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Big 300

Win 300 games

This will take at least 60 hours (factoring in loading times, stoppages) to achieve. Wins count across all modes, offline and online. When playing offline, always play on easy. Set the time to 10 minutes (the minimum) and try to make challenges for yourself within each game to keep it exciting. Winning shouldn't be a problem, however here are a couple of tips if you're struggling.

*Abuse the break tackle feature. By tapping you can break tackles. Will only work one-on-one, but it is very effective.
*Do not throw unnecessary passes. Intercepts and dropped balls are your worst enemy in the game.
*When making a break, realise that on easy you run far quicker than your opponent. This means you can angle inside the fullback (35 degree's or so) or in many cases simply keep running straight and no-one will catch you.
*On defence, allow the computer to do most of the tackling. Try to play as only the markers (unless going for impact tackles/high tackles).
*Field position is key. Kick early, kick long, and pin your opponent down their end.

You can check how many wins you have via the Locker Room.

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