you get from rent on food, until you can pay off the glutton and free your last worker. Keep on buying food (you will get plenty of wood from your forestry), and use this to add gardens to your chalets, and build the fountains and flowerbeds you need. You will get the happiness you need automatically.

Level 22
Send 3 workers to each mine, and use another to start chopping wood. Demolish both of the run down houses and build a market and sawmill in their place. Buy enough food to feed the glutton and build another upgraded chalet at the bottom with a garden and add upgrades and gardens to the other houses. Once you have around 3000 wood, demolish your sawmill and build your final chalet and upgrade and add a garden to it. You should have enough wood left to now build a fountain in all 10 spaces now to give you enough happiness to beat the level. You do not need to build a statue.

Level 23
Send one worker to the farm, and use another to cut down trees. Build yourself 3 cabins with gardens as quick as you can, to get up to 150 happiness, then go and cheer up the leprechaun, freeing your workers and some wood. Come back and destroy your cabins, and set to work on three chalets with gardens. Once you have enough gold, pay the pirate off and build two more chalets with gardens at the bottom. Finally, when you have enough supplies, build a statue in the top left, and you are done.

Level 24
Start off by removing the wood from the plot signs, then repair and go over the top bridge on the right and collect the food, wood and chests. Build and upgrade two chalets with gardens and a sawmill in the three available plots. Once you have the gardens built, cheer up the top leprechaun and gain access to and staff up the mine. Use the sawmill to get enough wood to repair the other bridge on the right and build another upgraded chalet with a garden. Repeat the process with the bridge on the left. Now cheer up the other leprachaun and build your final chalet, no need for a garden, just upgrade this one.

Level 25
Demolish all four fountains, and clear away any wood in the way. Once this is done, put two workers in the forestry and repair the bridge to get the rest of your workers back. Build two chalets and upgrade and add gardens if you can, and pay the pirate 5000 gold when you have it to get access to the farm, and repair the bridge to the bank. Staff up the farm and build a final chalet when you can. Now it is simply a matter of waiting until you can pay off the other pirate and get enough supplies to build 5 fountains in the available spaces. You will need 20000 gold, 1250 wood and 1250 food. You should finish with plenty of time left.

Level 26
Cheer up the 200 leprechaun to the right and staff the goldmine. Send workers to chop wood and collect fruit, and build a statue once you have the supplies. Build a sawmill in the empty plot, and use money you get to produce wood. Cheer up the leprechaun by the other mine so you can access that also. Repair the bridge and build two fountains when you have the supplies, then work on getting 10000 gold to pay off the pirate. With all available leprechauns cheered up, up to here you should be on 650 happiness. Build one more statue and a gramophone to get up to 900 happiness, and cheer up the remaining leprechauns. Now you just need to build all 8 flowerbeds. You will have to destroy some existing structures first.

Level 27
Mine the gold to the right, and buy a market when you have enough. Buy 1000 fruit and pay off the glutton. Mine the rest of the gold and buy a sawmill, then buy 1000 wood and 1000 fruit. Build two chalets, upgrade and add gardens to them. With the remaining food get more workers. Spend your next 5000 gold on 500 wood and repair the railway. Now spend your remaining gold on more workers so you can send 7 to start clearing the abandoned mine. With your next 20000 gold buy 1000 wood and 1000 food and build a statue.

Palm Coast Gold10
For completing all levels of the Palm Coast with three stars.   

Level 28
Gather all the food and wood you can, and build yourself 2 villas. Build gardens in them, then accumulate enough rent to pay off the pirate. Once he is paid off, build a sawmill in one of the plots, then a villa with a garden in the other. You will now have enough happiness to cheer up the leprechaun. Pick the fruit here, and build a bank when you have enough stock. Knock down the cabin and replace it with an upgraded villa. Build a final villa in the last plot, and upgrade it and give it a garden. Now just continue to collect rent until you have 50000 gold.

Level 29
You will need to collect all the food on this level to get three stars. Start by building a sawmill and spending any money you get on wood. Build the first beehive before building villas on all available spots, and upgrade and give them all gardens. Collect your rent money until you can pay the pirate off, then repair the bridge and build your final beehive. Once your final garden is made you will have this one done.

Level 30
Chop the fallen trees so you can repair the forestry, then staff it up. Next, repair the bank and demolish one of the cabins. Now focus on repairing all of the damaged buildings, and spending any money on the repaired market to get food. Once you have the supplies, build a villa and give it an upgrade and garden, and do the same for the other remaining cabins. Get enough rent to pay the pirate off before building the beehive, and you are done.

Level 31
First demolish the chalet with the bees around it, then build a market where it used to be. Spend any rent money on food so you can build gardens on your remaining three chalets. Now cheer up the leprechaun, and demolish your market and replace it with a sawmill. Grab the fruit and the chest from the bottom of the map before repairing the bridge and building the beehive. Build a chalet with a garden in the bottom plot, and you will have enough happiness. Now repair the palm nursery, and put 5 workers in there (you may need to buy an extra worker for this if you haven't already). Now you have to keep clicking on the water symbols to grow all the trees in time, which shouldn't be too much trouble. Spend any rent money you have on wood and you have this one sown up.

Level 32
Start by chopping the trees so you can repair the farm before staffing it, and build yourself two villas on the free plots, and add gardens. Pay off the top pirate once you have earned enough rent and go and repair the two chalets, adding gardens while you are there. Accumulate 20000 gold to pay off the bottom pirate, before repairing the last two chalets and adding gardens. You should have enough stock left now to build a statue to complete the level. There are more trees that are quite hidden on the top right if you seem short of wood. 

Level 33
You have to recover 4 treasures, four with a different obstacle in the way. Dig up the open treasure next to you to get wood and food. Restore the villa and the chalet and add gardens to them. Build another chalet and add a garden before cheering up the leprechaun and getting his treasure. Next build a sawmill and get the wood you need to repair the bridge. The chest over here will contain enough food to feed the glutton and get his treasure. Now upgrade all the houses and generate 25000 rent so you can pay the pirate and take his treasure. His treasure will give you the gold you need to finish this one.

Wastelands Gold10
For completing all levels of the Wastelands with three stars.   

Level 34
Start off by demolishing the two villas at the top. They have no access to a well so are useless; so replace them with a sawmill and a market. Get yourself some wood and repair the well in between the two chalets, then repair the chalets to start getting income. Use your rent to buy food, and upgrade and add gardens to all your chalets. Repair the well at the bottom and when you have the supplies, build chalets with gardens. No need to upgrade them. You should have enough time left to buy 500 wood and 500 food and build a statue for your happiness target just before you run out of time.

Level 35
Clear the fallen trees from the sandstorm, and collect any treasure that is about. Use the wood gathered to repair the villas and the bridge to the south, repairing the sawmill when you get there. Use your rent money to buy more wood so you can repair the northern bridge, then repair the well and get ready to build another villa. Don't worry about upgrading the villas, just focus on buying food so you can give them all gardens. Finally, buy yourself 1000 wood and 1000 food and build yourself three fountains.

Level 36
Grab the stuff from the chests, then demolish the two derelict villas. Use the wood to repair the bridge to free up your other workers, then liberate the chests on this side too. Use money you get to buy some wood, then build wells and villas. Upgrade these and add gardens when you have the supplies, and rent will be flooding in. Now just buy 1000 wood three times to finish this one, it will take longer to cut than the rent will take to accumulate.

Level 37
This level is all about speed. Each bridge will cost 500 wood to repair, so focus on getting them repaired and freeing up your workers first. You will need to chop all wood and recover all treasures to be able to build the statue, so make sure you are watching when workers finish their jobs so you can give them their next one. Try and keep them doing jobs close, as you will lose time when they are walking between jobs. Be especially careful of the spiral in the top left. Once all supplies are gained, build your statue to finish.

Level 38
Clear away all the wood, then repair the bridge to get access to the rest of your workers. Grab the loot from the chests, then build a sawmill in the vacant plot at the start, and staff up the farm. Build flowerbeds in all available enhancement plots to get your happiness level to 400, then cheer up the leprechaun. You now have access to the mines, so staff them up and use any and all gold gained in the sawmill. Build, upgrade and add gardens to two villas, and then again use any money on wood. Now whenever you have enough supplies, start demolishing 9 of the gardens and replacing them with the gramophones, fountains, and the statue you need.

Level 39
Clear all the wood from around the start area, then repair the two bridges to get access to the workers and the farm. Staff the farm, and when you have the supplies, build a fountain and a chalet with a garden, so you can cheer up the leprechaun. Use the gold from the mine to get more wood, and once you have enough, repair the bridge to the south; and build villas with gardens once you have fixed the wells. Demolish your chalet and replace it with a villa, then repair the top bridge on the right to get access to the enhancement plots. Here, build a fountain, a statue and a gramophone to reach 550 happiness.

Level 40
This level sees you basically swapping the location of the bank, market and sawmill to the other side of the gorge. Staff up the goldmine, and use the gold to construct a sawmill so you can get enough wood to repair the bridges. Once over, destroy the three buildings and build a villa. Once you have enough gold, build a market so you can get supplies to build your next two villas. Make sure they are upgraded with gardens. Now simply wait until you have enough gold to build your bank, and you are done!

Level 41
Gather all the wood from around before repairing the wells and villas and upgrading them. Build and upgrade a fourth villa next to the well at the top left. Once you have enough gold, buy a market and spend all your money on food and buy gardens for your villas. Now focus on getting the 5000 food you need to feed the glutton. Once he is fed, buy a sawmill and now spend all of your money on wood. Send 5 workers to start building the reservoir, they will need a constant supply of wood to get this done. Once this is build, start to buy only food again, as you will need 10 workers to help fill the reservoir. While this is being filled, carry on spending your money on food to get to 10000 to finish the level.

Valley of the Nymphs Gold10
For completing all levels of the Valley of the Forest Nymphs with three stars.   

Level 42
Get all the loot from the chests, and spend it on a sawmill and a market, and repair the broken totem. Use any money remaining and any rent money on wood. Add upgrades to the villas and continue to repair any totems you come across. Repair the bridge to get to the other workers, and harvest the food and trees. Use the food you get to add gardens to your villas, and work on getting enough gold to pay off the bottom pirate. Once this is done, rebuild the totem he was blocking and build mansions in the empty plots. Add gardens to these, then gather enough gold to pay off the top pirate. Pay him off then rebuild the final totem to finish this one.

Level 43
Chop the wood so you can repair the two totems, and dig the treasure to get some food. Build and upgrade a mansion in the first plot, and continue to chop wood. You will need to chop all the wood on the map to complete this one. Continue to repair the totems, and repair the market once you get to it. Buy some food so you have enough supplies to build two more mansions, and upgrade and add gardens to all three. Continue repairing any totems you come across. Once you have enough money, pay off the pirate, and use your next 20000 to buy more food. Pay off the glutton, and if you have harvested all the wood you will have enough to repair the bridge and rescue your workers.

Level 44
Repair only the totem near the sign, then build yourself a sawmill. Mine the gold then spend 10000 gold on wood. Now repair the totem to the right, and the next one along freeing up a worker and some more wood. Demolish the sawmill and replace it with a market, and buy 500 food. Build yourself two villas, and upgrade and add a gardens as soon as possible. Repair the totems, and once you have enough rent feed the glutton to free more wood. Now concentrate on building four more villas with gardens, and use the rent to buy food. Once you have enough supplies, build a dovecote and fill it with doves to get to the required happiness.

Level 45
This level throws a decoy at you; you don't need to worry about the bees at all. Start off by destroying the cabin and repairing the totems to the left, giving you access to the mine. Staff it up and use the gold to build a sawmill where the cabin was. Build 2000 wood, then with your next 40000 gold buy maximum food and wood. Now you will go about repairing the totems and building three mansions at the bottom, with upgrades and gardens. Now destroy the top mansion, and replace it with a dovecote with 5 doves in to get the required happiness.

Level 46
Begin by mining the gold and repairing the totems. Next build a sawmill and buy 1000 wood. Repair the totems to the right and get up to the top to free the first of the royal inspectors. There is a food bush here with unlimited food, so keep one guy here at all time continually harvesting food. You will need a lot at the end of the level. Remember to dig up the treasure here also. Buy some more wood, and go north to build three villas with upgrades and gardens. You will need 3000 wood to repair the bridge and totem, and 1000 for a dovecote, so once you have 4500, destroy your sawmill and build a dovecote. Now you will need 1250 food for 5 doves, 6000 to feed the glutton to free the rest of the inspectors, which should be no trouble if you have had a guy harvesting then food the whole time.

Eastern Arctic Gold10
For completing all levels of the Eastern Arctic with three stars.   

Level 49
Chop the trees to repair the bridge, then repair the chalet and upgrade it. Clear the drifts away, then with your first rent pay the pirate 500 gold to get access to the trees to the north. Use this wood to repair the bridge over to the food, then build and upgrade a mansion. Continue collecting rent until you can afford to pay the other pirate 10000 gold. This will open up some treasure sites, be careful not to click on them all at once, as you need all the supplies from these. Once you have collected everything, repair the bottom bridge and build an upgraded mansion. Destroy the chalet, and buy a sawmill before producing 2000 wood. Now destroy the sawmill, build a final upgraded mansion at the bottom and build yourself a dovecote. Once you have 5 doves in there, you will have enough happiness to cheer up the leprechaun and finish the level.

Level 50
Start by demolishing the derelict house, and repairing the bottom bridge. Replace the derelict with a sawmill, and repair the bank. Upgrade the two villas, and then use all your rent money on wood to repair the other two bridges. Add an upgrade to the mansion, then spend 15000 gold to pay off the pirate. You have plenty of rent coming in now, and you will need 4000 food and 2000 wood to build 2 dovecotes and fill them up with doves. Once this is done you will have filled all the requirements.

Level 51
Clear the snow and then demolish the three statues. Use the food you get from these to hire two more workers. Use these to clear the rest of the snow, then repair and upgrade the two villas. Next, build a gramophone and two flowerbeds where the statues were. Once you have 5000 gold, pay off the pirate and cheer up the leprechaun to free up the rest of your workers. Chop all the trees around, and repair the bridge at the bottom so you can dig up the nearby treasures. When you have access to the bottom of the map, build a dovecote and fill it with doves, and replace the gramophone and flowerbeds with statues. Now you have enough happiness to cheer up the other leprechaun, so go and do that. When he is happy, destroy your dovecote and build a sawmill. Now just buy 20000 wood so you can upgrade and repair the two mansions to finish.

Level 52
Start by buying 500 wood, then build and upgrade 2 cottages. Accumulate some rent then buy another 500 wood, before repairing the bridge to rescue your other workers. Get the loot from the chest and spend 1000 on food. Now get some more rent, and buy 500 wood when you can. Demolish one of the cottages and replace it with a mansion. When you have the money, buy another 500 wood and replace the other cottage with a mansion. Now with your next 20000 gold, buy 1000 food and 1000 wood, and demolish your bank, replacing it with another mansion. Demolish the sawmill and replace it with a dovecote, and spend any money on food so you can fill it with doves. When this is full, you will need 1000 more food to by two more workers. When you have 10, send them over to the snowball fight area to finish this level. You do not have to win the snowball fight.

Level 53
Grab the loot from the chest and chop down all the trees, then build two cabins and a dovecote. Fill the dovecote with doves to give you 100 happiness. Cheer up the first leprechaun, then build another cabin in the plot he opens up. This will put you at 150 happiness so cheer up the next leprechaun. Again build a cabin to put you to 200 happiness. Now cheer up the bottom leprechaun, harvest all the wood and fruit, then demolish one of the cabins and replace it with another dovecote. Now simply fill it with doves too give you 300 happiness, then cheer up the final leprechaun and build a cabin in the plot he was blocking.

Level 54
Start by repairing the top right bridge and staff up the mine there. With the gold and supplies, build a sawmill and an upgraded villa in the middle. Build a second upgraded villa on the right, and when you can buy enough wood, repair the bottom right bridge. Staff the mine up over here, and continue spending it on wood. Repair the bottom left bridge next, mine the gold and then repair the bridge on the top right. Build a market over here and begin to buy food. Now destroy the bank and replace it with your final upgraded villa. Now you just have to continue buying food until you are over 5000.

Level 55
Spend 10000 gold in the market to get food to put five doves in your dovecote. Next, build a cabin in one of the empty plots. When you have all five doves in, your happiness will be at 100, so you can cheer up the leprechaun to get your staff back. Put four of them in the forestry, using the wood to upgrade your houses, and to repair the bridge at the back. Build and upgrade another cabin here. When you have the supplies, build another dovecote and fill it up with doves. You will need at least 10 workers in total, so hire them with food, and send maybe 5 of them out fishing. To catch the fish, just click on them when they appear. You will need to build one more dovecote, so when you have at least 2250 food and 1000 wood, destroy your market and replace it with a dovecote full of doves, giving you the happiness level you require. Now send everyone fishing until you have 50 fish. Done!

Trembling Earth Gold15
For completing all levels of the Trembling Earth with three stars.   (1) 

Level 56
Start off by harvesting the trees and plants, then build two cabins with gardens, and a dovecote with 5 doves. This will give you enough happiness to cheer up the leprechaun. Once over, start mining the gold, and destroy the dovecote and replace it with a market. Buy three more workers when you have the food, and then replace the market with a sawmill. You will need 5000 wood and 7 workers to replace the lava levee, so spend all the gold on wood. Once you have enough, destroy the sawmill and replace it with a cabin with a garden, before repairing the levee to finish this one.

Level 57
Go around and chop all the fallen trees, then demolish the two mansions. Buy 1000, then demolish the market and repair the beehive at the bottom. Now build two mansions at the bottom, and when you have the money build a sawmill and a market at the top. Buy some more food and add gardens to the mansions so you can cheer up the leprechaun and get access to the bank. Use the nearby trees to repair the bank and add upgrades to your mansions. Now you need to build a dovecote in the empty spot and fill it with doves. Once you have 5000 wood saved up, repair the levee, then destroy your bank and replace it with a second dovecote full of doves.

Level 58
This level is one of the easiest in the whole game. Open the chest next to you, giving you everything you need to get this level done. You will just need to chop some fallen trees to access your workers. Pay the pirate his 10000 gold, repair the bridge (you don't need anything from the chests), then work down to the bottom, feed the glutton his 1000 food then put everyone working on the levee. Simples.

Level 59
Start off by picking food and recruiting another three workers. Repair, upgrade and add gardens to the two houses. Now collect rent until you have the 25000 gold you need to pay the top pirate. Harvest the trees while you wait, not forgetting the treasure. Also repair the bridge to the other side while you wait, and build another upgraded mansion with a garden. Pay off the pirate when you can, then chop the trees over here and recover the treasure. Pay off the bottom pirate and build another mansion, then pay off his friend (both 70000 gold) when you can and build a simple cabin with a garden. Now all you need to do is repair the lava levee, you should have plenty of wood for this. 

Level 60
Send four workers into the farm, and send another guy to the bottom right to dig up the treasure. Next, build a sawmill and two mansions in the center of the map, and upgrade and add a gardens when you can. Use wood from the sawmill to repair the bridge at the bottom, then grab the loot from the chest and build a third upgraded mansion with a garden. Pay off the pirate when you can, and build a fully stocked dovecote. Build three statues in the spaces after clearing away the fallen trees, then build a cabin with a garden in the open slot. Now cheer up the leprechaun to get access to the final slot, and build a cabin there to finish.

Level 61
When this level starts, you have no access to your castle and it can be pretty difficult to see your first move. You have access to one worker, just below the smoke on the right hand side. Clear the fallen trees around you, and use the wood to repair the bridge to the other side. Pick the fruit here, then add gardens and repair your houses. Once you have 15000 gold, pay off the pirate and build a bank and two upgraded houses with gardens. Harvest the trees at the top while you accumulate wealth. Once you have 70000 gold, pay off the other pirate and hire one more worker. Now use your second workers to repair the levee.

Level 62
Repair the broken mansion, build a new one, then add upgrades to them. Once you have 10000 gold, pay off the pirate and staff up the forestry, then build yourself a market. Put any rent money now straight into buying food. Add gardens to your mansions, then focus on building two statues. Your next focus should be on building a dovecote full of doves to get your happiness rating up. Demolish your market and replace it with another dovecote. You will only need four doves in here to get the 800 happiness you need to cheer the leprechaun up. Now destroy one of the dovecotes and build a sawmill. You should have plenty of gold to get the 5000 wood you need to repair the levee. 

Level 63
Gather as much money as you can at the start, if you are quick enough you can get all 1000 gold needed to pay off the pirate. If not, open both the chests, then build a cabin and get some rent money. Pay off the pirate to get the rest of your workers. Open the chest and chop the trees so you have the materials to build another two cabins. Keep a guy chopping these trees at all times. Add gardens to all three, then cheer up the leprechaun. Grab the loot from the chests, then destroy all three cabins and build a villa, a mansion and a bank. Upgrade and add gardens to the houses. When your worker has finished chopping the trees, you will be able to pay a pirate 1000 gold to access the other lots, bypassing the 50000 gold pirate altogether. On these plots, build two more mansions (upgraded with gardens) and a sawmill. Spend your gold so you have at least 5000 wood, and then save your rent money for the 100000 gold pirate. Pay him off, then free the rest of your workers by chopping down the fallen tree. Now get the levee repaired, and while they are doing this knock down two of your mansions and the sawmill, and build, upgrade and add gardens to a cabin, a cottage and a chalet.


Relatively simple, complete each of the levels with three stars in each area and these achievements will unlock. A tip for each level (the game gives you this constantly) is to look at your goals and then survey the level before you make your first move. The timer for the stars does not start until you make a move, so you can make a plan based on your resources and goals.

I personally found most areas fairly easy, with only the occasional challenge/puzzle that I simply couldn't figure out right away. Either try a different tactic, or if you get frustrated, simply follow a lovely video guide. This playlist is just a suggestion, as any video guide should give you an idea on how to succeed at a particular level I only required a video guide on level 38, so I can't say how accurate each guide will be, but the random ones I checked all matched up.

Kingdom's Cornucopia10
For accumulating 20,000 food during any level.   

See "Skilled Financier."

Engineering Guru5
Over 500,000 game points earned.   

As close to a "story" related achievement as you can get. You get varying amounts of points per level (based on number of stars), and the later areas offer more points per star. In the final area (Trembling Earth) 3 gold stars are worth 100,000 points. I don't believe it is possible to complete the entire game and not have this achievement. However if you have managed to do this, simply work towards getting three stars on each level and it will unlock before too long.

Bachelor of Architecture10
Over 6,000,000 game points earned.   

See "Master of Urban Development."

Master of Urban Development15
Over 10,000,000 game points earned.   

By the end of Adventure mode, I had about 4 million points. You can either play Expert mode (assuming you have 3 starred all levels), try some Challenge levels, or simply grind out the points. 

For the grind, load up level 58. This is a fairly straightforward level where you simply have to free the workers and build the lava levee. Here is how to do it:

  1. Locate the path to the glutton (bottom of the screen), you will need to clear two trees to get to him. The first tree is directly to the left of the broken bridge (bottom right). Have one worker get these two trees.
  2. At the same time, have your other worker open the treasure chest that is in the smoke of the volcano. This chest contains enough materials/gold to finish the level! So collect it all!
  3. Have one worker feed the glutton, and the other worker pay the pirate.
  4. As soon as both paths are opened, begin repairs on the lava levee. Then click to have the broken bridge repaired.
  5. Wait the 25-30 seconds for the level to finish, gain 100,000 points, then click restart until the achievements pop.
Clean Sweep!15
For accumulating exactly 100 gold, 100 wood, 100 food, and 100 happiness during any level.   

The first level where this can be accomplished is level 15 (first area of Isle of Mystery). As it implies, you have to have 100 of each type of material and happiness at once. The achievement pops right away in the level. Although this could happen during your normal playthrough, likely it will not.

The strategy to get this is as follows, load up level 15 then follow these steps:

  1. Start out by destroying all 4 banks. Do NOT collect any materials that drop from these.
  2. Collect 250 food from the trees (10 collections at 25 food a piece). Do this while the banks are being destroyed.
  3. Build 4 Cabins, and add gardens to 2 of them.
  4. Collect one time from a cabin without the garden. This will give you 100 gold. Cabins with a garden will give you 150.
  5. This should leave you with 100 of everything and the achievement will pop right away.
Unsurpassable Accuracy 15
For whitewashing your opponents in the snowball fight (win each round).   (6) 

There are two levels where this can be accomplished: Level 8 and Level 52. As a part of the level requirements you will build a snow fort then participate in the snowball fight. You can skip the snowball fight.

The fight is a best of three scenario, so for this achievement you will have to win the first two rounds. The game explains how to play, but simply click/tap on the opposing team when they pop out of the snow fort to hit them before they hit you. There is no real strategy to this, simply click them as fast as you can. I can say that clicking/tapping everywhere in hopes of snagging them as they pop up does not work, as the achievement implies, you have to be accurate and fast. If you don't get this on either level, simply load back up and play again.

500 Buildings15
For constructing 500 buildings.   (1) 

To my knowledge this has to be 500 items from the "building" category, and does not include houses. There also is no achievement tracker in the game, so how many buildings you have built by the end of Adventure mode will vary depending on your play style and how many levels were replayed.

For me to grind out the last amount of buildings needed I loaded up level 62. This level has less setup required than level 63, so that is why I chose it. I simply built a bank and a market, and the rest of the plots I built mansions as upgraded as I could. Once I had a decent amount of money, and no longer needed the food from the market I started building then demolishing it. I then started destroying the bank, and rebuilding it as a sawmill or market, and eventually destroyed a mansion and kept three spots cycling between being built and being destroyed. The achievement pops as soon as you build your 500th building. If time runs out, simply restart this level & process over until you get it.

Skilled Financier 15
For accumulating 300,000 gold on a level.   

For these three achievements you need to have the required amount in your inventory. You can't get a portion, use it, then accumulate the balance. For example you cannot get 10,000 food, use it then get 10,000 more. You need 20,000 at one time. 

Many levels would be good for these achievements, however if you do not have them by the end of the game, simply load up level 63. The goal would be to build 5 mansions as upgraded as you can make them with the materials you have and a bank. Keep collecting money until you get to 300,000 gold. Then tear down the bank and one mansion, and build a Sawmill and a Market. Buy the required food and wood and the achievements will all pop as soon as you hit the required number. You can easily get all three of these before time runs out in this level.

No Enhancements Happiness10
For achieving a happiness rating above 800, on any level, without urban enhancements.   

I could not find a regular level where this could be accomplished. However this can be done fairly easily in the Bonus Challenge mode. I recommend doing this after completing Adventure mode so these instructions will make better sense. The basic goal you are looking for is to have 800 happiness without having any enhancement. The way this can be accomplished is by adding gardens to houses, and the Dovecote building.

Load up Bonus levels, then pick level 6. Do not worry about the statue that is the goal, it does not add to your happiness total until you "free" it from the pirate, which also ends the level. The goal you are looking to accomplish is to have 4 houses with gardens (there are only 4 spots in this level where you can have them), then have 3 of the 4 remaining locations to be Dovecotes with all the doves. Thus you will have 200 happiness from the houses (4 gardens x 50 happiness), plus you will have another 600 happiness from the dovecotes with all the doves purchased (3 dovecotes x 5 doves x 4 houses x 10 happiness). This nets you the 800 happiness required. The achievement pops right away in game.

Global Materialization10
For accumulating 20,000 wood during any level.    

See "Skilled Financier."

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