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Guide By: Shelton
There are 24 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
Offline: 23 (950)
Online: 1 (50)
Approximate amount of time to 1000: 60+ hours
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: Two seasons, 300 games total
Number of missable achievements: 8 (Top Gun, Try Machine, Star Player, There is Always Next Season, State of Origin Domination, Minor Premier, Premiership Winner, City or Country)
Do cheat codes disable achievements: No Cheat Codes
Does difficulty affect achievements: No
Glitchy achievements: Many achievements will not unlock when they should, but after meeting the requirements several times eventually unlock.
Unobtainable achievements: Time to go Outside Now can permanently glitch if you do not knock the ball on 25 times in the same session as your last achievement.
Extra Equipment Needed?: No

None of the achievements are difficult, but the 300 wins is very time consuming. Playing on easy, winning is not a problem, so if you want the 1000 (990) it is a more a test of your patience than skill.

Welcome to Rugby League Live, Big Ant's first foray into the world of rugby league. Handed the reins by HES, they have done an admirable job of bringing the hard-hitting action of rugby to the 360. The game has its quirks, however, overall it is very enjoyable.

Step One:
Start an NRL season by selecting Competition in the main menu, then NRL. Choose to control every team and make sure that representative matches are set to on and difficulty set to easy. Simulate each game except City vs Country (between rounds 9-10) and State of Origin (between rounds 11-12, 14-15, 17-18). You need to win the series 3-0 in State of Origin and win a single game for City vs Country. When you get to the Grand Final, win. You should receive the following achievements:
Top Gun, Try Machine,Star Player, State of Origin Domination, Minor Premier, Premiership Winner, City or Country, That's My Team.

Step Two:
Do the same as step one, however, when you reach the Grand Final lose. There is Always Next Season will unlock.

Step Three:
Find a boosting partner here, or play legit online and win 10 matches. They do not need to be ranked matches.

Step Four:
Play quick matches, a lot of them. 289 more wins will take 50+ hours. Whilst getting the wins, you will want to work on the rest of the achievements you're missing. These include offloads, high tackles and impact tackles. The others should come through natural play.

If you're missing any achievements, refer to the achievement guide. Enjoy the game, try to make challenges for yourself to keep it exciting as 300 wins will drain even the most determined achievement hunter.

[x360a would like to thank Shelton for this Roadmap]

Time to go outside now100
Gain all other Achievements     

If you want this achievement, you must knock the ball on at least 25 times within the same session as your 300th win (or your last obtainable achievement). Despite the fact that the Golden Falcon achievement has been fixed and will unlock on your profile, the game doesn't recognise it when you start it up again.

State of Origin domination50
Win a State of Origin Series 3-0 within a season   (2) 

Start an NRL season by selecting Competition in the main menu, then NRL. Choose any team and make sure that representative matches are set to "on" and difficulty is set to easy. Simulate (or play) until you get to the State of Origin games between rounds 11-12, 14-15 and 17-18. Win all three games in the series with either NSW or QLD to unlock the achievement.

There is always next season75
Lose the NRL or SL Grand Final   

Begin an NRL season or a SL season, control every team and simulate all matches until you get to the Grand Final. Play the Grand Final and lose.

Premiership Winner100
Win the NRL or SL Grand Final   (2) 

Begin an NRL or SL season on easy, control every team and simulate all matches until you get to the Grand Final. Play the Grand Final and win.

Try Machine50
Have a player in your team score the most tries in a season   

Refer to "Star Player".

Minor Premier50
Be on the top of the ladder at the end of a regular NRL or SL season   

The NRL consists of 26 rounds whereas the SL consists of 27 rounds. Whichever code you choose, you must finish on top of the table at the end of the season. Play on easy and make sure to win every game, or take control of all the teams and simulate.

That's Gotta Hurt10
Perform 10 Impact Tackles   

Refer to "That's Really Gotta Hurt!"

Big 30050
Win 300 games   (1) 

This will take at least 60 hours (factoring in loading times, stoppages) to achieve. Wins count across all modes, offline and online. When playing offline, always play on easy. Set the time to 10 minutes (the minimum) and try to make challenges for yourself within each game to keep it exciting. Winning shouldn't be a problem, however here are a couple of tips if you're struggling.

*Abuse the break tackle feature. By tapping you can break tackles. Will only work one-on-one, but it is very effective.
*Do not throw unnecessary passes. Intercepts and dropped balls are your worst enemy in the game.
*When making a break, realise that on easy you run far quicker than your opponent. This means you can angle inside the fullback (35 degree's or so) or in many cases simply keep running straight and no-one will catch you.
*On defence, allow the computer to do most of the tackling. Try to play as only the markers (unless going for impact tackles/high tackles).
*Field position is key. Kick early, kick long, and pin your opponent down their end.

You can check how many wins you have via the Locker Room.

That's My Team10
Win your first game   

Simply win a game by scoring more points than the other team. Can be done in offline or online modes.

That's really gotta hurt!50
Perform 50 Impact Tackles   (2) 

Start an NRL or SL season with high tackles set to off. Commence the first match. Score as soon as possible, then focus purely on getting impact tackles. When your opponent has the ball, use in every tackle. If they kick or drop the ball, give it back to them (by kicking). Any player is capable of an impact tackle. They happen at random, though there are a couple of things you can do to increase the possibility of pulling off one of these tackles.

*Make front-on tackles with the user controlled player. Whilst the computer can occasionally produce an impact tackle, it is far more probable when you are the one making the tackle.

*Go to the dashboard after each game. I don't know why, but the first match after booting it up results in more impact tackles than usual. 3-4 on average in a 10 minute match.

(Credit to Tweekfu)

Video Ref10
View your first Video Referee decision   

This achievement should come through normal play. The Video Referee will be called upon when someone attempts to score but there is doubt as to whether he put the ball down correctly/put it down at all. If you're feeling impatient, make a breakaway then stand in the in goal. Wait for the defence to grab you, then rapidly tap . With any luck, the decision will go to the Video Referee.

Thanks to us10
View the credits   (1) 

From the main menu select Locker Room then credits. Watch them (or do something else while they play) and when they're done the achievement will unlock.

Be the ball10
Achieve a 100% conversion rate in a match (Min. 5 attempts)   (3) 

This achievement is very glitchy. Do not panic if it doesn't unlock the first time you meet the requirements, it will unlock eventually. Best to do a quick match on easy (though it can be done in any mode, offline or online). A conversion is a kick for goal taken after a try is scored. Try to score under the posts, as the kick is taken in relation to where you put the ball down. In the event that you scored out wide, allow for the wind, take your time and do your best to get the bar to stop in the green (inside the posts on the meter).

City or Country10
Win as either City or Country within a season   

City vs Country is played between rounds 9-10 of the NRL season. When you get to the game, choose either team and win.

Offload King10
Perform 1000 Offloads   

To perform an offload, you must be held by an opposing player (standing) and press or . Forwards are great at offloads, so get the ball to them as often as you can. Single out a member of the defence and once he has hold of you, press one of the pass buttons. The pass must be caught for it to count as an offload. On average, 10-15 offloads can be achieved in a 10 minute match.

*Turn off forward passes!

Golden Point10
Win a game with a field goal in Golden Point overtime   

A match will go to golden point if the scores are tied at full time. Note, you need to enable golden point in the match setup, unless playing a season. When in golden point, get in your opponents half, preferably down to the 30 metre line or closer and press + to perform a field goal. To be awarded the field goal, the ball needs to travel through the posts and above the crossbar.

Perform a 40/20 kick in a match   

A 40/20 is achieved by kicking the ball from behind your 40 metre line and having it travel over the sideline beyond your opponents 20 metre line. It cannot go out on the full, only roll over the line. Jamie Soward of the Dragons has one of the biggest kicks in the game, therefore I recommend you attempt this with him. Having the wind at your back will help. Also, kick before 5th tackle, otherwise the other teams wingers will be back and ready for the ball.

That’s going on report75
Perform 50 illegal High Tackles   

A high tackle is performed by pressing , but again, like impact tackles, is random. Set up a match with offsides off. This means you can have your players ready to make a tackle as soon as the opposition passes the ball. Keep tackling with and inevitably you will give away a penalty for a high tackle. Do this 50 times and the achievement is yours.

Star Player100
Have a player in your team win the Dally M medal or Man of Steel award   (8) 

Throughout a season, points are awarded to players who excel on the field. These are tallied up at the end of the season and the player with the most points wins the Dally M medal (NRL) or the Man of Steel award (SL). You have the option of controlling all the teams and simulating, or playing the game properly and scoring as many points as you can with one player. The goal kicker will manage a lot of points each season through conversions, so allow him to get most of your tries and the medal/award is assured.

Play on easy.

Break Away50
Score a breakaway try from behind your 10m line   

Get the ball and take a tackle behind your 10m line. Pass the ball to your winger quickly. Hopefully you'll be one-on-one with the opposing winger. Tap to break the defenders tackle attempt. Once through, hold to sprint. Avoid the fullback or run over the top of him (break tackle) and score.

Easy difficulty.

Spread the ball50
Pass the ball through 10 sets of hands in a single play   

Get tackled on the wing (out wide). Play the ball, pass along the line using or . Once the ball gets to your other wing, attempt to break the tackle. When through, sprint. Your support will catch up with you, pass again, back towards the other wing. Pass 10 times and the achievement is yours.

Note, play on easy.

Top Gun50
Have a player in your team score the most points in a season   

Refer to "Star Player".

Big 1050
Win 10 online games   (5) 

Self explanatory. Win 10 online games, legitimately or through boosting. They do not have to be ranked games and can infact be private. Look here if you need a boosting partner.

Golden Falcon10
Perform 25 Knock-Ons   (8) 

The best way to perform a knock-on, is to attempt a kick, then get tackled in the process of kicking the ball. The ball must travel forward out of your hands in order for it to be called a knock-on. After 25, this should unlock.

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Big Ant Studios
Tru Blu Games


Europe September 02, 2010

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